my brother the free spirit

My Brothers and I

I free my spirit,
I unshackle from
the emotional obligations
of the weary and dreary reality
pressing with the sun.

My brothers
are somewhere out there–
in the night.
We are living,
alive and chasing
identity to the
horizon’s burning boundary.

We are all the brothers,
and we free our spirits.
We expect nothing
of the future,
we unmoor of the past.

We replace all the shame
burdened on our shoulders–
we leave it by the dusty roadside–
and we take up the dream.

The ‘now’ is heavy,
to be sure,
but we press our faces
against the glass
of the unimaginable,
and we build it–
we are hungry!

We brothers free the spirit
and breathe the night air,
all of us together,
and steam pours
from our nostrils
and fire lights in our eyes–
my brothers and I.

We are free
to be anything,
to be nothing.
Free to love
and to hate
the weary and dreary reality
chilling our bones
back home.

We are free,
we are free,
we are free–
to be brothers
without the fear
of dividing
one another;
and at last
free to dream

Care free black girl 🌸

I used to look at those “care free black girl” posts and be like “oooo what is this one too? Why should you be care free? Who is holding your freedom? like ah you dey disturb” and the like. The way I saw it was as another Tumblr hashtag used just to get more reblogs. Basically, for some time I was really struggling with my personality. I’ve always been pretty reserved and quiet, never talking too much, cautious about my every action because that’s how I was raised to be like as a young girl in Ghana, “ wuy3 obaaa, don’t talk too much, never talk back, be respectful always.” Meanwhile my younger brother, more outgoing and free spirited than I am, was encouraged to do almost the exact opposite - speak his mind whenever he wanted, dare to be witty and question the system. From a young age I guess this affected my character greatly. I was only really free to be me with friends I was comfortable with. Every year, my goal would be to finally step out and be more like my brother, care little to nothing at all about what people would think of me, evoke confidence in my every step and be a free spirit. After 5 years of failing at this, I think I’ve finally achieved this state. I’ve made the best sisters who’ve inspired and motivated me to believe in myself, be bolder, more courageous and confident! This year has been the most effective period of my personal growth, and I could’ve never reached this point without my girls, who’ve taught me not to take life too seriously, enjoy every moment of it, to speak up when something’s on my mind and to erase every atom of fear and negativity in my body and truly become a care free girl. People do not realize how much our upbringing can affect us, but this shows how much the patriarchy in our society can hinder our shine. I now understand this carefreeblackgirl hashtag. We should be free to speak up and express ourselves in any positive way or form that we wish, regardless of the sexist norms that exist in our society. I can confidently say that I am a carefree girl and this is honestly the happiest I’ve been in a really long time!

Note that I dropped out the “black” bit because I have not YET experienced any oppression because of my skin color. Watchout for an update next year when I go to college and just may have to start a journey to becoming a carefree + black girl.