my boys ;3

Introducing my first attempt at drawing/coloring Kenneth Blackwell~

He belongs to @mercurialsmile & @xerohn-alighieri  💖💖

For some reason, he didn’t take as long as Dante did, huh :/

Anyway, hope you like it! ^^

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lance! you’re too! close! [part 3]

sorry i post in the middle of the night im a moon gremlin who lives in a late time zone and sleeps all day

if you can’t read my handwriting, here is lance’s monologue

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Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!

I love how everyone thinks bts are rich men who can buy every single Gucci product and doesn’t care if drinks spill on their $2000 suits when in reality jungkook ran away with jimin’s money faster than the flash and yoongi almost went into the ocean to save like $20 or $10