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as the portal opened up in the middle of the living room and the two of them stumbled through it, they were arm in arm and swaying dangerously, the sounds of the hunters moon trailing in after them…  happy birthday @jezthemadficster  🎉🎉 birthday fic by @abloodneed

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A very very happy birthday to this treasure of a human being who is a talented musician, singer, composer, actor, dancer, hard worker and who has one of the most beautiful souls to ever exist. A man who always thinks of others before himself and who is humble, adorable, rude af, funny, polite and cheeky. A man that many take for granted and a man that many of us miss.

Zhang Yixing <3 Happy Birthday


“I want… to be a hero too!”

For my lovely birthday buddy Aleena!! ( @kageyamastobio ) Happy birthday my dear!! ♡


“Jes, I’ve thought about this—“
"Thought of me? Late at night? What was I wearing?”
“I’ve thought about your powers,” Wylan said, cheeks flushing pinker.

                                           ♡ happy birthday @daenerysjon

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"Did you steal this?" Marichat

This drabble is dedicated to my birthday buddy, @captaincrazytwistnotreally! I hope your day is full of fantastic adventures! <3

“Did you steal this?” 

Chat Noir put an offended hand to his chest. “I’m a superhero, Princess. How dare you?”

Marinette raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t actually answer the question, you know.”

“I didn’t steal it,” he replied, rolling his eyes. He held out the bolt of fabric. “Take it.”

Marinette eyed him suspiciously before taking the fabric. She danced her fingers lightly over the surface. “Chat, this is really expensive stuff.” She looked up at him shyly. “You bought this for me?”

He held up a finger. “Technically all I said was I didn’t steal it,” he corrected, “but yeah, it’s for you. Happy Birthday, Princess,” he grinned.

“How did you…” she trailed off, studying his face. “You’re a sly kitty, aren’t you?”

“I have my ways.”

Marinette returned her attention to the fabric. “This is so beautiful and way, way too much.”

“I thought maybe you could use it for that dress you were talking about. The one for the party coming up?”

“Adrien’s party?” Marinette shook her head. “I couldn’t.”

“Why not? I’ve seen your designs. They’re great!”

“I don’t know. I would feel like I was trying to show off or something,” she blushed.

“You should show off.”

“Yeah, but maybe Adrien’s first official birthday party isn’t the place to do it,” she countered. “It should be about him. He deserves all the spotlight.”

“I don’t think that’s really the issue here.”

Marinette pursed her lips. “What if I make the dress and Gabriel Agreste doesn’t like it? That would be embarrassing. And I’m going to be nervous enough without having to worry if my favorite designer likes something I made.”

Chat Noir frowned. “Why are you going to be nervous already?”

She shook her head. “Nope. Not doing this.”

“Oh, come on! You can tell me.” He blinked innocent kitty eyes at her.

She scrunched her nose. “You promise not to laugh?”

“Cross my heart.”

Her cheeks darkened. “IhaveacrushonAdrien.”

“You what?”

Marinette huffed, squeezing her eyes shut. “I have a crush on Adrien,” she repeated slowly. She opened one eye and frowned at Chat Noir’s expression. “You promised you wouldn’t laugh!” she warned. 

He swallowed. “You have a crush on Adrien?”

“Big, massive, ‘I’m drowning, please help’ crush,” she sighed, sinking down to the lounger. “But I’m pretty sure he only sees us as friends.”

“Make the dress.”


Chat Noir knelt down. “Make the dress, Marinette. And if Adrien notices, you’ll know he likes you.”


“Just trust me.”

“And what if he doesn’t notice?” she asked quietly.

Chat Noir put a gentle hand under her chin, tipping her face up. “Then he won’t be worth your time.” He watched her for a moment, tempted to lean forward for a kiss. He stood instead, brushing imaginary dust off his suit. “You’ve got a dress to create and I’ve got a city to patrol.” He offered her a hand and she took it, standing on her tippy toes to kiss his cheek. 

“Thanks for my birthday present, Kitty,” she smiled. She picked up the bolt of fabric and carefully dropped down through the skylight.

Chat Noir touched his cheek dreamily. “Don’t mention it,” he sighed.

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(First off yes I edited the 23 on. I drew this last year but didn’t want to post it but now I do. And so it’s 23 now instead of 22. )
•But regardless I just really wanted to share this cause it’s Daniels birthday guys and I don’t want us to forget cause he meant so so so much to me and so so so many other people and he still does. He still continues to inspire me every day and many ideas, messages, and traits he lives by and lived with I still carry. I never forgot such a creatively brilliant, hardworking, and loving person and never ever will. I love you Daniel, we all love you so much.
•Happy birthday buddy this ones for you•