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Something I never understood about Harry Potter:

Why separate everything by house?

Everyone (the hat, Dumbledore, all the teachers, just everyone ever, etc.) always super emphasized inter-house unity and cooperation, but Hogwarts honestly had the worst system for that to happen. Students would do everything with their house, except for occasional classes with another. Even then, there isn’t much time to get to know one another. Add stereotypes (Hufflepuffs are the leftovers, Ravenclaws are the nerds, Slytherins are evil, Gryffindors are the “good guys”), the point system, and house exclusive activities (recreational hours only with house, Quidditch, etc.) to the mix, and you’ll get nothing but competition and superiority complexes. You can’t expect anything else when you’re pitting students against each other (see: in-group/out-group bias).

The founders or teachers should have designed the schedules so a mixture of students from different houses would be taking classes together. This would have given them time to get to know each other and have recreational time (break hours) together and later eat together. It would have diversified thinking processes, friendships, etc.

No wonder there were barely any inter-house friendships; you can’t blame the students for not miraculously coming out as friends in this disastrous system.

When you think of love you think of the pretty parts. The holding of hands, laughter, hugs, kisses, beautiful memories shared. And when I think of love, I think of that as well. But I don’t want just the pretty parts. There will be nights were we sleep in separate rooms, days that are not filled with laughter, only tears. There will be nights when we go to bed angry and have it boiling inside of us for days, there are going to be tears, fights, and things wish we never said. But to be in love is to not accept just the pretty, but the ugly too. And I wouldn’t want to face ugly with anyone except you.
—  Victoria Viola, The Bad Parts.

Today’s happy headcanon: For days after meeting Sarek and Amanda in “Journey to Babel,” Jim refers to Spock solely as “He who is my boyfriend” just to piss him off.

For me, Barca is still the best team in the world. It’s always a surprise too, but in football, anything can happen. My advice to everyone is; don’t criticize Barca so much because they can prove everyone wrong.
—  Pep Guardiola when asked about FC Barcelona’s 4-0 loss to PSG.