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in which I edit beautiful black sails caps (part IV)

“All I knew were the stories I was told of monsters and valiant men sworn to slay them. But now that I’ve nearly traversed the ocean that separates New World from old, I fear that the stories I’ve heard may have clouded the truth more than clarified it. It would seem these monsters are men.”

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Does Krillin have a Japanese last name?

No, not officially I think? Because he is just referred to as ‘Kuririn’ 

But in the Namek saga, he is seen wearing a cap that says ‘Kamesennin Kuririn’ which is a nod to Master Roshi so he may have unofficially adapted to that title/name since Master Roshi practically took him under his wing…

I’m tired of y’all acting like Steve is like just a sweet chaotic good because y’all for some reason equate him trying to save Bucky or rebelling against SHIELD because they were actually corrupt to willingly and knowingly be firmly against the accords that essentially the whole world sanctioned. They aren’t the same in any sense. He thought he knew better than 117 countries on the safety of their countries and their well-being. He’s not some sweet little man who just wants to ~make the world good,~ he’s a complete representation of American foreign policies and unwanted military affairs in other countries and the fact that y’all think that’s his strength rather than his weakness is….. scary.