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Do you guys ever think about Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst and get really sad? Do you ever wonder if the downfall of Jake’s career as an indie movie heartthrob began with his breakup with Kirsten because he was totally less cool after that and got abs (not that that’s bad)? Do you ever think about the fact that you watched one of the top 10 worst movies ever made, “The Day After Tomorrow”, and that boring movie about math co-starring Goop Paltrow three times all because of your 2005 crush on Jake Gyllenhaal? Or how you felt betrayed when he “dated” Taylor Swift? Or how you can still spell Gyllenhaal without googling? K cool, me neither.

‘Hey Bobbie, what’d you do last night?’

'Made a photoset of a dead celebrity relationship and avoided my feelings’

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You seem to be the voice of the fandom. new to the fandom and what I can't understand how people can claim to adore these stores them be so disrespectful. They don't have to live his wife but to start getting crazy with all the stemily GIFs and saying how tough it must be for ERB to be in love with a married man. Seriously people learn the difference between and acting and real life. Even if more what's happening how is making is life hell supportive

I would’t call me the voice of the fandom but it’s sweet of you to say so. Welcome to the fandom! Happy to have you.

For the most part I think the fandom is very respectful to Stephen and his wife. Who, by the way, I saw in person and she’s freaking STUNNING.  I mean…WOWZA.  It was very hard not to stare, which let’s be honest I totally stared. Their baby girl is one genetically blessed child.

I think for the most part when fans are making Stemily comments or gifs or vids are just enjoying the friendship between the two. From what I saw Stephen and Emily seem to have a close friendship and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating that or enjoying. In fact the entire cast seemed close and that’s just fun to watch. Completely harmless and even sweet for fans to be supportive of their friendship.

I do recall one gif set from the Flarrow screening that catches Stephen checking out Emily’s legs all the time. I didn’t get upset about it. I found it hysterical. It was pretty obvious. The person wasn’t saying they were in love, they were just making an observation. My personal attitude about something like that is just because Stephen is married doesn’t mean he’s dead. He’s a red blooded male. The day they stop looking my friend. If my husband didn’t pause at the Victoria Secret commercial I would worry there’s a brain tumor.  Emily is stunning and was wearing some smoking shorts that showed off her equally smoking legs. I was checking her out. And I’m straight. The fans that comment on that stuff are just having harmless fun. 

But you are right, there is another level to that. Fans that want Stephen & Emily together romantically. I am not one of those fans. Why? Because Stephen and Emily are not Oliver Felicity and that’s the couple I’m in love with. Sucks they are fictional but them’s the breaks.

In fact I stopped shipping real life couples since Brad & Jen broke up. My poor heart just can’t take it. That being said, there use to be rumors David Boreanaz and Sara Michelle Gellar were hooking up and I’ll admit back then I was thrilled by that. There’s something exciting about the idea of the two people who play your favorite couple being together in real life. And if Emily & Stephen were both single I wouldn’t have an issue with it.

But you are right Anon. Stephen is married. I am also married and believe it’s a relationship that should be respected. Marriage means something and disrespecting anyone’s marriage, famous or not, is wrong. If fans are being cruel towards Stephen’s wife or saying EBR is in love with him that’s wrong and highly inappropriate. 

But the inappropriate fans are rare, at least in my experience so I think it’s best just to ignore them. They aren’t a real threat to Stephen’s marriage. It’s sad that they are disrespectful but that says way more about them as a person than anything else.