my boys are hotter than your boys

Mysterious Hipster - jughead jones

The night was still young in Riverdale and you decided to enjoy a quiet moment at Pop’s with the love of your life- a strawberry milkshake. Unlike your sister, Veronica, you decided to be antisocial and not go to the dance. You didn’t really like school events, you enjoyed the company of yourself more. Only a year younger than Veronica, starting high school in a small town instead of New York, forever hating on your dad, not even sure if you enjoy it here. Mom always enjoyed Pop’s as a young girl and the first day you guys got there you also fell in love with it. As you walked into the joint, it was pretty empty. You looked around and there was only a few random people in the back but a table caught your eyes. The redhead jock named Archie your sister had been eyeing and a brooding mysterious guy with a laptop and a grey beanie. You watched as they briefly spoke and Archie walks out, leaving mystery boy. You decided to go up to him. He was glued into his laptop, typing like there was no tomorrow. “Hey, whatcha writing?” You asked awkwardly. He looked up with a small smirk, his green eyes looking into your (E/C) ones. “It’s my blog. I talk about the newest styles and how Ryan Gosling is so much hotter than Ryan Reynolds.” The boy joked. You smiled and sat down across. “Reynolds is obviously hotter. But seriously, for a mysterious hipster sitting in a diner at 11 at night, I’m curious to know what goes on in your head.” He adjusts his grey beanie and stares at his screen, “I’m writing a novel on this town. I’m sure you’re aware of Jason Blossom, (Y/N) Lodge.” “How did you know my name? I’ve never met or seen you anytime before this.” “Jones. Jughead Jones.” He laughs to himself, “I’m an observer rather than a target of attention, a camouflaged lizard avoiding the hunters in a forest of prey.” Jughead? Odd name. But pretty cool. Also this dude is deep. And cute. Wait what? Stop it (Y/N). A waitress finally delivers your strawberry shake and you thank her. You start to get up before Jughead stops you. “Now where are you going? The night is young and you are pretty good company. If you want we can talk about who’s hotter, Chris Evans or Chris Pine.” Jughead winks. You sit back down and look at the clock on the wall. 11:30. Mom probably doesn’t mind anyway, you think. If Veronica can be out all night, so can I. Also, Jughead is really cute and interesting. Let’s see how this goes. “Obviously Evans.” You grin, Jughead smiling back. After an hour and a half of talking, he walks you home. As you near the lobby of your complex, he starts playing with his sleeve. Jughead was thinking, you quickly picked up his habit back at the diner. “What are you thinking about?” You ask. Jughead hesitates for a moment then continues, “I really liked hanging out with you, Lodge. Can we do this again sometime?” He looked down. You nodded, coming closer to him you kissed his cheek and entered the elevator. “Until we meet again, Jones.” Once you got into your apartment, Veronica was sitting on the couch in front of you like a parent waiting for you after you snuck out. She was back home early, still wearing her dress and her hair was messy. Your sister had a smirk on her face and walked up to you. “Sooooooo little sissy, you have a thing for the antisocial novelist types?”

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What Carats love about Seventeen: In my aggressively passionate POV

S.coups: Why you have to be GODDAMN made of 100% father material?Like we didn’t ask for a second (or third if you into that shit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) dad thank you very much sir. Also choke one of the members with your gorgeous muscles again I DARE YOU.

Jeonghan: Standing next to this naturally beautiful lil shit makes me look like a trashcan with legs (not even cute legs T-T). He swindles so flawlessly like boi teach me your ways. ಠ_ಠ So much to the point that I question how many times he got away with it….

Joshua: Why do you have to be so pure and kind? Why has the darkness of the 12 evil boys around you not ruin your purity yet? WHY CAN’T I RUIN YOU! OH SHIT and your rap skills? SLAY THE CHARTS BOOBOO! Like get me some of that “Yo burger king…I’m the rap king….you make my wanna sing” action! Such meaningful lyrics BTW.

Jun: Hey Jun. NoW look here sOn. You can’ be fuckn cute and fukin hotter than a devil’s dick at the same time okay? My heart doesn’t have enough capacity for that BS. Pick one or GTFO (nooo wait stayyy)

Hoshi: Your boi making up dances as he breaths. Yeah I saw those noodle dances created right on the spot. Much impressed aight? BUT stop looking into my soul every time you deliver hip thrusts. I don’t wanna want to at first be looking at your squishy hamster cheeks and THEN BOOM looking at your other squishy cheeks (if you know what I mean) within a split second. ╚(•⌂•)╝

Wonwoo: Aye someone put some child safety locks on those cheekbones because they are sharp and extremely  dangerous. Voice so deep I can fall inside and never GTFout of it. Here. HOW ABOUT I START A PETITION to keep Wonwoo locked up (preferably in MY basement) just to keep carats safe from that beautiful hazard of a man. + Don’t get me started on his dad jokes.

Woozi: talent,TaLenT, TALENT. Your oozing with talent. How can such BOPS come out of your ass in such a short period of time??? I can’t even write a short paragraph due in a week for school like MY GOD, REST and lay down for a bit.  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

DK: Okay DK you have to calm down with those high notes because you’re making my ears greedy -_-.  Trying to listen to songs without your DK charm is hard man. Over here sitting and waiting for “DK’s high note;” like TF if a song aint got it I’m leaving, bye. Why you gotta ruin me like that?ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Mingyu: Quit being perfect . Hannah Montana told me that nobody’s  perfect and your seriously ruining her song for me. Thanks btw. Cooking, cleaning,styling,sports,eating,breathing,living like WHAT CAN YOU NOT DO? (Other than DROPPING EVERY FUCKING THING that comes in your possession-including a dog that one time) And that slight lisp you have that makes my heart melt? Yeah quit it. I can only take so much cute. >-<

The8: back at it again with thughao. Boi known for going from this:               (=^-^=) to this  (⌐■_■)=/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿, in the course of 2 comebacks. Bro you gotta stop attempting to speak Korean because your fukn adorable accent is killing me slowly. B-boying skills too on point you gotta sit down and like let ME rest for a second because just watching was tiring T-T; but knowing you: you’d just keep going. BTW I’m gonna steal your earrings. (>’-’)> WATCH ME.

Seungkwan: Beyonce who? Mariah Carey WHO? Nah bitch it DIVABOO. And I though I  knew what sass was! Seungkwan, babe you gotta stop being so lovable and energetic. Like I don’t come over to seventeen videos to be attacked by light in the form of a 5′9, squishy, 19 year old Korean man with the last name BOO. (And a first name I STRUGGLED to spell for the first MONTH of stanning these lil shits. ( ._.)

Vernon: Don’t even get me started on Vernon………..NO, I’ll get myself started! Okay Vernon chill with your facial structure and expression. Like.  I didn’t ask to be blinded by chiseled perfection okay? And why you gotta be so fkn WOKE™ ? How can you see everything in such a positive light? How does one be so free spirited and open minded. How does one retain so much passion without bursting into little unicorn happy bits? Like seriously;The world is shit: ACT LIKE IT.  (/゚Д゚)/

Dino: Stop trying harder than me dammit! ( ಥـْـِـِـِـْಥ)  I can’t keep being one uped by you, Makne Dino. It’s like a constant game of “Everything you can do I can do better” Like God damn, I can breath you can breath better! I can kinda danc-wait no i can’t; BUT YOU CAN. I can kinda si-wait no I can’t; BUT YOU CAN. I can kinda appreciate my exis-wait no I can’t. bUt YoU CAn! Ugh! Stop being so multi-talented it’s make me sick!

Roast (Namjoon x Reader)

You’re single, studious, and savage.

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a College!AU where you meet Namjoon at the library and become study buddies?

Fluff + comedy, 3.5k words, namjoon/reader, college au

“You need to find a boyfriend,” Hoseok says, shifting on your bed. “You gotta get some.”

You don’t pause in your typing; although the paper isn’t due for another week, you plan to spend most of your time studying for your math class, so you really need to hurry and get the assignment out of the way first. Plus, you’re nearly finished with it. “I don’t need one, Hoseok,” you reply, scooting your chair closer to the computer. “We’ve already been over this multiple times.”

“Well too bad. I think you do, so I just arranged a blind date with you and one of my other friends. He’s a nice guy.”

You immediately spin your chair to face him. “What?”

“His name’s Namjoon, by the way,” Hoseok says nonchalantly. He sounds especially carefree for someone who is about to get murdered in roughly five seconds. Maybe ten. You wonder how long it would take for you to strangle him to death.

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hot boys in books

Hello again Cassandra! I don’t know if you remember, but I sent a fan mail a few days ago. But this one is on behalf of my sister (who sadly doesn’t have a tumblr.) I showed her one of your comments (from Twitter, I believe) saying that Julian was going to be a “sex god” and he was basically going to be hotter than the other boys. (Including the fantabulous William Herondale, who I love!) So basically her question is how?! She is a huge Jace fan, and she doesn’t believe that anyone can be better than him, so she wants to know how will Jules be hotter. Thanks and much love, Ashley P. (The Doctor’s Shadowhunter from 221b) — thedoctorsshadowhunterfrom221b

First I should say: I was joking about the sex god thing. I think someone asked me if Julian was going to be a sex god and I said yes. But mostly because I was being silly and also because I don’t think I’d say “no” about any of my characters except the evil ones. Sometimes even the evil ones. Sex God Status is almost entirely in the eye of the reader. These are book characters, they live on the page: they look how you imagine they look. What you love about them is their characterization, and each character is different. It is down to the preference of the reader who they find sexiest.

I’m glad you mentioned Will because there is also a thing I think of as New Character Syndrome. Before you have met a character — as in read a substantial amount of a book about them — you can’t imagine how you will feel about them, or how you could possibly like new characters as much as the old ones.

When I announced that I was writing Infernal Devices, while many of my readers were excited, just as many were entirely full of trepidation. They did not think they would like Will or Jem as much as Jace or Simon, or Tessa as much as Clary; they didn’t think they could possibly be as invested in the romance. There was a lot of “please, no, not these new characters, I am sure I will hate them, and Will especially” (being a Herondale, but not Jace.)

It took the first book, and maybe even a book and a bit, for me to start getting lots of letters from people who were just as invested in the new story and even liked Will and/or Jem better. So I guess what I would say is: there’s nothing I could tell you that would make you feel like you’ll love Jules (or James or Matthew or Jaime or any new, boy characters). There’s a reason “Show, don’t tell” is a (somewhat overused) watchword in writing: people don’t react to being told a character is awesome. They have to be shown it, in the pages of a book. I know this because I am a reader as much as I am a writer and I react exactly the same way. :)

The only way to find out how hot, or lovable, or whatever, you find Julian and/or Mark and/or Diego and Jaime, is to read Lady Midnight. I mean, I think they’re all hot and adorable in different ways. But my word will never carry the weight of a story, nor should it. I love Jules and he’s very different than any boy character I’ve written before. Whether you will love him as I do remains to be seen!

New family - Requested (Michael - Luke)

Anon asked: Could you do an imagine that your new step brother is Luke hemmings and that he introduces you to his band members and you kinda fall for Michael?

So I didn’t focus on Michael as much, so if you want I can do a next part focusing on the falling for Michael more. 

“Luke! Door!” you yell from the living room.

“Lazy much”, he comes out of the kitchen and walk past you.

You look up from your laptop screen. “We both know it’s your friends”, he rolls his eyes. “I saw that”

“Good”, now it’s your turn to roll your eyes, but he doesn’t see it cause he’s already at the door. You hear him open the front door and noises rise. Luke enters the sitting room again, he’s followed by three boys. “(Y/N), these are my bandmates Ashton, Calum and Michael”

“Hey, nice to meet you”, you give them a heart-warming smile.

“She’s hotter than you said”, Michael blurts out, earning an elbow in his side from Calum and a glare from Luke.

“Do you mind me staying?” you look at the guys.

“No of course not, we need to get to know Luke’s new family members”, you smile grateful to Ashton and ignore Luke’s eyes on you.

You turn back to your laptop and let the boys get on with it. You find your eyes drift from your screen to Michael. When you notice you are looking at him for too long, you quickly look back to your screen. After an hour, you close your laptop. You look at Michael and Luke, they are playing a video game. “Luke, can I play?”


“Why not?”

“Cause I’m playing”

“That’s selfish”

“You can have my turn”, you smile at Calum.

“No Calum”, Luke pauses the game and turns to you. “These are my friends and we are hanging out. You are not a part of this”

“Fine”, you say squeezing your eyes. You get up, straighten your back and walk to the office. “Daddy?” your voice is sounding super sweet.

“Yes princess?”

“I asked Luke if I could play a game and he said no. And I asked really nicely, I think he doesn’t like me”, you look at your dad with sad eyes.

“Well he has his friends over”

“Does that mean that he can be rude to me, he said I couldn’t hang out with them”

“They are what do they call it, branding”

“Banding daddy, they call it banding”

“Right banding, you need to understand that boys sometimes need to have time to some time alone”

“But daddy”, you whine.

“Just tell him that he needs to let you play”

“Thank you daddy”, you turn around and quickly walk back to the living room.

“Luke, I needed to let you know that you have to let me play”

“Who said that?”


“Running to daddy, real mature”

“I have to play at your level, don’t I?”, you hear Michael laugh, making your confidence grow.

“The answer is still no”

“You are going to regret that”, you say venomous.

“Oh I’m so scared right now”, Luke answers sarcastic.

“You should be, you haven’t seen nothing yet Hemmings”,

You walk through to the kitchen. “You act like real siblings already”, you hear Ashton joke.

You put on your biggest pout and sit down at the breakfast bar. “What’s wrong dear?”

“Luke won’t let me play”, you smile a bit knowing childish it sounds.

“With what?”

“They are playing a playstationgame and I just want to play once, but he just won’t let me. Am I asking for too much Liz? Is it such a ridiculous request?”

“No of course not, let me fix this”, she walks out of the kitchen, you hop of the barstool and follow her. “Luke, you are going to let her play”, Liz says firm. Luke’s eyes spring from her to you. His look could kill you.

“Fine”, he growls, while the others chuckle. You can feel Michael’s eyes scan your body, you look at him until his eyes lock with yours. You smirk at him and he smiles back at you. Liz turns around, gives you a little pinch in your arm and goes back to the kitchen. You smile grateful at her and make your way to the boys. You go and stand right next to Luke and watch him play. “Can you please stop that?”


“Watching my every move?”

“I’m just watching you lose”

“I’m not losing”, he murmurs.

“You are”, Michael says as he finishes the game.

“Fuck you”, Luke grouses to Michael.

“Let’s see if your sissy is a better opponent”

“Here”, Luke throws you the controller, gets up and sits down on the couch with Calum and Ashton.

“Have you ever played before?”, you sit down next to Michael.

“Yeah, but go easy on me will you?” you flutter your eyelashes at him.

He laughs:  “I’ll do my very best for such a pretty girl.” He presses play, you get into your zone and block the boys talking out and you try to ignore Michaels attempts to distract you.

“Hell yes!” you jump up and do a little victory dance. You look down to Michael, whose face is full of astonishment. “Did I forgot to tell that I’m fucking amazing, I did didn’t I?” you laugh, making Michael laugh too.

“Guys you can learn something from this girl, she has beaten me good”

“I whipped your ass!”

“You certainly did and you can do it again”, he says with a wink.

“(Y/N)? Could you come and give me a hand?” Liz pops her head around the door.

“Sure”, you get into the kitchen and help Liz with dinner.

“Did the boys leave?” you ask Luke when you get back into the living room.

“Yeah”, he doesn’t take his eyes form the TV.

“I like your friends”

He immediately turns his head to you: “Don’t think you’re hanging out with us every time”

“And why not?”

“You’re fucking annoying”, Luke snarls.

“I’m fucking fun”

He rolls his eyes: “And don’t dare thinking about Michael.”

“Thinking what?”

“I saw you looking at him”, Luke smirks at you.

“I saw him looking at me”, you smirk back.

Luke face turns to storm: “I warn you leave my friend alone.”

“Or what?” you raise your eyebrows.

“Sweetie? Could you come and help me with my computer?”, you dad enters the sitting room as Luke opens his mouth to speak.

“Of course daddy”, you smile getting up. “We’re not done here”, your say to Luke.

“Yes we are”, he says looking back at the TV. 


Part 2

Your cute moment (Luke)

Okay I’ve nearly finished part 5 of bad boy Ashton but I’m gonna make the cover later on because I’m writing this at my Nan’s house-

You and Luke had been together for 5 months and it was a really cute relationship but you never had cute moments until that day on the beach with him and the other 5sos boys.

Luke grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the beach with the boys

“Luke stop pulling me” you giggle

“Hurry up then I won’t need to pull you” Luke smiles.

You finally reach the beach and it was even hotter on the beach than it was on the pavement.

“Come in the water with us y/n” Luke jumped up and down

“I don’t know Luke” you sigh

“Please” Luke said as he put his hands of your waist

“Luke, I don’t really wanna”

Luke leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to your lips, Luke pulled away and pressed your foreheads together

“Oh my god, look at y/n and Luke being all adorable!” Ashton shouts from the water

“Ew, why are they doing that now” Michael whined

“Shut up, your just jealous that you don’t have a girlfriend to do that with” Calum shoves Michael

“Please come in the water with us” Luke pouted

“Ugh fine” you sigh

“Get on my back I’ll carry you” Luke laughs

“Dude your so whipped!” Michael shouts

“It’s not whipped it’s called being in love” Luke shouts back as you jump on Luke’s back and he runs towards the water

“Y/n you look hot” Calum’s smiles as Luke throws you into the water

“Hey Luke!” You scream.

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He's Dating Your Best Friend; Harry Part 1

“This is so boring,” she groaned, running a hand through her picture-perfect hair. “Why am I even here?”

You closed your eyes and counted to ten. If she complained one more time, you swore you were going to explode, even if Harry was there. Your best friend was a pain in the ass when she wanted to be.

“Babe, come on, it isn’t that bad.” He smiled at her, wagging his eyebrows. She gave him a death glare. Harry pouted and leaned in, whispering some sort of promise in her ear, which obviously seemed to work. Her features softened, and with a sigh Y/F/N curled her fingers into his. The boy with the curly hair grinned in victory.

Your heart began to wilt once more.

The thing is that you were the one that had loved Harry Styles first, and probably more than she did, or ever would. She knew this, too. But the nineteen year old was practically a model, he was that handsome, and his charm was infectious and he was basically the guy every single girl on the planet dreamed about marrying one day. So naturally, she wanted him as hers… only hers.

It wasn’t that she was greedy, or selfish. Y/F/N was simply one of those people who never settled for less than perfect.

Harry snuck a kiss in when he thought no one was looking, and with a laugh your best friend returned it, eyes twinkling with amusement. They played this game for a while, tag-you’re-it with lips instead of hands, and with every touch your nails dug deeper into your palms. You wanted that. You wanted to be the one tangling your fingers in his their, curling up next to on the couch, snuggling under the covers..

And the mere thought of his hands on your waist took your breath away.

“I’ve got to go,” you murmured, ridding the image of useless fantasies. It was a crime to be thinking such things about your friends boyfriend, even if you were the one that truly cared for him.

“Remember. My house, ten o clock on the dot.” Harry stood up and walked me out to the elevator, past the paintings and statue and pottery. He opened his arms out for a hug. I obliged, forbidding his cologne from sinking into my brain.

“Thanks for coming,” he said into my hair, tightening his hold. “Its not every day someone actually appreciates old museums and such.”

“Its not every day you find someone who appreciates people,” you replied. Before you could see his reaction, you were gone.


You were standing, except everything was upside down and the music seemed to only filter in through one ear. A push and you were horizontal. Your back seeped into… cushions?

“How about a game of Spin the Y/N?” Niall joked before taking another swig of his beer. You sat up, just the teensiest bit dizzy.

“Have Harry and Y/F/N gotten back yet?” Liam shook his head.

“Still on their date.”

“That’s why the single life’s so awesome, mate.” Niall took off his shirt and spread across the floor, making carpet angels. “No sense of being tied down.”

“Exactly,” Zayn yelled.

“You’re engaged!” Louis shouted from the bathroom.

“Sure he is,” Liam rolled his eyes whilst pulling Zayn on top of him. The two had a mock wrestling match as you stared into your red plastic cup.

“Maybe being in a relationship isn’t too bad…”

The four made kissy faced and plopped in front of you, firing questions about the mystery boy.

“What’s he like?”

“Has he talked to you a lot yet?”

“Is he hotter than me?”

“Who is he?”

I shook my head. “No answers tonight.”

“Come on! Just tell us!” Niall gave you the puppy eyes. “Pretty please?” You bit your lip before standing up. The beer was giving you a reckless kind of power, and for the moment that was all you needed.

“I am in love with Harry Styles,” you announced to the boys…

A bag dropped from behind you. You whirled around to find two wide sets of eyes gaping at your figure. “What?” Harry whispered.

And then the floor was so much closer than before and your mind went black..


YourDaftHero - Astray (Red Frame) [Bobby Schmurda - Hot Nigga // Remix]

Not complacent with my placement 
Debating whether I prefer that head or green faces
Escapes and chases, no kings or queen, but aces
Packed by double, better hustle just to get a chance with

Twin brass knuckle bite and stick, a shuffle melee
An ISIS execution just for kicks when on my Pele
Plethora of paydays, Daft brings the dismay
Ixnay on the ugsdray, no need when beats lay slain

A rad rebel with a single cause
Catch the sinners slipping strike lightning clips with no pause
All applause, give me love, fuck the law, I want ‘em all
Blood along the sand, time will tell how long I’ll have to crawl

Scheming thief of always, nice of you to join moi
See my chalice melded from the rings of widow bourgeois
What the fuck you mean eating?
Scrapping dimes for subs while all I do is feast in Eden

Murder she might have written but it’s what I utter
So I never stutter, it’s just sanguine my brother
Get ‘em all, get ‘em all, rip ‘em from each other
No tears for dead pigs, send the badges to their mothers

Maker grant me peace though, this verbal reap is easy mode
A la carte every word, order lines by the nose
Habits with no patterns, lying when I say you matter
Pounds of powder for the headache with those boys whom getting sadder

I don’t reminisce, but the remnants can stay mum like mentions
Fuck your crew with my word pool as the whirl pulls from extendeds
So tempted to blend in, but I stand out, exempted
Cept when I’m feeling courteous to show up and unmend them

Arsenal with the wick lit
You aren’t with it, better get bent
My crown thorny and my hands pinned
I don’t do friends, I just do sins

Fumes flowing, tips toeing 
Hounds out and the boys howling
If you around know how to act
Kawaii Gangs the new wolf pack

And we hotter than some hot boys
Gritty waves of motion when we tuned in to that white noise
Slaughter to leave nada, throw the verses in some lava
While I spit on grave of fathers, sipping on that Fiji water

Ooh Daft so devious, dead tyrant and deviant 
Please her with the word of mouth and then I get to leaving ‘em 
So shout out to taylorswift
Lemme slide through your inbox so I can give you this dick

Con Crew x Kawaii Gang


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In the Hands of the Enemy || noworldnomad

My muse has been kidnapped for experimental ‘research.’ After months of searching, yours has finally found mine. How does your muse react to the condition mine is in?


Oh no.

Oh god.

“Loki, Loki, Loki-” Rikki was checking his pulse, working one handed on the bonds. “Loki…

Loki’s pulse was faint and his breath shallow, but it was there. The boy was alive. His state though…He was thinner and for a boy that had already been on the edge of scrawny and only lean muscle, he looked closer to bones now. He was paler as well and his skin was hotter than it usually was, even as he shivered.

Loki stirred at Rikki’s touch, a crying whine escaping him as he tensed and flinched as far back as his binds in his small cell would allow. No…no no no. He didn’t want to go back to that too bright room with all the beeping equipment. He didn’t want to hurt again. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he brought his knees up to his chest to put some barrier between himself and the assumed assultant. "Please.” He whispered, knowing it did no good. “Let me rest. Let me heal.” He begged, voice tiny and horse. “Please…” and he finally opening teary, clouded eyes to glance at the person..only for confusion to flutter cross his features. “….Rikki? That-Is that you?” He whimpered, his trembles only growing.