my brain is very weird!

((i had a very weird dream today.. so somehow my brain turned me into jin and like these ppl were chasing after jin and jimin and like jin.. or i.. idk dragged jimin into the bathroom and to like “distract” the ppl they/we just began ya know kissing like just little pecks then somehow they started making out in the bathroom))

also like, this may just be my very weird brain, but

“butch” sounds slightly off but still generally sense-making; there are a lot of ways to do it, levels of it, etc. that all count

but “gender non-conforming” sounds weirdly… strict.

like “Oh my, are you wearing PINK? Well, then, you are CONFORMING. No label for you!”

anonymous asked:

if lafayette's historical counterpart is daveed, then who is jefferson's?? is it the dude from the second cast or something or does he not have one?

I made a joke at one point that Daveed Diggs was the name of both the third President of the United States AND the famous Marquis de Lafayette. (Both their visual depictions look weirdly similar!  It must be a very common name from that time period!)  I try not to pull too hard at the genealogy stuff though because 1) it gets into a very weird area and 2) it makes my brain hurt.  I’m down for imagining the president as looking like Chicago’s Chris Lee or whoever though, go wild.

the most Me thing about Me is that it’s two months until my birthday and i’m like “25!!!! GOTTA BE HUGE!!!!!!” and the other half is like “who’s got time to plan? not me. someone just send me a plant, that’s fine. i’ll eat an extra roll of cookie dough and call it a victory when i’m gripping my stomach in gastronomical agony.”

In my perfect #Arrow world...

A rant to make sense of that weird scene in the loft (which I vehemently deny happened because Felicity was totally kissing the air beside her shoulder and remembering when Oliver Queen had his huge hands on her and *gasp*)

Well, after the episode last night, I needed to rant. A lot of you may disagree or maybe agree or just call me plain nuts while shaking your heads. Just bear with me. 

The one thing Arrow writers have always done effortlessly is write Felicity Smoak. While yes, they do use her to prop up other marginal characters and they don’t give her storyline the proper time to be told, fact is that they introduced this character with no existence anywhere in the comic world and made her a character that was not only fearless, inspiring and amazingly well-rounded, but also someone so lovable that the audience (most of them) could relate to her. They’ve always shown her with a backbone of steel who didn’t take the almighty Oliver Queen’s shit - not when he tried to intimidate her in 1x15

and not when he lied to her and she broke up in 4x15. 

Her breaking up their engagement and still remaining behind with him alone even as everyone left, working with him day in and day out (which let’s admit would not be easy after you’ve slept with the gorgeous man for almost a year and loved for half a decade) is a direct consequence of how amazingly strong she is. Most people take time away after breaking up. Not her. She remained, not out of a sense of obligation but because she wanted to be.

(gif @olicity-i-believe-in-you​)

Now that is what I call an awe-inspiring woman. No wonder Oliver Queen loves her so much. And no, it’s not about Olicity not being together. As much as I adore them as a couple, this step back was necessary and will only evolve their relationship (which is already so good at this point they’re better than 50% married couples on earth).

Anyhow, the point of this rant, apart from my obvious love of all things Felicity (including her wardrobe because that is a fucking class act!) is the sudden decision by the writers to introduce a completely random man in the loft with her in the first episode, with no backstory whatsoever. It’s not even like Ray Palmer who had to be a love interest for Felicity to be on the show for most of the season and then go frolicking into his own supersuit. 

Nope. This guy is completely random. So why introduce him at all? That too in such an intimate setting with a woman who is so careful about who she lets in her space. And we know this because in the three seasons before Oliver and Felicity started playing house, we never ever ever saw them inside Felicity’s space- not Digg, not Roy, not Oliver, the closest people to her. Her space was always kept protected (and this is the Olicity loft for goodness’ sake). And now a random guy is in the sacred loft massaging her knots? It just doesn’t add up.

Fishy. Very, very fishy. 

And so my brain goes on a weird path and comes up with this (because let’s be honest, if this was a fic and this was the situation given, I’d write this). This is what I want to be happening.

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Icymasamune Appreciation Post

So it’s one thing to say your friends with someone, and it’s another to actually BE a friend to that person.  Now, I realize that some people are really bad with dates, which is why I’m doing this ten days some of you slackers can have the opportunity to at least look like you’re on the ball.

@icymasamune‘s birthday is April 21st  

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Icy is one of my very few close friends, has been one of my best friends for the past ten years, knows me better than pretty much everyone else in the world, and is one of the best people I know. This year is in fact the tenth year that we’ve been friends, which is a huge deal for me.  I don’t have a lot of friends, and most of the ones that I let get close either end up drifting away or accuse me of being a terrible person, so someone being my friend for a good chunk of my life is a huge deal to me. The fact is that this guy knows and understands me better than I even know myself sometimes, has been infinitely patient with me, and has overextended himself to help me and anyone else he considers a friend to the point of being unhealthy for himself.  After putting up with ten years of my drama and still being as close if not closer friends than we’ve ever been, I felt it only fitting that I change up the way I celebrate his birthday this year, and I invite you to do the same.

 Similar to a previous 10 year friendiversay I celebrated, let me relate the circumstances underwhich Icy and I became friends:

 It was online in the magical land of DeviantArt, and to be honest I don’t actually remember much outside of I started following his work and he started following me back, and I was so surprised I sent him a message because SURELY this amazing artist was too awesome to be interested in my mediocre work.  This somehow led to IMs that led to friendship.  I honestly wish I remembered more about it, because it sorta feels like things “just happened”, which sounds like a cop out explanation, but from my side we sorta just fell into being close friends really fast and things have worked out pretty awesome so far.

He has been there for me when I had to go on depression meds, then when my family and I were freaking out about the possibility of me being bipolar, and in general has been a great support and friend in helping me understand the very weird brain things going on in my head.  He was encouraging and a huge boon to my artistic development, as well as being very supportive and contributing to my ideas; my work and  stories would not be half so interesting and amazing without his help and creative genius.  He’s helped shape and define a number of my moral beliefs and ideals (despite the fact that we both have very different views on many things) by being a sounding board and a general good person who knows how to have a discussion without letting it devolve into an argument or screaming match.  As long as I have known him, his priorities tend to lie outside himself and to this day he continues to support me and my ambitions while asking for very little in return.

He is one of the most selfless and gentle people I know, and as a result it can often lead to him getting hurt by people who take advantage of his friendship, and it pisses me off to no end.

If you are a friend of Icy’s, a fan of Icy’s, never heard of him before but see something you like about his work, I encourage you to either reblog and add your thoughts to this post or send him a message direct and let him know that THIS year on his birthday that he is not alone, unappreciated, or forgotten.  And you have ten days to do it, so no excuses!  Even if you don’t see this till a day/week after his birthday, do it!  He won’t appreciate it any less, I promise.

I caution that if you do add a thing or something like-wise, to please refrain from being negative, insulting, or adding personal information that’ll get you in trouble- my main goal here is to lift up and brighten my best friend’s day.  I would hope that this would be common sense, but you never know.  And if you’re going to be a jerk about any part of this, please direct your comments at me, I’d love to receive them.