my brother and i still argue about this scene

I’m a hardcore shipper for this!
Luffy x Nami
People argue about it all the time, but this ship makes a lot of sense, these two have a bond that is different.
Some may say it is a “brother and sister” relationship, I see a lot more to be honest, these two have many moments together throughout the series. MANY. They still have movies and specials with many moments

(EX: Adventure of Nebulandia, Strong World, and My God what to talk about the Film: Gold that if that scene was not propositional pro ship, I do not know what that was for).

“ These are just some of the many times in the series that these two have moments. Anyone can say LuHan and SaNa can happen, but seeing how Oda works, I do not think it would rush into a two person relationship. He would build it. And that’s what he’s doing exactly. All in all, these two just add up, I’m excited to see them together because all those moments between these two can not be for nothing. Honestly, someone who used to use the Shipp LuHan and SaNa (until I could not ignore LuNa in the series. I just had to change.) ’

That was discussed in the One Piece shipps community, simply amazing

I know you do not agree with the shipp will appeal to ” There will be no relationship between the band “ partner, sit and wait in 15 years we talk
But I prefer that he be alone, I prefer that they conquer their dreams and end
Anyway I would like to see them together at the end