my boyfriend my husband

you could be my boyfriend of 85 years or my husband of 586778 years or my favourite teacher or my most beloved mentor but if you are a man and you yell at me or raise your voice at me i can 100% guarantee our relationship will never be the same ever again there is something so treacherous about men who needlessly raise their voice 

You are a warm day in the middle of September
You are the sun shining through the pines and you are the ripples in the creek
You are the birds chirping at dawn and the clay beneath my toes and the warmth that always surrounds me
You are the earth and the sky and the wind and you will always be more than enough for me
—  m. a.
When you think of love you think of the pretty parts. The holding of hands, laughter, hugs, kisses, beautiful memories shared. And when I think of love, I think of that as well. But I don’t want just the pretty parts. There will be nights were we sleep in separate rooms, days that are not filled with laughter, only tears. There will be nights when we go to bed angry and have it boiling inside of us for days, there are going to be tears, fights, and things wish we never said. But to be in love is to not accept just the pretty, but the ugly too. And I wouldn’t want to face ugly with anyone except you.
—  Victoria Viola, The Bad Parts.

Bucky: I have a crush on Tony.
Clint: Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Dear future husband,

I’m looking forward to the first day I’m going to wake up beside you and be able to call you my husband.

I’m looking forward to all the little adventures we’re going to experience - even when this adventures will only be our daily life because every moment with you is extraordinary.

I’m looking forward to the mornings I can kiss you awake and bring you breakfast to the bed.

I’m also looking forward to the mornings I’m allowed to give you hope and strength for your working day.

I’m looking forward to kiss you good bye when you’re leaving the house and welcome you back with dinner at the end of the day.

I’m looking forward to the moments when you’re telling me how great your day was. When you’re talking passionately about how much you love your work and I’m going to join your joy.

But somehow I’m also looking forward to the day when you’re telling me how difficult and exhausting your day was. Because then I’m going to try giving you some comfort and love in a hug. And I’m going to massage you until you feel refreshed again.

I’m looking forward to the all the days we’re going to have dinner together and thank our Lord for blessing us with all those good things in our life.

I’m looking forward to spending evenings cuddling with you under a million of blankets and to kiss every fiber of you.

I’m looking forward to the nights I’m allowed to kiss you good night and telling you how much I love you while I’m praying to God to bless you.

I’m looking forward to the first day our newborn won’t let us sleep and we’re quarreling about who is getting up.

I’m looking forward to nurture our kids with a love that is based on Christ.

I’m looking forward to sitting around our Christmas tree and playing on the guitar while you and our kids are singing along.

I’m looking forward to hide some Easter eggs for our kids and also surprising you.

I’m looking forward to wondering with you how our kids could grow up that fast.

I’m looking forward to the days we’re going to look at each other - married for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 years or longer - and thinking we’re loving each other even more as on the day we exchanged vows.

I’m looking forward to all the days we’re going to spend together until God decides our time is over.

I’m looking forward to our life knowing that it’s going to be one big celebration and you’re the greatest gift.

Darling, I love you now and forever.
future wife