my bus route


My bus route is so nice

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rip me, 2016

cause of death: this poor boy who-deserved-so-much-better’s tragic backstory

when do I stop being nervous abt going to work


13/100 Days of Productivity

This morning the xc team had the beginning of the year time trial for 1.5 miles, then we ran an extra 4 miles. I then did my chores, I wasn’t able to sweep because it rained, and I will vacuum on Sunday. I made my first monthly spread! I think it turned out really well, do you guys like the quote from Yixing?(After I took the picture I actually added goals for the month.) I then made a “Back to School” spread, which includes my schedule, bus route, a priority list for tax free weekend, and goals for the school year. Afterwards, I made my next weekly spread.