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Tegan: This is my favorite song [hang on to the night] off our new record. When Sara sent it to me I tried to get her edit the lyrics and what’s really frustrating about being in a band with Sara for 20 years is that she pretty much has never done anything I asked her to do. But there was the lyric change I wanted in the chorus which she didn’t do. And then record came out. Almost immediately people online attached to the song, specifically people who were suffering from anxiety or people who have tough time and I was like, “Oh my god, I almost ruined Sara’s song”. And I wanted formally apologize, because now it’s my favorite song and when I sing the chorus I’m like, “Oh, it’s good. Almost fucked that up." [x]

White Girls Winning

So today I quoted a tweet about Kendall Jenner doing some basic dance moves and said we applaud white girls for doing the most basic shit.  The tweet of Kendall was accompanied by a caption that said “Marrying her for this”. Now women of color have been able to dance for how many centuries? Women of color have been doing more complex and intense dances for how long? A girl decided to put her ghostly privileged little opinion on my tweet and said “but what’s wrong with white girls?” Now never did I say there was anything wrong with white girls. I simply said we need to stop applauding them for basic shit. Understandable if you ask me. I mean we don’t even applaud children who do spectacular things but since Kendall Jenner listened to some future the whole world has to go watch in amazement? I’m tired as a black woman looking on social media and seeing everyone say that white girls are winning or are evolving. Evolving into what exactly? What race are they winning? They are winning in privilege I know that. They haven’t “evolved” AT ALL. And guess who says all of this bullshit? Black men. Not all black men but I a lot of the black men I know, which is sad, say stupid shit like this. We need to stop biting our tongues when our men want to claim another race as winning. Who is she in a race against? I’m tired of sitting here and holding back my opinion on all of the misogynoir that is all over my TL on twitter and instagram. 2016 is the year of me standing up as a PROUD black woman. I will correct you if you come at my incorrectly spewing some self hate in front of me. 

Can somebody explain to me what’s the deal with tumblr (specifically ARTISTS) hating KIN??? I know that the idea of saying “I AM Rose Quartz!!!” may seem silly and believing you are actually a fictional character may seem silly. But?? It’s not HARMING anyone?? At least, I don’t think it is???

Now, I’m not kin myself–but I have nothing against people who ARE kin. Yet, I see a lot of art–usually containing one character with the caption “don’t tag as kin/me”. And I never understand why this is?? like, they’re not adding anything to your art post–they’re just TAGGING IT. and plus it may be hurtful to those who ARE kin?

I can somewhat understand the “don’t tag ships” when it’s a pic of siblings. Because yeah, you may be weirded out my incest?? But what does KIN have anything to do with anything? Incest // problematic ships can be hurtful irl. But Kin has?? no harm at all?? Like even if YOU find it weird, it’s not hurting you.

I mean, I’m happy as long as people LIKE my art–like oh? They think that I did a beautiful artwork of THEM? Well, that’s FINE!! As long as they like my art!! 

I would understand it if they ACTUALLY harass you involving their kin–like telling you to draw more pictures of them and whatnot–but if they’re just simply TAGGING it as me // kin. What’s the big deal?

Honestly, I find it a little….I don’t know? Really mean. But if somebody can EXPLAIN to me why kin is bad–then sure, go right ahead so I’ll know!! Because really, I’m just SUPER confused.

i could make a really long caption about this so let’s keep it short - 

one of the best days of my life!