my brothers are so weird


alec lightwood fluffy rune ceremony hair + black suit appreciation post (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧



Imagine the other members taking pictures of Woozi when he sleeps in a funny position.

Quick sketch! Sorry Kayn I’ve been playing more Ahri since I got her new skin (plus you only suffer when I go mid with you and they camp hard :c ) 


I love my weird little human puppy brother so I let him give me ear pats with gentle hands

some batim spoilers below. ive been taking screenshots of every scene i find notable, and decided to compile what recordings i’ve found! if I find more then I’ll put them in too, but I’m waiting for meatly to patch things before I play the angel route fully, so I only have Susie’s recording at the beginning of that.

Susie’s recording just behind the “Angel” door, to do the Angel route. Not sure what the difference between the Angel and Devil doors is, I went through this after I did the demon route to see if it was different, but it wasn’t as far as I could tell.

Secret-ish recording of Grant Cohen, found in the room that’s boarded up on level 9, only able to access after you get the ax.

Wally dropping his famous tagline, on a barrel down a hallway of ink. 

Found on level 14, when looking for ink hearts. Norman sounded really messed up here, like the change from Sammy’s normal recordings versus him going wacky.

Thomas Connor, another new fellow. I’m guessing he works around the heavenly toys area/whatever this ‘she’s quite a gal’ area is. Was?

In the big horror room of bodies on tables.

Edit; Found Henry’s! This is straight from the wiki.

found this cute little stream on our walk but my brother thinks skinny dipping with your siblings is weird so i cant mark that off my bucket list yet


this look a bit weird but is not my fault Sandy have the smallsies baby hands anybody can have and that North was the best option for this

BTS as things my brother said

seokjin: do you know what you’re looking at? handsomeness
yoongi: *eating halfway* i’m tired
namjoon: *scooping rice super slow in case he drops anything and spills something* I’M TRYING MY BEST
jimin: we’re sharing a room? WELL HELLO TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY
taehyung: oh my god look at that baby look at that baby look at that baby he’s so cute i want to take him home LOOK AT HIM
jungkook: i can’t just tell her i like her SHE’S A GIRL