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But what if Clare was listening to Dead Hand because it was on a mix Eli made for her forever ago when her parents were fighting and it always made her feel better. Or he just made it to be romantic when Adam was making him look bad?
Or for Valentine’s Day that year?!
“Woman are trouble.”
“Even me?”
“Especially you.”
Or what if Eli bought her a CD at the Dead Hand concert?
Or Clare bought it after finding out how much he liked them and listened to them endlessly while thinking about him and he smirked when he realized she memorized it all?
Or she learned it because it was always on when they were mackin’ in Morty?

raincityruckus requested  Bellamy and Clarke finally getting that drink and Clarke as a cuddly drunk

The drink has settled low in Clarke’s belly, warming her from there out to the tips of her fingers, toes and ears. She smiled up at Bellamy, her shoulder’s moving from side to side as she moved closer and closer to him, her lips pulling wider and wider until all her teeth were showing.

“You know what I wanna do Bell?” her tongue was pushing her front teeth.

“What’s that, Clarke?” he gave her the most patronising smile she had ever seen, she blinked a couple of times before she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist.

“Hug you,” she mumbled against into his chest, still swaying side to side as buried her head beneath his chin.

“Do you always get like this when you drink?” he asked, his arms settling around her waist pulling her a little bit closer to him, his fingers tangling in the bottom of her hair.

“Maybe, I don’t know,” she smiled broadly before snuggling closer to him again.

Castiel wakes, and unconsciously braces himself for pain. That’s what he is used to waking up to, after all. He hasn’t slept very much in his existence. But in his experience, it has always been the wake from forced unconsciousness, the aching of depleted grace, of wounds left unhealed, of scarred wings on his back. Or to the hard floor of the storeroom when he was human, “borrowed” sleeping bag doing little to soften the crick left in his neck all day, or the bruises on his sides and back from the cold concrete.

So waking up without pain, without blood on his face and without a box full of plastic cups jabbing him in the back, it is still unfamiliar, and sets him momentarily on edge. But then there is a soft sigh at his side, and a pair of strong arms pulls him a little bit closer, like they felt him tense up and wanted to squeeze it out of him, and all at once Cas is able to relax and to melt back into the bed.

Because this time, it is a real bed. Because this time, he fell asleep all on his own, exhaustion made only of the normal wear and tear of a day as opposed to the strains of time travel or stolen grace or blood loss. Because this time, he was under the covers with Dean Winchester, who lay quietly breathing next to him, eyes closed and mouth open slackly. Because this time, there were no sharp edges and no pain and no danger looming on the horizon. There was just warmth and peace and a soft mattress beneath him and the love of his life beside him.

should i make a roleplaying site where everything is set in the x-files universe and we can all create an OC and have a rollicking good time hunting aliens and ghosts and cryptids and fighting the government together

if/when i do the thing who among you will join me in this most glorious, most sinful of adventures

davrial asked:

Imagine if Goombas and other Mario species went thru a similar seeming "de"evolution that some types real life animals did, like for example the intimidating sabertooth tiger no longer existing. What if there were Proto-Goombas or Neandergooms with extremely large saber-like fangs, and a more sharper, pointy skull?

(Oh boy, I have two head canons in my inbox about goomba evolution. Both responses are going to contain the same history head canons, so pardon if any of the information seems redundant. Actually upon rereading this response I now realize my answer is largely redundant to your ask, but ah well. I’m on mobile and I am committed to this post now.

My head canon is that Toadstools and Goombas evolved from the same fungus ancestor. Somewhere down the line toads evolved poisonous spores to defend themselves with. Because they did not need offensive features to defend themselves anymore, toads lost their aura and developed arms and bright colorations to warn predators not to eat them.

Goombas on the other not-hand remained on the physical side of things evolutionarily speaking. They developed features akin to carnivores (exaggerated canine teeth, night vision, etc), and they utilized their auras to protect themselves.

As for their specific ancestors after the Toad/Goomba tree branched apart? Galoombas would be the equivalent of Neanderthals. They might not be as imposing as Goombas, but they had the ability to float around in aura spheres which was pretty nice. Some galoombas do still remain, but for the most part they were bred into the goomba gene pool. Some theorize that modern day paragoombas and other Goombas that are talented in hovering can attribute that trait to Galoomba ancestry.

But who knows, maybe even further back in history there were spiny skinned proto-goombas with extra large teeth and even more pronounced eyebrows. Interesting head canon!)