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my best friends older brother is insanely hot and this one night when i was leaving their house their dad insisted for the brother to drive me home, when we were in the car we kept flirting and i could tell he was hard, i reached over and grabbed his hard cock, then i lean over and start sucking on his balls to get him hard, while i hear him panting i go deeper and slower while hes grabbing my ass,we pull over and he pulls me on top of him and spanks me while forcing my head down til he came ;)

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hi! can i request where fem reader is iwaizumi's precious little sister who is very much against the idea of her dating, especially when it's oikawa? or oikawa's little sister and him against her dating ushijima? or akaashi towards kuroo? that'd be cute ლ(●ↀωↀ●)ლ

I love this! And I literally just watched a video of a guy confessing to his best friend that he was dating his sister - it did not go well, unfortunately. But, on a side note, I’ve always thought this idea was funny in comparison of boys and girls (not in all cases, of course, but the general stereotype). Like, guys don’t want their friends being into their sister - my brother told me he punched his friend once for calling me hot - whereas girls are all about it, really - my best friend wants me to marry her brother so that we can be sisters, lol. (Just rambling about something I thought was funny).

But I did stages of this with all three pairings you’ve mentioned, Warrior Princess! Each section is like a stage in the process of going from anger to acceptance (kinda?) thing!


P.s. I wrote something a long time ago about Makki sleeping with Mattsun’s sister. I might have to try and find where I put that?

Oikawa felt himself shaking. He didn’t know how he could do this. He didn’t know if he could walk into that room and tell Iwaizumi that he had blatantly gone behind his back and started dating his sister. Even when his friend had told him countless times never to even think about looking at her in that way - there were threats on his life and suddenly Oikawa wasn’t one hundred percent sure they were jokes.

But this was something he needed to do. He didn’t want to hide this from his best friend any longer and it wasn’t fair to her that she had to keep this from her older brother either. And since he was the one who risked the most when it came to maintaining his relationship with Iwaizumi it was up to him to try and calm whatever storm was surely to come.

Standing outside his best friend’s bedroom, he wondered if he should have told his friend that he was coming over. Instead, he had shown up before Iwaizumi and hide himself in her room while he built up the courage to walk across the hall. She tried to convince him to let her explain everything with him, but Oikawa wouldn’t let her. This was something that needed to be discussed between the two of them, she could give her piece to her brother after they had finished. 

With one more steadying breath, he raised his hand to knock on the bedroom door. He heard the call to come in and stepped inside hesitantly. “Iwaizumi,” he didn’t feel as though his usual pet name for his friend was appropriate at this time. Besides, he wanted himself to be taken seriously. This was something he didn’t want to mess up. “We need to talk about something.”

“Oikawa?” the surprise was evident on the ace’s face as he turned in his desk chair. Usually Oikawa always texted him ahead of time that he was coming over, it made him a little nervous that the pattern was thrown off. “What is it?” there was nothing but concern in Iwaizumi’s voice. This was behavior he wasn’t used to from his friend and it put him on edge.

“I–” Oikawa stopped as he entered the room and closed the door behind him, leaning heavily on it. He could feel every part of himself shaking and he was sure he might collapse if it weren’t for the sturdy surface behind him. “I don’t know how to tell you this, so I’m going to jump right into it,” when there was no response from his friend other than a concerned stare, he continued, “[First Name] and I are dating.”

“I’m sorry,” Oikawa spoke after a moment of silence crossed between the two rivals, “I don’t think I heard what you said. I thought you said that you’re dating my little sister.” There was a forced laugh that left him and the amusement he was porting didn’t touch his eyes.

“Yes,” Ushijima answered, his gaze never wavering from the boy across the room, his hands remained at his side, “we are dating.” When he watched the expression on Oikawa’s face fall into something dangerous, he instantly felt a heat rise up in his chest. He desperately wanted things to work in this relationship and the last thing he wanted was for her brother to constantly hate every part of something that could be beautiful.

“It’s something that just happened,” Ushijima felt himself rushing to say when he saw the growing anger forming in the other’s expression, “we met and everything just starting coming together. I care deeply for your sister and I would never do anything to hurt her. If you just–”

“No,” Oikawa was standing to his feet, brows drawn tightly and his hands clenched into fists, “no, the last thing I want coming from you is anything about falling in love with [First Name]. And the next thing I hear is that this is some kind of joke.” His voice was strained and Ushijima felt his shoulders sagging at the tone directed at him. He could feel his hope of this relationship disappearing, and it made his heart ache.

But he would do anything for her. And he would do everything in his power to make her brother see that they were meant for each other. “Oikawa, please, this is not a joke. I would never consider joking about my feelings for her.”

“Then you need to leave,” Oikawa’s voice rose again, causing Ushijima to wince in response. His body reflexively moved to the side as Oikawa reached for the knob of his door. “You need to leave right now and you better hope I don’t see you for a long fucking time, Ushiwaka, cause–”

“Just stop!”

Akaashi whipped his head around to find his sister in the doorway of her own room, her hands balled into fists at her sides and a sheen of tears lingered in her eyes. “Just stop, Keiji,” she repeated, softer this time, her voice breaking with the strain of her emotions on it, “you don’t have the right to tell me who I should date.”

He knew the words were true, he couldn’t force himself into the position of deciding who his sister chooses to love. But that thought didn’t seem logical to his angered mind, all he wanted to do was protect his sister. “I do have the right to tell you who’s not good for you,” he twisted the meaning, his hard expression turning back to Kuroo in the hallway. The volleyball captain looked helpless, more so than he had ever witnessed before. 

So many things were coming together in that moment. He supposed he had seen the way they were drawn to each other every time they were within each other’s presence. He supposed he noticed how gentle Kuroo was with his sister, the way he spoke about it. He supposed it had been different compared to other’s that he had dated.

His jaw clenched as too many thoughts rushed into his head. He wanted to be angry, to detest everything about their apparent relationship, to hate that they had lied to him, to yell until he felt better. But he felt the hurt already filling his heart if he did that. Knew that not only would it be the end of a friendship he cherished, but also the end of his relationship with his sister as he knew it. Everything would be different no matter how he reacted to this situation and he didn’t like that fact.

A heavy breath wracked his body as he dropped his eyes to the ground. He didn’t know what he wanted to say, he didn’t know how to properly respond to this. “Just…” he needed time, he realized as he allowed his fists to unclench, “we should talk, I suppose.” He still wasn’t okay with any of it, but he supposed it was a start to getting there. His sister was special and if the love they claimed to have for each other was true than Akaashi wanted that for them.

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Rank the primarchs, 1-18 (or 19 depending on Alpha Legion) in terms of hot.

Let it be said that:

One, I have not read a lot of lore. So my knowledge of the Primarchs per se are not extensive. Some are lower on the list than others and have less babbling because I don’t know them that well.

Two, I am extremely biased. I’m so biased that I should never be invited to judge a beauty pageant. I like who I like from what I know. Which isn’t a lot. I don’t claim to be an expert on anything. I answered a question sent to me. My personal opinion is just that. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Three, of those I do not know as well I just ranked on boinkability. Yes that is a term. I think. I could’ve just made it up.

Four, you can beg to disagree and call me a heretic. ^_^ You can debate me, dispute with me, all is well. Make your own list. I would love to read about it. Now, let the insanity commence.

Art by @horus-did-nothing-wrong

1. Magnus the Red…have you not seen my blog? And my header? And my sidebar? And my OC? And my 4 chapter fanfic (which should be 5 by now but damn writer’s block) All indicating my love for the Big Red, tragic mess of a sexy nerd. Just his hair alone is worth writing porn about. Have you seen his shirtless model? That butt window? The blanket of a loin cloth that’s probably not even enough to conceal what is hiding behind it? O M G. While he may not have the prettiest face (that honor belongs to Sanguinius, honestly) or the bulkiest of builds (Vulkan I think), it’s the overall package that he comes in makes him, in my uber-biased eyesight the sexiest piece of masculine meat that graced the covers of a BL book. He’s intelligent, confident, and he genuinely cares about his Legion, his brothers and his Father. He’s man enough to admit his mistakes and pay for them. Is he perfect? Goodness no. But he’s perfect for me. @askthecrimsonking

Art by @toranekostudios

2. this even a question? LOOK AT HIM. Look at the beautiful, perfect, angelic boy. That hair. Regardless of what color it came in. Those gorgeous wings. Whatever color they come in (ah, come on BL guys, make up your mind). He’s not only handsome, but he is kind (yeeea forget about the black rage and the red thirst…but maybe I can overlook that). He has a good heart. Yes I’m a sucker for a guy with long hair and a heart. So sue me (okay seriously don’t, but you know what I meant). I can overlook the sausage curls (that’s what straightening irons are for) but who cares about that when you’re jumping his bones (and he’s actively trying to dodge you? Too cute, Sansan). @asksanguinius40k

Art by @pholcidae

3. Roboute Guilliman…This choice climbed up from somewhere down the middle, LOL. Yes he has endeared himself to me the last few months (thanks in no small part to @ultramarineblues and @possiblyhereticalultramarine) . When I first got into w40k I was told he was one dimensional and blander than a post-surgical diet. But I find that not to be the case. To quote @ultramarineblues “So what if he’s vanilla? It can still be good vanilla.” He’s a good man, an honorable man, and all the crazy fluff us fans made gave him a bit more dimension, in my biased, egotistical opinion. Also, I’m a sucker for a blue-eyed blonde (My track record is ridiculous). His looks make him hot. His character makes him even hotter. @askrobouteguilliman40k

Art by @toranekostudios

4. Leman’s the braids. It’s got to be. How many men do you know can wear a braid and a ponytail and still look like he can ravage you both on the field and in the sack? Those fangs! Oooooh but the things I can imagine him doing with it. He’s the kind of man who would take you out on a date (or a one night stand) and you KNOW you are going to have fun in this lifetime and the next. He is that awesome. He looks good whether he’s a ginger, blonde or brunette. Though I like golden-haired Russ the best. I imagine he howls when he gets stimulated. He is literally a sexy beast, the one you want to do all the nasty little things your heart desires. Tie you down and make you…okay Imma stop now before this gets out of hand. @asklemanruss40k

Art by Cecilia Murillo Valdez

5. Corvus Corax…did I ever tell you folks I have a thing for long hair? Yes, yes I do. Especially when it is worn well. And pretty, and smooth and…okay I’m going off track. There’s not a lot I know about Corvus, other than he can turn invisible (OMG THE KINKY POSSIBILITIES…..SHAAADDDDUP) and that he’s a pretty laid back, cool, guy who doesn’t seem to have a beef with anybody. He’s chill, and I bet he wouldn’t mind experimenting, LOL.  @asktheravenlord

Art by @horus-did-nothing-wrong

6. Konrad Curze…Oh you other, sad, tragic mess. I would so jump on you. Because really you’re pretty handsome in a creepy kind of way. Also I’m a fan of Batman. Well that and I really want to give you a hug, put you in a warm, foamy bath and make you some soup even if you probably want to hang me over the clothesline in the most unflattering fashion. But wait…I didn’t do anything wrong! I can do everything right if you let me ;-) @askkonradcurze

7. Lion El Johnson…He’d be higher on this list if he wasn’t such a wet blanket. Seriously Lion! Objectively he’s very handsome (see blonde boy comment up there), but how long can you last until the grumpiness gets to you? I want to have fun, boy! Now smile a little and act like you want a piece of good ass, k? He does kinda look like he would go for a little lite S & M, or a threesome. In secret. In a cave. That’s in a forest somewhere… @asklionjonson

Art by @sisterofsilence

8. Angron…Oh oh Angron. You’ve had it bad, like some of your brothers. Its unfortunate. But even with the Butcher’s nails you are a fairly fine specimen too. The caring part of me wants to take you aside and give you lots of hugs and TLC (that’s Alise’s job of course @sandvichette) but no, you are lovable in a tragic way. I’m sure you look smokin’ in your gladiator garb, however it may look like. I bet you carry it well. Especially when you’re swinging your sword. No, not THAT sword. Get out of my gutter brain…eeeeeep.

Art by @magnifigal

9. Jaghatai Khan...I’m not a big fan of topknots but you carry it fantastic, man. And you look like Jason Momoa. Or Ken Watanabe. Maybe both. Plus, they’re both hot. You’re also smart and witty. Like Khal Drogo and Tyrion Lannister had a lovechild (okay did I just give you a bad visual? Sorry that was not intentional). Plus you ride bikes. HOT! But you also have the attention span of a 3 year old. Who ate a sugar bomb. I have a feeling your encounters maybe wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am-see-you-later-I’m-chasing-after-the-eldar-because-I-hear-they-do-sexy-cray-cray-things. @ask-jaghatai-khan

10. Vulkan…I’m a sucker for a nice guy. I really am. He’s one of them. I bet he’s sweet and likes to cuddle. But he probably takes up the whole bed. But have you seen those abs? And pecs? Is it true you lost your mind? I hope you find it soon. Because an unstable giant is an unstable giant and…yeah that’s scary. Is it true that you like fire? Is that a fan headcanon? I have a fear you will set the bed on fire…hopefully in a good way. @ask-the-lord-of-drakes

Art by @horus-did-nothing-wrong

11. Perturabo...Another nerd. I swear it’s genetic. You’re cute, and you’re very smart and talented and severely underappreciated. I’m just scared of your cybernetic hairdo. I feel like I’m going to get electrocuted if I ran my hands through your hair. Which isn’t stimulating, unless we’re talking about burns. I also hear you’re salty as heck. I even started calling you Salturabo. You’re gonna be bad for my blood pressure. In more ways than one.. @ask-perturabo

12. Rogal’re not low on the list because you’re not eye candy (coz you do look like Soldier76’s hot, older brother), but because I know my dear friend @mrsdorn adores you with all her heart and I feel like a traitor. Also because you were mean to Sigismund. They say you have tight arse cheeks though LOL.

13. Fulgrim…Okay you’re pretty. But you’re also extremely vain. Who the heck wants to boink a guy who’s prettier than them? Okay I would, but still! The man is so full of himself there is room for nothing but Ferrus Manus and his…iron hands, hahahahaha. @fulgrim-the-phoenician

Art by @twopunch

14. Ferrus Manus…If manly man is your type, yes, he is your man! (I used that word too many times) The man is skilled with his hands. Both hands. I bet he can do a lot of amazing things with them. He looks like he likes to dish it rough too. Now I’m wondering if I should put him higher than Fulgrim. He has a short fuse though? Yeah that’s a bit of a de-fizzler. I would run the minute he raises his voice because I have issues with someone who used to yell at me (okay that escalated fast didn’t it?) @askferrusmanus40k

15. Alpharius/Omegron…seriously who can tell which is what? I can’t. My vision is as good as the Crimson King’s without the fancy psyker magic. But secrecy can be fun. You guys might be fun to do RPG blindfolds with. Because. Reasons. The novelty may wear off after a while. A very long while. I still don’t get you. Both of you. Any of you. You’re so confusing. That takes your hotness down a notch. Okay a few notches. @ask-alpharius

Art by @toranekostudios

16. Horus…Heresy. Granted he has his good points, and objectively he may be good looking and charming and is friends with every other person on this list. But…man the heresy. Instant turn off. My beautiful Red Boi tried to save your ass because he cares about you and what the bloody fuck did you do to him, you oversized, heretical man-baby with daddy issues? Why are you not on the bottom of this list? One, because I blame Lorgar just a hair (pun intended) more than you, and two you actually may have a hair (stop with the stupid puns already) of regret because you killed my beautiful angel who loved you too, you piece of Chaos-infused, overrated spoiled brat.

17. Lorgar…Religious zealot. Any lady boner I might have died with those two words. Though I do feel kinda sorry for your background (see Konrad Curze)…I still blame you for the heresy you little shit. Well you’re not tiny so…big shit? That sounds even worse. Either way…ehm no. The only reason you’re not at the bottom of this pile is because of your brotherly love for Angron. And you’re actually good friends with my number one man. Also you’re a scholar and a poet and a nerd. So you have SOME redeeming factors. Maybe.

18. Mortarion…where do I even start? The stench? The grumpiness? The overall salty behavior? Granted he did not have the greatest of backgrounds but COME ON Morty. That betrayal at the Council of Nikaea put the nail in the coffin of any desire I may feel for your smelly carcass. Russ may have razed Prospero but that’s because he got tricked by Horus (and he actually gave Magnus an out…which he didn’t receive but that’s another story). You….you didn’t have to turn on your brother like that. Make him feel like shit. For being HIMSELF. Seriously! You’re number 18 because you messed with my number ONE man.

Sorry not everyone had pics. My internet was being an idiot. I hope you enjoyed my foolishness ^_^


[ I ] had an on location photoshoot the other day with some friends and my brother! It was a hot day filled with laughter, puns, fun, lots of walking, and adventure. I was leading the way mostly since I was the Inquisitor, and I had the GPS up on my phone haha!

I was cosplaying as my Inquisitor Lithôniel Lavellan.

There are still things I wish to build before I wear her to a con, but that’s alright.

unholyverse: a basic summary from my very poor short term memory

-infected balls 
-sadomasochist ghosts 
-damn my best friends brother is hot 
-spill your seed on the ground i said young man spill your seed all around as long as its not in your dead brothers wife 
-frank is jesus?? fresus 
-hospital escape part one 
-Shit Goes Down 
-frank bitchfit #230498324
-it turns into gay emo buffy???
-a year later and frank is still gay 
-fall out boy 
-magic balls . by that i mean spheres that suck out peoples life force to raise demons from hell
-major character death 
-nevermind hes back fuck the vatican 
-protect craig he just wants to help 
-demonic possession 
-exorcism i didnt like this part 
-hospital escape part two 
-gay?? the end 
-frozen peas 

I call this...trash au ideas

we’re the only seniors in this Photo 1 class and are surrounded by freshmen oh my god please just be my model i can’t stand listening to the kid next to me talking about his “big changes” anymore

I ate 3  boxes of Cheez-its and I somehow managed to puke on your door i am so sorry i can explain while i clean this grossness up

my package from amazon arrived at your door accidentally and you thought it was yours but when you opened it is was just lube and a monster sized dildo

I’m your new room mate and just got up the courage to ask why you always laugh so hard while you are in the shower? like why are you always laughing?!?!!? You’re in the shower?!?1?!

I’m really drunk and thought your house was mine and couldn’t find the door back out so long story short you walked in on a drunk stranger playing Mario Cart on your wii

my mom took my phone and found my anime role-play blog send help

my dick neighbor wont shut up so i sent you over there to ask him to be quiet (they wont listen to me!) and we somehow ended up having a threesome

You saw my computer search history no please don’t be scared i’m a WRITER

I was short 5 dollars at the gas station but the helpful person behind me gave me money and their phone number so I could “repay them later” do I call??

You don’t know me but i sit right behind you in AP chem. and I copy every answer off you and the teacher got suspicious and called us both in for a “chat”

Oh no my new friends brother/sister is REALLY HOT now what

Lesson Learned [EdmundxF!Reader] [One-Shot] [Request]

Combining tow requests into one one-shot, because they fit each other really well ^^

This is from @xpurplehair:

Hi! Can I request a One-Shot with Edmund in the Golden Age where reader is really good friends with Peter, and he usually teaches her how to sword-fight, but one day he makes Edmund teach her bc reasons and they end up confessing their feelings? Sorry if it’s kind of stupid hehe

This is from MarvelGal [Quotev]:

Hey can I get an Edmund one shot. Maybe a little jealousy. Ed could feel jealous about the Reader and Peter hanging out a lot. I also would like to use this in one of my future stories.

Sorry this took so long I hope you like it! :3

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^]

Lesson Learned

Fic Summary: Everybody had some lessons to learn, be it to back off for a while or to finally confess something.

Word Count: 2,4k

Warnings: None

“Oh come on (y/n), you can do better than that!” Peter yelled while swinging his sword at the (h/c) haired girl again, who barely managed to dodge it.

“Maybe I could. But not after hours of training. I could use a break, Pete.” she panted.

“You don’t get any breaks in a real battle.”

“Yes, I do. There are respites. And in wars there are breaks to bury the dead on each side. And–”

“Alright, alright, I get it. At least you pay attention during the strategy lessons from Oreius.” he sighed and sheathed his sword, stretching his arms above his head and making his back pop. 

“I suppose it is getting rather late. Let’s head back to the castle and get something to eat.”

“Finally!” she shouted in glee, throwing her sword and it’s sheath down to the ground and sprinting towards the warmly glowing castle in the distance.

“Wow. She sure can move when she really wants to.” Peter mumbled to himself while picking up the dropped sword and following after her. 

He caught up with her in the hallway leading to the dining hall.

“Heading straight for the food, huh?”

“You’ve been draining me for 5 hours straight now, so yes." 

"Hey, I’m just trying to teach you something to keep you alive on a battlefield.”

“I know and I’m thankful for it, but you’re overdoing it a bit, Peter.”

“How so?”

She stopped and turned to look at him with raised brows. 

“Seriously? I can’t remember the last time I could get up after sunrise or the last time I went to bed without sore muscles.” she accused with a pout.

“Well of course. You’re learning something entirely new, the start to that is always difficult. Besides, you should be glad you’re teacher is the best swordsman there is.” he answered, smirking confidently.

“You’re good. Really good.” she agreed. “But not the best. Not even the best in this castle, I’d wager.”

“Oh really? Who do you think could beat me then?”

She simply grinned and leaned to the left, looking past him. He turned around and immediately wanted to slap himself. He’d walked right into that one. He wouldn’t admit it, but there really was someone who could beat him a sword fight easily.

“Did you two only come back now?” Edmund questioned when he reached them, a frown on his face. 

“Yeah, this guy likes to work me to the bone. But as the best he has the right to do so, huh Pete?” she quipped, trying not to laugh.

“I hate you sometimes, do you know that?” the blond king grumbled.

“Naw, I love you, too.” she chuckled, throwing an arm over his shoulder.

“So Ed, you want to come with us and raid the kitchen?” she asked, directing her smile towards the younger brother, who looked like he was biting his tongue hard enough to draw blood.

“No thanks. I wouldn’t want to intrude.” he coldly stated before rushing past them and heading towards his own room.

“What’s up with him?” (y/n) questioned genuinely confused, more so to herself than the young man next to her. 

“No idea…” Peter stated, just as confused as her. 

“But I’m sure he’ll tell you when he wants to. After all, you’re his best friend.”

“No, you’re my best friend.” she corrected.

“Then what’s my brother? Hot air?”

“Well… He is a really good friend… But it would be great if he was more…” she mumbled quietly, the last part so incoherent only she herself could understand it.

“What was that?” Peter asked.

“Nothing! Let’s just go eat!” she quickly said, grabbing his arm and pulling him along.

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Step Two: Avoid the Problem

Surprise! Here it is, the much awaited (sort of) follow up to Step One: Admit You Have a Problem, better known as the Best Friend’s Sibling AU! If you haven’t read that one yet, I highly suggest that you do as this takes place in the same ‘verse and only a few days after. (Also, I have no idea who made that beach manip of Stephen and Emily. If someone does please let me know so I can contact them and give them proper credit.) Okay, that’s enough rambling on my part. Enjoy!

Step One: Admit You Have a Problem

Step Two: Avoid the Problem

Three days.

That’s how long Felicity successfully avoids being alone with Oliver. On more than one occasion they had been left in a room together, only for her to quickly make some sort of half-assed excuse and get the hell out of dodge. They were terrible excuses, really, and if Oliver’s knowing smirks were anything to go by he wasn’t buying anything she was selling. Luckily, he seemed to be genuine in his request for her to think things over.

And think she did. Their kiss on the beach, more like make out session if Felicity is being honest with herself, is all that she has been able to think about. It stained her thoughts like permanent ink, bold and impossible to erase, with no stark white corrector fluid to cover up her mistake. It’s a shame there is no backspace key in life. But even if there was, would she use it now?

“What’s on your mind, Le Penseur? That’s the French, for ‘The Thinker’, as in Rodin’s sculpture.”

“Thank you for that impromptu lesson in art history, Thea.”

Her friend rolls her eyes as she lies down on the pool chair beside Felicity, pushing the blonde over with her body in order to make room.

“Gotta practice for my class trip next semester. Now seriously, what’s on your mind? You’ve been uncharacteristically quiet these past few days and it’s honestly starting to freak me out a little.”

Cheering from the beach just a few yards away draws Felicity’s attention. A couple of beach volleyball courts were set up earlier for guests of the Merlyn-Queen Fourth of July cookout to enjoy and the boys wasted no time in starting a tournament once the twenty-something crowd arrived. Oliver and Tommy currently stand on one side of the net, the infamous Lance sisters on the other. The ball is served and Felicity can’t help the way her eyes lock onto Oliver’s tanned and muscular form as he dives for it. Even from her spot on the pool deck she can make out the definition in his arms and back, left bare due to the extreme summer heat. The sight alone causes warmth to pool in her belly and Felicity quickly glances away, a faint blush on her cheeks.

“Oh gross. You were totally just checking Ollie out.”

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Best Friends Brother (N.M)

|based on the prompt: Can you do a Nate imagine? Where y/n is 16 and is best friends with his brother Stew and Nate likes her and flirts with her and asks her on a date when she comes over to hang out with Stew

|•1.5k words, possibly a part 2 but yano I kinda like making everyone butthurt about the endings of my imagines lol, REQUESTS ARE OPEN, masterlist can be found in my description dears•|

“Honey, I’m home!” I giggle as I shut the door behind me. “And I brought food for everyone!” The two Maloley brothers come bounding down the stairs at the mention of food - as per usual. “Oh, so you come down for food but not to see me? I’m hurt, Stew.”

“Mom didn’t leave any money to get food and dad forgot to go grocery shopping, so basically, I’ll take free food over anything right now.” He pulls out a burger and rips off the wrapping. He takes a huge bite out of the meat before dipping his hand back into the bag.

How polite.

“There’s food in the freezer, dumbass.” Nate mutters to his younger brother, rolling his eyes and patiently waiting for Stew to get what he wants from the bag. “All you have to do is shove it in the oven.”

Stew looks over his shoulder at his brother. “Do you really think I’m capable of doing that?”

“Being honest, Stew can’t even flush the damn toilet after he’s taken a crap,” His cheeks start to rose up. I look over at Nate, who’s silently laughing at Stew. “What makes you think that he knows how to turn an oven on?”

“He literally just came from the bathroom, too.”


“What?” He shrugs with his mouth stuffed full of greasy fries. “I’m a man.”

“You haven’t hit puberty yet, you have no dick.”

“Screw you, Nate. You’re such a dick.”

“At least I have one.”

“Fuck this.” Stew doesn’t even turn to look at me before he storms back up the stairs with his hands full of food.

I turn to look at a smirking Nate, tilting my head to the side. He looks down at me and shrugs. Since when was he so rude? I used to think he was so chill and calm, he was always so nice to me and funny and, I don’t know what came over him.

I get it, they’re brothers and all siblings aren’t always going to get along, I know that, but I feel like he’s taking it to another level here.

“Was that really necessary?”

Nate looks at me with a little grin and shrugs once again. “Someone needed to say it, kids getting too big for his boots.”

“You didn’t have to be so harsh to him.” I say quietly, crossing my arms over my chest in a huff.

“Y/N, have you seen the kid? He thinks that he’s a man, he thinks that he can impress you with those tiny little twig arms.” He takes a fry from he box and chucks it in his mouth. He watches me stand awkwardly in his presence.

I sigh lowly and look right up at him. “Just because he can’t grow a beard like you can doesn’t mean he isn’t a man.”

Stew’s my best friend, of course I’m going to stick up for him, even if I am going up against his own brother. Stew would do the same for me, I have his back, just like he has mine.

“I’d show you what a real man is like, but you know, I wouldn’t want to upset the baby.”

I raise my eyebrows. Is he being serious right now? After what he was just saying?

“Excuse me?”

“I’m offering to take you out on a date, with a real man and not with some kid who doesn’t know how to please a beautiful woman.” Nate places his food on the table next to the brown takeout bag and advances towards me. His arms proceed to wrap around my waist. “I could take you out to eat, or I could make you something in the kitchen because I actually know how to work an oven-” I break my blank lips by cracking a little smile. “And then, we would watch a movie and it would be a thriller, so you would get scared and I would protect you, and then,” He stops to lick his lips and pull my closer to him. “I would show you how a real man works.”

Nate dips his head down so he was closer to me. I can feel his warm breath fanning over my face and honestly, I am disgusted.

“What the hell as gotten into you, Nate?” I ask as I pull his arms away from my waist and push his body away from mine. “You would have never said anything like this to me before you went away on tour. I’m the same age as your ‘kid’ brother, Nate, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t hit on me.”

He stumbles back until his thighs are flat against the table and he looks overly confused. What a fuckboy. “Are you serious right now?”

He seems like he’s actually, genuinely confused about what I had done. Oh, he isn’t used to being turned down?

“No, are you serious right now? What the hell is your problem, Nate?!”

“Well, maybe I’m jealous of the fact that my kid brother has some insanely hot best friend.” Nate shrugs his shoulders and nods his head as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“So you want a quick bang before you scurry off back to Cali?”

“What? N- no, Y/N, I never said that.”

“That’s what you meant though, isn’t it? You’re so into pissing your brother off that you’d fuck his best friend?” Nates face changes, his lips twist into a tight scowl. “Oh, his underage best friend, at that.”

“You want me to tell you what I want?” He takes one step towards me and runs a hand through his messy flop of hair.

“Go ahead.”

“I think you’re damn hot, I always have, even if it sounds perverted or shit because I am 4 years older than you, but you are. I told Stewart that too and let me just say that he wasn’t too happy about it, but who cares, I’m not going to let some kid stop me from attempting to get a date.” I can’t help but laugh in my head. Nate Maloley dating? Okay. “I’m not going to hold back from trying to find myself some happiness within a relationship. I know that I’m never home, but yeah, I feel like I could be happy with you, Y/N.”

“My god.” I stare up at him in complete shock and utter amusement. “Are you sure you’re not playing a prank on me?”

“I swear, I’m being completely serious.” He holds his arms above his head, tying his fingertips into his hair. “I wouldn’t lie about anything like this, Y/N.”

“Nate Maloley doesn’t date. Especially a 16 year old.”

“Maybe you could change that.” There’s a short, hopeful glint in his eyes that only lasts a few seconds.

“There is no way that you’re going to change, I’ve known you too long.”

Even in lower school, Nate was a player. I remember Stew telling me how he went through ‘girlfriends’ after being with them for just a few minutes. Obviously relationships in Elementary school aren’t real relationships, but Nate definitely carried on that tradition of his.

“You’ve known the friend side of me, not the romantic side.”

“You have a romantic side?” I scoff.

Nate gives me another blank stare and takes another step towards me. I stay in the same place with my arms crossed over my chest. I don’t really know why I’m still standing here, listening to something that isn’t going to turn into something else. I could have eaten my, now cold, food and comforted my best friend, but nope, I’m getting hit on by my best friends hot brother.

And I’m not buying any of it.

“Y/N, will you please just go on one date with me? I’ll prove you wrong.”

“I don’t think so.”

“If you don’t believe me after it, I’ll leave you alone and I’ll even stop teasing Stew, just for you.”

Just for me? Or just for my booty?

All jokes aside, I would have probably jumped at the chance to go on a date with Nate Maloley, because really, have you seen the man? I don’t see him as a brother, like I do with Stew, so it wouldn’t feel like it was wrong, as such. But he’s just so much older than me and I don’t think I would make many people all too happy.

But I mean, if he promises to stop being so mean to Stew, I’m sure I’ll survive a few thousand death threats from envious girls 4 years younger than me.

Oh, the irony.

“Do you promise?”

“One hundred percent.” A small smile etches onto his lips and he takes another step towards me.

“And you’ll buy me food?”

“I’ll buy you food.”

I purse my lips and look up at Nate. He’s already watching down at me, rolling his lips between his teeth with those hopeful, shiny eyes. Is it bad that I’m suddenly really attracted to him?

“Okay, you have a deal.”

"Teenagers These Days" a story by an asshole

Let’s gather around the tumblr campfire and talk about age stereotypes, mostly referring to how teenagers are viewed by a small percentage of an older generation of assholes.
Today I was outside Asda, tying my little brother’s laces because he was holding two bags of shopping. And an elderly man came up behind us, he was walking to his car. Instead of walking around us, he continued to bump right into my back and swear, ignoring the little boy witnessing the event. Without even an apology, he stuck up the middle finger and grumpily sneered at me the words - “Teens these days.” - Like I was the one who walked into his back, and swore in front of a seven year old, and stuck up the middle finger to a fifteen year old teenager girl with a low enough self esteem already. An adult yelled at him to apologise, he refused.
This event also made me think back to two years ago, when I was thirteen. I was outside the shops again but with one of my old friends and her little brother. It was a very hot day and we were getting a trolley to go and buy ourselves some snacks after a day at the swimming pool. My friend and her brother looked nothing like so the three of us just looked like a group of mates. We were all happy until a man with a walking stick came up and called my friend a slut when she hugged her brother. She was wearing a tank top and shorts because of the scorching heat, and apparently she was just asking for sex. Please take note that she had not even turned thirteen yet so she was still twelve. I remember her running into the toilets and sobbing for ages because some judgemental asshole made a comment that no young person should hear when they are having a good time with their friends. It was horrendous and it made me so angry. I remember the man repeating the exact same words as the man today said to me - “Teens these days”
Teens these days. WHAT.
Teens these days are bad. NO.
Teens these days are discriminated by immature adults who should maybe analyse their own behaviour before they judge and make comments about someone much younger than them. YES

Read It Wednesday

What is this week 8? Whatever week it is, here’s a compilation of the fics I’ve been tagged in this week. Feel free to tag me in any of your future works if you’d like to see yourself in Read It Wednesday. Remember, if you don’t see a certain series here, it means i’m not caught up, but be on the lookout for it in future weeks. Now, onto the fics! (because that’s the best part right, I mean who even reads my little rambles at the beginning? Brownie points and cookies go to anyone who does)

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anonymous asked:

I stayed the night at my best friends house & her older hot brother was home (he's usually out partying on the weekends) well we all sat around & got high & then my friend fell asleep & we ended up having shower sex while I was on my period but it was definitely one of the best dicks I've had. My friend found out & kicked me out the house & we haven't talked since. No regrets though.


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