my capital letters

7 of 100
So today I
☑️ was reading my economics book
☑️ worked out
☑️ celebrated my Mother’s Birthday ( capital letters ‘cause I luv her)
☑️ planning to revise some German words

the solution is, i see a whole room of these mutant kids,
fused at the wrist, i simply tell them they should shoot at this,
simply suggest my chest and this confused music,
it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.

- guns for hands // twenty one pilots

BLACK; Him. your enemy. a killer. your own damn father. His fists. the night swallowing His yells. they echo back to you. they come out in puffs of smoke and you can’t breathe. they say, “you were never good enough,“ and “this is all your fault,” and “you’ll never make it out of this house alive, kid.” Him Him Him Him Him and the stench of alcohol and the weight of despair.

RED; the bathroom with its tiled floors and florescent lights and shattered mirror that knows your cuts too well. you, trying to hold a paper towel to where He got you so that the blood doesn’t fall to the floor. after, standing in the shower. trying to remember a time when your body didn’t hurt.

WHITE; the acceptance letter. it comes a day late and your hands shake around the envelope. you open it in your room when you are sure everyone’s asleep and then you stare at it and you’re smiling and you can’t stop and you think, “i’ve made it i’ve made it i’ve made it,”.

ORANGE; the car. a camaro. you stop and you say, “i could help with that, if you want,”. your heart is beating fast and then he says okay and then it’s your car as well.

BLUE; that boy’s eyes. you aren’t allowed to call him your friend yet. he’s a stranger and he’s dangerous and he’s a monster and you can’t stop staring. one day he sits next to you and says, “can i copy your homework? i think i’m finally going to get expelled,” and then you laugh shakily and the pen he writes with is blue and it’s your favorite color.

BEIGE; home. you have four walls and a cardboard box and a mattress on the floor but they are yours. he sits beside you with his back to the wall and holds your hand and he keeps saying, “you’re home now,” and you believe him because in here you can breathe without breaking a rule. He can’t reach you here.

GREEN; the magic. you feel it in your bones. it’s a part of you and it’s strong and powerful and so are you. you’re here and you’re real and never has it felt more exhilarating to be alive.

—  cacophony of colors ;

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry for distracting you, but i've got a few questions :) 1. my parents know that i'm trying to lose weight and hid my scales since i'm gonna take softball and track. What should i do, since i can't control my weight? :c 2. During my 'fruit days' on a diet, can i use that baby food ones in jars instead of real fruits? Since mashed apple in plastic jar looks more valuable in eyes of my friends during lunch and i won't get caught ;) And sorry for my English and capital letters xD

Buy ankle weights and hide them,also chug water before being weighed. Yes you can eat the baby food ones I used to do that they are actually really good and useful when you need pureed fruit!

fursuit ettiquette

Extremely short version (I could go on about this stuff for days) but great info if you’re heading to a convention or meet! This goes for cosplayers too.

1) PLEASE MAKE SURE THE PERSON CAN SEE YOU. Step in front of them, wave your hand, wait for a response. (But not right in their face. Give them space)
2) Appropriate contact! Always ask and establish your intentions. “May I hug you?” if they hold their arms out, it’s okay. If they look confused, wait for a better response. “May I high-five you?” if they hold up their hand/paw/hoof, then you can give them a high five.

Next, a little more niche
3) Scritches. Cute fursuits almost demand scritches. Be very gentle with costumes, they take time and money to construct, and are often irreplacable. Gently pat, don’t scratch.

4) Cosplay is NOT consent. Do not touch their chest, (even if they look masculine, they can be a woman underneath, or simply just a person who does not like having their chest touched. do not touch their chest!!! The same for their butt, or lingering on their waist.

Roman Education (12-16 years-old)

When the Romans children became teenagers, studies became more specialized and only the privileged social classes could access them. Commoners had to be content with the primary studies:

“No, I never learned geometry or criticism or other foolishness like that, but I know my capital letters and I can divide any figure by a hundred, be it in asses, pounds or sesterces” Satyricon 58, Petronius, 

In ancient Rome, there were more men than women students since Roman society felt that a woman should attend to the care of the house and family and therefore she needed not be too educated.
A young man who wanted to go into politics or just have a strong background had to go to school of the grammaticus.

The school was a settlement located next to the forum, and its walls were adorned with bas-relief respresentaciones of the major episodes of the Trojan epic cycle, or maps of the Roman Empire. There were geometrical instruments and works by leading writers and poets, which were discussed during classes. Students are accommodated in stools; master chair was called cathedra.

The grammaticus was better paid than teachers in primary education (his salary was four times), because their knowledge was specialized.
Secondary education covered both Latin grammar and Greek literature. In fact, this was a bilingual education, whose main objectives were to master the art of good speaking and interpretation of the texts of the classical poets. Learning is not involved in purely practical subjects; artistic sensitivity should also be developed. This concept comes directly from the Greek educational system