my boyfriend not allowed to

“My boyfriend isn’t allowed to talk to other girls,” is just as unhealthy as “My girlfriend isn’t allowed to talk to other guys.”

“You can’t hang out with [boyfriend’s female friend] anymore,” is just as abusive as “You can’t hang out with [girlfriend’s male friend] anymore.”

“My man isn’t allowed to go out with his guys unless I’m with him,” is just as creepy and possessive as “My girl isn’t allowed to go out with her friends unless I’m with her.”

A woman who controls and manipulates her boyfriend is just as abusive as a man who controls and manipulates his girlfriend, pass it on.


His Name’s Odin And He’s The Most Precious Singapura Kitten You’ll Ever See 

“We got him from my boyfriends Sister’s friend who is a breeder. He’s not show quality because of his markings so he gave him to us for free. I’ve spent the last few years living with my parents until I moved in with my boyfriend a few months ago and wasn’t allowed to have pets, so he is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! Odin is around 2lbs now, and he will be about 5lbs full grown.” 

Photos/text by ©Elizabeth

Inspired by this absolutely angsty masterpiece by @jackalopes-vld

This is really angsty and references intrusive thoughts, so please keep yourself safe.

WC: 1574


He’s not annoying. People like being around him. He’s not annoying.

Good for nothing.

He’s their sharpshooter. He has a purpose.


He’s worth something.

Seventh wheel.

He’s… He is the seventh wheel. There isn’t a doubt about that.

Can’t handle the stress.

He can’t. It gnaws at him every waking moment.

Can’t deal with criticism.

Fuck. It hurts, okay? Not everyone is graceful with that shit.

Useless weight brought along out of pity.




Just fucking leave.

Please. Please, just stop. Please.

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Thighs - Jeff Atkins smut

Summary : “Jeff’s seen your thighs okay. And words can’t describe how much he wants them wrapped around his head.” Basically, Jeff eating you out.  I got this idea from @tevinter-winter, so the credit goes to her for that! Check out the post I got the plot from.

Pairing : Jeff Atkins x reader

Warnings : Oral sex

Words count : 1,428

A/N : Sorry it took so long for me to post it! I had some troubles writing the end, it kinda sucks. Also, this is so long, I didn’t paid attention to the length before the end. I haven’t wrote a full smut in a while so let me know what’s wrong with it so I could make it better next time!

Originally posted by sadiaxxstylesxxstiles

I was laying on the couch, my legs over Jeff’s lap. We were at his house, his parents being away until tomorrow morning. The both of us were watching some movie on Netflix Jeff wanted to see, but I wasn’t really into it. I’ve been on my phone for the past half hour.

Jeff was so into the movie, he wasn’t really paying attention. His hands were resting on my thigh, his thumb stroking my skin lightly. I was getting inconfortable in my position and too far from Jeff as my linking, so I moved my legs a bit, this way I could cuddle up to his side. He looked down at me as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, smiling and then kissing my forehead before focusing back on the screen in front of him.

I started to get really bored. I didn’t wanted to distract my boyfriend from his movie, as he was really enjoying it. I innocently started playing with the aim of his shirt, rolling it between my fingers, rubbing the fabric against them. I could feel the end of the movie was near, as the characters were all finding solutions to whatever situation they had going on. My free hand slid up Jeff’s side before finding his hair and playing with it, nuzzling my face into his neck.

Suddenly, his hand moved up behind my thigh and massaged my skin, some other times grabbing it. I would lie if I said it didn’t had its effect on me. I let out a soft moan against the skin of his neck as he grabbed my butt without warning. I hear him chuckle at my reaction which leads me to straighten.

“What are you doing ?” I asked smiling at him, only waiting for him to answer so I could kiss him.

“I just love your thighs.” He eyed to them, massaging them again. “They’re so soft.” I putted my legs on each side of him so I could face him properly.

“Oh, yeah ?” He nodded in respond as my face was getting closer to his, and finally our lips connected. There started the battle between our tongues, dancing in sync, with moans escaping our mouths. I pulled away for air just a second and then slowly kissed my way down his jaw, onto his neck. “Tell me more.”

Jeff moaned louder as I was sucking on his neck, determined to leave a purple mark here. “I want them-” His sentence was cut short by another moan. My core grinning on his bulge, that was getting harder with every movement I made. “Fuck- I just want to put my head between them.”

I internally froze at his words. Jeff and I were dating for a few months  and everything was amazing, but he had never eaten me out before. Not that I didn’t wanted to, oh how I wanted it, I just didn’t know how to bring it up.

“Today’s your chance then.” Our lips were back together with a heated kiss.

His hands went to my waists to help me lay down on the couch. The kiss was broken for a few seconds and he took this opportunity to attack my neck, just like I did with his a few moments before. Moans were flying out of my mouth with his hands cupping me through my shirt? I wasn’t wearing any bra under his large tshirt I had on, and he took advantage of it, sliding one hand to touch my bare skin, the other resting on my waist. He was turning me on so much. The sens of him brushing on top of my skin made me shiver, my body letting him know by tensing up underneath him followed by a louder moan escaping my lips, which caught his attention. He began to be rougher in his touch, biting my neck where he had leaved his mark while rubbing it with his tongue. I was getting impatient, feeling the hot heat between my legs burning harder with every move he made at the surface of my body.

“Jeff, please touch me.” I was so needy at this moment, needy of his tongue, his fingers, of everything he could give me.

“Anything, princess.” His kisses stopped and for a second it felt so empty not to have him against me.

He placed a lazy kiss on my lips before removing my shirt, exposing my breast to his sight. In no time, he had my left nipple in his mouth, sucking on it, massaging the other. His adorable eyes looked up to me innocently, just to witness how it got me out of my mind? He loved it, the effect he’s got on me. Seeing his abilities to make me scream for him. He didn’t waste much time after it, bringing down his hand to where I needed him the most. It only took the light contact of his hands, hovering my core to get me crying out for more friction. I started to roll my hips over his fingers, hungry for more of him.

“Someone’s eager.” He laughed while releasing my nipple with a ‘pop’, noticing my impatient behavior.

“I just need you.” As I stated my desire, my panties were slowly  being dragged down down legs, the fabric brushing against my skin causing me to shiver in anticipation.

Jeff pushed my legs apart, laying down between them, just in font of my dripping core. Looking down at him, my breath got caught in my lungs when I saw the lust in his gaze. My bottom lips was stuck between my teeth, languidly waiting for the tension to break down, those seconds seeming like forever to me. Suddenly, I could feel the warm of his tongue, delving into my folds, leading to a high-pitched moan filling the room and echoing in my ears. I could feel him lapping every corners he explored, licking all the juices coming out the second he went in contact with it.

My head collapsed against the armrest, eyes closed, picturing the work of my boyfriend between my legs. My mouth was parted open, allowing the air to pass, and also a collection of scream. I felt his fingers parting my folds just to push one in? I cried out at the mixed sensation between my legs, almost covering my mouth by how loud I was screaming.

“Oh my god, keep doing it.” I pleaded to him.

My hands went down to grab his hair, tangling on it so hard I thought I was hurting him. But that only made him moan against me, sending vibrations through my whole body. My back was arching, Jeff pushing it back down to keep me still. His hand rested on my hip, one of my mine leaving his hair to place it on top of his. He immediately moved it so our fingers will intertwined, another tender touch connecting us. As he added another finger in, my legs began to shake around his head, tightening around it and I started to see stars behind my eyelids. Electricity waves were send in my stomach making me gaps in pleasure, as I was falling apart under Jeff’s actions. Our hands unlocked and I was back at pulling his hair again. He had to keep me still and did it by wrapping both of his muscled arms around my thighs, this way I couldn’t make a move to disturb him anymore. He kept lapping on the surface of my core and every time the knot on my stomach was getting bigger.

“Jeff, I’m- I’m gonna cum.” I murmured between breaths.

He took note of it and dragged me closer to him, making me scream even more. I felt his fingers picking up the pace inside me, and it only took that for my toes to start curling up, my legs shaking harder than before. I was embracing my release, feeling it was just on the edge. Just as I let a loud moan escape my mouth, my high send vibes all over my body, tensing up. Jeff didn’t stop until I moaned softly, letting him know I came down from my release. His head popped up on top of me and he laid it on my stomach, kissing it.

“Thank you.” Was all I said, out of breath. I stroked his hair slightly, closing my eyes.

“You’re welcome, babe.” He laughed gently at my words, which made my laugh too, just before his head came to my height and kissed me with love.


Pacifica likes to think that she knows better than Mabel and I, and for some God-forsaken reason has decided that Mabel and I are two chumps that, in her words, “anyone could take advantage of.” So, whenever we date anyone new, she takes it upon herself to interrogate them and judge if they are, in fact, boyfriend/girlfriend material.

Mabel and I have received this sort of treatment before with our partners (Mabel more so than I), but this is the first time anybody’s been able to keep up with Pacifica’s shenanigans.

…How strange.

(in which a friendly conversation turns into a game of Who-Stalks-Dipper-More?)

(it’s Bill)

(sorry Pacifica)

This literally shouldn’t have taken as long as it did.

By the way, I originally wanted Bill to major in History so that he’d have some semblance of an explanation as to why he knows all that he knows, but I decided to have him major in Finance so that when they leave school, he’d graduate and immediately take over some big-name company and buy everyone else out so that Pine Tree can live the cushy life. (plus he wants to run the world, so eh)

Feel free to leave an ask for the Love’s Guise crew. I will have a full set of cast and headcanons up as soon as time allows…

Get Off My Girl

Word count: 1,400 exactly

Warning: smut, very dirty smut, lap dance

Pairing: Cas x Reader (very slight Dean x Reader and even tinier amount of Sam x Reader)

Summary/Request: No request, just my idea J

Cas, your boyfriend, allows you to play truth or dare with the boys (with a few rules) but when Dean gets too arrogant he shows them who you belong to.

Originally posted by godshipsit

The past few hunts had been rough; you were all completely wrecked when you returned to the bunker after three weeks away. But of course, beer was prioritised over sleep.

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Estimated Time of Arrival


Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom is finally coming home after four months of filming Homecoming

Tom was coming home. Tom was coming back to England. Tom was coming back to his family. But, most importantly, Tom was coming back to you.

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Disappear {Theo Raeken}

Requested: HELL YEAH! My first request and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more, thank you so much for requesting this girly!  

19: “I’m going to kill you!”

34: “I don’t deserve to be loved.”

36: “I’m so in love with you.”

Warnings: Slight angst.

Date: 06.09.17

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

My phone’s screen lit up my features in the otherwise dark room as it sat in the palm of my hand with Theo’s contact information on display. Within the course of two days I had already called him seven times with no response, so why should this time be any different? Sighing, I realised that he probably wouldn’t answer but I hit the screen anyway and waited apprehensively for him to pick up.

He didn’t.

This is Theo, leave a message and I might get back to you.

I hung up before the beep went off and threw my phone onto the bed as I huffed and rested my arms on my knees, my head no in the palm of my hand as I wondered where he could be. He’d disappeared yet again two days ago without so much as a text or a note to tell me where he was or why he had disappeared.

All he left me with was the feeling of being alone and restless as I wondered what kind of trouble he’d got himself into yet again.  

By the time the sky had turned pitch black without a hint of the sun in the sky, I’d given up. I climbed into my cold bed - which felt huge without Theo lying beside me – and closed my eyes, hoping sleep would sweep me away from my worries about my absent boyfriend.

I had barely allowed my eyelids to flutter closed when I heard it. The persistent tapping on my bedroom window that stopped me from sleeping. I muttered under my breath as I threw the covers off me and pulled back the curtains to reveal Theo crouching outside the window drenched from the rain as he waited for me to unlock the window so he could slip inside. Instead, I let a cruel smirk form on my lips and met his eye as I returned the curtains to their previous position and walked back to my bed. Payback is a bitch, much like myself.

It only took a few seconds for the sound of the doorbell to ring throughout the house. He wouldn’t dare, but he did, he rang the damn bell until I marched downstairs and swung the door open. I glared at him and he did the same to me before pushing past me into the house and out of the rain.

“What the hell Y/N!” He growled as he turned into the family room and stood beside one of the sofas. I slammed the front door shut and thanked whoever was listening that my parents weren’t home before I stormed after him. Just from the look on my face I could tell he knew how angry I was. I watched him tense visibly and take a step back as I stood and glared at him from the other side of the room.

“I’m going to kill you!” I seethed and took a step forward, not really knowing what I was going to do because Theo was ten times stronger than I was but I liked seeing him take another step back, genuinely scared of how angry I was.

“Where the hell have you been Theo? You left me again without any idea of where you went or how long you’d be gone. It’s like you don’t care about how much your disappearances scares me.”

The anger was washed away from me and was replaced with complete and utter sadness as a tear threatened to slip down my cheek. “Do you even realise that I’m constantly on edge when I’m around you, wondering if this time will be the last time I ever see you again because you don’t know how to answer a damn phone call!”

Theo looked defeated as he sat down on the sofa and let me scream and cry and do everything in between at him before he stood up and grabbed my outstretched hands before I could hit him or do something else that wouldn’t actually hurt him at all. “I’m sorry.” He whispered and tried to hold me against his chest but I pushed him away, staring into his eyes as I said, “It’s not good enough this time.”

My voice was barely above a whisper but he heard me easily. I took a step away and stared up at him with tears still in my eyes, “I try so hard all the damn time and it’s like you don’t even love me anymore.” A tear finally escaped and fell down my cheek so I turned my head, not wanting him to see me cry.

“Y/N,” I could practically hear the heartbreak in his voice, “You know I love you. Damn it I’m completely and utterly in love with you. Please forgive me. You know I care about you and I don’t mean to worry you or make you cry, I hate it when you cry.”

He walked around to face me again and wiped the tears away from my face and I melted under his touch. I wanted so desperately to just collapse in his arms, to let him hold me in his arms and let me forget all about his disappearances but I didn’t let myself. I sniffed and looked up at him again, determined to get some answers out of him.

“So why do you run off all the time and make me feel all those things?” I question and he looks down before pulling me towards the sofa where we sat and I let him play with my fingers as he thought for a moment before he spoke up, “I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve to be loved by you and I’m scared that if I stick around for too long I’ll hurt you and I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt you.”

For the first time I looked into his eyes and saw all the emotion he kept hidden from other people clearly within them. He was genuinely terrified of hurting me, but it was more than that, he loved me so much that he would run away to protect me from himself. Without thinking, I crushed my lips to his, determined to show him that he had nothing to be afraid of. He kissed me back with just as much urgency as I had before I pulled back and rested my forehead against his,

“I love you idiot. I know you’d never hurt me but never run away from me again, that hurts me more than you ever could.”

Theo nodded and brushed the tip of his nose against mine once before pulling me in for a slower, more passionate kiss. I smiled and allowed myself to melt into him for the moment. He was here, with me and he was safe. That mattered more than anything at the moment.

“I’m still going to kill you.” I muttered against his lips and felt his smile.

I hope this was okay, I know it’s quite short but it was my first real request I suppose. Please tell me what you think so I know what kind of stuff you want me to write! If anyone else has any request please tell me! I love writing for you guys 😇💗.


So let me get this straight: he’s trying to control what you do, he’s cutting you off from your friends and he’s calling them “leeches & tarts”. All because he just loves you too much.


Do Not Let Them In

I was completely oblivious to the world around me on the way back from my boyfriends house. I had stayed overnight and the silence that surrounded me, allowed me to get lost in my thoughts. I thought about how things would all work out after all. I did not realise at the time just how silent everything was.

The door was wide open when I got home. It did not really perturb me much, as I figured my parents had just forgotten to close it. I was in a pretty care-free mood and nothing bad ever happens around here. I shouted a quick hello in to the house and then went straight up to my bedroom, to call my best friend. I could not wait to tell her that I was back with Brandon. He cheated on me, but so what, people can change.

I attempted to call her, but my phone seemed to be on the fritz. I could just hear static on the other end. I went online for a little while and began reading some of the stories on this sub-reddit. I had become addicted ever since one of my neighbours recommended it to me, after hearing I had a love for all things horror.

I was reading through the stories when one of them hit a chord with me. It was not much at this point. The door being open when I got home, could easily just be attributed to my parents not being very mindful. We live in a safe neighbourhood and a lot of people leave their doors unlocked. The phone only being able to hear static on the other end. That began to bother me a little, as my texts were also failing to send.

I felt a sense of unease that I could not shake, so I created an account and sent over a message to the original poster. I gave my full name and a vague location. I also mentioned the bizarre similarities. I laughed a little at myself after sending it, for panicking over minor coincidental details.

I checked back a little while later and I had not received a response. I felt a sense of relief course through me. The silence that surrounded me was still putting me a little on edge. I called out downstairs, but received no response. I realised I had been so wrapped up in my love life, when I first entered the house, that I could not remember if my parents initially responded. They barely ever left the house in the evenings.

I opened my bedroom door and listened for any sounds, but there was nothing. The silence was deafening. I slowly walked downstairs and was met with instant relief, as I saw my parents sitting on the couch in the living room.

I let out a huge sigh of relief and chuckled to myself a little. I announced my presence, as I went to walk past them, towards the kitchen. They responded almost immediately and it caught me off guard a little.

They both turned to face me simultaneously, smiling a smile that was far too wide. They did not look particularly happy to see me. Their teeth were clenched and their eyes were sullen and deep set. The smile felt all too false, as if they were learning to smile for the first time. The position of the smile rapidly changing. Their cheeks looking like they were in a constant spasm.


They said, simultaneously. It was them speaking, but it was different. There was none of the usual inflections in their voices. The jolly way that my father spoke was replaced with, well, nothing. There was no emotion at all, it was completely deadpan.

I asked them if they wanted anything from the kitchen. They both looked at each other for a moment as if they were silently communicating. It looked as if they were attempting to convey, to each other, an appropriate response. They then turned back to me once again, and in the same lifeless way as before, they said, “Hello”.

I kept the gaze for a little while, until it had begun to unsettle me. I told them to knock it off, but there was no humour in their faces. Their gazes never left mine the entire time I backed away. Their smiles never faltering. I smiled back, to not cause alarm, holding back tears. I knew something was wrong now.

I quickly retreated back to my bedroom and locked the door. I sat there for a moment in a mild panic. I attempted to convince myself that there was something else happening, but nothing else made sense. I checked reddit again and I had a new message.

“Do not open the door. Do not let them in. This is James Richards from number 36. Are you alone?”.

I began to feel my breathing become heavier as I read that name. He was the one who introduced me to this sub-reddit. I quickly wrote out a response telling him the situation in full. He must have been refreshing the page, as his response was almost immediate.

“You need to get out of there. Someone managed to get through to the police earlier. I felt a wave of relief when they pulled up. The figures had disappeared once the sun rose. The moment the police exited their vehicles, they appeared again, out of the shadows. Something I can not explain happened. Them things, they entered them, and the police, they changed.

One of the police officers is outside of the front of our house now. He looks mindless, and has that same contrived smile you described. He is speaking in my brothers voice. You need to get out of that house. There’s no one out the back at the moment. I am not sure if you can make it over here, but if you can, then run.”

I closed my eyes for a moment and attempted to calm my breathing. This all had to be a nightmare. Then I heard a knock at my bedroom door, followed by two voices I was more than familiar with. It was my mother and father, with them same monotone voices. This time, it was a version of a phrase I had dreaded hearing.

“Please let us in”

Speak, cough, repeat. It was the same pattern. I moved over towards the window and looked outside. Most of the houses doors were now wide open. The remaining houses, either had dark figures standing outside, or my neighbours. Well, whatever was left of them.

I leaned out of the window and noticed the policeman outside of James’s house. I could not see the back of the house from my bedroom. I climbed out of the window on to the roof of the porch. I had done this many times before, to see Brandon late at night. I could still hear my parents repeating the same phrase over and over again, from outside of my bedroom door.

I steadied myself on the roof, ready to jump down, when I saw one of my neighbours moving towards me. He was following the same pattern. Staring up towards me, while repeating, “Hello”, every few seconds.

I jumped down, hurting my ankle in the process. I narrowly escaped his grasp as he lunged out towards me. I ran through the side gate, leading to our back garden. The alleyway connected the back gardens of all of the houses on this side of the street. I ran down the alleyway, checking behind me every few steps. I heard an array of different voices as I passed the other houses. The pattern was the same, the voices were different.

I eventually reached the gate behind James’s house. I thought about continuing to run, but I had no idea how far this virus stretched. I pushed the gate open and cautiously moved in to the backyard. I could not see anything lurking in the shadows, so I ran towards the door. I screamed the house down as I began banging against the door. It took quite a lot of convincing, but they eventually believed that it was actually me. I saw my mother approaching from behind me as I entered. The way she moved was almost mechanical in nature. She stumbled every few steps, and her head bobbed from side to side.

I do not think I have realised the gravity of this situation yet. I am still in shock and had a million questions to ask when I saw them. They did not respond much. They look a lot worse than I do. James has not really spoke much since I arrived and his brother keeps shouting at the man at the front door, asking him what he wants. I think they are losing it a little.

I can hear my mother and father outside of the back door. It sounds more like them, with every passing minute. The speech pattern is the same, but every so often, I can hear the calmness in my mothers voice return. They will occasionally break the pattern and add my name.

“Katie, please let us in”

It sounds more and more like them each time they speak. I am not sure if a part of her is still in there, or they are learning to better manipulate and mimic. I have been up all night and I need to sleep. I can feel my eyes getting heavier as I write this.

Speak, cough, repeat.

If you receive a knock at your door and something feels off.

Do not let them in.

remus + tonks, as observed by the late sirius black
  • [ in the afterlife ]
  • Sirius: *looking down on remus* MY BOYFRIEND IS LONELY
  • James: Sirius, you two haven't dated since seventh-year-
  • Lily: He's fine, Sirius.
  • Tonks [on earth]: *shows up and starts talking to remus*
  • Sirius: WHO IS THAT
  • James: WHO IS THAT
  • Lily: Do you two listen to ANYTHING that's said down there? That's Nymphadora Tonks. She's in the Order, and she fancies Remus.
  • Sirius: *shocked*
  • James: *also shocked*
  • Sirius: HE'S my BOYFRIEND
  • James: Well we are dead, mate-

all things lovely and good

Eggsy’s curled up on the settee–and he was to call it a settee, not a couch or sofa–in their private sitting room in the east wing of Drottningholm, his phone nearly at his nose as a computerized voice spouted random Swedish phrases at him to memorize, when Tilde sweeps into the room with a silver tray of tea and biscuits. Eggsy glances up at her, smiling in greeting, as she sits by his feet, setting the tray before her on the table and begins pouring the tea without a word. Not unusual for either of them; taking afternoon tea together, but more importantly alone, away from any staff from palace or Kingsman alike, had become a much needed routine for the both of them. It had gotten to the point where it didn’t need to be arranged or decided on, just something that they did, when they were both around, their many hello’s spoken in touches and looks and smiles.

“Ta, love,” Eggsy says when she passes him a teacup and a plate of homemade Florentine’s, ginger nuts and shortbread, which he balances on his knees, teacup in his free hand. He bites into a ginger nut, scrunches up his face at his phone and, after a prolonged moment of indecision, groans dejectedly. “I’m shit at this, just so you know. Never gonna learn it. Can’t even roll my R’s proper.”

“I have faith in you.” Tilde sits back with her own cup of tea, pats Eggsy’s leg and smiles. “Put that away. Take a minute to sit with your wife.”

Eggsy grins up at her. He sets the phone down beside the tray of tea, readjusts his position so that they are sitting side by side. She takes a Florentine from the plate now resting on his thigh, inspects it before biting off half of it and chewing.

“You know,” Tilde says thoughtfully after a few quiet minutes, “I would not mind if you decided to take on another lover.”

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TEXTS FROM DARK AND ANTI (feat Google!): Part 45


So my boyfriend was never allowed to watch Friends as a kid so he’s just now getting the chance to binge the series, and since I’ve had this prompt sitting around in my ask box for a while, I figured I’d give you all a little taste of my reality. ^_^

Parts 1-44 here!