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keith wearing that jumper in cause you’re learning me by @gajeelredfox is all ive been thinking about. 

also pls imagine lance coming back home and keefs brain kinda stops working and he justs gets up and hugs him because “oh my god ive missed you…and uh, thanks again for that- the present i mean.” “yeah…no problem…thanks for the chocolate.”

and lance secretly wanting a jumper like keiths

*bangs fists on table* ballerina Marco, ballerina Marco,ballerinaMarCO,BALLERINAMAR-

for me, tamara’s frown during the kiss scene meant one of three things:
- “man i wonder how kissing you feels like WHOAH WHERE DID THAT COME FROM”
- “celia is nice but you could do better, call, and better is right next to you laughing his ass off”
- “ew they’re exchanging spit”

SO, I didn’t knew exactly what to translate, so I picked some things, It got really long even when I left some parts behind. Hope you guys like it, is a really good interview! ♥

4:40 - with Lucas and Marquinhos “I’m gonna reveal why David uses long hair, it is because he’s getting bald. But you can see, when he
runs, the wind blows and you see the bad hairlines”

6:50 - Faro: “You guys don’t know him, but David is the type of guy that messes with the ambiance”

8:00 - Faro:“How do I ask ‘the car is there?’”  David: “I don’t know man” *then he speaks in french with the drivers* Faro: “What did you say?" David: "Don’t know man”

Faro: “How many languages do you speak?”
David: “None, I barely speak portuguese!”
Faro: “Lies! You played for Chelsea and I saw you giving an interview speaking english!”

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Commission for kaliko-black ! ! !

I edited it a lilttle in Photoshop so don’t be surprised if irl the colors aren’t that charming heh. Again, this is a full-body pic but since the commissioner is gonna have them personally, I cropped it lmao.

I hope you like it!