my boys of summer

I have a strong feeling that kxk break up news will come shortly before Egk-zo’s comeback.


karlurbanGreat to be home for summer, BBQs , beach
Hanging with my boys .
Bliss ;)


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🖤 and my boi alex summers

we fell in love, right by the ocean - made all our plans, down by the sand’ – OCEANS, coasts

You were never one for relationships. You figured that if you didn’t date anyone in high school, you’d have no idea what to do in a relationship in the real world. But all of that changed after you graduated.

Your parents rented a little house down by the beach in a surf town not too far from the city, and that’s where you met him. Alex Summers, who has sunkissed skin and eyes as blue as the water itself.

Summer romances were a huge cliche you always hated in books and movies, but again, you were proven wrong. You spent your days with Alex down on the sand, kissing each other under the warm air and surfing for hours on end, despite how bad you were at it. (Alex always made fun of you, but you got him back by dragging him down with you in the saltwater.)

It’s the end of the Summer, and this is the last night you have together. It’s nearing midnight, and your legs are tangled with his as you lie together in front of the bonfire that’s burning.

“You know what?” Alex says after a moment, arm around your shoulder. You prop your chin onto his chest and look up at him curiously.

“Yeah?” You answer, almost a little nervous to what he might say.

“I think- I think I love you,” He says softly, lips tugging into a smile. “I love you and I want a future with you.”

His words make your heart swell, and you have to physically restrain yourself from cheering with joy. So you just smile up at him, and swing your legs over his hips and press a kiss to his lips.

“I think I love you too,” You answer, nose brushing against his. “I love you and I want a future with you, too.”

He just lets out a breathy laugh, and says,

“God, I’m in love with you.”

  • boy: falls out
  • disco: gets panicked at
  • direction: is singular
  • dragons: are imagined
  • summer: lasts five seconds
  • sirens: being slept with
  • vampires: on the weekend
  • pilot: multiplied by twenty one
  • moon: walked on
  • cities: are capital
  • authors: are american
  • monsters: of themselves and men
  • day: is green
  • my chemical romance: breaks up
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tae’s “oh-ho-ho” and ascending cackle of pure joy