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Way Past Consoles  Pt 1 (?)

or “some reasons why you should read Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog before the IDW reboot” 

To me, like many, Sonic the Hedgehog was childhood special interest. However I always found myself frustrated as kid when trying to overcome puzzles while going as fast as possible. And so, I abandoned the series with the exception of Sonic X of course) until one summer two years ago. That’s when I started reading the comics and fell back in love with the franchise all over again. It was easy enough to fall into the lore (but again this is comics so things get a little more than wild) and connect with the characters.

One of the most fascinating things that I enjoyed about the comics was how they connected past and present redesigns. They actively wrote in explanations as to why Classic Sonic suddenly had Current Sonic’s appearance, how Robotnik went from a round mad engineer but idiot villain to a ruthless and slick overlord who controls the world with an iron grip. It’s all explained through an event called The Genesis Wave that basically divides the two eras of 90s/Early 2000s and late 2000s.   

Another of the biggest appeals? It has to be Sonic’s allies and closest friends, The Freedom Fighters. And if Sonic is the Speed then his friends cover what he can’t. 

(the art styles will change drastically given 20+ years worth of comics jsyk)   

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Proof that I haven’t been a lazy bum by not posting much lately and have actually been making a billion buttons for Saboten Con (oi!)

If I have time/enough supplies I’ll make more STH characters, but right now with these and non-STH stuff (which I’ll make a separate post for) I’m already at 40+ different buttons so… I’m trying not to put more stress on myself than I already have. And my button press still hasn’t been delivered yet and if it doesn’t come tomorrow I’m gonna FREAK OUT!

Sorry about the massive watermarks, but I really can’t have people stealing these and trying to sell them.

Drum Major (2500 Follower Giveaway Fic #16)

For @john-watsons-potato, who requested a high school marching band AU. And while I didn’t work in the pairing you wanted (sorry!!), this idea took hold and would not let go, and since I think we could all use something fluffy today, I couldn’t stop myself.

So basically, I’m going to have to write a sequel focusing on the pairing you wanted. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, while I was never in band myself, my brother was, 98% of my friends were, all of my high school boyfriends were, and I spent more time doing band-related things than I ever wanted to. I’ve taken some departures from my own knowledge, but we’ll chalk it up to the fact that I was a choir kid.

ExR, Modern AU, high school AU, developing relationship. Predominantly fluff.

Enjolras rapped on the music stand. “Everybody settle down,” he called, which was hardly necessary, since pretty much everyone had fallen silent as soon as he stood up. Everyone, that is, except Bossuet and Grantaire, who were using Grantaire’s xylophone mallets as swords. “Ahem,” Enjolras said, a hint of irritation in his voice, and Grantaire and Bossuet looked up at him, Grantaire grinning, Bossuet sheepish. “Now that everyone’s decided to pay attention…”

“Who died and made you drum major?” Grantaire asked, still grinning.

“Funny you should ask,” Enjolras said, giving him a nasty look. “I’ve convened this meeting of section leaders exactly for that purpose. I know we all have places to be after school, so I’ll make this quick. Since Mabeuf is graduating, we need to elect a new drum major before we get into summer practice. And based on the bylaws approved by the entire marching band–”

“–who was harassed into doing so by Enjolras, who also wrote said bylaws,” Grantaire said under his breath while Joly and Bossuet snickered.

Enjolras raised his voice to talk above Grantaire. “–Based on the bylaws, the section leaders must nominate candidates who will be vetted by Director Valjean before being voted on by the full band.” He glanced around the room as if daring anyone else to talk back to him. “Needless to say, I would like to announce my candidacy.”

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Going through some files I’d saved ages back, I found a copy of a prototype “Series Bible” for the Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday morning cartoon.

I’ve separated segments by character, and copied notes by Ian Flynn on the characters for comparison, to see how his take differs and how things have changed.

Keep in mind I tried to leave out anything directly referencing the old continuity (some characters were more affected than others), and most of these are in response to questions, so don’t make any assumptions about how much the characters matter based on how much he typed.

Also I kinda fudged things for one Freedom Fighter’s comparison…

nicolashamy  asked:

Hi Jacey! :) I absolutely love reading your stories, I always look forward to new ones. :) :) I would love a story where Amy and Sheldon get kinda playful with each other? Something like tickling each other, or play fighting, or kissing each other playfully? I'd also love it if Sheldon is the one who instigates it, & a kiss is involved someway, heehe! ;) I hope i'm not being too fussy! You're an awesome writer, keep em' coming! :) xoxo

Thanks for the prompt.  I really hope you like this.  It is big contrast from yesterday’s story.  It also came from me spend three hours trying to get a different story to work, but failing.  I hope this doesn’t seem too crazy.

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