my brother and i rewatched this yesterday

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Hey! So I rewatched TGG yesterday and there was one thing that stuck in my mind.John went to interview this dead guys fiancée,and when he wanted to leave her house,her brother showed up.When they started to talk,john folded his collar up just like Sherlock. As soon he was alone in the taxi, his collar was down again,just like always. You know what that means?

Hey Nonny!

Hahah oh gosh I never even noticed! LOL. My GUESS would be he was putting it up because of a chill in the air, since he did it as soon as he stepped outside, but a part of me wonders if he did it because “it looks cool” and he was trying to look more imposing to the brother.

Regardless, John is gorgeous in this episode :p

Remember my baby brother, the Stiles lover?

I rewatched 316 with him yesterday, and other than the fact that he kept asking how much of the episode was left - because he never wanted it to end - there’s not much to report. He loved that Kira is the fox. He laughed his ass off at Derek trashing the party. He flipped Rafael off every time he was on screen.

However, he really reacted to something. I don’t know if you’ve seen the meta going around that we got a glimpse of possessed!Stiles in this episode; the scene where he’s talking to Scott’s dad at the station and goes from his usual flaily self and suddenly goes all dark and deep when talking about why Rafa’s got a problem with his dad. (I just reblogged this scene in case you don’t know which one I’m talking about.)

Since my brother hadn’t seen the end of the episode yet, and only knows as much meta as I tell him, he had no suspicion of Stiles being anything but himself in this scene, and yet he completely froze, and when Stiles backed off and slowly walked out of screen he turned to me and said “whoa, what the hell just happened?”

yesterday i was rewatching the new fosters episode and my brother was like half watchhing it with me half pretending not to care (hes said before that he thinks the show is stupid and expressed his concerns with how ‘young’ jonnor is) and i noticed that during the jude and connor scenes he would pay a lot more attention so i took to watching his reaction when they had a scene and it was so funny like when snapback said that shit to jonnor and connor stood up for him and jude my brothers eyes were hella wide and he looked so suprised and impressed it was amazing and then at the scene where connor finds jude on the rocks and makes the crutches joke my brother made this little awwing face and i said “he walked in the sand on crutches. bruh. that takes hardcore love and dedication.” and he like leaned back and tried to play it off like he wasnt into it but he just kept making those awing faces during the scene and it was amazing okay point of the story: my brother is lowkey jonnor trash