my brother it so obessed with it

Machine Gun Kelly

It was march of 2010 i was in my brother mikes honda civic with his little brother matt just blaring rap threw the 12 inch subwoofers when matt grabbed the aux cord and put on this kid ive never heard of named Machine Gun Kelly. so me being me i went home and downloaded all of his mixtapes and became obessed and here we are 7 years later and im just as obsessed with him and i have spread the love to numerous friends. The original thing that brought me to him was his flow and his word play. And then i found the lace up mixtape and i heard a song called the return, to this day i still believe that is one of the realest songs ever written in history. He spilled out every negative aspect of his life and all of his struggles over top of a dope beat and just has an amazing flow about it. so then i found his freestyles and his story threw his music. every machine gun kelly song makes me forget about the stress in my life. this guy from 2 hours north of where i live whos only 1 year older than me i have seen his career blow up in front of my eyes. its amazing. and the love he has for his fans is not shown by any other musician, he really loves his fans and thats a big thing for me. with his career blowing up and his dreams coming true he still recognizes where he came from the struggles he faught getting there and he has never took his fans for granted. and threw all of that hes always had a fuck you attitude. his songs take me to a whole new place they make me feel normal when im used to being criticized for being myself. The hope of hip hop is machine gun kelly, his influences go beyond hip hop and r&b he brings a rockstar vibe to hip hop which is what weve needed in this genre, we need mosh pits, people going crazy, good music, and good times, cause after all the very reason we go to shows is to escape the struggles of every day life for a few hours. The Lace Up movement is a very inspiring thing to me, no matter what the world throws at you lace up them shoes and put 10 toes to the pavement and make some shit happen. I will always pass on an mgk song to as many people as i can in hopes it will bring someone as much happiness as it has brought me. Thankyou for being you Machine Gun Kelly and from a fan we appriciate your appriciation. Machine Gun Kelly will always inspire me in a musical way and that carries over in to my personal life as well. He shows anyone can achieve their dreams if they give it all they have. 

Events Understood.

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“Stanley? What happened?”

A sniff came from underneath the blankets of the bottom bunk they shared. Even though they were both 14 years old. They still shared twin beds. “I-I don’t wanna talk about it!”

The bed dented indicating someone had taken their place next to the bulgy lumpy sheets. Slowly a six fingered hand gently placed itself on top and gave the person in between those covers a few comforting pats.

“Talking might help you feel better. It always does.” The voice was gentle and reassuring.

Another sniff, almost sounded like a sob of some sort. “Ford? Do you think I'm— stupid?” The question itself threw the other twin off for a second.

“You know how to scrambled meat perfectly fine—”


A chuckled filled the air. “I’m just kidding, Stan. Of course I don’t think your stupid. You have your own smarts. You know how to fix up a car, you know how to cook, and you’re insanely creative. You’re not stupid in the least. Why?”

The ball shifted in the blankets. “Crampelter.” The older brother said simply. Eyes narrowed at the mention of that name. Crampelter. That guy has been bulling the two of them since they were old enough to walk. Why? Neither of them had no idea.

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