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my sense of fashion sucks and i decide to make outfits lol

@marinette-buginette tags got me inspired to make Marinette wear an outfit with Mr Pigeon’s design to prove that she can pull out even that outfit tho, but with her own style. And then i decided to make one based on Bubbler’s cause that one is an awful splat of primary colors (my eyes were hurting the whole way i had to desaturated it) that again, Marinette is the one that can make a good design out of it.

So can we have a chat about the details that Miraculous Ladybug has? Like wow, they really pay attention to things. Just rewatching the Bubbler, I noticed something. 

This is Marinette’s transfurmation normally:

Versus her transformation in the Bubbler:

And again, normally:

Versus the Bubbler:

I mean. They made a point of it to animate her upset ( because her mother and father were just taken ) instead of the normal happy expression she usually wears during her transformations. 

You gotta respect them fur their attention to detail there. 


My sister came up with this beautiful point that Hawkmoth uses his powers for “evil”, but Nooru’s powers is essentially granting people super powers. So, imagine that something goes wrong or a new villian puts Adrien in danger (assuming Gabriel is Hawkmoth) so he feels like he has to step up and save his son. Hence we have super hero versions of Akumatized people. Imagine this leads Ladybug and Chat Noir to discover that Hawkmoth somehow cares about Adrien Agreste.

I’m gonna draw a couple more for this AU or theory. I felt like Nino would look like a teletubby if he had the bubbler hat thing so he’s tweaked to look the least like a teletubby I could manage.

anonymous asked:

On a scale of 1 to Alya, how much do you love Nino?

Alya + 1

like i love them both so much but Nino wins by like a point cuz the lack of him in canon fuels my love for him 


7 bosses in Salmon Run is an odd number, so let’s make it 10! *evil laugh*


- The Salmobot - An armored salmonid robot armed with 2 bins with 11 fireholes each that simulates splatlings.

Abilities and extra:

- It can turn not as fast as a Scrapper, but enough to require 1 employee to act as bait while the others attack it.

- The splatling bins do not fire constantly, their fire rate is between a heavy splatling and a mini splatling.

- The body is completely uninkable, while the bins are vulnerable on the sides.

- It’s a long range boss, so it prefers to stay behind other Salmonids.

To destroy it:

Go on its sides and attack the bins to make them go short circuit, then swim away because it will self destruct.

- The Bubbler - A common Chum that prefers to chew gums rather than fight. This salmonid stays out of the battle and occupies an area with his bubbles.

Abilities and extra:

- He spawns outside of the heat of the battle and starts making explosive bubbles that occupy an area of the map, then takes cover behind the load of bubbles of behind other salmonids.

- The bubbles can blow up singularly with few ink shots, but if a bomb or another Boss salmonid (example SteelHead or Pothead) blows them up, they’ll all explode, creating a huge mess on the floor and splatting any employee too close to the bubbles.

To destroy it:

It’s still a common Chum, so it’s not hard to destroy it, it requires just few more hits. He also cannot move far from the area he occupies with the bubbles, since these do not last for too long on their own, he has to create them constantly. Ignore the bubbles if you manage to destroy the Bubbler and wait for them to blow up on their own or clear the area faster by blowing them up with ink.

- The Pantser - The name of this Boss is for 2 reasons: they’re extremely bulky and they wear very high pants. They’re also equipped with ginormous pans.

Abilities and extra:

- The pans of the Pantser are too big and heavy to be used as weapons, so this boss uses them as a shield for other salmonids., the pan blocks ink shots and helps Smallfries, Chums and Cohocks to move forward unharmed.

- The Pantser, like other salmonids, creates a trail of green ink wherever it goes.

- As mentioned, the Pantser is very bulky, so it’ll require some ink power to take it down.

To destroy it:

Employees have 2 ways to get rid of a Pantser. They can go behind him and flurry him with ink, but they’ll have to take care of the salmonids he protects first. The other option is to flurry the pan until it’ll break, leaving the Pantser without defenses, but the pan is very resistant so this process requires a lot of effort.

- Commander Sturgeon - The leader of the Salmonids. His abilities and how to trigger his fight are yet unknown to the employees, for he is top secret material.