my butterball baby


“Happy Dansen!”

It’s time to dansen! Happy Miraculous Tuesday my fellow Ladybug fantards!

Have some more Plakki (Plagg and Tikki) watercolour fanart on me. I know everyone loves Chat Noir and Ladybug (and so do I, especially my precious baby butterball Chat Noir <3) but don’t forget that their adorable kwami pals deserve some loving too. Where are my Plakki fanarts?

I just adore Plagg and Tikki so much <3. From the two episodes that premiered thus far, I am just gushing over how adorable these two are. Adorable kwamis are love. Alone they are cute but together, they’re both two bundles of love. Gonna draw these cuties a lot more <33 Hope everyone likes it!

♥ More PLAKKI art by Squiggles

~LittleMissSquiggles (2015)