my captures; one piece

Watch the opening (Hands Up!) here

Took awhile to make all the GIFs, but it was worth it!  I love these idiots!

This is officially one of my favourite One Piece openings! Not only did Eichiro Oda capture the fun-loving, carefree, explorative and carefree nature of the Straw Hat pirates, but the animation team breathed such wonderful life into his illustrations and the song is just the perfect tune to have many adventures with them as possible!

Probably one of my favourite moments captured is when this piece of shit fell asleep on my shoulder, and I soon followed after she consoled my sappy tears, also while on the way to Dublin zoo, really classy. I have never met someone as amazing as you and I just love you more and more every single day. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come you have no idea, you deserve all the happiness and good in the world, and if I could take away all your pain I would in a heartbeat. You’re my soulmate and I’ll always be by your side, I love you lots x



HEY THANKS. I’m actually super mad that the smoke covers everything because THEY AIN’T HALF-BAD. Really Crystal Empire backgrounds aren’t too difficult- they’re just time-consuming what with all them crystally textures. (of course, ‘time-consuming’ for an aks background means it takes more than 30 minutes to draw)

SO HERE THEY ARE,  IN ALL THEIR SMOKELESS GLORY. Excuse the watermarks, but empty backgrounds beg to be stolen. So don’t.

Of course it wouldn’t be a true Wiggles background without copious amounts of shortcuts which is why all the buildings are mysteriously the same shape ehehe

AND OF COURSE the one pretty unique building was actually drawn by @tambelon! And that lamp post. I remembered she had a really nice exterior shot so I asked if I could borrow it to add a little spice. …Even if Sombra ended up covering most of it by the end, whoops.

AND THAT FRIGGIN SPIKE STATUE i wanted to destroy it as much as Sombra by the time I was done with it. SO MANY FREAKING SHAPES