my brobot

April Drawing Challenge Day 27! Tech Heavy!

I’m finally learning to embrace my inner Homestuck, let go of my fears of inadequacy, and stop comparing myself to other artists. At long last, I’ve figured out how to stop worrying about trying to make everything I produce a masterpiece, and instead just focus on making something and improve from there. Its an amazingly freeing feeling.

So for this challenge I drew a Homestuck favorite! ALL THE ROBOCHILDREN! At first I was just going to do Aradiabot, but then I thought, WHY STOP THERE?? JADEBOT DOESN’T GET ENOUGH LOVE AND BROBOT IS A THING TOO.

And thus the trio was drawn and it was good. Heh, I also focused particularly on the coloring, trying to make it less sloppier than usual, and keeping all the colors in the lines. You’re welcome~