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is it too late to add some black ballerina magic for blackout?

Excerpt from Robert Garland’s “Joplin Dances”, staged and coached by Tai Jimenez

silver-millennial  asked:

Hi, Can you do a casting of Peanuts [With an emphasis on Christmas] for Sailor Moon. Also please consider my suggested casting, I'd like to see where your opinions differ.

OF COURSE I CAN because “A Charlie Brown Christmas” is my favorite piece of animation of all time

Charlie Brown: Usagi (she believes in that small little tree SO MUCH well after everyone else had lost faith in it but in the end her optimism brings it a second chance at redemption and I’m not crying you’re crying)

Linus: Mamoru (patron saint of pep talks; the main emotional support to everything Usagi does)

Sally: Minako (constantly gets proverbs mixed up and would probably write a letter to Santa asking for straight-up cash)

Lucy: Rei (Rei would have a psychiatric advice booth. Rei would ask for real estate for Christmas. Rei would cast herself as the Christmas Queen.)

Schroeder: Michiru (snarky passive-aggressive musician)

Patty: Haruka (the strongest opposing voice against the sad little christmas tree, and yet at the end still shows up to sing carols with the rest)

Violet: Chibiusa (intentionally spurns ever single thing Usagi says, but secretly, she really does care)

Shermy: Pluto (“every year it’s the same; I always end up playing the shepherd”)

Pigpen and Frieda: Umino and Naru (Usagi accidentally pairs them up as the innkeepers despite their initial aversion to one another once again showing that everything she does brings love into the lives of others)

Snoopy: Artemis (i don’t even know but you know what even cats can inadvertently buy into the commercialization of Christmas)

And, though they don’t appear in this special, I like Mako and Ami as Peppermint Patty and Marcie, and Miss Haruna as Disembodied Muted Trombone Noise.