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my baby boy recovered very fast from a peeling slime coat and is back in his tankk!!!!! look at himmm look at my handsome baby boyyyy!!! look at that lil snooter!!

rebelcaptain || Cassian Erso AU

It was war that brought them together, but it was also war that tore them apart.

After Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor survived the Battle of Scarif, they half believed that they could survive anything so long as they were together. But war was, by nature, messy and relentless, and it seemed to do everything it could to tear them apart.  And so when Cassian Andor went missing and was thought dead after the Battle of Endor, with the war over and no ties left with the rebellion, Jyn packed up her things and went once more into the galaxy, searching for a home that she knew could never replace the one she had lost in him.

But her personal effects weren’t the only thing she carried: she also carried with her his son.

But Cassian wasn’t dead. Just lost for a very long time, and even when he got his memories back, clawed his way back to the people he had once known in the rebellion, he still could not find Jyn (she had always been good at hiding, too good). And so he resigned from the military and began his search for her across the stars.

In the end though, it wasn’t Cassian who found Jyn, but Cassian who found Cassian. Specifically, a young boy who saved his life on the grassy planet of Maridun in the Outer Rim. 

“You should come back to my home,” the boy said. “My mother can help feed you, help you rest until you can get back on your feet, Mister.”

“What’s your name, young man?” There was something about the boy’s eyes that made Cassian ask, something about the way his mouth quirked in a familiar way that made Cassian accept the offer when he otherwise would have just gone on his way.

“Cassian Erso,” the boy had said, a defiant jut to his chin that sent Cassian Andor back almost 20 years. “What’s yours?”

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Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash


| FENRIS | DAII + | Disembarked |

“I belong here, Hawke.”

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our dearly treasured choi seunghyun,
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