my brain and my hand are crying


The second half of my commission from @kurogoesinthedas – seriously thank you so much for bringing this to life, it’s completely perfect.

(a good morning from my more srs post-Trespasser business)

Dragons are British

So i think you might like to hear what draconic langue in my game so my two players that are dragon borns got in a cussing match but the actual players use British slang and gestures so now the draconic langue is now British insults and hand gestures

For example the two were fighting over how to fight a boss
Gold (in common) im tired of ur shit man
Silver(in common) yea but at least im using my brain
Our cleric starts to get uncomfortable and looks like they are gonna cry
Gold(in common) lets use our native tongue to finish this
Gold(in draconic) oi mate ya fukn wanker at lest shes not a gerbil and my father dosent smell of elderberrys (flips off silver)

Yea so this is what our game is now

My Princess

My Princess (m)

Word count: 3.8k

Genre: smut

I probably went a little too far with this, oh well. Although, this was probably one of my favorites i’ve written so far. Anyway, his was a request from an anon, hope you enjoy :)

Your boyfriend of one year, Jimin, decided for your anniversary he was going to take you to your favorite place, Disneyland. You two loved watching Disney movies together. You especially loved Beauty and the Beast and pretty much any princess movie. Jimin decide to even called you his princess. For your anniversary he made sure to get some time off so you two could spend a long weekend together.

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be more chill but it's kidzbop pt 2

so it’s like…. sugar?
nah man you tell her that she excites you romantically
do you wanna hang but it’s hand holding
eminem’s stoPPED MAKING MUSIC?? (still alive tho)
jeremmmyy i like like you
let’s get inside those brains (with their consent of course)
jeremy my buddy how’s it hanging lunch is cool beans
jenna rolan said madeline told jake ‘i’ll only hold hands with you if you beat me at cards. and then she lost at cards dElIbErAtElY
everything about you makes me wanna cry
picked out a costume for tonight made sure to get a size that fit just right you can kinda see the zipper but i’ll act like i don’t know
got some chapstick and some juice i borrowed my older brother’s superhero suit dont have any powers but making sound effects will do

everybody’s got a fountain drink cup fill it up fill it up hear the sprite spill on the ground

Hogwarts Houses During Exam Week


- Take lots of breaks during study sessions, usually to do something active

- Will 100% try any study hack they hear, from writing in certain ink colors to to going on a “brain food” binge

- “Okay, you can look at my study guide, but IT’S NOT CHEATING. HAVE TO MAKE THAT CLEAR.”

- Probably don’t get as much sleep as they should

- Down to quiz each other or help make flashcards any time


- Have one good cry to get it out of their system, then back to business

- “I can’t even read my notes. Probably shouldn’t have doodled on them so much.”

- Work in random bursts of hyper-motivation 

- Most likely to show up to the exam in pajamas

- Will hand-deliver cookies and hot drinks to everyone up late in the library


- Have a love/hate relationship with exam week. It’s awful, but it’s also a weird adrenaline rush

- Paper. Everywhere. Notebooks, calendars, flashcards, sticky notes…

- “No, I can’t tutor you in a class I haven’t bloody taken!”

- Like to cram 5-minute study blocks in between classes or during meals

- The best at remembering to actually sleep and eat though


- Study as specifically as they can, going off of study guides and friends who took the exam first

- Will absolutely try to cozy up to the teachers

- “When will I even use Ancient Runes in real life?”

- Find weird, secluded places to study, like abandoned rooms and cupboards 

- Survive on a diet of 1. caffeine, and 2. cookies from Hufflepuffs 

Just...hold your loved ones tonight.

Do it for me. I’m on call, so I can’t.

But when I see an elderly man sob quietly at his wife’s side, saying “please wake up”, when the husband in the room next door slides to the ground and says “she’s my entire world doc, please save her,” I cannot help but shed tears.

These events on a day when my team told a family that their 30 year old son would never wake up again after a drug binge, another family that their grandmother had invasive brain cancer, and finally another family that their patriarch’s cancer is terminal and compassionate extubation is the most humane option of medical treatment. My young woman, fighting off an incredibly rare and mysterious disease, is loosing her hair from chemotherapy. Her boyfriend combs what is left slowly and carefully, massages her hands, sings to her.

It is the tender, vulnerable moments of love and humanity in medicine that destroy me. Please hold your loved ones right. Tell your friends they mean something to you. Pet your cat or dog.

This call blows and all I can do is secretly cry in my call room and type notes, place orders, keep going.

Breaking out my baby

Imagine where the reader gets thrown in Arkham when Jerome is killed,since she was crying over his dead body and Jim saw this as an opportunity to arrest her.So when Jerome returns he goes to save her,finding her completely insane from being tortured


“No. Jerome please don’t leave me! No!” I sob over his body as blood pokes from his mouth and neck.

I’m numb to anything around me I don’t even notice Jim Gordon placing handcuffs on me and my hands behind my back. “(Y/n) (l/n) you’re under arrest.” I sob harder as they place me into the car and drive me to the station.

I don’t stop crying there. I never stopped. Not even they threw me in Arkham, strapped my to the bed, injected me with drugs, or fried my brains. I never stopped till one day where the screams turned into laughter.

I went from crying to laughing. Making a joke out of my pain. It’s an addiction I can’t stop. Laughter is…my escape. Laughter is my freedom.

I sit in my cell reading a book and sipping my coffee when a nurse comes in with a needle. “That time again? Oh alright then! Go ahead! Stickme baby!” I cackle and jump off the bed next to her holding out my arm.

She flinches as I get closer. “Ah you’re new! Well WELCOME! My name is (y/n)! Say…would you do me a favor?” She’s so taken over by fear she can’t move. “Awww honey! No need to be scared! What do you say you get me out of here and we can go shopping, get our nails done, maybe go get some sweets! Oh doesn’t that sound fun?!” I reach for the needle and snatch it from here quickly stabbing it into her neck.

She falls to the ground and I run out of the cell. I laugh as guards left and right race to get me. “YOU CAN’T CATCH ME!” I yell laughing. I turn the corner and see a door with a silver handle. “Oh shiny!” I grasp the handle hoping it would open the door but it doesn’t budge.

I turn around to see the guards with annoyed looks. I sigh and hold my wrists out. “Off to treatment we go.” They take me to the shock room where they strap me down and fry my brains, but honestly it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

I cackle as my hairs stand up. “Come on Doc oh hit me one more time!” He rolls his eyes and turns the electricity up. “Crazy bitch.”

I was placed in solitary confinement, but I didn’t mind. They gave me paper and markers to keep my occupied, but as I was coloring a picture of a flower gunshots are heard and screams fill the air.

Jerome POV:

I shoot the guards as they run up to me. I hit one in the face with the butt of the gun and look down at him laughing. “Where is she?”

(Y/n) POV:

Move shots and screams continue through the entire asylum. I don’t think too much of it until I hear a laugh. A adorable laugh that I know matches a even more adorable smile.

I stand up and go to the door and look out the window seeing a smoked up hallway. The laugh gets closer and loud footsteps a sound. I start bouncing on the padded floor in excitement.

I’ve heard rumors about it. Villains being reborn, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I see a flash of red hair and bang on the door


He turns to look at me and smiles. He motions for me to back up and I do as told moving away from the door.

In seconds it’s blown open and I’m in his arms. I look up to see his face is lined in staples and he’s got a permanent smile scared into his skin. He moves my hair out of the way and looks at the scars on my body. “Oh doll what have they done to you?” I giggle and kiss him. “Nothing I couldn’t handle J. I’m free. Now let’s get out of here.”

We run down the hallways free, laughing, and shooting anything in sight. It’s good to be free.

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simon imagine - small world

REQUESTED:  ‘Can you do a Simon imagine where you dated before he start YouTube but broke up and were is first everything and the one he wanted to marry. He still in love with you. The other sidemen beside JJ don’t know about and when you guys see each other again you’re dating another sidemen please’


I knocked on the door of the large house. There were three cars parked out the front, almost symmetrical. The house was intimidating - it was clearly home to a few people, assumedly very rich people. The guy I was dating had assured me he didn’t live here - Harry, was his name. He had told me he was a youtube entertainer, and that this house was the home of his friends, that he stayed here before making announcements and filming videos. I agreed nonchalantly whilst he had explained this. But inside, the mention of Youtube made me want to run and hide. I had had experience with a Youtuber before - Simon, my first boyfriend - and the precious website had been the end all of what we had. Ever since I stayed away from it completely. I had been lucky in the sense I was dating Simon before he got too invested, and so I had no idea of where his success had taken him, or if he had been successful at all. This also meant I never received any social media attention at all, and the entire relationship stayed a simple secret. I hoped things with Harry would hopefully go the same way - although, without all the messy break up of course.

When the door opened I came face to face with Harry. Instantly I smiled as he welcomed me in with a warm embrace.

“Y/n, you came!”

“Of course,” I smiled.

“Well, we’re gonna film a bit later but for now we’re just chilling. Come through to the kitchen you can meet the others.”

He took my jacket before taking me through to the kitchen. I smiled politely as I was confronted by four guys, all sitting and standing round a kitchen table. Sat together were two of them, one of them slightly bigger than the rest and the other beholding a distinctive beard. Stood by the fridge was a slightly smaller Indian boy in khaki shorts and a pizza patterned hoodie. Then on the other side of the room, closer to me, stood the last man, a quite muscular and broad black guy wearing a snapback and a gold chain. The one with the beard spoke first.

“Hello, you must be Harry’s girlfriend! I’m Josh.”

He stood up to come and greet me, wrapping me in a formal hug. I smiled appreciatively into his shoulder.

“I’m Y/n.”

Two of the other boys greeted themselves as Ethan and Vik, before alerting me that the guy in the beast shirt, who had left shortly to take a phone call was called JJ. I recognised the rare name. Harry took a seat from around the kitchen table, pulling me down to sit on his lap. I smiled uncomfortably at the PDA.

“So Y/n,” Ethan addressed me. “Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do for a living, where are you from?”

“Well, I’m from Watford but living in Stratford. I’m currently training as a probation officer.”

“Oh that sounds interesting, what does that entail?” Josh asked as all the other boys watched with intrigued eyes.

“Well I went to university in Watford and studied criminology for a few years, then eventually graduated and now I’m in first year of probation training. It’s gonna take a while to properly climb through the career but it’s something I’ve always been interested in.”

At this point JJ walked in. He patted my back slightly as he took a seat around the table, as if to make up for the lack of greeting earlier without interrupting my conversation. I appreciated this - although I couldn’t shake the feeling of deja vu I felt in his presence.

“Oh criminology?” The indian boy that I knew to be Vik spoke up. “I’ve heard that’s a lot of essay writing, isn’t that what Simon did before he dropped out?”


Josh, the beard guy seemed to notice my confusion.

“Our friend, Simon. He started out doing a criminology course but didn’t like the coursework content, so he dropped out and began youtube instead. He lives here actually, JJ where’s Simon?”

“I’m here why- Y/n?”

My heart stopped as a new boy entered the kitchen. His face seemed to pale as we made eye contact. Simon. Oh my God.

“Simon? You alright mate?” Josh asked, eyebrows furrowed in subtle confusion. “This is Y/n, Harry’s girlfriend - although it seems you already know her..?”

“We met in a club once,” He interrupted, not taking his eyes off me. “That’s it.”

“Really? She shares a lot of similarities with you actually, she grew up in Watford too.”

“Small world,” he muttered. 


An uncomfortable silence reasoned throughout the room for a second before the rest of the boys continued conversation, excluding me this time. My eyes remained on Simon. He had changed significantly since we had crossed paths for the last time about four years ago. He had grown, massively, now towering over everyone. His hair was a brave shade of red, longer than it was when he was younger. Even his eyes seemed to glow brighter. He was a whole new person. Eventually he broke the eye contact. 

“JJ, can you come up to my room please?”

The guy on my right looked up from his phone.

“Um yeah, sure?”

Both boys left, and I focused my attention to the kitchen island. Holy fucking shit. What a small world.


“Dude, that’s her.” I spoke quickly to JJ as I leant against my bedroom door. “It’s…Y/n.”

“Her? What Harry’s girlfriend, yeah I know she’s hot right?” 

“No, you fucking idiot. It’s Y/n. As in, my Y/n. Only girl I’ve ever loved, Y/n.”

JJ’s eyes widened. He put his phone in the pocket of his tracksuit bottoms, sitting down onto my bed. “Oh…shit, man. Dude, you did well. She’s hot.”

“Fuck off.” I spat at Jide, who held his hands up in defence. “Yeah, shit indeed. How the fuck has this happened? Why would she do this, she must know Harry and I are friends surely? We have a fucking book together.”

“Well, unless she’s been living under a rock, yeah.”

“Fuck, she looks good,” I sighed, sitting down next to Jide on my bed. “Better than before. She looks hotter, healthier…happier. She looks happier.”

“Dude, you have to do something. This can’t happen, Harry can’t just be parading her round here when you love her. It’s not fair.”

“What the fuck can I do? He has no idea, and she’s his now. I have no rights over her, she’s allowed to do whatever she wants. Oh God.”

As my eyes welled up slightly I put my head in my hands. 

“Fuck. Good point.” 

“I love her, JJ. I really fucking love her.”

“I know you do, Simon.” He rubbed my back in encouragement, which only made me want to cry more. “We’re gonna do something okay, we have to. Maybe you should talk to her?”

I shook my head in silence. A tear rolled down my cheek and landed on my carpet, out of Jide’s eyesight. What a fucking mess. I couldn’t get rid of the image in my brain - her tiny hands resting under her chin. The natural waves in her hair. Her glossy eyes looking into mine, the shock on her face. Even the way she sat on top of Harry. That image made my fists tighten.

“Out of all the girls Harry could have chosen…it just has to be her. I never ever mentioned her, never showed anyone any photos, never talked about her in a video. But he still ends up with her.”

“I know man,” JJ sighed, hand still on my back. “It’s a small, small world bro.”


Okay, let me take a quick second to tell you about this thing called “having a panic attack” because some people obviously don’t get this. When I’m having a panic attack, DO NOT tell me to “just breath and calm down" or “You’re over reacting, please knock it off”. I swear to you, if it were that easy I would have done it already!

You know that feeling when you’re going down a long flight of stairs and you miss a step and your heart lurches? Or when you lean too far back in your chair and you almost fall? Or when you’re waiting for the doctor to come back in with your results and you know this could potentially change the course of your life? It’s like that for 20 minutes straight.

A panic attack is when my brain and my body think I’m in immediate danger and send unnecessary amounts of adrenaline through my body, making me hyper aware of everything around me. I CANNOT CONTROL THIS REACTION! When I’m panicking, it feels like I’m drowning and no matter how hard I try I can’t catch my breath. I feel like a house is sitting on my chest and making it nearly impossible for me to breath correctly. My hands and my feet go numb and I feel like I’m trapped in a body I have no control over. I hyperventilate and cry because that is the only way I can express all the anxiety inside of me.

Please for the love of God, don’t pretend like you know what this feels like unless you’ve actually experienced it. And please don’t make anyone feel more insignificant than they already do when they’re panicking. Be kind, be respectful, be understanding, be gentle. Please!

he told me he loved me and i froze.
i wanted to grab the words out of the air
and shove them back in his mouth,
i wanted him to tuck them away
and never say them to me again,
i wanted him to take them back.
but instead, i sat there.
i folded my hands neatly in my lap
and stared at the floor beneath me
and i tried not to cry,
but it was almost impossible
because i knew it would be over soon.
here lately, it’s gotten hard to believe
what people tell me because
you told me you loved me, and i believed you,
so i opened my heart up to you and i let you in
and you made yourself at home in my head
and engraved our names together on every
inch of my brain and then you set fire to my
insides and watched me crash and burn
and all you could say was you were sorry.
—  “sorry” isn’t going to stop me from dreaming about you

So this morning I woke up having bled all over my pad, my underwear, my pajama pants, and my bed sheets. I had pains in my back so bad that I couldn’t stand up straight. So much so that I had to ask my husband to wash the bloodstains out of my clothes and sheets because I was just in too much pain and the hot water from the shower helps in times like these.

I have PCOS, so this is normal, but I’ve seldom had bad mornings like this.

I can tell you that at that moment, I didn’t love my body. Crying in the shower as I rinsed blood off my legs and letting the hot water hit me to make the pain go away, it isn’t fun. Now I’m in fresh clothes, I have a warm cup of tea in hand and the painkillers are starting to work, my brain is still a little foggy, but I feel mostly like myself. I happened to remember through all of this that post by @rosedave wherein he admonished us so-called “terfs” for our period blood-guzzling ways. In that moment, crying in the shower, I might have been that “normal person who menstruates” who, in rosedave’s mind, deals with their period the correct way, with detachment and disgust at their body. 

What I think the biggest issue with that post is that it doesn’t realize how the mindset of period as this evil, monstrous thing has been used against women. My privileged self, sitting in 2017 with my husband who didn’t balk at cleaning blood out of my underwear, also has a hard time envisioning it, although a little less so than men who will never experience a period.

Because here’s the thing: for thousands of years, this bleeding has been used against women. Women were told by the men in their lives, men who would have claimed to love them, that this thing their body does, the reason they can promulgate the human race, is what makes them inferior, what justifies their subjection, what makes them less in the eyes of their god than men. And these women had no choice but to believe these lies. 

In some places in the world, this still happens. Young girls and women are barred from school, and sent to period huts because they are seen as impure. Even in the west, echoes of this inheritance persist. You can see this when advertisements for period pads will use a blue liquid instead of actual blood to demonstrate a point about absorbency. These ads with highlight discretion rather than comfort and practicality.

This is why radical feminists try so hard to love our bodies and our periods, even when it is difficult. The entire world is telling us we mustn’t, even progressive liberals who claim to be women themselves. We have to remove the shame and stigma around our bodies ourselves, because not even our supposed allies will help us in this task. It’s not out of (what you think, rosedave) our supposed hatred toward transwomen, but because our bodies, our selves, are made to be a source of shame. We need to reclaim our periods so we can stop being made to feel ashamed of them. So we continue the work started by women in past who risked everything that we might be able to open declare our love for our bodies and our periods. 

And if you can’t see that value in that, then what right do you have to call yourself a feminist?

When I was 5 I put on my brother’s glasses and
my mom’s shoes and
my dads tie and found my mother at the dining room table crying.
I went and stood right next to her and said I was trying
to make her less sad and then
she told me she was mad at daddy because
he was hitting me and Sam.
I told her, but it’s okay! It doesn’t hurt so bad, I told her
look! No boo boos on my body, look!
I’m okay! And she said, yes,
my little girl is all grown up,
an adult in the body of a five-year-old.

When I was 7 my mom would stand on the sidelines
as my brother’s head cracked and bled
and my dad tied rope around the door knob of my childhood bedroom
and my mom cried and cried and screamed
stop! Stop! And then she let my dad
make my brother bleed and then
she let him lock me in my room and then
two or three days later
my dad would remove the ropes and
my mom would come in and wrap me up in a hug to tell me how
sad it made her that daddy had hurt me and I told her
it’s okay, mommy! It’s okay! And I rubbed her back while
she rubbed me in places for mommy to never touch and
she cried into my shoulder as I sat on the carpet of my childhood bedroom which
was covered in my own urine and feces.

When I was 8 my mom and dad called up to me and Sam,
had us down on the couch for a family meeting, said,
we are getting a divorce and then
my brother was in tears and my mother
was in tears and I said, hey! It’s okay!
And I held my mothers hand and I
rubbed my brothers back and
my dad just kinda sat there as I cared for the two of them.

When I was 9 my dad came to me and said,
was your mother cheating on me with her boyfriend when we were still married?
I said, what? Of course not! She loved you, she loved us. And he said,
okay, thanks, I trust you because I know
that your mom would tell you secrets when
she would come into your room at night.

Then when I was 9 my mom got married to a new man;
she said that she loved him and that
he would treat us better than our dad except that
he ended up being just as bad.
And on their wedding night my mommy cried
after she yelled at me all night because
my dress could have gotten dirty even though
I was unbearably careful not to get my red adult lipstick on it’s ivory white,
she said she wanted me to sleep in her bed.
So mommy and me slept in a king sized lovers bed as
she cried into my shoulder and I told her it was going to be okay and
Because of Winn Dixie played on TV until we both fell asleep and
I was still wearing mascara and
she didn’t notice when it streaked tears on my cheeks because
it was never about me.

Mommy had a baby when I was 10 and he was so cute and
I locked myself in the closet at the hospital and I cried and cried and
I screamed at my mother for ruining his life
and he hadn’t even been breathing for more than 24 hours but somehow
I already knew that he was fucked and
my mom was so angry with me until
at home the next few days I told her I was sorry and then
she cried into my shoulders because
she was sad and had that thing that mothers have when
they have their baby and then become extremely depressed.

Mom comes home with stories from work,
how she hates this person and how
this client is awful and how
this employee sucks and
it’s all work, work, work, and then
yelling when I try to say I can’t handle hearing about work anymore.

I am screamed at for getting sick, then
mommy gets sick and I am on my hands and knees at her bed,
begging her to let me help her feel better
because if I don’t she will stop loving me and
without her love what would I be?

When I was 13 my mom and I fought more than talked.
She tried prying me open because
I had shut myself up tight and all I ever did was silently nod my head
and sometimes say “mhm” and “oh”
to simulate a person who was listening
but my mother needed more of me and
I needed more of a mother and
mommy always ended up the one who got what she wanted and I
always ended up crying alone at night.

When I was 14 my mom took me to a Taylor Swift concert and
in the car on the way there she was silently sulking so
I kept trying to cheer her up and finally it worked and then at the concert she was angry and sad and
I worried the whole time about how I could help her feel better and
I let her touch me in ways which were not okay so she would smile and
then I finally enjoyed parts of the concert until
we got in the car again and I realized I had
used the bathroom in my pants.

When I was 15 I was so used to
being nothing more to my mom than an ear for her
to scream into or cry into that I would constantly forget
to listen to my body and my head.
When I was 15 I never ate and used the bathroom in my pants and
my mom didn’t even notice that I spent most of my time
in bed because unless she was in it with me
the beating in my chest didn’t matter.

When I was 16 I lived with my dad and
my mom would put me in the middle of their fights as
many kids who have divorced parents understand but
my mom would call me in tears to say that
my dad didn’t want me in his life and
as a teenager I believed her because
that’s my mom and I knew so many of her secrets and
why would she lie? And she would call me
and she would cry and
I would tell her it’s okay! It’s okay!
The same way that I always had and
then we would hang up and I would slice open my skin
because what else are you supposed to do
when your mom is using you and
your dad doesn’t want you to live?

When I was 17 and 18 and 19 and 20 I tried to kill myself and
my mom was in tears and she would sit at my bedside and I would say,
It’s okay! It’s okay! Look, the cuts aren’t even that bad,
I’m going to get better and you’re going to be okay and
the boo boos are so small!
And she would cry and I would hold her hand
and I would comfort her as if she was the one
who was laying in a hospital bed with
a stomach that had just been pumped and
stitches up and down her fucking arms and legs.

When I was in treatment centers for
starving myself and slicing myself open and filling my body with poison pills over and over and over again
my mom came into family sessions and
she would cry and say she was always there for me and
why don’t I ever talk to her?
Why don’t I go to her for support?
And I would say,
It’s okay! I love you! You’re going to be okay, we will get through this!
Until the day when I decided that
we wouldn’t because I couldn’t live this life in which
she was allowed to steal my soul over and over and then
get to play the victim for support so
I yelled and screamed and told the therapist
how things really were and my mom’s palms were bleeding because
she always bled when she touched me and the therapist
blamed the thorns which were born onto me
and said that I needed to try and have more empathy.

When I was 17 I lived at my moms house;
I was somehow convinced that it’d be better
than my dad’s because it was the lesser of two evils and
I don’t know if that was true but I know that my mom
had me wrapped around her little finger and
when I moved out of her house she cried
and said she did not think she would be able to live her life
without knowing I was at home with her and
I felt a small pang of guilt because
I held her hand for so long as she told me
she was going to die and she made me believe that
without my hand I would send her to her grave except that my hand had always been coated in thorns, she just
liked to bleed because bleeding meant
she’d get other people’s sympathy.

After I moved out my mother figured out how to fucking live without me
and today she will have to continue to fucking live this way day after day
and then she’ll have to figure it out forever because
I never want to go back to being that girl
who was forced to stuff her head filled with cotton balls
so she could drown out the noise of her mother’s ache after
being shot up with her own poison novocaine.

I was constantly in need of eyes which would see what was happening to me.
I needed her to say no to my dad and then
take the rope off the door and
call 911 when my brothers head would bleed and
I needed her to smell the feces and then
clean it up and protect me and
I needed her to listen to me and to take her hands off my body
when I told her to stop and I needed her to notice
that every single time a tear from her fucking broken eyes landed onto my skin
it created a welt and the welts have never healed
and I needed her to be there but she wasn’t and
now I am permanently scarred because
of the way she used my baby brain as a sponge as if
I was the one who would be able to soak up all of her pain
and then just be able to put it away somewhere safe.

Now here I am, crying because
I am writing ANOTHER fucking poem about
how my mother looked the other way
when I was in excruciating pain and how
I do not have a time machine.
I only have these words and maybe that’s why
all my poems go on for six, seven,
ten pages long;
it’s the only way I can explain that my mom and my dad and
my family and friends were such utter negatives in a life which had the potential to be so positive and how
I have to start from square one because
I never got to have a childhood;
I spent too much time being a mother to my mother and
not enough time wearing diapers and
learning how to walk because
I already knew how to talk when I was too small to know that
being touched and being fucked and being hurt in ways that felt
so bad that it physically shut off your brain
wasn’t okay and
maybe I just have no other way to explain
how much pain my whole entire life has been filled with
unless I go on and on
without knowing when the words are going to stop.

As a child I was a parent and
as an adult I am a child and
I don’t know how to find the in-between.
I am in a weird sort of limbo where
I am trying to keep myself together and I am
trying to keep the adult in me clean while
also crying when I spill milk at the table and
sucking on my fingers in my sleep.

I still hope everyday that my mother
can find a way to be happy, but I know
that her happiness is not going to be found
through touching or talking or stealing my life away from me.

When I was a child, my mom called me her therapist and then
when I grew up I got my own therapist
who I now want to call my mom and
I am endlessly confused and conflicted;

all I know for sure is this:
I am shattered into small pieces,
each holding a memory.
My mom belongs to so many of those parts of me
and I am trying to figure out how
I can throw them into the fire without
being engulfed inside that same flame.


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OneTwo | Three | Four | Five | Six

Pairing: Jungkook x reader [feat: Taehyung, Yoongi, and Namjoon]
Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut. Ability!AU Scifi!AU
Word Count: 5.9k

“what is it like to even be human?”

All Jungkook could remember were the events that was being unfolded right in front of him, everything else being untraceable. Being forced into a war he wasn’t even aware that was happening, being paired up with Taehyung and Yoongi during this ‘war’. They were pushed into this, being forced to kill the unknown enemy, relying on their so called abilities to keep them safe. Many questions were left unanswered, that was until he met you. More questions raised up, more confusion being added, and only a few things being answered. How can you tell the difference between human, and non-human?

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Not A Bad Thing ~ Part Eight

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Previous Part ||

Word Count: 3.4K

****Trigger Warning: Mentions of bullying and suicide****

Errors. Please excuse and ignore them.

***A/N: This chapter is SOOO SHORT. 

This is a FILLER chapter y’all. I don’t like how this chapter came out. lol I lowkey feel dead inside. Like a dead inside emotionless typing machine. :\

{Update days: Tuesdays, Thursday or Saturdays}


I sat there at the table with Y/N, who was teasing me. There was music blasting around us as the others celebrated, yet when I’m looking at her, it’s almost like the music was muffled. She has my full attention. Those deep eyes staring at me. The way her nose crinkles when she laughs, and how never fails to make my heart beat rapidly.

I took a deep breath, almost overwhelmed by the swelling of my heart.

“I don’t like crazy romantic stuff like that. I don’t want to be a damsel in distress that needs to be saved.” She said, raising an eyebrow at me.

I glanced down at my hand which held hers. I looked back up to see her gazing at me, waiting for a reply.

“If anything I’m the damsel,” I stated, “You saved me.”

I watched as she leaned away, almost cringing at my words. My eyes didn’t move from hers despite this.

“Why are you getting so intense all of a sudden?” She giggled. Though it’s been some months now, it still feels like I don’t know much about Y/N. The desire to be close to her is strong. When the pack goes for runs, she’s all that’s on my mind.

Yixing told me we should try to grow closer before mating season begins, or else things will become awkward.

I smirked before grabbing the bottom of the chair she sat in, sliding it closer to me so that we were close to each other. Y/N held in her laughter, clearly teasing me.

“You play around too much,” I whispered into her ear.

After winking at me she whispered, “What are you going to do about it, loverboy?”

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mfw i have absolutely no idea whether i wanna study illustration or animation after i graduate from my current school next may

continuation in tags

note: i miss sasusaku everyday of my life

when sasuke returns from his voyage of redemption, sakura is nothing like he thought she’d be. she is distant and evasive. she seems jittery, he feels, perhaps because it has been five years since she hasn’t chased him. but he is optimistic, as much as he was ambitious, and sakura is his endgame.

when he finally asks naruto how sakura has been, after much deliberation, and because he could not ask sakura due to the strange nature of their communications, naruto replies: “she’s just not used to having you here like this.”

and he doesn’t understand, because hadn’t she greeted him with the same twelve year old enthusiasm when he left five years ago? wasn’t she blushing when he turned his back on her for the second time in their lives? he remembers leaving with his heart throbbing in his chest, vowing to organize himself until he could, with accuracy, return to konoha and ask sakura to–

somewhere in an unknown country, between the borders of this and that, sasuke had realized that he wanted to hear sakura’s voice. not only her voice, but touch her skin. he remembers her voice in the forest of death, on the night he left, and at the end of the war: they are delicate cries, and they pierce his heart. the hand that held his as he went through the worst pains of his life and the certainty of her presence had cemented him unconsciously to this particular path.

all this time he had thought she would follow in this path with him. he knows he never told her, that she does not know from his mouth that they would be together, but sakura has always understood him better than anybody else.

“sakura,” he calls as she walks home one night. his voice is not as rich; thinner than usual. it shakes.

she smiles at him, but it is not the same, it is not as bright. it shakes too.

sasuke thinks, this relationship is unstable. the instability was caused by me. and it is also up to me to fix it. but i dont know how, because sakura has always fixed everything with her optimism, but now it seems i am the only one with optimism. it makes sense, because i left her for five years and its been six months since i returned and she doesnt know that i cannot sleep because of her.

the resolution of their relationship becomes more urgent the more sasuke waits. yet the less he does. the less he knows what to do. he knows it is not hopeless, but it hangs in the back of his mind like the other phantoms that’s hung over his life.

he thinks, i just want to hear her voice. i dont want to hear her cry, because that’s all i have in my head, i just want her to tell me she loves me.

so he says, in his firmest tone, “i love you,” and he knows it is surprising but he cant stand it anymore so he takes her hand in his so that he could finally feel her touch, “i love you with all my heart and i want to make you happy.”

and he wants to repeat to her the same speech she gave him, the one he has burned in his brain and the one he replays when he feels as if the world has been unfair to him. it has not been, he is reminded, because it gave him haruno sakura.

there is silence, and he almost dies because he doesn’t think he can handle any more silence, but her fingers gently wrap around his hand, and she says: “thank you.”

like that, the balance in their relationship is restored, and the tension eases from his shoulders. she leans into his arms, without anymore hesitation, and she starts to cry. this is different, he thinks, she is not crying because i am leaving, but because i am staying.

For Closure, Carl Grimes.

A/N: After all of the amazing feedback I got on my first Carl imagine I decided to write this one last week. It isn’t as log as the other one but is still pretty lengthy. I hope you guys like it as much as the last one.

Summary: The reader and Carl have been close ever since they were at the Prison and now are much older. Starting of in the middle of the Negan line-up scene, the two are sent through a roller-coaster of their own emotions. From being left devastated from the incident from the line-up and their fear of getting closer with one another this covers the vulnerabilities tied into caring about someone else in a world with such high stakes.

Word Count: 16,354

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Like I Do-Daniel Seavey

Summary: Your best friend, Daniel Seavey, is finally in town again with his band on tour and if there’s one good thing about living in Portland, its that you’re guaranteed a few concerts here and there. The Why Don’t We concert is the day after your birthday and even though you’re bummed that Daniel can’t make it to your party, you’re ecstatic to see him perform live. But all of that could change when a simple surprise has the ability to end your friendship…

♥ ♥ ♥

“God I just wish I could be there.” Daniel’s voice carries over the phone and you sigh as you sit on your bed. “I do too, but you’ve got the tour to think about.” you say reassuringly, sitting back into the array of throw pillows that took up most of the space on your bed. 

“I just feel like such a bad friend.” he sighs and you can hear chatter from the other Why Don’t We boys in the background. “Daniel you’re on tour with your band living your dream. I completely understand. You’re still my best friend and I still love you.” you insist and you can hear his million dollar laugh. 

“Are you sure?” he asks again. “I’m sure.” You had to admit, it did suck that the boys were in Portland, a day early for their show but you still weren’t able to see them on your big day. 

It was like the perfect timing of the universe was wasted but even though he was too busy to make it to your birthday party, you held onto the fact that you would soon see him tomorrow night for the concert. 

“Okay well at least let the boys and I sing to you?” he half suggests, half asks and you quickly agree. “Of course.” you laugh. “Guys, guys. Come here we’re gonna sing happy birthday to (Y/N) really quick!” he yells and you smile as they harmonize the song over the phone, adding a few birthday wishes and comments afterwards. 

“Night made guys! But anyway I have my party soon so I’ll call you tomorrow Dani?” you ask and he agrees. “Yes. I will see you soon though. I promise.” he says and you wonder what he possibly could mean by it. 

You shake off the thought, however, assuming he was only talking about tomorrow’s concert. “(Y/N)!” your mom calls from the living room and you hurriedly check your appearance in the mirror before heading downstairs. 

Your makeup, hair and outfit all looked great and you couldn’t be happier about what your parents had planned for tonight. It was nothing special, just an evening spent with your closest friends and family, but it still meant the world to you. 

When you reached the living room your parents were sitting side by side on the couch and you greeted them before sitting down in the chair next to them. “What time are all of your friends coming over?” your mom asks and you check your phone for the time, answering a few text messages as you answer her. 

“Umm I think around seven or so.” you tell her and she immediately gets up and gets busy. “Seven? We have to get going!” she insists and your dad gives you a knowing look before joining her. 

“Mom it’s only six!” you laugh and she just ignores you. “This party is going to be perfect.” she mumbles as she walks away into the kitchen. “Okay, okay.” you groan, getting up and following her to help.


“Wow.” you whisper as you look at the house. When your mom first suggested the idea of putting up a few directions, you brushed her off, not wanting to do too much for the party. 

Looking at them now though, you were glad that you had agreed. Everything was laid out so nicely: A platter of snacks in the middle of the dining room table surrounded by decorative plates, glasses and silverware, confetti sparkling all around them. 

Silver and gold balloons randomly danced on the floor, adding warmth and fun to the room, and pictures of you and your friends were on display for all of the guests to see. 

Last but not least, your favorite picture of yourself rested on the coffee table in the living room, attached to two big number balloons reading 1 and 8 with ribbons, the paper frame ready to be signed by all of your friends who showed up tonight. 

“I know its not much but…” your dad trails off, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. “Its perfect, really. Thank you guys so much.” you say before embracing them both in a big bear hug. “Anyway,” your mom starts and wipes a few tears of her own. 

“The guests will be here any minute now so I’m gonna go put something nice on.” she says before disappearing into her bedroom, leaving you and your father alone in the kitchen. "We’re so proud of you. And we love you so much.“ he says and you smile widely. 

"I love you too dad. Now go to mom before she yells at you to help her pick an outfit.” you chuckle to keep yourself crying and he too disappears from the dining room. For a moment you look around at the house, smiling to yourself at how perfect tonight will be. The only thing missing is Daniel.


Before you have a chance to get too sappy, a ring from the doorbell pulls you out of your thoughts and you skip to the door to answer it. You’re greeted by a few of your friends, Ashley, Leah and Jacki. “Hey guys!” you smile before hugging each of them. 

“Happy birthday (Y/N)!” they all three yell at once and you usher them inside. “Okay so gifts go in the living room, my mom is around here somewhere if you wanna say hi and don’t forget to sign the frame on the coffee table!” you tell them and they all three part ways, Leah heading straight for the snacks. 

“Hi girls!” your mom calls to them, suddenly reappearing as she hugs them, swallowing them up in conversation. The doorbell rings again and you greet the new group of guests with smiles and hugs as well. 

“Katie! Hannah! Soph!” you squeal before repeating what you had told your other friends. Soon the house is full and you smile before walking through the house, talking with groups of people before heading to the kitchen for a snack.

You were stuffing your face with a few crackers when your mom piped up from the other end of the dining room. “Daniel couldn’t make it?” she asks. “No, he got held up with sound check or something he said.” you frown and she does the same. 

“What a shame. You know we love him.” she sighs and you smile sadly. “Yeah I know but he’s very busy these days.” you sadly say before returning to your friends and chatting with them some more. 

“No, no. We look nothing alike!” you heard Leah scoff as she showed Jacki and Katie a picture of her and her brother. Popping your head into their little circle, you laughed at them before rolling your eyes. 

“You guys never stop fighting do you?” you groan playfully. “Oh shut up.” Leah laughs before turning back to her conversation. The doorbell rang again and you looked around the room carefully as you made your way to the door. 

Everyone seemed to be here so you couldn’t imagine who it was but you swung the door open with a smile anyway. “DANI!!” you scream as the tall boy comes into view behind the door, holding his arms out excitedly for you. 

“Happy birthday!” he yells and you jump into his arms as the other boys and everyone inside watches you. “I missed you.” he mumbles into your hair before you part and you punch him in the arm before speaking again. 

“You lied to me!” you yell, trying to sound angry but the smile on your face doesn’t even allow it to be believable. “Yeah I know. I wanted to surprise you.” he says with a grin before pulling you into another hug. 

“Hey, we helped!” Zach whines from behind him and you let go of Daniel to greet the other boys. “Hey guys!” you smile, hugging each one of them before leading them inside and setting their gifts on the floor by the coffee table.

“Damn (Y/N) you clean up nicely.” Jack says in a flirty tone, eyeing you before giving you a playful wink. “Oh my god.” you groan with a laugh. “Spare me.” you joke but Daniel doesn’t think its funny. “Hey!” he yells at Jack as you lead them into the kitchen.

“So how are you guys? How’s the tour going?” you ask them when you’re finally somewhat alone. “It has been good. So good.” Daniel says with a smile and the other boys quickly agree. 

“Yeah it has been so amazing.” Corbyn says and you turn your attention to him. “How are you and Christina?” you ask him and he blushes slightly before answering. 

“She’s great. She misses you though.” he says. “Yeah, we talked this morning. I can’t believe she’s going to New York soon!” you say excitedly. “I know. I’m so proud of her.” he says and Daniel goes to say something but he’s quickly cut off by Zach. 

“Oh my gosh who is that?” he asks, his eyes widening as one of your friends walks by. “Her?” you say, motioning to your friend Katie as she walks by you and the boys. Zach nods slowly and you answer the questions in his mind. “Yes she’s single. Go talk to her!” you laugh and he immediately leaves the group. 

“You guys can all go explore. There’s a really funny picture of Daniel and I in the living room just above the fireplace and there’s snacks in the dining room.” you tell them and they all wish you another happy birthday before leaving you and Daniel alone in the kitchen. 

“So how have you been?” you ask him, leaning agains the counter to face him. “Great. Tour’s been great, the guys are great. Life is just so good right now.” he says and you listen as he tells you a bit about Los Angeles. 

“I wanna live there so badly!” you exclaim and he chuckles. “Yeah but you would hate the traffic.” he comments. “I don’t care. I just wanna be under the sun and out of the rain. I want to meet celebrities and actually have things to do.” you complain.

“Well you could apply to UCLA.” he suggests and you look at him like you’re in the Office. “No I’m serious. You’ve got the brains and you’ve been saving for college since you were like twelve. I’m following my dreams so why is so hard for you to see yourself following yours?” he asks seriously.

“You’re right. Thanks Dani.” you agree and he claps his hands together. “I could totally be your life coach.” he jokes and you smile. “Mhhhmm.”


“(Y/N) have you seen the-Daniel oh my gosh!!” your mother yells, pulling Daniel in for a hug. “I thought you said he wasn’t coming?” she turns to you and you hold up your hands. “I’m not the one who lied. Daniel wanted to surprise me.” you explain and she smiles. 

“How are you? How are things? Have you eaten?” she asks quickly and you roll your eyes as she showers him with questions. Daniel doesn’t mind though and he talks with her for a few minutes before your mom whips out her phone. 

“I need some pictures of you two. Smile!” she exclaims and you and Daniel pose for some pictures together. He puts his arm around you and lean into him. “There we go!” your mom says as she takes the final couple photos. 

“It was nice talking to you Dani.” she smiles before hugging him and leaving the two of you alone again. “So I was wondering, if you’re not doing anything tonight, we should do something?”

“We could go to the movies or go out for dinner or something.” he says and your face falls as you realize that you already have plans for tonight. “Daniel I’m so sorry. I already have plans tonight.” you apologize. 

“That’s okay.” he says, leaning back on the counter. “With who?” he adds and you think for a moment before answering. You had never been the best with boys so you were hesitant to tell Daniel about your new “friend” Eric. After all, you didn’t want to jinx it. 

“Well I’m kind of talking to someone.” you smirk and you obviously captured his attention because his eyes meet yours as he tenses up. “Do tell.” he says quietly. 

“This boy named Eric that I met in Oregon City when I was visiting my Aunt Shelly.” you explain, feeling bad about the fact that this was the first time you had even thought about Eric tonight. 

Suddenly Daniel got quiet. “What?” you ask him but he just looks away from you. “Nothing. I’m just bummed I won’t get to hang out with you later, that’s all.” he mumbles and you nod. 

“Okay well at least we get to hang out tonight. And I can come over to the hotel after the show if you want.” you offer but he doesn’t answer. “Daniel what’s wrong?” you ask but before Daniel gets a chance to answer, your mom is yelling for everyone to come into the living room. 

“Picture time!” you hear her call and you nudge Daniel before piling into the living room with all of the party guests. “Okay we need everyone to gather around (Y/N) so we can take a few pictures!” she yells over the indistinct chatter as everyone moves around, everyone trying to be next to you for the picture. 

“Hold on mom, we’re still waiting on someone.” you say and she raises her eyebrows before remembering Eric. Looks like aren’t the only one who forgot… “Oh yeah. Everyone hang tight, we need to wait for (Y/N)’s boyfriend!” she says, adding emphasis to last word and earning a few “Oohs” and “Aws” from your friends. 

Everyone seemed to be laughing except for Daniel and Jack, who just exchanged a couple of glances. “Wait Eric is coming to your party?” Daniel asks you, his expression impossible to read. 

“Yeah I didn’t mention that?” you ask confused. “No. You didn’t.” he says as he turns away from you, leaving you wondering why he was suddenly acting like a wounded puppy. 

“Sorry!” you call after him as he exits the room and heads for the kitchen. “What’s his problem?” Katie asks, turning away from her conversation with Zach. “Who knows.” you shrug before checking your phone for a text from Eric. Just as you were about to call him, you hear a faint knock on the door.


“You do realize that we have a doorbell right?” you ask Eric sassily as you open the door for him. “Ha-ha.” he says jokingly. You haven’t been hanging out too long, but he was already used to your attitude. “Come on in, we were just about to take some pictures.” you say, leading him inside and giving him a hug before taking his gift for you from him. 

“Hmm I thought we agreed that you wouldn’t get me anything?” you scold him with a smile. “I know. I just wanted to do something nice for you.” he says sweetly, making your heart beat faster and faster. 

“That’s really nice of you.” you say and he smiles, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck nervously. “PICTURES!!” your mom yells and you realize that everyone is watching you and Eric. Especially Daniel.

“Oh yeah, um, yes. Let’s go.” he says, grabbing your hand and leading you to where everyone else was waiting. “Eric honey, nice to see you!” your mom beams and you quickly bring a finger to your lips to shush her. 

“Okay, okay. Come on everyone!” she yells and soon all of your friends and family squeeze in next to you, Eric on your right side. “Alright, great.” your mother says, turning the camera from landscape to portrait. 

“Daniel get in next to (Y/N).” she says and Daniel pushes his way between you and Eric. “I, okay.” you say with a small giggle as Daniel touches his cheek to yours. “Sorry bro.” he mumbles in Eric’s direction.

 After your mother is done taking a few more pictures, she lets everyone go back to what they were doing. “All right guys. I got some goodies! I’ll leave you all alone now.” she says and everyone parts ways again. “So you’re in a band?” Eric asks Daniel. 

“Yeah, Dani is actually on tour right now!” you answer excitedly but Daniel just clears his throat. “Don’t call me that.” he says dryly, turning his attention to Eric. “Yeah I’m in a band. What do you do?” he asks cockily and you frown at how rude he’s acting. 

Pulling him aside, you excuse yourself from Eric and push Daniel in another direction to talk to him privately. “What’s up with you tonight? You’re being rude.” you ask with a frown. 

Daniel was not being himself. “What do you mean?” he asks innocently, the tone of his voice making your blood boil. “You know what I mean Daniel. You’re acting jealous that I have other friends!”

“It’s not my fault that you’re gone all the time and it sure as hell-” you stop yourself before you can say anything else, not wanting to raise your voice around all of the people in your house. “Say it. I probably deserve it.” he says and you just sigh, feeling bad about spending your time with him fighting.

“Look I don’t want to do this here. You need to cool down okay? I’ll meet you outside in like five minutes to talk.” you say and he sulks to the front door after nodding understandingly. “(Y/N)!” Eric calls from across the room and you walk over to him before telling him what’s going on. 

“Sorry but I need to go talk to Daniel. Something’s up with him.” you say and Eric just nods, a grin taking over his face. “What?” you ask and apparently you’re being funny because he just laughs in response. 

“It isn’t obvious?” he asks like you’re missing something. “Apparently not. Tell me.” you beg and he takes a drink of his water before saying something you thought you’d never hear. “Daniel likes you.”


As you make your way to the door you can’t stop thinking about what Eric had said. Daniel can’t like you, you’re you and he’s Daniel Seavey, American Idol fan favorite and famous boy band member. It just doesn’t make sense right? 

“Right.” your subconscious agrees and you sigh before running a frustrated hand through your hair. Even if Daniel did like you, why was he just now acting like it and how did he expect you to react? 

Did he think that you were just going to drop everyone, aka Eric, to be with him or did he think that you’d reject him and that’s why he kept quiet all this time? A hand on your shoulder keeps your thoughts at bay and you turn to see Jack once more. 

“Jack I’m not in the mood for your jokes right now.” you sigh, your hand fiddling with the door knob as he looks at you in confusion. “No. I am all out of jokes.” he laughs and you smile at him. 

“I was just gonna say…Go easy on Daniel okay?” he sighs and you go to protest but he puts his hand up. “He just, he really missed you.” he says before walking away from the door. “What does that even mean?!” you mumble to yourself before opening the door. 

The cool air hits you fast and a shiver runs through you as your eyes meet Daniel’s. “Are you ready to talk?” you ask, your voice low, just loud enough for him to hear from his spot in the driveway where he was leaning against the car you assume the boys had taken here. 

“Yeah. Sit with me?” he pleads and you join him on the hood of the car. “I feel really bad about the way I acted. You were right, I wasn’t being myself.” he says, his words came out in a jumbled mess, and you could tell he had been out here thinking of how to apologize. 

“Its okay Dani-Daniel.” you correct yourself. “You just need to talk to me. Now tell me what’s going on with you.” “Its nothing really. I was just overreacting.” he shrugs, but you know him better than that. 

“Daniel we’re not going back inside until you tell me what’s wrong.” you say stubbornly and stands up to face you. “I don’t like Eric.” he says plainly and you refrain from rolling your eyes at him. 

“Why not? He’s great. You would know that if you gave him a chance to talk.” you defend, holding your ground on the car hood. “Just the way he was acting all cool.” Daniel squints. “I don’t know why, I just don’t like him.” he says and by now you’re standing.

“Daniel that’s not good enough. I need an actual reason!” you yell as you get closer to him. “Why? So you can try to make excuses for him (Y/N)?” he barks, his voice just as loud as yours. 

“Excuses? He has literally done nothing wrong!” You yell. “You always do this! No one is ever good enough for me! Well guess what Eric IS!” you continue to yell. “He doesn’t know you like I do!” Daniel argues, crossing his arms. 

“OF COURSE he doesn’t! We’ve know each other since we were kids.” you say and you wonder if Daniel knows how impossible he’s being. “Yeah well…” Daniel yells and for a moment he looks like he’s wondering whether or not to continue. 

“Well what?” you challenge and something stirs inside you as Daniel gets closer and closer. “He doesn’t love you like I do. He can’t. No one can.” he whispers the last part before crashing his lips onto yours.

When the kiss is over, he looks at you with pleading eyes. “Say something (Y/N).” he begs. “Anything.” You look up at him softly, a few tears rolling down your cheeks as you process what just happened. 

“I’m sorry Daniel but I don’t feel the same way.”

♥ ♥ ♥

Author’s Note: OKAYYY WOW. Are you guys crying? Because I cried while writing this! Anyway, this was not requested it was just an idea that came to me late last night and as I started writing it, I really liked the way that it was turning out and I wanted to finish it up and share it with you guys. I know its kind of sad BUUUT if you guys really want a part two…I CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN! ;-)