my brother needs to be proven wrong

You know, i hate to be “that guy”, but I feel like someone needs to inform this fandom that you can, in fact, interpret a character incorrectly. “It’s my interpretation!” is an excuse I see people using constantly to blatantly ignore canon, and I’m more than a little pissed off about it.

“It’s my interpretation that Mikasa sees Eren as her foster brother”.

That’s all well and good, but you’re wrong. Mikasa has had numerous instances where she’s proven that her feelings for Eren are romantic.

Also, there’s a difference between interpretations and headcanons. An interpretation is a reasonable conclusion you draw about a character based on how they’ve acted in the past, according to canon. A headcanon is just something oyu think about a character that hasn’t been proved. “Mikasa sees Eren as a brother” isn’t an interpretation, it’s a headcanon. And headcanons can’t be used to attack Eremika, because they aren’t even provable.

For example, I could ignore that Levi is canonly a neat freak and say that, because he got blooded up a bit once, that means he does not mind getting dirty, and therefore I “interpret” that he’s not a neat freak. And when people tell me that he is, in fact, a neat freak, all i have to do is say “it’s my interpretation!”

Sounds pretty stupid, huh?