my brain is better than everybody's

1. Neosporin is really good for stretch marks.  (for people who dislike them but always know that there’s nothing wrong with having stretchmarks!)
2.  Clean rooms bring good energy. Open your blinds and turn some music on a get to work. You will feel great!
3. The first thing you should drink in the morning is water, nothing else. Try to drink three cups throughout the day. It not only helps you lose weight but clears your skin.
4.  Sometimes you just have to read certain shit and not respond, not everybody deserves to hear your answers.
5.  Face masks are great. Find whichever kind you think you’ll like best and put it on after you take a shower and just chill in bed.
6. Too much coconut oil clogs your pores. Use it wisely.
7.  Going to bed at a decent time is cool. Don’t let your phone distract you, the earlier the sleep the more energy you’ll have the next.  More sleep = more motivation to get your work done. just do it.
8.  Naps are good and sometimes it’s okay to not do that one page of homework and call it quits to get rest.
9.  If you hate just plain water and you can’t stand drinking it put lemons and other fruits in it.
10.  Water with lemon cleans your system out nicely and makes you urine more.
11.  Eight tracks is a good app for new music and playlist. If you haven’t used it try it. Music always makes things better.
12.  Keep your private life to yourself or else you will have to face other people’s ugly comments.
13. Try to read at least 5 books this year or more, especially if you don’t like reading. Reading benefits you in many ways, you will be proud.
14. If you have the time to get chores or homework done then do it, don’t tell yourself you’ll do it later. 
15. Invest in good bath products, soaps and bath bombs and bath oils. they will do your skin wonders.
16. Invest in good hair products too, make sure you buy things for your hair type. 
17. If you want to have sex then have sex and do you, forget the comments. Bring your own condoms if you must.
18. Be friends with who you want to be friends with. You don’t have to be friend everybody.
19. Always stick up for yourself, but if you are wrong and you are being told so, take time to think and accept it.
20. Keep an extra pair of panties, pads/tampons, chapstick and headphones on you just in case.
21. Cranberry juice, yogurt, pineapples, apple juice and just natural sweet things in general.. eat it. I hope you catch my drift.
22. Mens shaving cream works better than woman’s, it makes you skin softer and hair stays gone longer.
23. Men’s razors provide a closer shave. Invest in them.
24. Buying lingerie or pretty undergarments in general will make you feel so much more confident.
25. Sometimes it’s good to just listen to people talk and let them talk for the sake of you not arguing and loosing brain cells.
26. Everybody should take a bath a few times out of the week or months. Baths open your pores and yes showers are cool but baths are A1.
27.  Always put on lotion after you finish bathing too. You want your skin nice and smooth at all times.
28. Save your money. as soon as you get it the first thing you shouldn’t buy is food. buy things that will last and benefit you.
29. Mind your own business. Who cares about what the next person is doing? Just do you. 
30. Organize your closet.
31. Always be nice to people who are always nice to you.
32. Compliment other people. It’s good to uplift anybody. If you think somebody’s shoes are cute just tell them.
33. Treat yourself to pasta and something nice to drink on Friday nights after a long week. Pasta makes everything better.
34. Just learn to love yourself and who you are as a person.
35. You have a right to feel whatever emotion you feel, don’t judge your emotions.
36. If you are sensitive and people bash you for it, don’t listen to their ignorant words. Sensitive people are usually emphatic.
37. Make a grocery list before you go shopping regardless of how lazy you are.
38. Take walks. If you feel bad and need to breathe, plug in your headphones and walk. They clear your mind.
39. Keep a journal and write in it whenever you feel as if you have nobody to speak to. It’s a good way to get rid of things inside.
40. If you’re confident and you think you are the shit then you keep doing that. Or fake it till you make it.
41. Embrace insults. If somebody calls you a name turn around and flip it. People hate to see you unbothered.
42. Try to use natural/organic and cruelty free skincare/haircare products. Limit nasty chemicals, it’s good for both you and the environment.
—  Tips on how to feel better and look better by @contourkits
The signs as things my friends as the signs have said
  • Aries: When the nut so good you come back to life.
  • Taurus: Anyways, we're doing horrible this season. So you're all uninvited from coming to my games.
  • Gemini: You guys can come and visit me. My stage name is Red Velvet. I'm the one wearing the assless chaps.
  • Cancer: Hell no. The only green I eat is green beans. Fuck off. Sometimes peas...
  • Leo: You wanna call yourself a freak but you wont eat ass?
  • Virgo: I'm making dinner that could feed a whole family. But it's just my fat ass.
  • Libra: I have licked a butthole before and I am not ashamed
  • Scorpio: So, I'm underneath this trailer, in the dirt, cheering Mr. Bear on while he's fighting this opossum... trying to defend me.
  • Sagittarius: I'd sop that boy up with a biscuit... bounce a quarter off that butt...
  • Capricorn: You see, I have this thing where I fucking hate myself but I think I'm better than everybody else.
  • Aquarius: And that's when my brain went, ding ding ding I hate her!
  • Pisces: Once you guys try dill dip you're gonna forget about daddies.

i started watching the loo because of lexa. i saw pictures of her on tumblr and thought “wait, where is this cool warrior is from?” and when i saw that is was the loo i was like “wait, there isn’t any cool warrior in that book” (yes, i had the misfortune of reading it). so i decided to give it a try and by the time i started s2 i was already into it (i didn’t expect i was going to like clarke so much, and other things). 

when lexa appeared, it was interesting because… i wasn’t exactly surprised like everybody else about she being the commander, because i knew. but my brain started to run to comprehend what i was seeing vs. what i saw about her. maybe she wasn’t the commander yet? maybe she wasn’t as good as i thought? 

and i thought that somehow kane/jaha would convince the poor servant girl to kill the actual commander and work against their own people to save sky people. (all of this during the episode)

and then… nope. she actually is the commander. she is as powerful as i thought and even better than i could’ve imagined.

and alycia also has this sweet, even if strong voice, that i didn’t expect at all. i remember struggling to “associate” this voice to the person. i think seeing lexa, the commander, is far different than seeing alycia actually being the commander and that’s beautiful

Man Of Thoughts - Jimin(1)

Hey hey hey everybody!!!!
This here is the start of a series that I’ve been  working on for quite some time now..Who better to start with than everybody’s bias/biaswrecker, the breaker of hearts, Park Jimin!!!
This series is set in an AU, so there’s no Bangtan - just OT7 in the same city , living different stories. 
Beware though, these stories are more connected than you think!
Special Thank you to @mimibtsghost for being my relentless idea-dispenser and editor at times when my brain was knocked out with writer’s block!!!

WordCount - 8.6k
Pairing - OC/Reader x Park Jimin
Genre- Angst /Fluff

\(OCTOBER 2015)//

“You were wrong. You were wrong all along , Liliann.” His voice was soft,pleading. “I never hated you. I can’t hate you even if I want to. I-“

Your blinking cursor looked like a bold black line from hell in your tired eyes.Your hands were poised over the worn keyboard of the laptop , waiting for the words to come to you – but they didn’t. The perfectionist in you refused to write an half hearted ending , even though your mind screamed in protest.
Sighing dejectedly, your eyes closed as you leaned your head against the couch. It wasn’t easy being an online writer. You were a well-known writer on Tumblr and Wattpad, writing fanfictions and original stories alike. Juggling your college life with your writing took out quite a chunk of your free time, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. 

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zodiarch  asked:

how do u juggle multiple projects asking 4 a friend

i don’t im dying please send help

ok but joking aside uhhh

  • i’ve got like a lot of free time because 1) i only have work on 3 days of the week, 2) no more school, and 3) i stopped playing as much ffxiv recently due to being busy, so that saved hours of time in my day ahaha
  • got my handy dandy calendar sort of to try and keep track of when things are due, scream a lot in panic, and then work on stuff in bits and pieces??? i also have a calendar on my phone, and a weekly calendar (it’s vld and super adrable) that i tick off to Feel Cool, and the tatsumaki bot on one of my discord servers has a to-do list function so i put reminders there too
  • my adhd ass can’t focus on one project at a time so whenever i get antsy about something, i just swap to a different wip for a bit, but i will primarily try to focus on whatever is more immediate
  • posting progress pics to my friends also helps bc i’m a ho for validation (thanks for putting up with my wip spam everybody haha) 
  • sometimes i stream bc it forces me to keep working on a thing without zoning out too long, and i end up trying to make things look a bit nicer than if i was just dicking off on my own rofl
  • if I feel the urge to do something else fun I just do that instead for a bit instead of trying to Fight My Own Brain because I end up wasting more time that way, better to take a break and see if i’m up for more work later
  • i save time to hang out with friends and do fun stuff so i don’t become a student athlete meme, otherwise momgan will ground me, and sometimes just chilling and goofing off re-energizes you or gives you more inspiration for other things
  • sometimes your original plan is too complicated and you just don’t have time for it so there’s nothing wrong with changing some things to fit your schedule better, and sometimes that actually makes the final product better than before!
  • i find out what time of day works best for me to do certain things, like i know late afternoon or evening + night is my most productive for drawing and writing or things that require longer focus, so i save most of my work for those hours; while commuting i let my brain wander about random ideas and things to save time for later bc i’m bored anyways; chicken nugget lunch sundays are when i do misc planning and brainstorming
  • this isn’t really a ‘how’ but… i draw pretty fast i guess, so that comes in handy when i’m juggling so many things ahaha

im not actually sure if i answered your original question any more bc i got kinda offtopic and im very sleepy but here u go

I wrote 365 notes and put them in a jar as a year long present for my girlfriend

I took most of them out because they are inappropriate.

This is dedicated to Meghan McCarthy.

everyone loves a love note…365 of them

1.)   I am in love with you. Ok.

2.)     Your voice is the cutest thing ive ever heard.

3.)     I love when you cook for me. Its so sexy

4.)     I love being with you

5.)     I love you for putting up with my bullshit

6.)     I love when you sing really loudly in the car

7.)     I love that you picked up my habits

8.)     Your eyes are amazing

9.)     I tell you to post more selfies because you are GORGEOUS

10.)   You are the most lovable person EVER

11.)   I made all these notes because I LOVE YOU

12.)   I love that you like to do nothing but as long as its with me its ok

13.)   I love that you are not a little brat

14.)   Try and make today the best day EVER

15.)   The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have

16.)   The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart

17.)   Kiss me on the check this morning. It warms my heart

18.)   I love your gorgeous smile

19.)   Your laugh is so lovable and contagious

20.)   You are incredibly funny

21.)   Change your thoughts and you change your world

22.)   Be happy, It makes other happy too

23.)   I envy your pooping skills

24.)   I love that you apologize for everything

25.)   I love you because you get me

26.)   I love your passion for home stuff

27.)    I love that you love me

28.)   I love how we met, its movie material

29.)   I love that you want to be an actor

30.)   I love your smile. Its contagious

31.)   If you’re reading this you still love me and I love you for that

32.)   I love that you are competitive also

33.)   I love that you are loving

34.)   I love how nosy you are.

35.)   Everyday feels like a vacation with you


36.)   I love that it feels like we just met and I love you


38.)   I love when you say. Bettaar bettarrr bettaarr bettarr ahhhhh

39.)   I love that your farts don’t make noise


41.)   I love that you are anti-social also but we try

42.)   I love you for dreaming about a future with me

43.)   I love when you wear my clothes

44.)   I love that you are a money hoarder

45.)   I love how I have to force you to buy something

46.)   I love your blonde hair. It always smells good.

47.)   I love that you snore. Its extremely cute

48.)   I love that you love Steel too

49.)   I love how well you treat me

50.)   I love that you pretend to be a bad cook

51.)   I love that we can be in our mid 20s and still act like little kids

52.)   I love how you listen to me

53.)   I love your sarcasm

54.)   North Carolina was A LOT of fun with you

55.)   I love getting drunk with you even though we both hate alcohol

56.)   I love when I ask for a snack you still get it for me

57.)   I love you cause youre the sexiest woman alive

58.)   I love your money hoarding problem

59.)   I love that you put up with my grossness

60.)   I love that you say sorry for no reason

61.)   I love that you miss me when im in another room even though we live in a loft

62.)   I love your sarcasm

63.)   I love binge watching shows with you

64.)   I love that you let me watch football

65.)   I love “Meghan Day”

66.)   I love Meghan Mondays

67.)   I love when you make vines in front of me. Its super cute


68.)   What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.

69.)   I love how you have accepted my extreme ADD

70.)   Tough times NEVER LAST but tough people do

71.)   Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow

72.)   The power of imagination makes us infinite

73.)   Your mom reminds me of mine. Shes awesome

74.)   Make today your MASTERPIECE

75.)   Tell me to whisper in your ear that I LOVE You this morning

76.)   I love that we do nothing but as long as its together

77.)   Light tommorow with today

78.)   I love that you make me smile

79.)   I love how easy going you are

80.)   I love that youre easy to love


81.)   I love how you want to be with me 24/7

82.)   I love making videos with you

83.)   I love that you appreciate the little things in life

84.)   I love listening to music with you

85.)   I love that you let me play video games

86.)   I loved spending time with your family on thanksgiving

87.)   I love that you support everything I do

88.)   I love getting bagels with you in Atlanta and watch you get recognized

89.)   I love being sarcastic to the guy who wouldn’t switch with you

90.)   I love the way your farts smell…Oh wait they don’t

91.)   I appreciate your fart cupping ability

92.)   I love that your always hungry

93.)   I love kissing you all over

94.)   Tell me to give you a massage today you deserve it for being hot

95.)   I love how jealous you get



98.)   I love how many times you poop in a day

99.)   I envy your popping abilities. You prob pooped twice this morning

100.) I love waking up to those beautiful eyes

101.) I love how you sleep like a rock

102.) I love that you make me a better person

103.) I love making youtube videos with you

104.) I love how you accept my farts

105.) I love your brain. Youre smart. Can I have it?

106.) I love wathicng movies with you

107.) I loved taking you on 5 dates in north Carolina

108.) I love your dancing

109.) I love waiting in the airport with you. There s nowhere else to be than with you

110.) I think we both made a great decision to live with eachother

111.) I love living with you

112.) I love when you cuddle me

113.) I love how everybody loves you

114.) I love your clean humor on vine and that you try to set a good example like me

115.) I love that you are Irish…Kiss me this morning

116.) I love that you are open to anything

117.) I love that you love HGTV too

118.) I love that you never smell

119.) I love how beautiful you are

120.) I love how we met

121.) I love taking pictures with you

122.) I love when you kiss me. Do it now.

123.) I love how we have no friends

124.) Your family is awesome

125.) I love how much you love dogs

126.) I love when you drive because you are really not bad compared to other girls

127.) I love that you love to pop my zits

128.) I love how independent you are

129.)  I love when you make fun of me

130.) I love when you sing in the car

131.) I love making all these notes for you

132.) I love your sense of humor

133.) I love cooking with you

134.) I hope you still love me

135.) Everyday I fall more in love you

136.) Be jealous all you want. I only love you

137.) I love the fact that we met through an app

138.) I love that we met because of vine but only made 1

139.) I love your vines

140.) I love your cleanliness

141.) I love that you put up with my dirtiness

142.) I love how supportive you are

143.) I love taking showers with you

144.) I love that you fake tan even though it doesn’t matter cause your still beautiful

145.) I love dancing with you

146.) I love that you love to hold my hand

147.) I love showing you off

148.) I love your style

149.) I love your sense of style

150.) I love your honesty

151.) I love your modesty

152.) I love your cute little nose and ears

153.) I love your face

154.) I love playing games with you

155.) I love touching you all over

156.) I love the way you distract me

157.) I love how you love my flaws

158.) Doing things are better with you

159.) I love that you aspire to have house with me one day

160.) I love how tolerant you are with how long it takes me to think of a gift for you

161.) Im always so proud of everything you do

162.) I loved watching you at behind the vine

163.) I love how you always have nice things to say about me

164.) I love how happy you make me

165.) I hope I can put a smile on your face this morning

166.) I love how polite you are

167.) I love the way you comfort me

168.) I love how nothing annoys you no matter how hard I try

169.) I love that you randomly bought me shark socks…I love them

170.) I love your values and morals

171.) I love how much effort you put into me

172.) I love that you comfort me when I feel homesick

173.) I love the way you tell stories

174.) I love how these notes could never end

175.) I love how we want to share everything with eachother

176.) I love the idea of so many things with you

177.) I love the idea of going to many places with you

181.) I get happy everytime I see a picture of you

182.) I love that you sometimes think im funny

183.) I love how loyal you are

184.) I love hugging you randomly

185.) I love the way you say my name. Joe aaaaaaa

186.) I love that we sleep in together

187.) I love how you value my opinion

188.) I love how you get me to talk

189.) I love how much I admire you

190.) I love how you make me feel that I can do anything

191.) I love when you tell me you love me

192.) I love listeneing to you talk

193.) I love how you worry about me

194.) I love how you accept me for who I am

196.) I love how much you’ve taught me about myself

197.) I love how you taught me how to behave in a relationship

198.) I love thinking about you

199.) I love how I can always be there for you

200.) I love how incredibly cute and adorable you are

201.) I love that I found love

202.) I love all your instagram photos

203.) I love that haven’t broken up with me

204.) I love that you still are with me

205.) I love that you ask if I love everyday. Ask me again. The answer will be YES

206.) I love that how supportive your mom is of you

207.) I love how you motivate me to do things

208.) MY heart gets warm around you

209.) Please don’t break up with me

210.) 4 months together isn’t long at all considering how long we will be together in the future

211.) I want to live in a house with you

212.) I love writing these notes for you. I hope you love them..and me

213.) I loved going to the collab party with you because I got to show you off

214.) I love how there has been a drink named after you

217.) I hope you love me as much as I love you

218.) I love how you fold my clothes

219.) I love how you accept my weirdness

220.) I love how hard you tried to figure out what I was making for you

221.) I love night swimming with you

222.) I love that you love Christmas decorations

223.) I love how similar we are

224.) I love decorating our apartment together

225.) I love how we love the same things

226.) I love how you let me watch sports

227.) I love eating healthy with you

228.) I love how you tell me how sexy I am

229.) I love following you around while you shop

230.) I love that you think im smart

231.) I love how incredibly cute you are

232.) Thank god you accepted to meet up with us in Atlanta

233.) I love how calming you are

234.) I love your curves

235.) Im extremely excited to give you this gift

236.) Tell me to take you out to dinner tonight because youre hot

237.) Im yours today. Tell me to do something for you

238.) I love that we have the same morals and values

239.) I love that I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend

240.) You are truly the best girlfriend EVER

241.) I love telling you how sexy you are

242.) I love how much you care about me

243.) I love your glasses

244.) I love that you love sentimental gifts

245.) I love how much clothing you have but never know what to wear

246.) I love staring at you when you walk by me


248.) I love how laid back you are

250.) I love that you love to dress up for me

252.) I love how down to earth you are

255.) I love that you swept me off my feet

256.) I love that you show me how much you love me everyday

257.) I love watching TV with you

258.) I love that you hate people too

259.) I love calling you love

260.) I love how you can always be there for me

261.) I love how thoughtful you are

262.) I love how cute you are and how you love cute little things

263.) I love how you forgive me when I say stupid shit

264.) I love how you put up with my mumbling

265.) I love how you make me feel like the luckiest guy ever

266.) I love how you always want to see me

267.) I love that we moved in together

268.) I will never get tired of looking at that beautiful face

269.) Its impossible for you to be annoying because you are too cute

270.) I love how you appreciate the small things

271.) I love how respectful you are

272.) I love how I always miss you

273.) I love that you are always hungry

274.) I love how funny you are

275.) I want to do EVERYTHING with you

276.) I love how you love animals

277.) I love surprising you

278.) I love you think im a bad texter, so we moved in together

279.) I love your strange sleeping noises

280.) I cant wait to make more memories together

281.) Lets make a memory today

282.) I love you more than all the love in this jar

283.) I love how you always say thank you

284.) I love how you think some things are gross when they aren’t

285.) I love how I can feel like I can tell you anything

286.) I fell more in love with you after writing these notes

287.) I don’t think its possible to love you more

288.) I love standing beside you

289.) I love how you offered to help me with my school work

290.) I love every single little thing about you

291.) I love the way you spoil me

292.) I love the way you pamper me

293.) I love how passionate I can be with you

294.) I love all the expressions you make on your face

295.) I love being yours

296.) I love cherishing every second with you

297.) I love how you always know the right things to say

298.) I love how much ive learned from you

299.) I love how my heart feels warms when you tell me you love me

300.) I love how much I can trust you

301.) I love holding you close to me

303.) I wouldn’t change a single thing about you

304.) I love making plans with you

305.) I love thinking about what the future holds with you

306.) I love singing with you in the car

307.) I love how open-minded you are

308.) If I had friends I would brag about you all the time

309.) You make me smile all the time

310.) I hope you love me as much as I love you

311.) I love going to vegas with you

312.) I love how you always make me laugh

313.) I loved our little road trip from the lake house to charlotte then to your house

314.) I appreciate everything you do for Steel

315.) I love taking you out on dates

316.) I love how much you respect me

317.) I love your cooking

318.) I loved the notes you wrote for me

319.) I love how we can tell each other anything

320.) I love how much I Love you

321.) Id rather do nothing with you than something with someone else

322.) I love your face. You are gorgeous

323.) I love that I can never be mad at you because you are way too cute

324.) I love you because you make me a better person

325.) I love how you excited you get over the little things

326.) I love how much you show me that you love me

327.) Im extremely proud to be called your boyfriend

328.) I love how much other people adore you

329.) I love that you can forgive me for going full retard

330.) I love you for being you

331.) I love laying on the couch with you and talking

332.) I love how you warm my feet in bed with yours

333.) I love that you are not afraid to cry. Its super cute

334.) Everything you do is too cute to handle

335.) I love that you know how to play golf

336.) I loved going to bloody point with you

337.) I love that you accept my terrible music

338.) I still feel like it was yesterday when I met you

339.) I love that you don’t let the haters get to you

340.) I love that people look up to you cause you are amazing

341.) Im extremely happy that vine was invented

342.) I love that we have so much in common

343.) I love gambling with you


344.) I love kissing you gorgeous lips

345.) You make going places fun and exciting




The Mummy Inspired Starters
  • "Looks to me like you're on the wrong side of the river."
  • "Compared to you, the other plagues were a joy."
  • "I've dreamt about this since I was a little girl."
  • "Is he supposed to look like that?"
  • "It seemed like a good idea at the time."
  • "That's called stealing, you know."
  • "No harm ever came from reading a book."
  • "I lie to everybody, what makes you so special?"
  • "I only gamble with my life, never my money."
  • "Of course I can swim if the occasion calls for it."
  • "And you think this justifies the killing of innocent people?"
  • "The only thing that scares me are your manners."
  • "It is better to be the right hand of the devil than in his path."
  • "This just keeps getting better and better."
  • "I think you found something."
  • "You always did have more balls than brains."
  • "After what I just saw, I'm willing to go on a little faith here."
  • "That happens a lot around here."
  • "Some bloody idiot spilled his drink."

Title: Expectations

Pairings: N/A; hinted NaruHina

Summary: Boruto and Himawari were expected to be great. What wasn’t expected was how they went about doing it.

Disclaimer: Still don’t own anything

Note: My headcanons got away from me again. Thought I was done, but nope. Himawari’s part is now out here. It got too long so I had to separate it. Enjoy.

Part 1: Boruto

When it came to chakra, most people agreed that Uzumaki Boruto and Uzumaki Himawari were two of the luckiest people in the world. Born with the ridiculously large capacity of their father and the chakra control ofthe Hyuuga, both children were considered potential powerhouses even before they entered the Academy. It was expected that the siblings would aim for the Hokage title and become frontline fighters like their parents – taking dangerous missions and saving the world in fiery explosions and awe inspiring battles. This wasn’t entirely wrong, but then it wasn’t entirely right.

Boruto was the first to challenge this idea. Even at the young age of seven, he held some resentment towards the Hokage title. Oh sure, he loved his dad to pieces and was proud to be his son, but the position of Hokage was not one he thought very highly of if only because it limited the amount of time his father spent with him. So Boruto never even entertained the idea of taking up the mantle. It just was not a job he wanted. But still, he looked up to his parents and wanted to become a shinobi.

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zemyla  asked:

Is there anything you can tell us about how to move to Ireland?

Well, you could do it the way I did. I married an Irish guy. Or more specifically, someone entitled from birth to an Irish passport and Irish citizenship. Since @PeterMorwood’s parents were born on the island of Ireland before 1922 (and the establishment of the border between Northern Ireland [presently part of the UK] and the Republic of Ireland, he was entitled to either citizenship, or both.) When I married him I acquired UK residency (because we were running around England and Scotland for a while there: SPOCK’S WORLD was written in a cottage attached to a Scottish castle near Ayr) and then, a bit later, Irish residency when we moved over here. Google “UK Ireland Common Travel Area” for some of the ramifications. Five years after I moved here, I acquired Irish / EU citizenship in my own right, secondary to marriage to him.

Due to the wonderfulness of Ireland, you too can marry an Irish person of the gender of your interest / choice, whether you are yourself of that gender or of another. I’ll leave you to look into this.

(I’m sticking a cut in here, because this thing just keeps growing…)

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i would say that writing this fic* gave me a lot of feelings about the Mysterious Coach Bittle, but frankly i’ve had them for a while, so i thought i’d put down some Big, Hot Takes™ on why a complex coach is infinitely more interesting to me than the coach that i see for the majority of fanon** and how i think that specifically affects my interpretation of bitty as unreliable (yet lovable) narrator. 

(actually, i have lots of those, but those probably could go into an essay of their own.)

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"Called the wrong number while drunk" Klaine? Maybe they're life long fruends with an unspoken attraction to each other and the drunk one just broke up with another SO. Or strangers, with the breakup. Or completely different idc your stuff's lovely!

oh my god it all sounds amazing



Kurt doesn’t need to look at his screen.

First of all, not many people would call him at this hour–except his dad, if it was an emergency, and he wouldn’t start with a drunken “hey”.

Second of all, he knows that voice well enough to recognize it.

“Hey, Blaine,” he says between two yawns, snuggling in his bed.

“Oh, hey Kurt.”

Kurt lets out a sleepy giggle. “Didn’t you mean to call me?”

“‘M not sure.”

“Where are you, Blaine.”

“… ‘m not sure.”

Kurt is torn between laughing at how utterly cute his best friend sounds when he’s drunk and smacking his head into the wall because of how cute his best friend sounds when he’s drunk.

Best friends are not supposed to enter the “cute” category.

Charming, yes, beautiful, sure, but cute?

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New comic! (link)

It’s hard to see someone you love hurting. My first instincts are to fuss, trying to make everything as easy as possible, but when you’re dealing with mental illness, you may as well be a butterfly fluttering against a concrete wall.

I have to remind myself that more often than not, the best help I can give is to sit, and be quiet, and provide pats, as the people I love have done for me. We can’t solve the problem of someone being unwell. We can’t fix their brains or make them better. But we can be a presence. 

How that looks is different for everybody. Me and mine, we do well with passive physical contact and light patting. Pat pat pat. 


The single best line I’ve ever heard on The Big Bang Theory.

999 Character Descriptions:

i was introducing my friend to the characters and she thought these were funny so

To start off, every character has a number, and their name is a codename, which they came up with, for that number. 

This is Ace. Bracelet number 1. He’s okay I guess.

This is Snake. Bracelet number 2. i loVE HIM HE’S MY PRECIOUS BABY MY FAVE I CANNOT. He may be blind but he’s got really good hearing and can still beat you into next week so don’t fuck with him. Or his sister.

This is Santa. Bracelet number 3. He’s a little shit and drops the f-bomb a lot. You have been warned.

This is Clover. Bracelet number 4. I love her. She’s Snake’s little sister. Best brother-sister team ever. Don’t mess with her or bad things will happen.

This is Junpei. The main character wow. He makes really bad puns all the time and it’s glorious. His bracelet number is 5, but everybody calls him by his real name because SOMEBODY decided to tell everybody his name.

This is June. Bracelet number 6. Real name: Akane Kurashiki. Childhood friend of Junpei, and she’s the somebody who told everybody Junpei’s name. Sometimes she says the randomest shit you ever heard. Nobody’s really sure what goes on up in that brain of hers.

This is Seven. I’m sure you can guess his bracelet number. He’s very creative. He also has amnesia, if you were looking for that particular trope.

This is Lotus. Bracelet number 8. Boob game too strong. Don’t underestimate her math skills.

This is the 9th Man. His face describes his personality better than my words ever could.

(disclaimer: this is entirely just my personal feelings on the matter) 

tip to parents of autistic kids:

when your kid tells you something they think or do or feel that is likely an autistic related thing, don’t go “oh everybody does that” to try to make them feel better. cause the kid already knows not “everybody does that” and it would be much more validating to hear “you do that for a reason about how your brain works and that is okay” than to hear “apparently everyone does that but not really, you are different for no good reason and you can just continue feeling like a freak"