my camera like taking pics backwards

The night I met The Rev

I swear I remember preparing this post for Tumblr before, but I guess my fear won out because I couldn’t find it in my tags. I fear getting harassed or criticized or being on the receiving end of any of those negative emotions that happen in fandom.

But today marks 5 years since so many of us lost someone we adore, so I’m gonna go ahead and just share my story of the first time I met The Rev. It’s a story that brings me joy and makes me smile and on a day like today, since I know that’s what I need, maybe sharing it will bring joy & smiles to someone else who needs them.

This story comes from the days when I used to type up my fan experiences to share so I used to document EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. So if you click, BE WARNED THAT THERE’S SO MUCH TEXT, you’ll fall asleep at LEAST 4 times before making it through. But I’m not apologetic because going back today and reading this? Is awesome. Cuz I have a brain like swiss cheese so to go back and be reminded of all the tiny nuances is pretty sweet :) 

So if you dare, feel free to click and read all about my first time meeting The Rev.

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