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Look on the bright side (UK election edition):

- Larry The Cat retains much-contested Chief Mouser position

- Nick Clegg is now free to stand against Tory policy and fade into complete obscurity as fate has ordained

- Food banks are a great place to meet fellow struggling singles in your area

- Scotland to establish independent socialist utopia by 2017

- Nigel Farage banished back to the shadow void from which he was first summoned in 2005. 

- Cameron couldn’t possibly privatise everything in the UK in just 5 years, right?!?

- We’ll all be dead in 100 years anyway

- If George Osborne become Foreign Sec. then he can keep himself busy fucking up someone else’s country

- George Galloway is now just a creepy anti-semitic rich guy and no longer a creepy anti-semitic rich guy with a seat in parliament

- Danerys Targaryan maintains her rightful claim to the throne

- Still not America


okey dokey, so a couple of days ago i promised myself to post on no shame day.

i’m not sure what i wanted to write tho. 

so, as you all probably know i’m klaudia & i’m 15.

what most of you might not know is that i’m a wheelchair user. i never post pictures of my whole body (i’m pretty sure that my 30stm m&g picture is the only one like this that i’ve ever posted). 

in real life, people constantly make assumptions of me because of my disability before even talking to me. when people talk to me, they treat me differently, like i’m uninteresting, someone easily hurt (emotionally and physically, both are untrue), childlike. and this, lemme tell ya, is the last thing disabled people want.

that’s why i refuse to post pictures of my full self on the internet - so people can get to know me before they learn about my disability.

i’m still learning how to accept, be proud of and embrace myself, but at least i’m on my way! :)

the first picture is me with jared leto & tomo milicevic of 30 seconds to mars (too bad shannon wasn’t here), my favorite band, on june 22nd 2014 (i swear my make up and hair games are better now!)

the second picture is me dual skiing circa february 2015, this year winter break. i’d advice you to look dual ski up, some people are really badass with this!


Someone made a compilation of Harry sneezing and he has sneezed on camera more times than I ever could have imagined


I don’t think I’ve ever  seen this before. it’s from the book signing last fall (2014), and Just when I think I can’t love him any more…

The girl asks him why his mermaid tattoo’s breasts are so saggy, and he looks at his mermaid and says “because everyone should love themselves for who they are, they shouldn’t strive for perfection.”

  • Fandom:*write about everything they see on ns5
  • Person 1:Oh my gosh Morro is soo hot!!
  • Person 2:Zane the pirate, Yar Yar!!
  • Person 3:Poor baby Cole/Lloyd/Jay/Zane (no one give a shit to kai)
  • Person 4:*make puns
  • Shipper 1:no jaya!
  • Shipper 2:No nycole!!!
  • Shipper 3:No ronya!!!!!
  • Shipper 4:pssss bruiseshipping??
  • Multishipper:what about an Orgy??
  • Me:Just another day in ninjago fandom
Now What?

As the 100-year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide arrives today so does one of the most significant dates in the country’s recent history. Tomorrow, however, the main question for many Armenians is what come next. The future of modern Armenia is a mystery to all. 

The risk is that the country will continue to remain an obscure nation, ignored by the outside world and defined by genocide.

But many wonderful Armenians across the world don’t want this. So, on this important day, I encourage you all to look at some of the wonderful groups that are doing excellent work to support the progress of Armenians and their nation:

The Women’s Resource Centre is the country’s leading women-focused NGO and provides incredible services to women across the country. As well as counselling, advice and other practical supports the group also advocates for women’s rights, provides training and works with partners to create a strong network of human-rights focused activists. 

Pink Armenia is the country’s only LGBTI advocacy group, and also a leading human rights NGO. Like the WRC the group also offers counselling and practical support, as well as advocacy, training and many other things. Having worked with them for some time I can confirm that they are an incredible group of people, who face much persecution from the mainstream. Although at times they may seem small most of the amazing work they do is behind-the-scenes and never known about by the public. 

The Homeland Development Initiative Foundation (HDIF) works with communities in under-developed areas of Armenia with the aim of creating sustainable sources of income and industry. The group also connects marginalised groups with outside markets with the aim of developing fairtrade economy is some of the country’s poorest regions. 

The Halo Trust are an international charity focused on disarmament and anti-arms advocacy. The group has a centre in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region that lies between Armenia and Azerbaijan where they work towards disarming minefields and ammunition leftover by the conflict. 

The Hrant Dink Foundation was named after Turkish-Armenian journalist and activist Hrant Dink who was murder by Turkish nationalist groups for his stance on the Armenian Genocide. The group now works towards the reconciliation and cooperation of Turkish and Armenian groups and does a lot of incredible work to support the development of positive relations between the two people. 

Don’t forget about Armenia, don’t let it become a nation entirely defined by its tragedies. Support the modern nation and its culture in whatever way you can!