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Fairy Tail Zer0: Chapter 13 - An Eternal Adventure 

“Do fairies really have tail? In fact do fairies even exist? An eternal mystery. An eternal adventure. Those are the feelings I’ve tried to capture with the name.”

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Requested by the lovely sagethesupermage! Thank you! I haven’t drawn for 2 days I forgot how to draw haha! Or I’m getting worse.

I’ve also sorta figured that I haven’t been receiving some messages! If you sent something I might of not gotten it! Especially if it’s like a sort of fan message and not a request! I always awnser those!

Anyhow the suggestion went as to draw Mira and Lisanna as fairy ballerinas! Or something among those lines. I didn’t really know how to get the fairy part down and didn’t feel like drawing wings so this is the end result!

They’re at practice and Lisanna gets tired so Mira brings her some tea ;V; just cute little sister bonding moments. This is my first time drawing Lisanna I think my style captures her personality nicely! I enjoyed drawing her.