my bubbler

So can we have a chat about the details that Miraculous Ladybug has? Like wow, they really pay attention to things. Just rewatching the Bubbler, I noticed something. 

This is Marinette’s transfurmation normally:

Versus her transformation in the Bubbler:

And again, normally:

Versus the Bubbler:

I mean. They made a point of it to animate her upset ( because her mother and father were just taken ) instead of the normal happy expression she usually wears during her transformations. 

You gotta respect them fur their attention to detail there. 


My sister came up with this beautiful point that Hawkmoth uses his powers for “evil”, but Nooru’s powers is essentially granting people super powers. So, imagine that something goes wrong or a new villian puts Adrien in danger (assuming Gabriel is Hawkmoth) so he feels like he has to step up and save his son. Hence we have super hero versions of Akumatized people. Imagine this leads Ladybug and Chat Noir to discover that Hawkmoth somehow cares about Adrien Agreste.

I’m gonna draw a couple more for this AU or theory. I felt like Nino would look like a teletubby if he had the bubbler hat thing so he’s tweaked to look the least like a teletubby I could manage.

anonymous asked:

On a scale of 1 to Alya, how much do you love Nino?

Alya + 1

like i love them both so much but Nino wins by like a point cuz the lack of him in canon fuels my love for him