my camara and


THE LEGEND - model: Mame Camara - photography: Tim Verhallen - styling: Sonny Groo - hair & makeup: Kathinka Gernant - Harper’s Bazaar Netherlands October 2017


keith wearing that jumper in cause you’re learning me by @gajeelredfox is all ive been thinking about. 

also pls imagine lance coming back home and keefs brain kinda stops working and he justs gets up and hugs him because “oh my god ive missed you…and uh, thanks again for that- the present i mean.” “yeah…no problem…thanks for the chocolate.”

and lance secretly wanting a jumper like keiths

for me, tamara’s frown during the kiss scene meant one of three things:
- “man i wonder how kissing you feels like WHOAH WHERE DID THAT COME FROM”
- “celia is nice but you could do better, call, and better is right next to you laughing his ass off”
- “ew they’re exchanging spit”