my boyfriend not allowed to

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I was telling my boyfriend his dick destroyed me and he wasn't allowed to call it small and he told me he lost his virginity to a 6'4 beefcake with a 10 inch dick

i don’t k now WHERE this ask came from but THANK YOU for sharing holy fuck

Homebrew Shenanigans

I was running a homebrew 5e campaign and created a rule where all players were allowed to bribe me for clues, as long as they were creative about it. Money was not allowed to be used.

Note - The party’s Storyteller also happens to be my boyfriend.

DM: Remember, you are allowed to bribe the DM.

Storyteller: Can a kiss count?

DM: No, but it’d be appreciated.

Everyone else: *shoving $10 in my face* CAN YOU TWO STOP FLIRTING

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Sometimes I feel guilty for leaving my abusive boyfriend because I feel like it just allowed him to find someone else. Like I feel like I should have taken one for the team you know? I don't know does that make sense?

That’s very altruistic of you, but I feel like it’s misguided. Shitty people are going to hurt others whether they are single, or in a relationship. You did the right thing by leaving him.

“My boyfriend isn’t allowed to talk to other girls,” is just as unhealthy as “My girlfriend isn’t allowed to talk to other guys.”

“You can’t hang out with [boyfriend’s female friend] anymore,” is just as abusive as “You can’t hang out with [girlfriend’s male friend] anymore.”

“My man isn’t allowed to go out with his guys unless I’m with him,” is just as creepy and possessive as “My girl isn’t allowed to go out with her friends unless I’m with her.”

A woman who controls and manipulates her boyfriend is just as abusive as a man who controls and manipulates his girlfriend, pass it on.

My boyfriend said i am allowed to platonically make out with someone as long as i ask him for permission first and i was like “babe if i ever kissed another man thats not you i would immediately burst into tears and cry for like 2 days bc id worry youd stop liking me”

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Hey could i have a prompt "I need you to calm me down" with alex summers(xmen) please😊

“Oh my god…oh my god, this is insane…this is completely…oh my god” You weren’t sure you could breathe, but you must have been because you were talking and that required air right? 

“I need you to calm me down”

“Don’t tell me to calm down, Alex! I just found out that my boyfriend is a mutant with freaking super powers, okay?! I’m allowed to freak out!” You turned to him, to the hands that reached for your arms. You were so confused. 

“You’re going to hurt yourself!” 

Hetalia Highschool

I became an anime fan as a teenager and would share some of the shows with my best friend in high school. She never developed any interest in anime (she usually made fun of Asians) until I showed her the Hetalia series, and after that, it became one of the main aspects of our friendship. We both had phones and tablets and would download fanart of our favorite “countries” to look at when we visited her house, since her parents were very strict about the wifi and barely let us on it.

One day I was showing her some new pictures I found and she suddenly became extremely mad at me. I couldn’t understand what was going on even after I looked at the picture. She then yelled at me for having a picture of her boyfriend (“Doitsu”) on my phone, because I wasn’t allowed to have photos of that certain country on any of my devices.

Even though it was a picture of one of the many other blonde characters in the show, she never believed that I would be loyal to her again and made me pick out characters to have photos of while she chose her favorite ones so that I couldn’t save photos of any of her “boyfriends”.

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