my brothers friend drew this for my birthday


I drew My friend sixdrops666 a birthday pic and she printed it to let Jensen sign on it. The theme of this pic is designed by her- Always keep fighting, both for Winchesters brothers and J2. She also brought two other copies as gifts to J2. If these could let Jared feel a bit cheerful, that could be my great honor.
As a Fangirl, this is one of my happiest moment. Great thankful to sixdrops666 . Without her, maybe I would miss wincestJ2 and other gorgeous people.

Happy Birthday Jeremy
Happy Birthday Jeremy

Art by Drew

You are literally my best friend, and I wish that I could have your back on all of your issues that way I could yell obscenities in the general direction that they’re coming from until they leave you alone. You’ll always be my brother from another mother that i never knew I had.


Hey JereMeme, Happy Birthday! You are like my big bro and you are one of the coolest and sweetest guys I know! I hope you like your birthday post!  (It took me 10 times to get that gif, my room was covered in confetti.) Your pal always and Forever going to the titty, Shells.


Jer, you’ve done a great deal for a lot of us in the blog. Whenever some shit is going done in someone’s life you’re always around and do what you can to help cheer them up. Thanks to you KTnC has become more of a family than just a blog, and I believe I speak for everyone when I say thank you. Keep being the badass voice actor that you are and have a wonderful birthday, you deserve it!


Jeremy, you are an amazing friend and voice actor. I hope you’re having a great birthday because you deserve it! You’ve done so much for us and the blog. I love you, and I hope you have a year full of happiness and memes. Here’s some shades for the road. B)


For those who don’t know, Jeremy is our Head Mod here at Kids Trolls n Cherubs. He’s an amazing man and a great friend. We all love him tremendously. We all wish you the best man. Happy birthday! Help spread the love by checking out his personal and VA blog, and drop a follow if you would like!

-The KTnCrew

A big thanks to our very special guest LM-G1 for helping us give our own host a special post for his birthday. He’s an amazing voice actor, go check out his perfect suaveness on his blog!

Happy Birthday Jeremy