my brain is problematic

hey uhhh i’m still kinda stuck on this and i literally can’t tell if i’m over-thinking or not so i need a referee between me and my brain lmao

is communications, particularly the characters, too problematic to the point where it’s a bad idea to continue the series on the route it’s currently on? basically, should i quit the series before it does any more damage, if it is doing any damage in the first place?

considering it hasn’t gotten a ton of backlash (that i know of anyways???) i shouldn’t be this worried, but i can’t really ignore the worry either b/c it’s so convincing and if i keep following my guts i’m gonna quit the series, and THAT will guaranteed get me a ton of backlash lmao

please be honest too, i don’t wanna hear any “do what you wanna do” because i’m not my own audience, you guys are

The thing about being #woke or whatever is that it doesn’t mean that my brain never spits out words or ideas that are #problematic. It doesn’t even mean that none of those thoughts are clever or could make some people laugh. It means I go, “Oh. Oh no. That’s not a thing to say to people,” and then I don’t say it. You can’t always avoid hurting people, but you can do your best. And if you’re not funny without hurting people (and I don’t mean offending people, because that’s too broad and can include, say, Trump supporters getting offended at being called racist because they were yelling racial slurs at children or whatever), you’re just not funny.

I’ve been taking with my friends a lot about the moral choices in this dlc, and why the characters act like they do, specifically DiMA. Why does he ask you to kill and replace Tektus straight after he’s shown remorse over Avery’s death? Why does it feel like he hasn’t learned anything? A few ideas.

- Perhaps DiMA blames Tektus for the old confessor Martin’s disappearance. (His best friend and perhaps the first human to truly accept him for what he was) Perhaps he’s harboured hatred towards the new confessor for a while now, seeing disposing of him as a way of revenge.

- Control is the only thing he’s ever known. Growing up in the institute without Nick’s privilege of memory implants, he doesn’t have anything to fall back on except for what he’s learned. The only thing the institute has done is control, so perhaps he has trouble breaking from that pattern, it’s too ingrained, even if he tries to use it for good.

- He might also just think more like a machine. He weighs variables and percentages, looking for the most likely solution to peace. Perhaps he does recognise the are other methods to killing Tektus, but he’s unwilling to take the risk and possibly let his people get in harm’s way. He’s got a responsibility to them and cannot fail them, even if it means repeating a deed that’s caused him enough grief to try and forget about it.

- Nick’s judgement is harsh. His morals are extremely black and white, and he’s stuck with them, just like DiMA is stuck with his issue of control. Neither synth can truly escape their ingrained natures.

- Perhaps this can lead to a point both synths can learn from each other. I refuse to believe Nick wants his brother dead (he expresses his anger if DiMA does end up dead). So the only other option is rehabilitation. Nick would want to go through the effort of changing his brother’s ways, if it meant not being alone in this world. While at the same time, Nick can learn that an eye for an eye is -not always- the best option.


This dlc has had some seriously morally grey endings, and it’s had me think much harder and deeper about them than the main game, which had obvious evil and good options.

Would I have chosen to replace Tektus if this were real? Probably not. But for my character, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

i just ran into the most openly gay student i’ve ever had.. she greeted me very brightly, then gave me a hug, which i was like, lil weird but ok! she’s graduating so whatever. and THEN gave me a very serious up-down look. which 😳 but also reminded me….

where the FUCK is my chili pepper on rmp!!!!

your fave is problematic: lophiiformes
  • giant fish
  • probably not edible since it’s a deep sea fish and those things never hold up well
  • yet another one of those gods that demands sacrifices; seriously they’re a dime a dozen GET A NEW LINE LOPHI
  • stuck in a hole 
  • a fish that apparently thought it could land like a land creature because it’s stuck in a hole
  • hard for actors to pronounce
  • why is lophiiformes your fave
  • what the fuck

Huh. That’s interesting. Makes sense. If the Bratva episode is in 5x12, then they must be just getting started digging into Susan’s investigation. I know some fans will be frustrated by this, but the more Susan sticks around the more confident I am that Tina, the new BC, isn’t a love interest. It’s just that the timing fits in the scenario in my head. Time for a Tina ramble…

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anonymous asked:

Prompt? “you’re a stress baker and i stay up too late working and i’m writing a thank you note to the ethereal being responsible for the food magically appearing in the common room” au ??? :D

I don’t know if you meant, HP, but that’s where my brain went soooo….

Stiles is a stress baker.

This is problematic for several reasons.

One, he’s a muggle at a magic school.

Two, the Slytherin dorms are possibly, absolutely the least conducive place to stress baking ever.

Three, he’s not even supposed to know where the kitchens are, let alone frequent them.

But Stiles has never been one to follow rules.

Thus he befriended one of the house elves his second year.

That had been mostly just for snacking purposes.

It was only in his fifth year that he really began baking, and now in his sixth, it’s kicked into over drive as he finds himself in the kitchen nearly every night.

The baking serves many purposes.

It lets him get out his stress and his worry about his dad, but it also lets him feel connected to his mom because it was something they always did together. Then he studies while everything is in the over; it’s the perfect balance for his ADHD.

He doesn’t actually care about eating what he bakes that often. Occasionally he’ll take something to give to Scott, but usually he just lets the elves decide what to do with it.

He doesn’t really bother himself with it.

He just bakes and focuses on making it through the year.

Derek’s glad Laura graduated last year because she’d be yelling at him if she could see him now.

His whole family constantly tells him to relax, to take a load off, but he usually just ignores them.

It’s his last year, he’s Head Boy, and he really just wants to make everyone proud.

So what if Erica teases him mercilessly about needing to get a life or more specifically, a love life.

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