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Friday Night Lights [S. Smythe]

Request: “Sebastian Imagine where Y/N is a cheerio and he decided to come to a game and decides to sing to her and proposes.”

This is my first ever request and I’m super excited to write it! Thank you anon for the submission!

You gathered your things, shoving them into your duffel bag as you hummed quietly to yourself. You did a mental check to make sure you had everything’s you needed: uniform, socks, sneakers, pom poms, hair ties, water bottle, mints, phone-

Phone. Where was your phone?

You were a cheerio, joining the New Directions with Britney and Santana. It was a nice change and you’ve made a lot of new friends. This included a certain member of the Dalton Academy Warblers, a one Sebastian Smythe. Sure, he was your competition, but things just seemed to click between you two. You became very good friends and eventually more than that a couple weeks after he admitted to being bisexual.

Speaking of…

The sound of your ringtone began to play from somewhere in your bedroom. With a heavy sigh, you rummaged through the mess on your bed, hitting the green answer button a moment before it cut out. “Hey babe,” Sebastian’s voice echoed into your ear, “You busy?”

You hummed, tying up your hair. “Kind of,” you smiled, “but I can double task.” You heard Sebastian chuckle over the other line. “Just wanted to call you. Talk to you, n’stuff,” his voice sounded a little different over the phone, “You’ve got a game today, don’t you?”

You hummed, “Yep. Santana’s here now, actually. I gotta go. Love you.” Sebastian quickly said the two words back before you hung up and rushed off to Santana’s car and off to the game.


It was a little ways after halftime started when you noticed. You and the girls were getting ready to do another routine when Britney nudged your shoulder and pointed to the bleachers. There, you noticed a wave of blue and red blazers towards the middle of the stands. You grinned.

Sebastian had always been nervous to come to your games. He wanted to support you, but he didn’t want to cause a scene. So, he’d always stayed away. But now he was here, watching you, and had brought the Warblers along with him.

You did your routine with more excitement knowing your boyfriend was there.

Now, it was the end of the game, and your team had won by three points. The Warblers had disappeared after the team dumped the water bucket on the coach. You went to search for Sebastian, only for a shadow to cast over you. One of the football players blocked your way. You raised an eyebrow in confusion and went to move away, only to be stopped by another player. The team slowly began to make a line on the sidelines, blocking your view of the field.

Turning to the cheerios, hoping for their help, you found that they had disappeared. Furrowing your eyebrows, you asked the boys, “What’s going on?” They only smiled at you, keeping still.

After about three minutes, the football team finally parted in the middle, giving you a clear view of the field. There were the Warblers, the cheerios, the New Directions, with Sebastian standing in the middle of them all.

Stalking forward, he took your hands in his. He wore his classic smirk, but you could see thw nervousness swirling in his pretty green eyes. Without a word, he pulled you towards the bleachers. He climbed up the steps and up to the back row, nervously fiddling with his fingers as he cleared his throat.

You noticed that the two singing groups and the cheerios were holding up white signs. The football team was split into two, gathering around the ends of the groups with…something in their hands. You couldn’t really tell what it was.

“Seb, what’s going on?” You asked, turning back to your boyfriend. Sebastian took your hands again and squeezed them gently. 

“Y/N,” he started, “you’re my best friend. We may have started off as enemies, but we got closer. The other day, I was scrolling through my camera roll and found an album from when we went on vacation over the summer. There were so many pictures of us kissing and doing stupid things, and the videos of us together…I knew I loved you, but at that moment looking back, I finally realized how much I loved you. Enough to want to be around you all the time. Enough to get jealous when a guy simply looks at you. Enough…”

His eyes cast down to the ground before off to the field. You followed his gaze, seeing your friends flipping the white signs. Each sign had a big, black letter.





And oh my god, Sebastian was proposing.

You could see nervousness and slight panic swimming in his pretty green eyes, but they also held so much love and adoration. You’d never seen so much of one specific emotion in him.

Though, you expected he’d have just as much, maybe even more, on your wedding day. A beaming smile would be stuck to his face as his eyes sparkled with excitement and love, and-

You were already imagining your wedding day and you hadn’t even given him an answer.

You hadn’t given him an answer.

Yes,” you exclaimed suddenly, startling Sebastian slightly, “Yes, of course I’ll marry you.” The nervousness in Sebastian’s eyes drained away and his lips tugged up into a smile. He plucked the ring from the slit in the box and took your left hand in his, sliding the piece of jewelry onto your delicate finger.

Then, he stood, grasping your ring-clad hand and lifting it into the air, shouting, “She said yes!” The people around you began clapping and cheering for you. Your friends let out loud shrieks and the football players shot confetti out of the black canisters.

So that’s what those were.

You grinned as Sebastian wrapped his arm around your torso, pulling you close. You nuzzled into him, and he dipped down to capture your lips into a kiss. You returned it with eagerness and joy, breaking apart to see the happiness in his eyes and the tears in yours.

The two of you turned back to the field, watching as your friends celebrated. You could only imagine how they’d be acting at the wedding.

When 1D lost, Liam turned to his dad with a “we made it this far” face. His fellow band-mates, he says, were in pieces. He remembers first Harry, then Louis, Niall and Zayn bursting into tears. “A cameraman came over and said ‘can I get you boys for an interview?’ and I looked at all the boys crying, in their mum’s arms and I was like, 'look, I’ll do the interview’ because I was the only one who was alright and so I went off to the side and did the after-camera interview for us. I just left them because I wanted them to have their moment and the cameras didn’t need to see them like that. There was a real atmosphere. This followed throughout our career a lot of the time.”
—  Liam for Rollacoaster magazine

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Top 5 laston AND top 5 malum moments pls

another incredibly hard one wow ok i try


5. This is tied with every other time that Ashton carried Luke off stage and also that time when Ashton jumped on Luke’s back for the final bow

4. remember when :))))))))))


2. why :) he :) said :) this :) randomly :)



5. All those times that Calum tried to fuck Michael on camera (3 times) and here is just one example bc this is long already

4. That malum day at the airport that we will Never Forget

3. The entirety of 2015. That includes: all interview moments when Michael was Especially gay towards Calum, MALUM IN FLORIDA, and tweets

2. Ok this counts as a 2015 moment but like,, every cuddle moment where Michael scratches Calum’s head :)))

1. Michael picking Calum up wowie wow wow*

*This list is inaccurate bc I don’t have a top 5 moment I cry an equal amount at just about every fucking interaction and it’s pathetic but I wanted to show off my love for them anyway so here ya have it

A Very Special Vlog

By: SassyShoulderAngel319

Fandom/Character(s): YouTube(rs) - Dan Howell/danisnotonfire feat. Phil Lester/AmazingPhil

Rating: PG

Original Idea: This adorable Imagine

Notes:  (Masterlist)(About Me) I try to spell like I’m British, but I’m not (though my friends think I should be) so if I missed something, sorry.


Dan rushed into the room where Phil was setting up a tripod. “She’ll be here any second!” he said. Phil put his hands up.

“Relax. It’s all taken care of. Everything’s been set up and ready to record.”

“What do I tell her about why there’s a camera?”

“Just say you haven’t moved it since you were making a video earlier,” Phil answered, voice calm in order to try and calm Dan down. His taller friend was breathing heavily and looking worried—while at the same time better-dressed than he usually chose to be. Not by too much though, because he didn’t want her to get suspicious. “And I’ll be just behind the door with the other camera.” Dan nodded, looking around frantically. “Dan, relax! Everything’s been taken care of!”

“I’m just scared I’ll mess up—or worse.”

“I know. But you’ll do just fine. And even if you fall over, it’s the thought that counts.”

Dan patted his pockets, making sure he had everything. “What about the flowers?” he suddenly exclaimed.

“Did you not see that they’re already in the kitchen?”

“Oh. No. Thank you, Phil. I couldn’t do this without you.”

Phil shrugged arrogantly. “I know,” he joked. “But seriously, of course. What are best friends for?”


Dan went back into panic mode. “She’s here! Oh my—!” He cut himself off in favour of hyperventilating.

“Don’t worry,” Phil soothed. “Sit down. I’ll bring her up. Don’t be nervous.” As Phil left, he poked his head back into the room. “Turn on the camera!” Dan nodded as Phil disappeared. He rushed over to the camera and hit the record button. Wiping his sweaty hands on his jeans, he closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing. After a few moments, he managed to get his panic under control. With a sigh, he opened his eyes.

“Hey Phil!” a friendly female voice greeted as the door squeaked open.

“Hey! Dan’s up in the lounge. Can I take your jacket?”

“Oh! Yes please!” There was a pause as Dan imagined Phil helping her with her coat—probably the black leather jacket she always wore. “So what’s this all about? Dan said it was important but hung up before I could ask for an explanation.”

“I have no idea. He didn’t even tell me you were coming,” Phil lied. Dan rushed over to the microphone and turned it on too, realizing he almost forgot. He went back to sitting on the sofa, looking as casual as he could with his heart racing. He cast a quick glance at the camera. Thankfully, it was still recording. He relaxed just a bit. “I’ll be up in the office editing if you two need adult supervision for anything,” Phil remarked, voice almost right outside the door. Dan heard an amused girl’s laugh and exasperated sigh.

“Thanks, but I think we’ll be okay,” she replied. The door to the lounge slid open and there she was. She was shorter than him by quite a bit, but she was gorgeous, funny, and intelligent. She was wearing her “date” clothes—leggings, a skirt, and a nice blouse. Her hair was pulled away from her face and her eyes were glittering with excitement. “Hey Dan!”

“Hey!” Dan replied, standing up from the sofa. He gave her a smothering hug and a kiss on the forehead followed by one to the lips. “It’s so great to see you!”

“It’s great to see you too!” she exclaimed. “So what are we going to do tonight?”

Dan sighed, acting like he wasn’t insanely nervous. “Well, I have something very specific in mind,” he commented. Instantly she lit up like a firework with excitement. She was always a bright, bubbly girl, but she never failed to make him smile when she was excited.

“Do I need to go get my jacket? Are we going anywhere?”

Dan shook his head. “Nah. We’re gonna stay here, if that’s okay?”

“It’s great! Any time I get to be with you is more than okay!”

“Good. But before you ask any more questions, I have one for you,” Dan told her. She brightened up again—if that was even possible—and smiled.

“Okay! What is it?”

This is it, Dan thought. Panic tried to rise in his throat but he forced it down as he shoved his hand in his pocket. This is it.

He got down on one knee and pulled the small velvet box out of his pocket. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Phil’s hand poking into the room holding a smaller camera for a different angle he smiled just a little bit, and looked up at her wide eyes.

“Will you marry me?” he asked, opening the box to reveal the ring.

Her hands clapped over her mouth. “Yes. Oh yes!” Her eyes watered as Dan pulled the ring out of the box and slid it onto her finger. He stood up and gave her a big kiss.

“Woohoo!” Phil cheered, coming into the room. He too gave her a friendly hug before she turned back to Dan and cried happy tears into his chest. Dan was smiling wider than he could remember ever smiling before as he held her to him and rocked back and forth. “And the best part is, I recorded the whole thing!” She looked up.


“Did you not notice the camera?” Phil asked.

“Well, I did, but I figured it was just left from filming a video,” she replied.

Dan grinned. “Nope. It’s been recording the whole time.”

She smiled and wiped the tears off her face. “Oh my gosh!” She held Dan tightly around the torso. “You are amazing! Both of you!” She went up on her tiptoes and gave her now-fiancé a kiss. He closed the gap—being significantly taller than her—eagerly kissing her back.

“Okay you two! Get a room!” Phil teased.

Keeping his arm around her shoulders, Dan pulled closer her in front of the camera. “She said yes!” he exclaimed, taking her hand and holding it up to show off the ring.

She laughed and rested her head against his chest. “Always,” she agreed. “I can’t think of anyone better to spend the rest of my life with.” Dan smiled and pressed a kiss against her forehead and waved at the camera.

“Say goodbye to the future Mrs. Howell!”

She waved too. “Bye internet! I’m sure we’ll see you soon!”

Phil dodged behind the camera and hit the record button to turn it off—and also turned off the microphone. He slipped out of the room as Dan and his new fiancée a giant, smothering hug while she giggled and cried at the same time until she started hiccupping. Dan laughed. “Are you alright?” he asked with an amused grin.

She nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah—I’m just so happy I don’t know what to do or say!”

“Well, you already said yes, so I guess now all that’s left is to marry me.”

She gave him another kiss. “I guess so!”