my brother will love it

Preferred method of transportation: tol + heelys 

{inspired by a post her on tumblr about small people asking for tall people to walk slower and a tall person replying that the smols should wear skates so the tols would pull them around. I can’t find that post anymore, but if you find it hmu!}

Hello, my name is Maria and I’m a 21 years old atheist from Greece. I dropped out of university and now focus on what I love which is learning foreign languages. I love my brother more than anything and we spend our free time playing video games together and watching anime. He is an atheist too. Our parent are Christians but they don’t judge us for our opinions.

so my school librarian/good old lesbian pal (shes a doll i love her) called me on the phone which was really weird??? but like her wife is a guidance counselor at my school and my schedule was totally fucked, so they went out of their way on a sunday night to fix me and my brother’s (whos an incoming freshman).  i love her to death. what a nice lady

now im happy w my classes. im not taking german anymore (thank god) and im taking some history class on current events instead? its new and looks cool

im also taking zoology and taking a full year of video production so yeah!! plus my first AP class and just classes for credts (US History and Algebra 2) 

this school year actually sounds decent 


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Thank you so much! When I started reading the manga a few months ago, I couldn't find all the chapters. Your work is incredible, and both my brother and me use it as our main source. We also love the translator notes! They are so funny! Much love <3

Aw thanks for the love and support!! We’re glad you guys enjoy the series and our notes! ♥ ♥ 


Beautiful, angry Sammy  (¬‿¬ )