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Biggest Baes of each Pokemon generation

Here are some of my baes! 

(I’m counting oras as gen 3 too, and that gen bae changes a lot)

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You met David luiz!!? What's he like? And what did you guys talk about :)

Yes, I met him almost two weeks ago! He’s the cutest human ever. Hahahahah.

I could not put in paper how he is like. I think I am not able to. He was sleepy, the hair totally messy. His hair is REALLY FULL. It scared the hell out of me when he crossed the kitchen’s door. The eyes were red, probably indicating the short night. At the end of our conversation, David told me he spent over eight hours taking pictures and giving autographs at Cataguases. They arrived home at 01h30 AM. I could see he was exhausted, but there was no hesitation to make every single minute perfect to me. He treated me really well and specially. I was impressed by his good humor at 10 AM. Hahahahaha. David is tall. TOTALLY. I don’t think that’s something new. I felt like an ant all the time. On our first hug, asked by him, his hair was all over my face, and yes… It smells good.

Anyway. David is stiff. I felt I was hugging a rock, but, even though, it was far the best hug I have ever received. It makes you feel protected. I would hug him all day long. We spoke about a lot, but almost nothing. I spent over 15 minutes inside the house; 10 minutes with David. He asked me about my burgh; where I came from; asked me if I had brothers (?) I still can’t understand the meaning of that question. Hahahahaha. I touched that hair! He was a bit embarrassed, but let me enjoy the moment. When I pulled away, David said: “Ugly hair.”, making me laugh. On our third hug, I confessed: “I thought I would never feel this hug.” And he was like, really offended: “How come? Why?” Hahahahaha!

After that whole conversation, David said he needed to go. I reacted like I was being hit. Then, automatically, I remembered (do not know how) my mom’s words to me. “If you get this, tell David I said to God bless him so much, because he’s doing this. I know how is important for you.” When David heard my words, he ran to find my phone, in the table. “How is your mom’s name?” “Dina.” I replied, laughing. But suddenly started to worry about the password, which David had no idea of. Even though, I have an iPhone and David knew how to do it, without needing to unblock. “See? I know how it works.” Reassured me, starting the video for my mom.

What we did the most was hugging each other. There was five hugs. Hahahahaha. Like I said, he’s the cutest ever. I can not explain. It was perfect. I am sure I will never forget about this.