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He could feel the moment slipping away.

He watched her stumble over her words, trying to say without saying what was in her heart. After everything that had happened, everything she had been through…. all the pain and blood, her death and resurrection, the scars Saundor had left in his inelegant machinations, her inner agony at not feeling “good enough”… and here she was, still trying to comfort him; to make him better.

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Cue The Rain | Rucas Fic

Prompt Request:  “So you know the picture you reblogged, with the boy and the girl standing under the umbrella? Well I also agree it looks just like rucas (#SummerRain) So I was wondering if you could do a one shot of where Lucas asked Maya to make that for Riley?”

A/N: Hope you dont mind I combined it with another prompt!

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Lucas laid in bed watching his girlfriend wander aimlessly around their apartment. She was in the midst of getting ready for work, strutting back and forth trying to find her other heel while simultaneously putting lipstick on. Lucas found everything she did endearing and this was no different. He loved seeing her get ready in the morning, it was like he was on the outside looking in.

Riley grabs her keys and starts to head for the door when she stops in her tracks. She comes running back into their bedroom and jumps on the bed, wrapping her arms around him.

“You almost forgot about me.” Lucas laughs, kissing the brunette on the cheek.

She lets out as soft giggle and gently kisses him on the lips. “I could never.”

“Love you.” He gives her a quick peck before she has to get back up.

“Love you too!” She calls out running back to the front door.

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kairiofknives  asked:

Hey, I was just wondering if you had an opinion on the theories people are coming up with concerning Viktor leaving Yuuri like in the eros story in episode 3? Also I have always loved your art and am so psyched you're into this show too.

first of all thank you so much <3

about the theories… it’s obvious there’s going to be angsty bits, too, but i’m not sure how deep they’ll go with this? well i HOPE it won’t end in victor abandoning yuri but instead in yuri seducing victor and make him fall for him for real

victor seems to be really fickle in his promises and his whole personality screams I DO WHAT I WANT whenever i want. as seen as he did with yurio? but for now i want to believe in good things, and i also believe in yuri

yuri has skills, yuri has charm, yuri is incredible… he just lacks confidence. so i hope victor can make yuri believe in himself, too… so that yuri manages to keep victor by his side. that victor realizes that he really doesn’t want to leave, because he grows so fond of yuri. because yuri is amazing. that his feelings grow from “let’s play a game” … to something very serious

yoi gave me already more than i ever hoped it would so i want to hold onto that feeling as long as i can. i was talking to my gf about this, and we both were okay, but really, this is too good to be true, so where’s the catch?

maybe this is it, but my faith in this show is very strong this time

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Inktober Day #20: Worried

It’s not even that cold outside, but Mob is still kinda getting over a cold and his friends/brother are…a bit worried…

Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload this last night so you’re getting this now :P

anonymous asked:

Do you have any non-canon OTPs?

Hmmm. Good question. I wouldn’t say I have OTPs (except Solana/Naxus, who are basically of my own creation), though I have non-canon pairings I enjoy?

Varric/Isabela. (I adore this rare pairing, but am pretty happy to see Isabela with anyone, as long as there’s mutual respect.)

Liara/Javik (very low-key)

Tali/Kal’Reegar (which I just had to remind myself RIGHT NOW is not actually canon)


For a while @servantofclio and I batted around a Rolan Quarn/Kasumi pairing and I really loved it.

I know all the romances with the player character are… sort of canon, in that they’re canon for a specific character. I do have a kind of elaborate OT4 with Gwen Hawke, Sebastian, Fenris and Isabela which can’t ever happen with game mechanics.

I’m sure there are others, but they’re not springing to mind!

The Chains That Bind Us: 25

Iwaizumi didn’t say a single word to Oikawa as he accepted the horse and rode out of the Tjaty palace. It’s a good horse, the same horse the Tjaty had been riding when he took Iwaizumi riding weeks ago. Iwaizumi will make sure the animal is returned to Oikawa once he gets home. He may be angry, but it’s not necessarily directed towards the Tjaty. This isn’t his fault, a little miscommunication aside.

As he travels through the barren desert, away from the great kingdom of Egypt and towards his home, his mind can’t seem to catch up. It’s still stuck back in the Tjaty’s palace. He feels like he should’ve said something to Oikawa. Perhaps thanking him for releasing him, despite the complications surrounding the deed. Perhaps he should’ve thanked Oikawa for treating him better than probably any slave has ever been treated- of course not including the lashings in his first week. Perhaps he should’ve told Oikawa that he forgives him for that. It’s water long under the bridge. But really, he wishes he had told the damn palace brat to not work himself so hard now that Iwaizumi is gone, that it’s okay for him to seek help elsewhere- as long as it’s not at the slave auction. Iwaizumi knows he shouldn’t worry about the heir, that it’s no longer his job to worry, nor was it ever, but he can’t help it. He knows too well what Oikawa is like, and he knows that if he continues on like that, it’ll send him into an early grave.

The journey back to Israel is a little shorter on the horse than it had been being dragged behind a slaver’s caravan, but made longer by his mind that refuses to leave Cairo. By himself and mounted, he can travel much quicker than those wagons and camels. It’s still a long four days before he stumbles into Israel, and another few hours to reach the small farming village just outside of Jerusalem.

His heart is racing as his eyes fall on the small house he grew up in. It’s been so long since he was grabbed on this very road and dragged to Egypt. To some, a few months may not be that long, but Iwaizumi had never spent longer than a night away from this farmhouse, away from his mother and brothers. To finally be back, after such a long, torturous time away, he can feel a swelling of emotions he can’t quite name as he slides down from the horse.

He walks the animal around the house to the pen in the back holding their two milk cows. As he passes by the ends of the long rows of wheat, he keeps an eye out for any of his three brothers. His heart begins to beat a little faster as he leads the horse into the cow pen and drags the tack from its back to leave on the fence for now. Iwaizumi knows it’s foolish to worry, they’re probably out in the field somewhere checking the crop. At this time of the year, it’ll be ready to harvest soon.

He’s halfway to the back door of the small house when a rustling in the stocks catches Iwaizumi’s attention. He turns quickly just as their two dogs come leaping out of the stocks to practically tackle Iwaizumi to the ground. He kneels so that he can wrap an arm around each of their excited bodies as their tongues bathe his face and neck. More rustling in the stocks and Iwaizumi looks up to see one of his younger brothers step out from between two rows. His green eyes- a shade identical to Iwaizumi’s- are wide, disbelieving. He takes a hesitant step forward, those wide eyes roaming up and down Iwaizumi as if trying to assure himself that Iwaizumi is truly standing before him, that it isn’t his mind playing tricks on him.

Neither of them say a word. The distance between them is closed quickly, and they envelop each other in a bone crushing hug. Iwaizumi can feel a wetness on his bare shoulder, and he bites his lip so as to not start crying himself.

“We didn’t think we’d ever see you again,” his brother, Ira, murmurs into Iwaizumi’s shoulder, his voice thick.

“I’m sorry,” Iwaizumi murmurs back. He’s not sure what he’s sorry for, but it feels appropriate.

The back door to the house opens, and both brothers pull back from each other. Iwaizumi’s mother is standing in the open doorway, her hands covering her mouth and tears already beginning to stream down her cheeks. Iwaizumi can’t hold back his own tears anymore.

Her knees start to give way and Iwaizumi lurches forward to catch her, both of them ending up sitting in the dirt and clinging to each other. One of her hands comes up to fist in Iwaizumi’s hair, her other clutching at his back.

“Hajime,” she hiccups through her tears, burying her face in his neck.

“I’m home, mother.”

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I’m gonna have to update the Shadowcast AU now aren’t I?