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What do we say about coincidence?

I know I keep going on and on about Charlie Welsborough switching to a John mirror right before his death, but I have one last thought about it.

If the Blue Power Ranger named Billy with “vast intelligence” is NOT merely the writers sending us a message, but in fact Moriarty intentionally wanted Charlie Welsborough killed in that odd way to draw Sherlock’s attention, well…

Not sure how he’d plant the idea for the vinyl carseat cover for Charlie to prank his dad with (or know about Charlie’s plan to do that if he didn’t plan it), but let’s say it’s conceivable. Convoluted and weird and probably not elegant enough for the show, but it’s technically possible.

Well, what I think is probable is that Culverton is in cahoots with Moriarty, Culverton is drugging Sherlock with a “dangerous new drug,” and Moriarty may have used Charlie Welsborough to 1) test run such a drug, and 2) taunt Sherlock. Since this would be a drug that no one tests for (per Sherlock’s clean results despite clearly being high in the beginning, and not in the normal case-high way), it wouldn’t show up in the reports after they analyzed Charlie’s body.

If it’s a mind-control drug that’s somehow effective to any degree, that makes this feel all the more plausible.

Mind you, I don’t know how they’d ever have time to fit in reveals for all the string-pulling Moriarty has done from TRF to the present, so I wouldn’t expect them to waste any of that precious time on Charlie Welsborough. But if Moriarty did have one of his players kill Charlie to lure Sherlock further into his game, well… the Blue Power Ranger “coincidence” feels extra sinister.

This is total crack btw. I do think my read of the mirroring is correct for John hiding his sexuality (Charlie hiding beneath the vinyl cover) being so dangerous it could lead to Sherlock (Billy the Blue Power Ranger) getting burned. John needs to be true to himself so he can put things to rights with Sherlock and they can face Moriarty together instead of John trying to take him on his own this early in the game. So the subtext still stands.

But if Billy is a clue that Moriarty was involved with Charlie’s death… Still fits his MO.


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Happy Birthday to Me

Summary:  Dean and the reader see each other just once a year on her birthday and his, just one day apart. But it looks like this year he’s not going to make it.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 1459

Warnings:  language, smut, nsfw, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex, drinking

Author’s Note:  I wrote this as a birthday present to myself and all my birthday buddies. The reader is definitely an older woman and not feeling very good about her age.

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