my brother josh

The finale of BB19 has completely redeemed the season holy shit. Why do I thrive on Paul losing for a second year in a row LMAO


Fairy Watching vs. Star Gazing cuz I don’t know which one I like better.

I don’t expect others to fully understand but watching Jessica, Eugenia, Krampus, and Paul gather around Josh and have a lecture about “the correct way of speaking” just because he has an accent really infuriates me. Like you can tell he’s laughing just bc he’s not trying to make it a big deal but it irritates me so much because THIS EXACT example of whitewashing and erasing one’s culture is why so many families don’t teach their children their native language. Because they feel they will be held back. 

I am of Latin & Caribbean decent from both parents and was born in NY where it’s nothing but diversity. However, when I was a child and had to move to the good ol’ south and live in the upper part of Florida, my prominently white, A+ elementary school saw it a huge, huge problem that not only did I have a heavy New York accent but it was mixed with Spanish as well. The moment my parents jotted down that I was Latina, they threw my ass in remedial classes, speech classes, and wanted to hold me back a grade because they felt that maybe I don’t understand information (14 years later I graduated college with honors bicth). My parents, especially my mother who is Latina fought like HELL to take me out of those classes and keep me from being held back. And it was a fight because that school literally wasn’t backing down (Funny enough, her sister was going through the exact same issue with her kids at the same time). Fast forward: we don’t put down our true ethnicity when filing anything school-related and they minimized teaching us Spanish growing up so there wouldn’t be any more bs obstacles we’d have to face later.

BUT IT’S SO STUPID because when you grow up and you’re looking for a job, you’ll have a higher chance of being hired if you know more than one language!! So, listening to Paul’s nasty ass say that he’s gonna hit Josh when he pronounces something wrong and give him a treat when he says it right while the others laugh makes me feel so violent yet so tired.

“jack’s least favourite video is every single one without joe in it.”

honestly the fond smile on jack’s face as he sits a thinks about his video with joe is bloody adorable I love joeck

who wants to bet that joe had the same exact fond smile on his face behind the camera