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I hope you know you deserve the best things in the world. You are an actual paint god. Stay inspired lovely human being

i know i have been a lil raw and upset this evening but. please don’t worry. i promise i am so happy. i painted for 58 hours this week!!!!!!! i made three hundred bucks off of paintings made with found material (all profit baby!!), i saw so many friends, i did boxing with my brother, i cooked for my extended family, i found an album i love (young liars by tv on the radio, look it up >:) ) so i’m good. i’m never going to not want to live. even when it’s terrible, it’s still fascinating and i like being here so much and i don’t think that will ever change. 


hi knomadics check this fresh face selfie out are you proud or what??? lmk what member of the 90s band Hanson I remind you most of!!!!

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June 6th, it's national kissing day. Just so you guys know......

Laito: oh?

Laito: Come here my lovely brothers~! let Laito-san love you!! kissy kissy~!

Ayato: LAITO NO!! GET AWAY FROM ME!! *runs*

Kanato: *backs away slowly*…no.. i don’t want to

Reiji: Laito what on earth are you talking about- NO GET OFF ME *pushes off* STOP THAT 

Shu: Laito i don’t feel like running from you so i swear if you try to kiss me i’ll drown you in a pool of your own blood.. (Noroi: shit just got real)



Kou: i think i’m going to puke if he comes anywhere near me

Ruki: but i thought it was national fried chicken day? what happened to the chicken?

Azusa:….i feel.. like he has… finally lost it…. i think.. i’ll go hide… before he gets any… closer… this is… scary

Take a Risk- A Nate Maloley Imagine (Requested)


“Y/N, Nate’s coming over in a few can you let him in, I have to finish something.” My brother yelled from upstairs.

“Fine!” I yelled back. Truth was I loved when Nate came over, he was my brothers best friend and my secret crush. I always had hope that deep down Nate felt the same about me. I swore that each time I saw Nate he flirted with me. My friends told me that I was probably imagining it, but I truthfully believed he had some feelings for me at least.

I quickly looked in the mirror at fixed my hair and outfit. Whenever I knew Nate was coming over I had to look good. As I fixed my eyeliner, I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly walked to the front door to let Nate in.

“Hey Y/N!” Nate said with a smile as I let him in.

“Hey Nate, Ryan’s finishing something upstairs. You can go up there if you want.” I said.

“Nah, I’d rather hang with you for a little.” Nate smirked as we walked to the living room.

“Oh thanks, I feel honored.” I joked.

“You look nice today, I mean you look nice every time I see you, but I don’t know what it is about today that has you looking extra beautiful.” Nate said as his cheeks flushed.

“Thanks.” I said as I blushed.

“Uh so would you wanna hang out sometime, like just the two of us?” Nate asked as he fidgeted with his fingers.

“Like as a date?” I asked, my heart practically stopping in the process.

“Yeah, if that’s good with you?” Nate asked nervously.

Before I could answer, my brother stormed into the room.

“No, that’s not good with me.” Ryan said giving Nate a nasty look.

“Who even asked you? If I want to date Nate I’m sure as hell going to.” I said standing up getting in Ryan’s face.

“Y/N, Nate’s been my best friend for like years. I know how he treats girls, I’m just looking out for you.” Ryan said,

“Bro, let me show you that I’ve changed. Come on.” Nate pleaded.

“No, and plus mom and dad wouldn’t let this happen. They would never approve of you guys.” Ryan said.

“Whatever, I’m over this.” I said as tears filled my eyes. I stormed up to my bedroom and locked myself in there. Of course Nate would actual feel things for me, and my stupid brother had to go and fuck it up.

I laid in bed for hours, until my phone went off… It was Nate.

“Hello?” I asked nervously thinking it was my brother trying to be a dick.

“Hey Y/N, wanna take me up on that offer from earlier? We can grab something to eat.” Nate suggested.

“Ryan’s gonna kill me.” I sighed.

“He went to that party downtown, he’ll never know.” Nate said.

“Already such a bad influence.” I said sarcastically as I put on shoes.

“Come on, take a risk.” Nate replied.

“You don’t have to ask me twice.” I said as I hung up the phone and left my house to see Nate waiting out front in his Nissan.

My heart began beating erratically, I knew this was wrong going behind my brothers back, but it felt so right to be with Nate in such a secretive way.

My brother is trying to get a job at the beach and my mom said “now what do you want to do there? Not picking up garbage right?” And my brother was like “MOM! I would LOVE to pick up garbage! Garbage doesn’t get mad at you when you screw up… Garbage accepts you no matter what” and he was saying “garbage” in the most tender tone im dying

Good morning guys! I hope you all have an amazing day today! full of joy and love!

My morning has been amazing! My brother bought me my favorite game ever “ssx” its a snowboarding game and I’ve been playing since I woke up! gahhh im in love! 8-bitcookie thinking bout you! we should play sometime tho! :p because I’m loving it haha

i spent 6 hours painting a gift yesterday for my boyfriend’s little brother. Cus his 9th birthday is today and I was soooo exhausted BUT IT CAME OUT GREAT AND I LOVE HIM LIKE HE’S MY OWN BROTHER AND IM GONNA GIVE IT TO HIM IN A LITTLE AND IM SO EXCITED.



Hello, my love
I heard a kiss from you
Red magic satin playing near, too
All through the morning rain
I gaze - the sun doesn’t shine -
Rainbows and waterfalls run through my mind
In the garden - I see west
Purple shower, bells and tea
Orange birds and river cousins dressed in green
Pretty music I hear - so happy
And loud - blue flower echo
From a cherry cloud
Feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue
Playgrounds will laugh
if you try to ask
Is it cool?
If you arrive and don’t see me
I’m going to be with my baby
I am free - flying in her arms, over the sea
Stained window, yellow candy screen
See speakers of kite - with velvet roses diggin’ freedom flight
A present from you - Strawberry letter 22
The music plays, I sit in for a few …

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you guys are cute, how tall are you both?

I am 5 feet and 10 inches (not counting penis), and he is 5 feet 11 inches, so he wins. We love being cute

ask my brother and I questions

Am I alone in thinking that holding hands is not a gesture ONLY meant for people you’re dating or sexually interested in? I have always held hands with my best friend, my mum and my brother because they are my loves♥ I care about them so much and it’s purely a way for us to feel closer. I know many people get confused about my relationship with Elle (my platonic girlfriend) as we’re very affectionate towards one another, but that’s really just how I show my care for someone. 

I will not share physical contact with strangers or anyone I have yet to find comfort with beyond a quick hello hug and PDA romance isn’t something I am usually a fan girl of either, since for me it kinda feels too much like a show that nobody else payed to see! However.. I can be extremely touchy feely with my confidant friends and family because they are my favorite humans and me giving out my paw should thereby, simply express that I’m here for you. 

I was born in Scotland, more accurately The Shetland Isles since it’s quiet there.

My brother loved me but always called me The Little Shite since I took all the attention away from him when I was a baby, though mother said i was always a happy child. We lived there peacefully until I was a young child.