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more texts for you bitches


[text] You should have told me you wanted me out of your life.
[text] I should have never let you back into my life.
[text] Okay [muse’s name] what’s the deal, pretty sure this is you…listen if you want me to leave you alone, please just tell that.
[text] Please don’t walk away.
[text] Please don’t do this.
[text] When are you going to realize I want nothing to do with you?
[text] You want nothing to do with me, I get it.
[text] I’m an idiot. You fooled me again.
[text] When I think things are about to change … I’m always proven wrong.
[text] I just want you to be happy. And you’ll be happier without me.
[text] I just hate that someone could make me trust [him/her/them] the way that I did
[text] The truth is I’m not over you.
[text] The truth is I never really wanted to be with you.
[text] I’m seeing someone else.
[text] How the hell did you get my number, stalker?
[text] You’re so selfish.
[text] I just saw you leave with [her/him/them].


[text] Did I tell you today that you’re the most adorable? Cause, yeah.
[text] Be careful.
[text] I’m only saying it because I love you.
[text] I’m only saying it because I care about you.
[text] Okay, I’m bringing coffee.
[text] I’m thinking dinner and a movie later this week?
[text] Let me take you out, please?
[text] Let me make you dinner tonight.
[text] I want you to be happy.
[text] You’re always safe with me.
[text] I can’t stop thinking about you.
[text] I seriously don’t know what I’d do without you.
[text] I know you may not feel like you are, but you are loved. And important. Please don’t forget that.
[text] It was so good seeing you.
[text] You don’t need this shit.
[text] I’ll be there in five minutes.
[text] Let me help, please?
[text] You’re important to me.
[text] Stop falling asleep in the bathtub. You’re going to drown and die and leave me and I’m not having that.
[text] I would gladly watch Netflix and eat Thai with you any day.
[text] I’d give up my phone charger AND the last piece of gum for you. That’s love.
[text] Hey beautiful no judgment but why is there a bucket of KFC chicken in the bathtub??


[text] If you don’t want me to bust your window, I suggest you answer the phone. Now.
[text] To quote Mean Girls, you’re a fugly slut.
[text] Are you SERIOUSLY bringing that up right now!?
[text] Lose my number, asshole.
[text] You’re so predictable and obnoxious. And it’s not only me who thinks so.
[text] …The least you could do is answer, wtf.
[text] You’re a piece of shit human being and an even worse friend.
[text] This is YOUR FAULT. And you can’t even pretend like it isn’t, because you know it is.
[text] Why couldn’t you just stay out of it?
[text] Holy fucking shit, take a hint, asshole.
[text] Go fuck yourself.
[text] What the fucking hell is wrong with you?
[text] You can take your stuff back as long as I don’t light it on fire first.
[text] I have cramps and a migraine so you do NOT want to mess with me right now
[text] Bye and have a very fuck you day


[text] Just let me suck your dick and be happy. Let me have this.
[text] Why are you so hot…like honestly, it’s not fair.
[text] Yeah, you looked good in your [dress/shirt/pants] last night but really, they looked way better on my floor.
[text] Come over. With condoms.
[text] You should come over, clothing optional.
[text] I feel like a nasty slut and I LOVE IT
[text] Sorry I got drunk and texted you about my sex life
[text] Sex on a rooftop - trashy or adventurous?
[text] If you’re not at my apartment, shirtless, in five minutes, I will be personally offended.
[text] I don’t think he likes that I’m always sending him pictures of me in my bra but he needs to get it together
[text] It’ll be like The Notebook, except with way more of my penis.
[text] I didn’t know that all of his brothers would be hot and musically inclined, too. That’s a dick move on behalf of biology.
[text] So is it your turn now to pretend like dating someone else would stop us from fucking?
[text] I just need some of your time and all of your body.
[text] I am available for nakedness
[text] I think about [him/her/them] when I masturbate so I guess you could call it love


[drunk text] So wat are you really over me no w
[drunk text] You are my queen and my savior and I love you forever
[drunk text] You are the most beautiful girl I have ever known
[drunk text] I’m eating macaroni and cheese on a slice of pizza and autocorrect just wrote that text for me pretty much, what’s your night like
[drunk text] Listen up slut, you’re one hot piece of ass and if [he/she/they] doesn’t realize it, it’s their loss
[drunk text] but what’s the point of a Disney sing off party if you’re not here. You have to be be the Pumbaa to my Timon
[drunk text] Can you pls remind me tomorrow of how much of a fool I made myself tonight
[drunk text] I think maybe you and me should like go out and eat pizza or something check yes or no
[drunk text] Please don’t hate me I’m too tired and too dizzy to be hated
[drunk text] I hate (him/her) but less when I’m drinking. Thanks, alcohol.
[drunk text] Omf g you need to get over here now I think I’m dyin

TenAsia K.A.R.D Interview (1) K.A.R.D’s charm?”Singing·Dancing·Members a triple threat”

“The secret weapon KARD is us.”

KARD has confidence. Their debut project single rose to US’ Main iTunes Chart and was recognized by Billboard. Recently in Korea’s music scene, the worries of a co-ed group debut’s which is rare have been washed away.

The base of KARD’s confidence is their unique presence from the start.

10: KARD, just like the team’s unique name, the member’s positions are also special.

BM: I’m BM the KARD’s, King. In-charge of the team’s dance and rap. I was born in LA and came here to participate in Korea’s SBS KPOP Star 5 years ago. Even though I was out of the program, now I’ve formed a relationship with my agency and even debuted.

J.Seph: (I’m) In-charge of being Ace. I was born and raised in Chungcheong-do. I moved to Seoul when I was 20. For the past 5 years, I’ve been dreaming and doing well. (Laughs)

Jeon Somin: (I’m) In-charge of being the Black Joker). In 2015 I debuted under the same company’s girl group, April. With that being said, I am not KARD’s leader. The four of us are helping each other while having the same roles as leaders.

Jeon Jiwoo: I’m Colour Joker Jiwoo. By singing, rapping, and dancing I play the role of adding more color to the group.

10. The male members wrote their stage names.

BM: BM is short for ‘Big Matthew’. Originally my name was Matthew but because I was tall I was called Big Matthew. But then for some reason, ‘Big Matthew’ sounds like a hamburger’s name… (all laughs)

J.Seph: My real name is Kim Taehyung. Also, I was registered as Kim Jin-Woong in the family registrar. Perhaps because of the meaning that my name was changed to Taehyung.

10: Jeon Somin you were the former member of APRIL. April’s was a girl group that had a concept of innocence.

Jeon Somin: When I came to KARD, seeing that the concept was different had me thinking that I won’t be able to bury it well, and was worried too. Fortunately, the older brothers and Jiwoo gave me lots of help and I was able to learn and adapt well.

10. Even before your official debut, the reaction is hot.

BM: It’s fascinating that many people are giving their attention to us. Especially the overseas fans, the love us a lot.

Jeon Jiwoo: I would be nice if we had more opportunities to meet the fans directly.

Last month’s second project single “Do not Recall” was on the iTunes main Song Chart. The first single, “Oh Na Na”, also saved a spot in the Worldwide iTunes charts. In addition, the US Billboard cited the card as ‘2017 Notable K-Pop Artist’.

Jeon Jiwoo: The fact that it was on the Main iTunes Chart, I couldn’t believe it.

Jeon Somin: We screamed “it’s the jackpot!!” amongst ourselves. (laughs)

Jeon Jiwoo: My brother is studying abroad but suddenly at dawn he sends me a picture. It was a screenshot of the iTunes Main Chart. My brother was like, “No way, I just saw KARD”. Our names being the same ranking as Rihanna and Adele, it was such a shock

10. It’s amazing that you’ve raised your name on Billboard and iTunes’ chart a record set before your official debut. In the future is there any record you’d like to see in the future?

J.Seph: Going up in the domestic music chart.

10: Is this the simple dream of a group that was on the World Chart? (Laughs)

J.Seph: I want to be loved in Korea as well as overseas.

10: Recently on Arirang TV “After School Club” you appeared. It was a first broadcast appearance.

J.Seph: The atmosphere wasn’t stiff so it was fun broadcasting.

Jeon Jiwoo: The fans had to match our personality during a given time and they really matched very well. I was surprised.

Jeon Somin: We have yet to have any close conversations with our fans so the fact that they know us well is very fascinating.

10: Once you officially debut, is there a program you’d like to go on?

Jeon Somin: KBS2 ‘Yooheuiyeol Sketchbook’ Is the one where I want to go on the most.

J.Seph: MBC ‘Idol Star Championship is where I want to appear”. I liked soccer so I wanted to play futsal but it seems there isn’t anymore.

Jeon Somin: J.seph oppa is very active.

Jeon Jiwoo: I love MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’, I imagined that later on, we will be able to have a joint music project. I’m very excited. I really am a fan.

10: Right now instead of being on broadcast, via SNS you communicate with the fans actively. Was there any response from the fans that was memorable?

Jeon Jiwoo: Recently we had an event on Twitter where we would reply to their mentions. Starting from supporting messages to questions, many mentions were sent. Even a question of who is closer to who was asked (laughs)

BM: I remember one fan. They had a complex on self-appearance and had a hard time and asked how can I like myself. So I recommended J.Cole’s Love Yours. I was happy and proud that I could listen to our fans worries.

10: What kind of charms of KARD can the fans go through?

BM: A free and natural appearance.

J.seph: I thought of a triple threat*. First of all the songs are good, the choreography is good, and the members aren’t too bad as well. (All laughs)

10: Then Let’s praise each members’ charms.

J.Seph: When Jiwoo first came it, I really thought like she was an Empress/Queen. (All laughs) Why are you laughing? I’m being sincere. Seriously I thought that. First of all, Jiwoo’s tone is very beautiful. She dances well and when she dances is also pretty. She’s also cute. A lovely little sister. As a singer, she is also just as charming as a person. Like a puppy, she’s also chic and full of color. A woman of all trade. (Jeon Somin: Isn’t this coming out as too constructed?) I’ve always thought that.

Jeon Jiwoo: BM Oppa is insightful. His rap and dancing are great of course and apart from that, his aura is heavy like a ‘King’. The big brother who holds the center of KARD. Strong and reliable.

BM: The tone of Somin’s voice is very pretty. There is that force to make you listen. When you listen live, everyone is doing well but I think the gaze is on Somin. The kind if feel from pop star Ariana Grande. A cool little sister.

Jeon Somin: J.Seph oppa likes people. Always taking care of you and if you’re by his side you’ll be laughing and will worry. Furthermore, when he raps he is really cool. When you rap in a low tone, it will be tight but it feels full. J.Seph and BM are both insightful. I’m always thankful.

10: When are the two of you, dependent on your older brothers?

Jeon Somin: When I am having a hard time, I will sometimes talk to them about it because it’s comfortable. It’s because we’ve known each other awhile it’s comfortable.

Jeon Jiwoo: Just by being next to them my will becomes strong. I still haven’t gone through anything difficult enough to tell (laughs) being a KARD member makes me so happy!

10: On the contrary, I think there will be times when the older brothers will be reliant on the sisters.

J.Seph: The two of them seem to like my mother. (all laughs)

BM: When we need it, they will nag at us. J.Seph hears it a lot.

J.Seph: For live practices, we need to use a mic to practice, but once I’m done, it’ll definitely be gone. Sometimes you can find it in the fridge or couch when that happens my sisters takes care of me a lot.

*May contain errors



ADULT Ruru -stupid spell check changed it to Tellru-p>

I’m starting this. There won’t be many updates to it- At least, I don’t think- But I’m making little mini comics/drawings for this. This is based on my Klance fanfic *Let me catch my breath* Keith and Lance finally got located by Voltron and left to defeat Zarkon. They still come to visit their Coeihn friends of course. 

ruru has grown and is now the new 5th champion after defeating her father in three one on one battles. She has so far gone undefeated- the toughest 5th champion yet! (HEY LOOK! ADULT HARRI!)

Her people wonder though, will she ever choose an Equivalent herself? What they don’t realize is they she dreams of seeing the stars and travelling the Universe, like her big brothers Keith and Lance do. ;) 

(May draw older Lance/Keith XD)

ALSO! I’ve gotten a lot of people coming to me with Coeihn Oc’s! WHICH I LOVE! If you send me their description, or even a picture (Which would really help) I’ll totally draw them and have Ruru interact with them! :D

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hey amigo!!! i just wanted 2 let u know that i am really havin a hard time BUT then i see your posts and even if it's just a lil text about our fav brothers ( ;) u know where it at ) i feel so much better!! i love u sm ty for being such a cool person ily bye bye 💖

;v; no hard times!! i wish i could take all ur hard times and carry them for u, u nice lil anon!!! seriously this is one of the sweetest messages ive ever received on tumblr, even in my whole life!! idk how to respond properly but darling if u ever need u can message me!! ill send you pictures of our fav brothers (i have a collection) !!

ily too! have a good day, a good week, and if even if u dont message me (which is fine no pressure i just want u to kno i really do care!!) have a good life!! <3 <3 

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Jungkook Wings Album ‘Thanks To...’

Scan credit to verni1230 on twitter ~

(Please take out with credits to jeonheart@tumblr if you use! Apologies for any mistakes or spelling errors I made! Feel free to correct me if there are any)

Jungkook Thanks To…

Our family that is one-of-a-kind under the sky

My mom, dad, and older brother

Even if I normally act indifferent, please understand that I’m not like that inside, haha.

I’ll call a lot and send you lots of pictures. Even if I don’t listen to you (?) I’m still your son.

Thank you for always being my strength. I love you.

Jeon Hasa-nim [his brother]… Well, you can suffer, haha.

I’m joking. You’ll probably be leaving the military soon. Before you do, come out and think about what you’ll do [afterwards]. I’d like to have a meal with you soon.

[Continued under cut]

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The signs as things my family say
  • Aries: Are you going out with the lesbians? -Dad
  • Taurus: I'm going out to eat dicks -Brother
  • Gemini: That guy is cute, you should send him a nude -Mom
  • Cancer: Stop taking selfies, you're not Kim Kardashian -Brother
  • Leo: Aww, look, you still as virgin as in this picture -Mom, showing me a picture of me in kindergarten
  • Virgo: Stop sucking dicks while you are drunk, please -Brother
  • Libra: Look that whore -Mom, to someone else, about me.
  • Capricorn: I watched some movie called Fulp Piction or something like that -Mom
  • Pisces: Under the sea, under the sea, I love the lion king -Mom

darkchunni replied to your post “Do you actually have any decks? If so what types? I have like 10 decks…”

I used to have all my cards in a big metal breifcase like Kaiba, but my brother helped me sort them all into binders, well the ones that aren’t in my decks anyway, I could send you pictures later if you’d like to see!

i used to keep mine in a briefcase looking thing too, except it was blue and plastic and had a big decal that said “YU-GI-OH!” on the side. sometimes my brother and i would meticulously sort them all into binders, but they always ended up back in that box somehow

and yes, i would love to see them!

For You ~ pt. 27

| all parts up to date |

~ Love ~

My phone vibrates in my hand. I open the file Lee has sent me and I stare, amazed.
It’s a photo of the fansign. Jungkook was the focal point and in the very corner the back of my head could be seen.

I was analyzing the picture so much that I don’t notice Jungkook approaching me until I spot something weird from my peripheral vision. I spin and look at the blanket in question. “What?”

Without saying anything, Jungkook wraps the blanket around me up to the top of my head, successfully trapping me in.

“Oppa, what are you-” I squeal when I get lifted off the floor. “Ya!”

A moment later of him shifting around to fit us through the door, my mummified self gets plopped on the bed.
A second later I can see again. Jungkook pulling down the blanket around my head, his head pops into view grinning from ear to ear.

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okay the picture is pretty shitty quality, but these are my children, the three main characters of my comic i’m working on (just occurred to me i don’t have even a working title rn). anyway, we’ve got luka a nonbinary badass emo kid who’s taking up the magical family business, their new friend jace and his (ghost) brother rowan. maybe send in asks abt them if you’re curious bcuz i don’t want to make this super long

things i’ve done with the signs

Aries: always compete to say “i love you macklemore” and “i love you macklemost” first
Taurus: had them make me breakfast for dinner because they make the best breakfast food
Gemini: talk about all the stupid things people said or did when we leave somewhere
Cancer: wouldn’t give my brother his birthday card unless he could give it to him personally so they made me wake him up to give it to him
Leo: had an hour long conversation through text in all caps about how excited we were to see each other in a month
Virgo: argued. lots and lots of debating, thinking, and arguing.
Libra: they always send me 5-10 pictures whenever they go shopping to get my opinions
Scorpio: we watched reality TV and looked up spoilers for it because we couldn’t handle it anymore
Sagittarius: looked through a magazine and made fun of the weird poses and thought of stories about the people in the ads
Capricorn: we hated the people we sat with in science class so we always talked about how much we hated them
Aquarius: watched fantastic mr. fox and ate triple chocolate ice cream at 4:30 in the morning
Pisces: they told me to tell them “my type” so they can set me up with someone

Hey guys! So my 3 year anniversary of my blog just passed, and I also just hit 4k! I have a huge love hate with this website but luckily it’s more love than hate, and I’m so happy i decided to make this trash blog and connect with people, I swear I’ve come out of my shy introverted shell since. I’m sure not many people “enjoy” my blog but I hope the people I’ve talked to and made friends with enjoy me.

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Picture Preference #254 - He Tweets A Picture Of You and Your Sibling


@Harry_Styles: Took @Y/T/N and her sister to New York!! They are loving it and so am I :D


@Louis_Tomlinson: Decided to crash girl’s night!! @Y/T/N and her sister where having too much fun without me :P


@NiallOfficial: Found this picture of @Y/T/N and her brother when they were little!! They were adorable :)


@Real_Liam_Payne: So @Y/T/N and her sister decided to take selfies with my phone… So I decided to post them :P


@zaynmalik: @Y/T/N and her sister came to visit me in Paris! I loved the surprise and I love these girls <3

@Y/T/N: Your Twitter Name

Hope you like this preference!!!

Another request made :D

Keep sending me requests!!!! I always love your ideas and I will do every single one of them :)

Love you all so much <3 <3

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Can you make a fanfic about the game and how Josh's team won and him texting Jennifer. Make it fluffy of course. ;)

I have a feeling you’re the same anon that asked for the tattoo fanfic haha which is great so thank you! Here’s the next one :)

~ Joshifer one-shot ~

It’s crowded, there’s people everywhere, screaming and cheering, anxious for the game to start. For once, I am glad that all this is not for me. It doesn’t mean I get to relax, because people still notice me and say hi and want to take pictures, but I am happy. I can watch the game with my family, cheer and be loud, and probably eat some pizza at some point. 

A few minutes before the game starts, I can’t help myself and stand up to do the Louisville “L” sign with my hand, and soon everyone else is doing it -or is it the THG salute?-. I see myself on the big screens that hover over the basketball court and I wave my hand graciously.

The cheers are quite loud for me to hear my phone but I feel it vibrate inside my pocket. I pull it out as I sit down and smile. I knew he would write me.

“Just saw you on tv. So cute with the hat and that beautiful smile. Won’t last long tho. Get ready to lose. Love u.”

I chuckle as I shake my head. He’s probably on his couch back in LA with a beer in one hand and his phone in the other one. Man, I miss him. It’s only been a couple of days but I wish he could be here with me and my family. But he can’t, I know. We know.

I reply quickly. “This smile is gonna be chasing you for a while, as we’re gonna win. Deal with it already. Love u too.”

He is definitely faster than me when texting. “Good cos I need that smile. Your team winning tho… not so sure.”

I decide not to reply to that; my brothers are teasing me and the game is about to start. I can’t sit still due to the excitement, and I’m not even the biggest basketball fan here. But I cheer, scream, clap and I’m having so much fun I don’t think I sit down for the first forty five minutes. 
After the Cardinals score a few times in a row, I decide to gather my brothers and the three of us take the goofiest selfie: open mouths as if cheering, hands doing the Louisville L sign and my tee shirt right in the middle of the picture. Picture that, obviously, I send to Josh. 

“Get it all out while you can, Lawrence family. It ain’t gonna last.”

“Love your necklace btw ;-)”

His second text makes me smile and forget about the game for a moment. We exchanged Christmas gifts in front of my family this year; it was not a big deal. But Josh saved the necklace for last. Once we were alone that evening, he pulled out the thin yet long velvet box and handed it to me. I thought it would be a bracelet, but when I opened it and found a heart shaped pendant, I went speechless. He knows how much I love wearing necklaces, and the heart- well, “it’s mine, and for you to keep,” he said that night. 

So it’s only fair that I wear his heart today. I know he would have killed to be here with me, so I like to think that in some way, he is here.

I’m about to reply to his last text but another one from him pops up. 

“Miss you x”

“Wish you were here with me. I’d be sitting on your lap and we’d be making fun of each other every time our teams scored haha. Miss you too xx”

“Maybe we can do that next year :)”

“Maybe. And I’ll get to see your loser face as I’m gonna miss it today :P”

“You still haven’t won so hold your horses, missy. I might be the one seeing your loser face on tv today.”

“You won’t. OMG my brothers are getting pizza!!!! xxx”

As soon as I see it coming I grab a slice and take a bite. I am hungry. Ben hands me a beer and then I realize I need an extra hand to keep texting Josh. Oh well, I’ll have to eat fast. 
But I’m not even halfway through the pizza when Blaine takes my phone and asks me to pose with the food. I open my mouth as wide as I can and pretend to be taking a huge bite. He snaps a pic and I see him add some text to it. Before I swallow and talk, he tosses my phone back to me.

“I sent it to Josh,” he says with a sly smile as he goes back to focusing on the game.

I clean my mouth and my hands, take a sip of my beer and check my phone. I see he has in fact sent the picture to my boyfriend, but my jaw drops as soon as I read what he’s written under it.

“You’ve probs seen this face a few times, but we all love her big mouth. She can def eat, huh? ;-)”

I punch him hard on the arm. “Blaine!! You’re gross.” I read his words again and I laugh a bit. Although I’m hoping Josh is not all freaked out. His reply comes a few seconds later.

“Thanks for the pic, Blaine. Gonna use it as my screensaver haha gotta love this face”

How does he know it was Blaine? Wow, he’s good. But also, gross! I quickly turn to my brother who is still laughing at his own joke. “You two are never talking again.”

“You better delete that pic or you won’t be seeing that face in a long time, Mr. Hutcherson.”

He answers so fast I laugh. “Deleted. Will you check the score now and see who’s winning? Love ya!”

I lift up my head only to find my team is losing by just a few points. Fuck. I put my phone in my pocket and ignore it every time it vibrates. I’m not answering Josh, I need to focus on the game I have come to watch with my family. It gets really interesting and competitive, which makes time fly. 
When we get to the last break, I ask my dad to walk me to the restrooms. We make our way there after stopping to take a picture with a couple of fan girls. I’m honest, as always, and tell them to rush as I really need to pee.
After I use the bathroom and wash my hands, I take a moment to check my phone and read all the texts Josh has been sending me.

“I guess you saw the score and don’t wanna talk. I understand. But I warned you.”

“Still praying for your team to win? Not gonna happen Jenny.”

“Ok stop ignoring me now. I’ll stop teasing :P”

“Heyyy :( Remember I’m home alone, feeling lonely, I get to see your face on tv every few minutes but that’s not enough :(”

“I really do hope you’re enjoying the game with your family :) I love seeing you smile this much xx”

“I love you, beautiful.”

“I really do love you.”

“Can’t wait to see you in a couple days.”

“I miss you xx”

“and love you”

“Ok I’m gonna stop now cos you’re gonna be pissed when you read all these annoying texts. Call me after the game xxx”

I smile. I smile so widely I feel my eyes getting all watery so I stop. I lean against the door and type out what is probably the longest text I have ever written in my life.

“Never stop texting me. I love reading you. I love knowing that you miss me and that you love me. I love you calling me beautiful, and even though I’ll never admit it to your face, I love it when you tease me over silly things, like a basketball game. I love how you think you can annoy me with texts when deep down you know you could never annoy me, with anything. I love that you like seeing me smile. And I love that you love me. And I love you, too xxx”

I press send before I regret it. I’ve never written anything like this before but I think he’ll like it. Before I let the emotional moment go away, I send him one last text.

“Your team is gonna win, but whatever. When it comes to us, I won ;)”


My friendship with Alex is pretty special. It’s unlike any other friendship I’ve ever had before, for so many reasons. First, we met on Instagram. I followed her and we sent each other a few direct messages, then didn’t talk for a few months. In May 2015, we started talking on a daily basis. Then I gave her my Kik username. Then my Tumblr. Then my Snapchat. Then we started facetiming. And today she’s going to receive a package from me in the mail. In less than a year, Alex became one of my close friends, sharing with me her ups and downs. You may not no know it, but she has a lot of downs. And as I was thinking about her birthday the other day, I suddenly thought « hey, what if I ask her internet friends and mine to take a picture of themselves holding a sign wishing her a happy birthday? ». Well, as you can see, I did. Today, Alex is 13 years old, and I’m stoked to see the amount of persons willing to be part of my project. More than ever, this shows how united this fandom can be. You can’t even imagine how enthusiastic these persons were to be part of this « Secret Birthday Project cause SHE DOESN’T KNOW ». Haha.  

Out there in this world there is someone that makes me incredibly happy, and it’s you @taylorselenaswift. We have so many inside jokes and I basically met your parents and your cats and your brother and you’re just like a little sister to me. I know you sometimes feel lonely, but look, all these persons actually took the time to write a note and take a picture to wish you a happy birthday. That’s how great you are. I’m so proud of you my love, and you’re still so young, yet you’re becoming a wonderful person and getting to be there watching it from the outside is breathtaking.

Happy Birthday!

I’m sending all my love and thank yous to the persons who participated! I’m tagging the ones who have Tumblr, so thank you:

THANK YOU for making me believe a little more in this world.

Reunion | A Zankie Fanfiction - Part 30 - Epilogue

This was another dream inspired fic. I have a direction for this one though, so it’ll be around for a while. I think I’m going to publish in kind of short bursts for this one. So you all are going to hate me at the end of every part, but just know there’s another one coming quicker this way.

Warning: Beginning with Part 5 this fic is in first person from Zach’s perspective. THERE IS NO SMUT IN THIS CHAPTER.

Part 1 is here.

Part 2 is here.

Part 3 is here.

Part 4 is here. Smut Warning.

Part 5 is here. Smut Warning.

Part 6 is here.

Part 7 is here.

Part 8 is here. Smut Warning.

Part 9 is here. Smut Warning.

Part 10 is here.

Part 11 is here.

Part 12 is here.

Part 13 is here. Smut Warning.

Part 14 is here. Smut Warning.

Part 15 is here. Smut Warning.

Part 16 is here. Smut Warning.

Part 17 is here. Smut Warning.

Part 18 is here.

Part 19 is here.

Part 20 is here.

Part 21 is here.

Part 22 is here. Smut Warning.

Part 23 is here. Smut Warning (minimal).

Part 24 is here.

Part 25 is here.

Part 26 is here.

Part 27 is here.

Part 28 is here.

Part 29 is here. Smut Warning.

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pandabatman  asked:

I thought you might like to know that I sent an affirmation to my mother, who teaches mindfulness to elementary school children. She printed it out and taped it to the front of her computer. My brothers and I grew up playing with He-men so she's familiar with Skeletor & now loves your tumblr. I was going to send you a picture, but I can't find where to attach it. The affirmation is "I am grateful for the difficult people in my life. They allow me to practice patience and tolerance." Thanks!

That’s fantastic!  We at Skeletor is Love have the utmost respect for educators and other folks who work within the educational system.  We have mentioned it her before - it was our sister, a school mental health guidance counselor, who inspired Skeletor is Love to begin with!
Give your mom a hug and tell her you appreciate her and all she does :)


My brother literally hasn’t texted me in months and out of the blue he sends me this picture and it’s a fUCKING RAMUNE BOTTLE WITH NATUTO ON IT LIKE I SWEAR TO GODdsd
I mean I love naruto but I h ent watched it in years and the fact that he doesn’t even tell me important things like how he moved or got a promotion at work bUT WILL TEXT ME NARUTO RELATE D THINGS IS LITERALLY HYSTERICAL

Bad company part 16

Part 15                Master list

Today was the day, well actually three days ago was the day but the little guy had no intention on coming on his due date. Now you woke up in bed, your body in a full cramp. Your hand came down and smacked Jensen’s chest as he lay soundlessly beside you. He groaned and opened his eyes. 
“What’s up baby?” He said in  the sleepy voice that normally would have you feeling a little hot under the collar. Not today though, you were trying your best to breath through the contractions. You’d been having them for at least four hours but seeing as they weren’t too bad you just ignored them. Jensen realised what was happening and all sleep left him as he sat up and put his hand on your back. 
“It’s happening?” 
You nodded, unable to say anything else. 

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