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This is why I can’t have nice things.

…while these dorks were smooching, Hunk singlehandedly defeated Zarkon and came to their rescue right after, the universe is safe, and they all lived happily ever after with kids with bright eyes and mullets and stuff. >.<

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RebelCaptain ~ “Whatever I do, I do it to protect you”

This is one of like FIVE rebelcaptain pics I plan on… I have sketched the others just have to finish them >_>. We need more rebelcaptain fanart and content. I am always worried about making my stuff look like the people they are supposed to be enough… this was my second ever attempt drawing them. 


I need to recuperate from all the wincest I have been blessed with in that entire episode hold the phone

Dean asks Sam out on a date to get waffles

Rowena telling Sam he needs to get Dean to strip to see if Dean is “smooth like a Ken Doll”

Slappy McSlapperton asking being very jealous when asking Sam who he is

Dean being A+ at riding bulls because hello, he has practice with Sam

Sam giving Dean the Talk (not the sex one but that was gonna come up eventually like come on)

Dean thinking Sam and Rowena were gonna strip for him and being so excited about it

Sam tearing up because Rowena said Dean was gonna forget about him

Dean repeating the words Sam says to him

Sam being a badass brofo because someone needs to fix his brother

Dean forgetting his own name but being able to remember Sam’s

Sam being amazing and knowing his brother so well to know he was gonna go in the truck and want the grenade launcher

The only word Dean needs is “brother” to save Sam w/out his goddamn memories

Dean being an asshole and almost making Sam cry because Sam thought Dean forgot about him

Finally, Dean making up for being a jackass and telling Sam, who just wants his brother to be happy, that their shitty lives are worth remembering because of each other


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  • Suigetsu: So Sasuke, how was your first kiss?
  • Sasuke: Pretty good
  • Suigetsu: And who is the lucky lady?
  • Sasuke: Naruto
  • Suigetsu: Ähmm... okay but I meant your real first kiss
  • Sasuke: And I already said it was Naruto
  • Suigetsu: Yeah but where you both wanted it
  • Sasuke: Yes, Naruto.
  • Suigetsu: No you don't understand! I mean when did you kissed the person you love for the first time!?
  • Sasuke: Ah okay i got it
  • Suigetsu: ...
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Suigetsu: ...
  • Sasuke: It also was Naruto