my brothers are so weird




I love my weird little human puppy brother so I let him give me ear pats with gentle hands

a birthday gift for our dear boy!! watch as I trip over this messy ass second sketch and how many characters more than usual it has

BTS as things my brother said

seokjin: do you know what you’re looking at? handsomeness
yoongi: *eating halfway* i’m tired
namjoon: *scooping rice super slow in case he drops anything and spills something* I’M TRYING MY BEST
jimin: we’re sharing a room? WELL HELLO TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY
taehyung: oh my god look at that baby look at that baby look at that baby he’s so cute i want to take him home LOOK AT HIM
jungkook: i can’t just tell her i like her SHE’S A GIRL

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Hello! This time is for the PJO au, Has Hades sometime comfort Shiro because Zeus didn't visited him? And in that time Hades kinda of adopt Shiro??

[Voltron PJO AU] Hades materialized in front of Shiro all of a sudden, which startled the son of Zeus causing him to tumble out of the bed, hitting the floor with such grace.

“Oh gods, Lord Hades,” Shiro gasped as he collected himself to face the god of the Underworld. “Keith isn’t here at the moment, I think he’s—”

“I’m not here for Keith,” the god stopped and tilted his head, thinking out loud to himself he added, “Well, I am here on his request, however.”

“Oh,” Shiro blinked. “Um… did I do something wrong? Oh gods, are you mad that we’re together now? Are you mad that I’m a boy? That—”

Hades chuckled. “Mad? I am relieved. Do you have any idea how painful it was to watch the two of you dance around each other for years? The glances, the touches, the pining. I literally had to rant to Julius Caesar and go ‘Are you seeing this shit?’”

Shiro grinned sheepishly as he stood up and sat down on his bed. “Well, uh, yeah. My bad.” 

Hades just smiled at the boy. “May I?” he asked as he pointed at the bed.

“Oh yeah, sure!” Shiro quickly answered, moving a little to his right to give space to his boyfriend’s father. “Are you here to give me the shovel talk that I’ve been kinda dreading?”

Amused by the assumption, Hades chuckled. “Oh I don’t think I need to do that as you already know what I am capable of. However, Keith can literally just kill you if you break his heart.”

Shiro gulped, looking so pale. “Gods, you’re right.”

“But that’s not why I’m here.” Hades hummed. “My son said you’ve been feeling kinda troubled lately and he didn’t know what to do. He looked so stressed, so he told me how worried he was about you.”

Shiro just stared at the god, not knowing what he was talking about.

“I’m talking about Daddy issues, Shirogane,” Hades continued.

“Oh,” Shiro deflated, looking away as he clasped his hands together.

“You know back then I proposed to Keith I should just adopt you, but the boy was so against it.”

“He was?” Shiro frowned.

“He said, and I quote ‘You can’t adopt Shiro, Dad! What if he asks me to marry him? That’ll be so weird! I can’t marry my brother!’” Hades smirked at Shiro who turned all red. “He was only 14 that time.”

“Oh my gods,” Shiro buried his hands in his face, ears reddening. 

Hades chuckled softly. “He was quite a bit taken on you at such a young age. First time he’s seen you to be exact. And you can’t deny this to me, but I knew you felt the same way too the first time you saw him.” 

“How’d you know?”

“I’m Hades. I know these things,” Hades smiled menacingly. “But enough about my son, and let’s talk about you. I know for a fact you don’t feel the same way as the other campers regarding my frequent visits, however, you do desire one thing that all demigods do.”

Shiro sighed, pulling his legs up closer to his chest, wrapping his arms around it in comfort. “I just… what do I need to do for my Dad to notice me?”

“Oh, he notices you, boy. You have no idea how proud he is whenever I visit Mount Olympus. Always talking about how he has the best son amongst us all. Of course, I disagreed with him because I’m biased with my own son.” Hades smiled and Shiro smiled fondly too, agreeing with the god’s statement. “However, I want you to know that your father is Zeus, god of the gods. He made the rules, so he simply just cannot break them. I can get away with it because I’m Hades and all of them end up in my realm one way or another. Zeus’ position is more complicated.”

“I just, maybe, I don’t know… want to hug him, too, like how you and Keith do?” Shiro caught himself and felt embarrassed. “I’m sorry that was so ridiculous. A demigod wanting to hug Zeus. So stupid and childish.” He forced out a laugh.

“It’s not.” Hades softly said. “You’re not just any demigod. You’re his son and he’s your father. You have the right to desire his hugs. Especially since you’re his son.

Shiro looked up to Hades and suddenly his eyes started to water. Hades brought his hands up and pulled the boy closer to him. “I’m not Zeus, but for the mean time I’ll be his substitute, just so you know how it feels like to hug one of The Big Three gods.”

Shiro chuckled as he wiped his tears, Hades rubbing his back up and down in a soothing manner. 

“I’ll see what I can do about my stubborn brother,” Hades continued. “I’ll make no promises though, so don’t expect too much.” 

“Thanks, Lord Hades,” Shiro sniffed, wiping his cheeks.

“Anytime, son-in-law,” Hades smirked as Shiro’s face turned into crimson.

[Of course, Hades was true to his word.]

I remembered that time when McDonalds was giving Snoopy toys with the Happy Meal and I WANTED THEM SO BAD. So my smart ass decided to “fuck it I want two”, and I went with my brothers because that way it wouldn’t look so weird seeing grow ass 21 years old woman buying shit just for the toys, the problem was that my brother had like 17 and 15 years old, so they were in the ‘dude you are not my sister’ age. 

So, we went and a cute girl was in the cash register (it had to be a cute girl why god hates me so mucH) and I blushed because I blush when I see cute girls don’t judge me. Anyway, my BROTHERS were there and I was in the ‘please kill me with your hair jesus’ mood. She asked me what I wanted and I said “Two happy meals” AND SHE FUCKING LOOKED AT ME AND SMILED. And she said “For your brothers, huh?” and I replied with a ‘please be my wife’ voice “Yeah” And she said “Aw, what a nice big sister!” And I almost choke with my own saliva and my baby brother fucking smiled at me and saw me with the ‘please don’t flirt with her you damn idiot, you don’t know what are you doing’ which in retrospective was a very assertive assumption.

Anyway, she was putting everything in the box and she pointed at my brothers who aren’t kids at all and were very far from there because they were so embarrased with me using them to buy happy meals despite the fact that the two of them have very noticeable facial hair and she said “They are your brothers, right?” And I replied with an “Yes, if they are ignoring me, they are my brothers” And she laughed and I was ascending to heaven and then she asked the question of the apocalypse:“So, if this is for them, you don’t want the toys right?” And how I don’t have any filter or whatsoever and apparently my tongue  isn’t connected with my brain I replied with “No, the toys are for me.” 

The toys said “for 8+” in the bottom. 

SHE LAUGHED FOR LIKE FIVE MINUTES I FUCKING SWEAR. And my baby brother came and patted my shoulder and said “Yeah, she only used us to buy the toys, we don’t even eat this. She only loves Snoopy that much.”

AND SHE LAUGHED MORE and I was blushing so hard that I fucking swear I lost like five pounds because I combusted myself that day. 

She delived our happy meals and SHE MADE ME CHOOSE THE TOYS. 

“This ones are for you, so you have to pick them” 

I picked two of them really quick and I couldn’t even look at her face and well I was leaving the place my two brothers were laughing at me so hard and I could her giggles from the damn fucking door. 

I never ate my chips with so much sorrow in my life. 


dragon brothers ( ◞・౪・)