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Title: Capture
Fandom: Blue Exorcist
Summary: He’s been dealing with the demons, he was fine. He walks home one night and oh, how he wishes he’d never gone out.
AN: Based a prompt of @bluefire-castiel in which apparently the whole fandom gets captured by the Illuminati because well damn self inserts. So here is my first attempt at a self insert. Please bear in mind that I’ve never read such a fanfiction so this might not be very typical for one?

Elias had been doing fine, really. As well as he could with living in a rather old city filled with demons. He’d been able to see the nasty buggers since last summer when a supposedly harmless walk in the rather pathetic forest close to his home turned into a ‘fun’ game of hide-or-get-attacked-by-a-demon. As if Elias hadn’t actually been paranoid enough by then without the confirmation that demons actually existed. But alas he had this terrible gift of sight now and the problems that came with it.