my brother can attest to this

Can we talk about how the killer cop, Jeronimo Yanez, is Mexican-American? While not white, this terrible example of pathological anti-blackness demonstrates to us that white supremacy can use non-black people of color to uphold its systems of oppression. I know for certain that my fellow Mexicans can personally attest to the abundance of anti-blackness that exists in our communities. Jeronimo murdered Philando and I’ve not heard any of my woke Latinx or Mexican friends say a peep. He’s a monster, right? He’s also your brother, uncle and cousin. Y'all, this is where the ally work matters.

Jeronimo, a brown man, was acquitted not because of his innocence, but because the 10 white jurors were able to identify with his light-skinned Latinx version of anti-blackness–and established an intersectional kinship built on hatred for black people.

While not always wielding a gun, members of our community routinely express and enact anti-blackness. This happens through words and actual violence. Philando’s case may be extreme but it is not unusual. As Latinx folks who often benefit from a hierarchy of racism, we must be vigilant and dutiful in confronting anti-blackness in others and ourselves. As allies for black liberation, the onus is on us to do coalition work and be willing to sacrifice privilege and relationships in pursuit of the struggle. As a queer Chicano, I don’t take responsibility for the existence of white supremacy but I certainly admit that I can do more to confront anti-blackness around me and within myself.

As Philando’s girlfriend Diamond stated: “He was pulled over because, per officer Yanez, he had a wide nose and looked like a suspect.” “God help America,” she continued. Yes, God help America but also let us Latinx folks help each other confront and act on the problem. This time, the problem is ours.

- Miguel Garcia

Miguel Garcia is a native Detroiter and Chicano queer mental and sexual health advocate. He currently works for a community health agency based in Detroit and is completing his degree in Boston.

spansh translation: 

¿Podemos hablar de cómo el policia asesino, Jerónimo Yáñez, es mexicano-americano? Aunque no sea blanco, este terrible ejemplo de anti-negritud patológica nos demuestra que la supremacía blanca puede utilizar a las ‘personas de color’ que no son negras para defender sus sistemas de opresión. Sé con certeza que mis compatriotas mexicanos pueden atestiguar personalmente la abundancia de anti-negritud que existe en nuestras comunidades. Jerónimo asesinó a Philando y no he oído nada de mis compañeros Latinx o amigos mexicanos que son consientes de estas estructura sociales o “woke” decir ni un pío. Es un monstruo, ¿verdad? También es tu hermano, tío y primo.
Compañeros, aquí es donde el trabajo del aliado importa.

Jerónimo, una persona de color no negra, fue absuelto no por su inocencia,
sino porque los 10 jurados blancos pudieron identificarse con su versión de anti-negritud al nivel que existe entre Latinx de tonos de piel claras—y estableció un parentesco interseccional construido sobre el odio hacia los negros.

Aunque no siempre manejan un arma, los miembros de nuestra comunidades Latinx rutinariamente expresan y promulgan anti-negritud. Esto sucede a través de las palabras y la violencia. El caso de Philando puede ser extremo pero no es inusual. Como personas de Latinx que se benefician de una jerarquía del racismo, debemos ser vigilantes y obedientes para enfrentar la anti-negritud en los demás y en nosotros mismos. Como aliados para la liberación negra, nos incumbe la tarea de hacer el trabajo de la coalición y estar dispuestos a sacrificar el privilegio y las relaciones en la búsqueda de la lucha. Como un chicano queer, no me responsabilizo de la existencia de la supremacía blanca, pero ciertamente admito que puedo hacer más para enfrentar la anti-negritud alrededor de mí y dentro de mí.

Como dijo Diamond, la novia de Philando, “Lo detuvieron porque, según oficial Yáñez, tenía una nariz ancha y se parecía a un sospechoso.” “Dios ayude a América”, continuó.
Sí, Dios ayude a América, pero también permite ayudarnos a nosotros Latinx a enfrentar y actuar en este problema. Esta vez, el problema es nuestro.

- Miguel Garcia

Miguel García es un nativo de Detriot y partidario de Chicano queer salud mental y sexual. Actualmente trabaja para una agencia de salud comunitaria basada en Detroit y está completando su licenciatura en Boston.

Translation by: Vanessa Velasquez


Welp, Eddy is now gay! Case closed, goodbye!

I do love how Edd’s countenance goes from concern all the way to… to…

Wait a second. Eddy just about admitted he’s no longer interested in girls. And Edd is… smiling about it. That’s his only response. He’s got an excited grin on his face that was prompted only by Eddy’s admittance…

*Throws hands up in the air*

I give up! XP Edd is clearly HAPPY to hear this! He has his hand over his heart! It’s so precious! That is not a normal face to make in this situation! That is a clear “Oh my gosh, my crush is also gay! I think I have a chance!” expression! XDDDD

Okay. Let me see if I can piece this together…

For starters, as hilarious as it is to say “Lol, Eddy’s out of the closet!” and all, I think I can attest for what he was saying. He’s upset about what happened, so he kind of says that in the heat of the moment because he’s frustrated with girls and trying to win them over.

(I’ll add a slight bit of personal experience. XP When I was fourteen, I began to find the idea of kissing other girls A LOT more appealing than kissing guys. I was pretty much DONE with guys by then. XP But because all the guys in my life were either like brothers since they were my brother’s friends OR bullies at my school, you can see why my options were limited! So I attested it to maybe being bisexual before I realized I was gay at eighteen. Sooo, you can say I know what he’s doing there. XD)

So he’s not entirely saying “Done with girls, I’m gay!”, but I think he’s taking a step to realizing his sexuality. He may think “Eh, I’ll get into girls when I’m older!” or something like that, so that’s why he’s not entirely out of the closet yet.

His sexuality IS there, but he doesn’t consciously realize that it is. So you can more than likely say that he subconsciously knows. At the moment he’s coming to see that girls no longer appeal to him and is finding the process more frustrating than it’s worth. Obviously he’ll pass it off as “I’m a kid, who cares about romance?”, which isn’t unreasonable! But it’s a tiny little crack in his closet door… ;)

Now for Edd. :D

I stand by what I said! He’s happy about it!

I think Edd might, on some small level, be a little more aware of his feelings. Maybe not outright, but he does know he feels something strong toward Eddy. And maybe he is a little jealous of Eddy chasing after Nazz, yet he probably attributes it to feeling like his best friend is being taken away. So now that he hears that Eddy is not about to pursue girls, he’s actually happy about it! Both for the fact that he isn’t losing his best friend and because he has a crush and sees he has a chance. :D

Throughout the show, I think they do have feelings for each other, and just end up showing/feeling it in various ways! Especially in season five where it’s getting very strong. Yet it’s all subconscious. They can easily brush it off as strong friendship on the surface. But deep down, their feelings are growing stronger and stronger, and it won’t be long before they can’t escape them!

This is before BPS, obviously, so it’s slowly getting stronger at this point in time (May I Have This Ed?). :D

That’s my take on this scene! I’d love to hear what you guys think of it. X3

i need help still

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they’re able to sue me because when they were bankrupt they had me get credit cards and used those cards. then together we ended up with $10,000 of debt. they used their retirement to pay it off and are insisting i pay it back. they probably couldn’t win in the courts but they definitely could try and I can’t afford a lawyer to fight back.

I tried to take my car and since my brother cosigned on it he told them to call the police if I took MY CAR which I’ve made all the payments on. again would need a lawyer to prove this in court.

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i can do basically anything you ask, id never ask for free money so if you’re interested in helping me.. please contact me.

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I get Blake's ugly shirts, because I live with a guy (my hubby) that wants his clothes to be a "no-brainer" and comfort is the main criteria. My girls call it his "Dad uniform". Baggy shirts, cargo shorts/pants and a baseball cap. He like his pockets, lol. I can attest that it's small price to pay, for having a really nice guy in your life.

Aww. I find it endearing, and honestly, yeah, my Dad and brother are exactly the same, albeit with a different ‘uniform’. Both wives manage. 😄


For Steffi, who’s been marvelous and kind and sweet and so encouraging, for her lovely stories and characters. You’re wonderful. Thank you for all you do. <3

Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV

“…Dean?” A familiar voice said as the god walked into the main hall.

A book fell to the ground, before the tall figure rushed to his side, taking him up in his arms.

“Sam!” Dean said, embracing him in return.

“Dean, I didn’t think I’d ever see you again…” he said, voice trailing off.

“What happened to your hair?” Dean said, touching the now shoulder-length hair.

“It kept reminding me of you and how you used to…” he drifted off. “So I cut it off.”

“Well, I think this suits you better,” Dean said with a grin.

“How did you come back?”

Dean gestured back to his room. “Two Omegas wandered in here. They needed help and… I heard them.”

“Oh, Dean,” Sam said, embracing him once more.

“You look awful.”

“Yeah,” Sam said, grinning crookedly as they stood back to take a look at each other. Sam was much thinner and more gaunt than Dean had ever seen him, and the gold in his eyes was going grey, and blackness was running up his fingers, winding up his arms.

“What happened?”

The god’s shoulders drooped. “When everyone left, I… I tried to help those along our borders growing crops. Then that was seen as illegal and pagan, sinful witchcraft. They began burning those I helped. So I haven’t used my power in years. I’ve just been teaching, spreading knowledge to those who will listen, who pass through. It isn’t much, but it keeps me alive.”

“I’m sorry, Sam.”

“It isn’t your fault.”

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I wanted to share a piece of wisdom with you all. Never judge a book by its cover. Reason i attest to this is because my life has been a rocky journey. From seeing my brother almost die in front of me to seeing my mother lose our house of 15 yrs and trying finding places to lay our heads, I have been through it. You never know how someone is living.. And you can never judge a person for their life .. Also I thank all of you for making me stronger.. Sorry if i never told my actual journey on here but its hard to even share


ITW tour diary Letos edition or 'Jared writing about Shannon'
  • Shan and co went to the hot springs. Good to find some time to do things like that.
  • The show was great and the crowd had so much energy. Because of the altitude between songs my brother and I were sharing an oxygen tank at this show …funny…maybe a walker next. 
  • Started a birthWEEK for Shannon in place of a normal birthDAY. Been a blast so far. Had a nice din din at EAST in Hamburg and got him the pimp daddy prez suite for the night (massage included) so he could live like a king. God knows he deserves it. He’s been killing these shows. As you guys at the shows can attest to, his playing is better than ever.
  • Copenhagen… our second smallest show of the tour but it surprised us all. It was Shannon’s actual birthday (March 9th) and it was a blast (threw his cake into the crowd… yum).
  • Shannon went golfing. 
  • My brother and I had an amazing morning on the farm and then headed to Boston to play a sold out show that night. It doesn’t get much better than that…
  • Shan riding through DC… Georgetown.

  • Me and my brother, Shannon, overlooking the Mississippi before playing the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis.

  • Shannon on the tube…