my brain farts

I keep fantasizing about how cool it would be if humans were supernatural creatures and their powers and physical features were based on their sun, moon, and rising sign. Hear me out: sun signs determine the basic physical features like nails that are strong like claws or goat horns or gills that can be activated and deactivated. Moon signs determine what powers you have; Aries moon can have pyrokinesis, Gemini moon can multiply, Leo moon can manipulate heat and fire solar beams, etc. And the ascendant can determine your color scheme, physique, and secondary characteristics like hair and eyes. Hehe sorry, excuse my brain fart


“Put this girl in the dungeo-”

“You want to put my girl WHERE, Borson?”

Sif was suspicious of Darcy because something just wasn’t Midgardian about her and reported to her king. Because Darcy couldn’t prove her suspicions wrong, Odin decided to put her on temporary hold (frolicking around with Loki didn’t help either. I mean…he wasn’t the type to do the do behind bushes so they didn’t suspect that).

Nyx decided to intervene so Darcy didn’t have to break her vow about not telling anyone of her heritage.

A shocked Fandral.

A shocked and extremely angry Jane.

A slightly ‘well I’m not that surprised’ Thor.

A very scared Sif.

And Loki fangirling over the goddess of the night herself omg omg what do I say that’s my future mother in law!!!

A Request (Optional Bias)

Opening a new tab, you tap the keyboard and press enter. The screen loads for a few seconds before turning blue.

As you check your Tumblr dashboard, you can’t help but notice that your inbox isn’t empty. Curiousity got the best of you, so you decided to check it.

The message read following: „hi! i just wanted to say that i adore your blog, it’s so real! i have a request~ what would ______ do if you randomly tackle him/her and give random pecks all over the face”

That request made you think. What WOULD ______ do?

You slowly stand up from your desk and strech. Turning around you see your other half minding their own business, earbuds in, they could not hear you.

Perfect. Time to attack. You think.

You jump on them, tacking them down and proceeding doing what the request asked.

„Wha-what are you doing?!” you could hear a chuckle coming under you, definitely enjoying your random pecks „Yah! S-stop!”

You jump up and go sit behind your desk as if nothing happened. Clicking on the button below the request, you reply to the message and send it away.

Footsteps approach you from behind and the next second you feel arms wrap around your shoulders.

„What was that about?”

„Oh, someone asked what you would do if I did that. Since I’ve never really done it, I had to, to find out your reaction. Did you like it?” you smile, looking at ______.

„You should do that more often.”

- Dog the farter /this was a brainfart

One of my choir’s members is having his birthday today. I ran up to him intending to say “happy birthday” to him, but my mouth and brain ran off on me and I blurted out “Did you know you share your birthday with Stephen Hawking and David Bowie?”

He said “I do now!” and laughed.

I got my ‘I am brain-farting’ giggles and in between them I finally said “Happy birthday” properly. He said “thanks” and omg it was so awkward…but it was funny too!


OMG you guys!!! Thank you so much for the support on “In Hushed Whispers” it seriously brought a tear to my eye to see so many of you giving it a go and liking it. I will try to update it every Saturday and try my hardest to make it even better.

On the same note I would like to say that I wanna take requests for head cannons and scenarios for this game so I can familiarize myself with them and this reader-insert genre so please REQUEST AWAY, give me food for thoughts!

Thank you once more for all the support and for all your kindness!!!

New Years Eve.

All of my friends want me to go out tonight. I honestly don’t really see the point. To do what? To drink and forget about my problems? To forget what emotions feel like? That’s what the drugs are for. And let’s see what else…take home some random? No thanks, example 1, STD’s. Example 2, why would I want to explain to some drunk asshat how to touch me and make me feel good? It’s exhausting. Everything is a chore. These past two months just haven’t been the same, and it sucks that I haven’t even noticed it eating away at me, till now. Let me enjoy my one off day of solitude. My mind is never at peace anymore.