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Disclaimer: Works marked with * are rated explicit for sexually explicit content and/or other adult themes. Works marked with <> feature a non-gender specific character. The works are in order from oldest to newest under each category.

I. No Promises* - He needs her more than anything else, he needs to be close, to be touched and held. He needs nails grazing his skin and teeth dragging along his shoulder. Because he feels a little less like a machine, and a little more like a person when he’s with her. All despite her tenacious attempts to keep him distant from her. 

II. Patience Like This* - “I care about you. More than I want to. And that scares me. It scares me so much that I sometimes wish we’d never met. I hate that you make me feel this way. You kind of drive me nuts. But somehow I still want you. You mess me up so bad and I still want you.”

Atlas: Senses  
I. Touch* - “I wanted to stay. I wanted to fight for us, but you wouldn’t let me. You just left and took the easy way out.” 

We Talked of Forever
I. After Midnight - “You’re my best friend.”

II. 11 am* - “I’ll always be your best friend. No matter what.”

Next to Our Brand New Bed* - “Can I have a taste?”

I’ll Never Be Your Mother’s Favourite - Shawn meets her parents for the first time and things don’t really go to plan. 

Fortunes - “Shawn. Say something. Please.” 

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back* <> - “Baby, I’ve missed you, I’ve been gone for ages, and I need you so bad.” 

Where My Demons Hide <> - “I’m not leaving you like this. Please. Is there anything I can do?” 

A Little Help* <> - “How long have you been standing there?” 

Pickering* <> - Shawn hands me the phone when he’s done uploading the picture and I look at the image, the caption underneath it saying, “Us and our son.” 

Care for You - “I’ll give you a massage.”


@genji-speaks​, I will bypass the subject that neither of us wants to speak of, and instead say only that I also recall the story our father used to tell us. 

I… struggle with my words, as there is very little I would have the right to say to you of all people, but I always thought that the Dragon of the South Wind was an idiot. It only seems fitting that I would end up following his footsteps.

It has been a very long time since I last chose the pen instead of the blade, and just the same I have forgotten most detail from that night you came to me, but you are right; as I shaped myself in the image of this story, I forced you to do the same.

This seems childish now, but I suppose I have never been good with words, and in the hopes that you will see something behind my silence I will leave it here regardless. In the end, it was the North who taught the South to see, yet I am still blind; you, however, seem to have found your path.

For this, you have my respect.

best day of my life

today is a day I thought I would never experience. today is the day I reached 100 followers & ahh I couldn’t be happier. when I first started simblr i had no idea what I was doing. my raw screenies are awful since I play on a MacBook Air and I didn’t edit the lighting back then, my captions were ugly, half of my nsb posts weren’t even tagged, so the first generation of my nsb has a giant gap. I didn’t have a theme, I didn’t know how pretty much anything worked and I’m so so grateful to everyone that’s helped me on this wild journey.
@berrysweetboutique for providing sufficient inspiration whenever I felt like quitting and being an amazing storyteller 💕
@panda-plumbobs to being my favorite person on simblr for being real and actually interacting with me, you’re the real mvp (ex. asks & comments) 💓🤞
@calisimgirl for being one of the first blogs I followed and for helping me with the layout of my entire blog 🙈
@alwaysimming for being an amazing role model for all of simblr to be honest and having such a strong bond with her followers and also inspiring me to post when I felt like quitting. 💘
@our-dazed-sims for slamming people who give him shit and for that reason being one of my main role models.
@notsoberry for bringing recognition to my blog and helping to give me a jump start, ty zoo & kelly 😉

half of these people are so far above me, I don’t mean to imply that we’re friends but indirectly they’ve helped me so much with my simblr

i also apologize that I can’t do a giveaway, I really wish I could but as I’ve already ranted about many times I’m kinda sorta broke and don’t even have all of the packs myself 😅 soz

just a little housekeeping stuff:

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  • anything else of mine that you’d like to use (gifs, art, fic, etc.) please ask me first - I’m generally very chill about letting people use my stuff as long as they ask
    • the exception is if you want to do art of my fic lmao you never have to ask for that but please do link the fic
White Girls Winning

So today I quoted a tweet about Kendall Jenner doing some basic dance moves and said we applaud white girls for doing the most basic shit.  The tweet of Kendall was accompanied by a caption that said “Marrying her for this”. Now women of color have been able to dance for how many centuries? Women of color have been doing more complex and intense dances for how long? A girl decided to put her ghostly privileged little opinion on my tweet and said “but what’s wrong with white girls?” Now never did I say there was anything wrong with white girls. I simply said we need to stop applauding them for basic shit. Understandable if you ask me. I mean we don’t even applaud children who do spectacular things but since Kendall Jenner listened to some future the whole world has to go watch in amazement? I’m tired as a black woman looking on social media and seeing everyone say that white girls are winning or are evolving. Evolving into what exactly? What race are they winning? They are winning in privilege I know that. They haven’t “evolved” AT ALL. And guess who says all of this bullshit? Black men. Not all black men but a lot of the black men I know, which is sad, say stupid shit like this. We need to stop biting our tongues when our men want to claim another race as winning. Who is she in a race against? I’m tired of sitting here and holding back my opinion on all of the misogynoir that is all over my TL on twitter and instagram. 2016 is the year of me standing up as a PROUD black woman. I will correct you if you come at me incorrectly spewing some self hate in front of me. 

streetmarkets  asked:

Are your submissions anons?Because if they aren't, you should definitely cite the blogs. I want to know where they come from, and for a while I thought the drawings were your own. It would be nice for people to get credit :) Even if you do tag them as "submissions".

At the top of every original post it says “submitted by” with the URL. (Note: I know it does not show this on mobile but even so, that is not my fault.)


I have never taken credit for anything that was submitted to me.

I did put a note in my FAQ that if I have posted something that someone submitted and if that artist/submitter is unhappy about how I credited that type of work, then I would fix it if they notified me about the specific post (x).

Also people who submit art/other things are in control of what goes in the caption of a post as well, so all they would have to do is put “art credit to” and link to their own blog. So they are in control of that, I do not add, change, or remove anything from any of the submission captions. In other words, they can credit their work however they like.

All I do is add tags and hit publish. I don’t take any credit for submissions.


So the drain in my shower was blocked, so I had to call a plumber because well that is what you do when you have blocked drains. When the plumber got here he ask if I knew is anything had fallen down the drain recently & I was like no nothing that I know of & he was in the for an hour and when he came out of the bathroom he presented me with this handful of bobby pins & I was like so that is where all my bobby pins go & I have never seen someone look at me so strangely in my life, it was like “WTF WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MANY OF THEM” look.
Moral of the story make sure you take all the bobby pins out your hair before showering or they will block your drain & you will have to call a judgmental plumber.

What now?

You know what sucks? Work. Deaf people and work. Usually deaf/hoh get discriminated against or not “qualified enough” for the job because of their deafness.

How do I know? I have applied to many jobs, got interviews… but once they figured out that I was deaf… “Sorry, we aren’t taking any more applicants” “Sorry we found our workers already” you know “read between the lines” kind of sayings. They are “not technically discriminating against us” because they haven’t used the d-word. (Discrimination, disability, deafness).

I have been working at this job for over a year now, it was all fine and dandy when one of my coworkers left. He gave me all the work and I was there for the hours I was meant. Now, he is gone and I work for someone else. Well, my hours have been extremely reduced. Before it was couple of hours here and there… now I’m working JUST ONE DAY. Why? Because “They have nothing for me to do” because I can’t use the phone. Everything this company does involves a phone. So I mostly do filing, deposits, scanning, cleaning, social media (rarely) and that’s it. I sit there mostly… asking “So… anything else to do?” “No sorry, nothing else.”

I just got told because my hours are being reduced its because I am not using the phones. WELL MY HEARING AIDS ARE BROKEN. For the past year and half I have been trying to get NEW HAs but there is always a problem so I am stuck with my old 10 year old ones. I can DO stuff, just accommodate me. I can read that assignment, I just need to have it in a bigger font because I have low vision for text. I can watch that video and write a report on it… It just needs to have Closed Captions (never does). I am qualified to do stuff, they just never have anything for me to do. I’m now stuck with one day worth of work. I’m too fast, or I just don’t “qualify for that task because of my disability”

They “Try” to accommodate me but it never is right. I’m wanting to cry when i got told I’m working one day a week now. I should just quit. I mean I’m finishing there anyway because I’m moving… but still I need income, I need money. But it’s never enough. But why continue when I barely do anything? 

I want to cry so badly right now. These are the days where I hate being deaf because I “can’t do what my work wants me to do to due to my deafness (or low vision).