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So I found out my ex boyfriend watched a video I sent him when he was next to his room mate and apparently that's when he watched it and the room mate could hear EVERYTHING. And this was a super explicit video, one I sent while we were still together. And this ex is well aware that I've had to deal with another ex sending photos of me around in high school. I'm just like what the fuck is actually wrong with men and I need some cheering up

Kill. Him.

Give me his number; I’ll send him the most annoying texts of all time. For real. Come back here. Give me his number. I’ll send him fake facts about rocks. 

Kill. Him. 

170320 arirang music access

Just some parts that I found interesting

Question: What’s your favorite drink and food?

Jae: my favorite drink….water? I kinda like some other soft drinks and stuff like that, but lately I’ve been trying to, you know, stay off that because it makes me jittery. I used to have a can before I go up on stage but then it makes me like super nervous so I’m trying to avoid that. As for my favorite food, since you [person who sent in the question] said you’re from Japan, I’m really craving ramen. You’re so lucky man. [bc the Japanese person can eat it frequently in japan]

[basically they were talking about obsessions]

Jae: I am currently O B S E S S E D, I am literally obsessed with 2k [basketball video game]. I can’t get off MyCareer [game option on 2k] to save my life. I find myself going late to band practice because of that. I find myself waking up late and staying up later because of that game. I will destroy anyone that comes at me, so…come at me.

[out of the 2 options, he has to pick which one he is more obsessed with]

1: music charts or my appearance

Jae: music charts. That’s what important man. Music.

2: if my girlfriend does not answer my call, I will call her again and again. Yes or no?

Jae: it’s been so long, I don’t know if I’ve changed. It’s been like SO long. Should we just do like, what it used to be like or what I think I would do now? [answer: what you would do now]. Oh okay. No. I used to. I remember like back in college like…[weird voice] I was crazy! It was just hard for me back then. Especially cause like, in college is that whole party scene and everyone’s always partying all the time. It’s like, if she doesn’t pick up her phone on Saturday night at like 1am, I’m just like…what’s going on? Driving me [weird voice] crazy. Makes me CRAZY! I’m just like a super insecure dude, man. I think that’s the thing. I’M UGLY OKAY! I know it! I know!

3: I like a girl who is obsessed with me [yes or no]

Jae: I like a girl who is obsessed with me. [changed his answer after thinking]. Actually, I would rather be the one obsessing. I can’t relate to that anymore because I don’t remember how it feels. My emotions are dead. Love isn’t real.

Question: do you have any inferiority complexes?

Jae: [before Bernard even finished the question] YES. I have a lot. My small eyes, my vocal ability, my long torso, [bernard: your long torso?] DON’T GET ME STARTED MAN! DON’T GET ME STARTED MAN! I’VE GOT A COMPLEX BRO!

Question: do you have any fans that stick out to you? Do you have any stalker fans?

Jae: I mean all of our fans stick out. And we don’t have any stalker fans. But we do have this one fan, he’s a guy, and he comes to our concerts and his lung capacity is crazy. Everyone’s screaming but you can just hear his tone. Everyone’s like “ahh oppa!” he’s like [deep loud voice] “oooOOOHHH!” We’re just like “dang boy okay!” But yeah he’s super cool man, he supports us hella good so we appreciate it.

Reita and Uruha vs a girl who has a boyfriend and four fuck buddies (Rajigaze 2/17)

Dark Side Mail

Reita (reading mail): “Last time Ruki and Kai were doing the radio, I sent them mail asking for advice because I was meeting one of my guy friends and he told me to come in something sexy, and I didn’t know what to wear. Kai was like, ‘so this is your boyfriend then?’ but he’s not my boyfriend, he’s just a friend with benefits. He has a family, and I have a boyfriend as well, but this guy is a lot more well-off financially, and can give me experiences that my boyfriend can’t, so I hang out with him sometimes. But I don’t consider it cheating, I think it’s the same as just going out to eat. My boyfriend is who I really love; it’s still better than if we were married and I was having an affair. I just want to experience everything I can before I’m married. I guess most people would think it’s bad, wouldn’t they. I have three other [friends with benefits], but I guess I should break it off with all of them and be loyal to my boyfriend? All my girl friends do this too, so I don’t really know the general opinion. Please tell me!”

Uruha: Oh???

Reita:  Oh!!!

Uruha: Oh!!!

Reita: OH!!

Uruha: OH!!!!! This is a cheating bitch isn’t it!!!

Reita: Well…….yep that’s exactly what this is.

Uruha: That’s messed up…

Reita: But she doesn’t feel that way, she thinks it’s no different from just going out to eat with someone.

Uruha: It’s that kinda casual relationship [people have] these days…

Reita: Well this is just how she personally feels about it…

Uruha: And the guy is married too, right?

Reita: Yeah yeah yeah, like I wonder how his wife feels about it…like, the girl is saying it’s more acceptable than if she were married and cheating

Uruha: Uh she is already cheating lmao

Reita: Like I don’t know if I’d call it acceptable…anyway she says most people would probably think it’s bad, what do you think about that?

Uruha: I don’t know, I feel like so many people are doing the same thing, so you can’t really get anyone’s honest opinion about it…people just kind of let it slide, you know? Like, oh my friends are doing it, so whatever.

Reita: Yeah, for sure.

Uruha: That’s how behaviour spreads among the human race. [ALIEN CONFIRMED]

Reita: …Are you mad?

Uruha: It’s the same with drugs.

Reita: Right, drugs, and disease…

Uruha: Oh am I allowed to talk about this?

Reita: Yeah yeah it’s fine

Uruha: Well, I mean, people start doing it because everybody’s doing it, you know?

Reita: Mhm…

Uruha: Mhm…I mean, it would be nice if we could spread good things…

Reita: Mhm.

Uruha: But this….this isn’t good, like…have some self-consciousness.

Reita: Self-consciousness (laughs)

Uruha: Heheheh

Reita: And like she’s doing this with three other people…

Uruha: Well that’s not surprising.

Reita: I guess her boyfriend can’t satisfy her sexually?

Uruha: No I don’t think so…I think she really does value true love…but she’s just getting influenced by people around her…she thinks she needs more [partners]…to you know like…look better? Idk

Reita: Ohh, socially? So she can brag like, I have this many..

Uruha: Yeah, you know, like that…

Reita: Pyramid?

Uruha: No, not pyramid…

Reita: Oh, like Caste?

Uruha: Yeah, like Caste!

this is what they are talking about i’m screaming

if u have no fuck buddies ur a farm worker

Reita: I guess you gotta have more, huh?

Uruha: Yeah…

Reita: When is she gonna stop tho? I mean, she can’t just keep going forever…

Uruha: Hmmm…

Reita: I mean, she has a boyfriend and everything.

Uruha: Yeah….I think when she get’s older, she will realize.

Reita: Yeh maybe…ya ok…..but what I really wanna know is, what did she end up wearing?

(both laugh)

Uruha: Well Kai said she’s not allowed [to wear something sexy] so…

Reita: Oh, if it’s not her boyfriend?

Uruha: Yeah.

Reita: Well, if that guy wasn’t married, I could still see it being kinda okay [wearing something sexy not cheating lol] but since he is, like…there has to be some restrictions, you know…

Uruha: Hmm….yeah….this wasn’t Dark, this was just…heavy…


“If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber.” You wiggled your eyebrows.

“Wh-What?” Newt turned and looked at you, sure he had heard you wrong.

The two of you had been exploring the small forest by your house when you decided to take a break and sit on an old mossy log that sat in the middle of a small clearing. Laughing, you looked over at your boyfriend. “I think you heard me right.”

“Uh.” Newt found sudden interest in a mushroom growing nearby.

“Are you a wizard?” You asked him, a serious expression on your face.

Newt turned back around to look at you, utterly flabbergasted. “Are you alright love? Of course I am! I mean just because I got expelled doesn’t mean that, well I have my case and things!” He pulled out his wand and sent some sparks flying out the end. “See?” He grinned.

“Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears.” You finished, with a grin to rival his own.

“Oh- Oh dear.” Newt buried his face in his hands, and you could see that the tips of his ears were a vivid shade of red.

Netflix & Chill

Josh Dun/Reader *SMUT*


My finger was hovering over the “select” button on my remote. Should I really play the next episode? I’d watched half a season of this show just today. I had almost made up my mind, when suddenly my phone went off. Shining up at me was a picture of the world’s most perfect boyfriend. Joshua Dun. He was on tour, and the simple chance to hear his voice was all I needed. “Hello?” I asked, slightly confused. While it was only about eleven here, it was like four in the morning where they were supposed to be touring.
“Hey! I sent you a surprise, and according to my phone it arrived today. Did you ever get it?”
“Not really. I’ve barely been out of the apartment today. I’ll check in the morning though, I’m kinda tired.”
“It’s an awesome surprise for my three months of being gone. Also, what if someone steals it while it’s sitting in the mail room?” he argues.
“Fine,” I said with an over-exaggerated sigh. I unwrapped myself from my cocoon of covers and went to the front door. I flung open the door and found… Josh holding a pizza box. Pizza was better than any flowers.
I didn’t even say anything as I launched myself into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his waist. One of his hands went to my butt, gripping it gently while the other hand held the pizza. I placed a rough kiss to his lips before showering the rest of his face.
“I thought you weren’t going to be home for another two weeks!” I grinned up at him. Then, I buried my face into his neck, inhaling his scent. His scent was perhaps one of the best ever.
“Something came up. We came back early. Can I come in?”
“Wait. Tyler came back too?” I had no problem with Tyler, but I figured he might have an issue with us. Tyler was my brother, and back in high school, I had been going out with one of his close friends. Needless to say, Tyler found out and it didn’t end well.
“He was tired and decided to head straight home. I’ll ask again, can I come in?”
“Of course,” I told him, trying to get down so I could let him in, but Josh only held me tighter.
“Nope,” Josh smiled, gripping my butt even tighter as he walked inside. He scanned the studio apartment, before heading to my bed. He set the pizza on the coffee table then gently sat down, leaving me wrapped around his waist. “So, Netflix, huh?” he asked me. “What’ve you been watching?”
“Just a show. Wanna watch with me?” I asked him, a grin slipping across my face.
“Sure,” he said, smiling back as he scooted over so I could sit next to him so we’d both see the television. He made up my mind about my previous dilemma, selecting the next episode.
Not even three minutes in, I felt Josh’s hand on my thigh, slowly moving in as he rubbed soft circles, getting closer and closer to the inside of my thighs. Thank god for booty pajama shorts.
“You’re supposed to be watching the show,” I teased him, giving him a very serious look.
“But I see something better,” he smirks at me. With a quick shift of his weight, suddenly, he is leaning over me, leaving me trapped under his arms.
“You did not just say that,” I laugh at his comment.
“It’s been three months since I’ve seen you. Cut me a little slack.”
“Done,” I smile, reaching up to kiss him. Once I had him focused on my lips, I used that moment to roll back over, pinning his hips with my thighs. I smirked down at him, leaning down to meet my lips with his. I felt his tongue play with my lips, begging for entrance while his fingers started to make their way up the edge of my shirt. I granted him entrance to my mouth, and he entered, fighting for dominance. Eventually, I relented.
He easily lifted my tank top over my head flinging it across the room.
“That’s not fair,” I joked, trying to tug off his shirt. Josh helped me, yanking it off and tossing it to join mine. He reached behind me, undoing my bra with ease. “I see you haven’t lost your touch,” I joke. Josh never seemed to have trouble undoing the clasps on my back. He begins to massage and suck my breasts, giving them each the attention they deserve.
This time, he rolls me back onto my back before meeting our lips together in a rough dance. He yanked down my shorts and panties in one swift movement, leaving my to undo his belt and jeans. After a few seconds of fumbling, we’re both left in our underwear, but even that doesn’t last long. I moved my hand towards Josh’s member, but he pushed my hands back up. “No,” he said simply. Josh moves his hand to my core, moving his thumb in circles over my clit as he moves a finger inside of me.
“Fuck,” I moaned. The tension was building inside me, bringing me closer. Josh continued to insert more fingers, building to the climax. He was hitting me in just the right spot, over and over, and I began to reach my climax.
“Fuck. Josh,” I screamed, not caring if any of my neighbors heard us. And then I came undone. This was the best I’d ever felt, I swear to God. Josh slowly pulled away as I finished. “That was amazing,” I told him, a large smile spread across his face. “Now it’s your turn,” a devilish grin spread across my face. I grabbed his arms, rolling and twisting so my thighs were straddled across his hips. I position myself over his solid member, slowly moving. Josh’s hands reached up, harshly grabbing my breasts. I moved myself over his cock.
“Oh, shit,” Josh moaned.
“I know. Josh, I think I’m gonna-” but I was cut off as I felt myself become undone, Josh following shortly after. Once we had both come down from our highs, I rolled off Josh and he pulled me over into his side.
“Damn,” Josh sighed.
“I know,” I laughed, curling closer into him.
“I missed you,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss my lips.
“I missed you too. Do you still have that pizza?” I asked, nodding to the box he had set down earlier.
He leaned forward, grabbing the box. “Sex then pizza. God, I love you.”
“Not as much as I love you,” I smiled, kissing his lips as he handed me the pizza box.


“WHAT THE HECK?!” I heard someone scream. I quickly sat up, pulling myself from the warm embrace of Josh’s arms and pulling the blankets with me. I looked at the foot of the bed to see… Tyler.
I felt Josh stir beside me, then I heard a mumbling voice say, “Shit.”
“What is going on? I tried calling you, (Y/N), but you’re too busy screwing my best friend. And you!” Tyler pointed an accusing finger at Josh, saying, “I trusted you with my little sister, and you can’t control your dick for five minutes to realize that I’m going to kill you!”
I handed Josh my duvet before jumping off the bed, pulling my flat sheet around me and tucking in the corners so it hopefully wouldn’t fall. “Tyler, it’s not like that,” I pleaded with my brother before I tossed Josh his boxers that were lying on the ground.
“Then what is it like?” Tyler yelled at me.
“We’ve been dating for a while,” Josh started from behind me. He stood behind me, gently pulling me into his side.
“How long?” Tyler demanded. He looked perhaps the angriest I’d ever seen him.
“Like over a year,” I whispered, leaning back into Josh.
“You lied to me for over a year?” Tyler was astounded as he began to pace the floor.
“Withholding isn’t lying,” I tried.
“Yeah, well it isn’t being honest either,” he turned to me.
“I’m sorry,” Josh started, “It just happened one night, and when she told me about that one guy in high school I-I didn’t want to lose you as a friend, and then I realized how much I cared about her, and I knew I loved her too much to lose her.” I smiled up at Josh, hugging him closely to him.
“I. I didn’t know you felt like that,” Tyler stopped pacing and stared at us
“She’s the best thing that’s happened to me,” Josh told Tyler, all while staring into my eyes. I carefully raised onto my tiptoes, leaning in to give Josh a gentle kiss.
“Well, um,” Tyler seemed to have just realized we were standing in front of him mostly naked as he began to advert his eyes, “I came to check in on my sister when she didn’t answer her phone. I wanted to take her to breakfast.”
“Oh! I forgot to put it on the charger after you called!” I told Josh.
“Well, I’ll be waiting outside if you guys wanna go to breakfast with me,” Tyler made a hasty exit for the front door of my apartment. Once he had left, it was like a floodgate had released as me and Josh burst out in laughter. Josh gripped me closely, kissing my forehead.
“Let’s get ready for breakfast.”

Good Little Girl

“You’ve been extra good this year, baby girl, this is just a little something to show my appreciation to you,” Harry’s eyes are wide with a devilish smirk plastered big enough to consume his face as he hands me a perfectly wrapped present with a bow made out of ribbon on top and a handwritten note in the familiar handwriting that is my boyfriend.

‘a little something for the both of us to enjoy. Love you more, H x’

 “Santa always gives more to the good little girls.”

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I just want to point out a small detail that broke my heart this past episode with Jughead and FP

The scene where Jughead stuffs FP’s flask into the sofa– that legit sent a spasm through me. My ex-boyfriend was/is a raging alcoholic and I could honestly feel the sheer panic Cole acted out in that scene. I remembered feeling that exact way with my ex, trying to pour vodka down the drain in small increments so he wouldn’t notice, or trying to hide the bottles still in our kitchen while he was already smashed to prevent further chaos in our apartment. 

Cole did a really great job in portraying that fear for someone you love–watching them become their greatest enemy and acting on pure instinct. Idk, just my own thoughts on the scene. 

Request: Hello! Could you write a fict with number 44 for Scorbus?? Also I was wondering if you could make it slightly smuttier than your other ficts. Btw I just have to say that your writing is amazing😊

Thank you so much! Also, I’ve only written like one other fic with smut before, so sorry if this is bad lol

(just a side-note for requests because I’ve gotten a few sent in like this, please send them in through my ask box because it just makes it easier for me lol)

Warnings: smut, so much smut, also this is very long

My Writing

Scorpius woke up with a yawn and then turned his head to look at his sleeping boyfriend. He smiled before rolling over to face him completely and placing featherlight kisses all over his face.

Albus fluttered his eyes open and gave Scorpius and sleepy smile.

“G’morning, love.”

“Morning!” Scorpius said cheerily.

Albus chuckled and sat up.

“You’re in an awfully good mood. Is it perhaps because we’re having lunch with my parents today?” He asked with a smirk.

Scorpius’s smile fell from his face and he looked at Albus with pleading eyes.

“No, Albus. Can’t we please just have a normal lunch with them today, without…you know.”

Albus let out a loud laugh and then stood up to stretch.

“What’s the fun in that, Scorp?”

Scorpius simply crossed his arms over his chest and pouted, causing Albus to grin at him.

“It’s already ten o’clock, and we’re meeting them at noon, so let’s hop in the shower now, and we’ll have enough time to…get you ready,” he said with a wink before walking over to bathroom.

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My abusive ex-boyfriend sent these to me just a few weeks ago.

We met when I was 12 and he was 19.
We got together when I was 17 in California and he was 24 in Texas. He took my virginity in a crappy motel room on my prom night, forced me to be Christian, forced me to wear long skirts and cover my head, was impatient, jealous, possessive, controlling, paranoid, manipulative, made me feel ashamed, told me I was a slut - that I was contaminated and dirty, isolated me from my friends and family, and nearly had me fail out of college.

I finally broke it off a few months after he dragged me by my hair into his room, told me to stop crying, or else he would throw me out of his house with no money or plane ticket with my home being 2,000 miles away. I slept in a corner that night curled up, crying and scared while he paced the room trying to control his shouting and fists. He said I made him act this way, that whenever this happened, it was always my fault. It was my fault because I wasn’t a submissive enough woman of God who would quit school, give up my dreams of becoming a doctor because medicine is “ungodly” and move down to Texas with him. I wasn’t submissive enough to leave my family and friends since they weren’t “people of God”. I wasn’t submissive enough to get pregnant at 20 and take over as matron of his church (really, his “cult”) of 7 people. I wasn’t submissive enough to understand why I couldn’t find a job or go to school even if I did move down there.

He made me depressed and suicidal. And he was my best friend.

The night I broke up with him during finals week, he called the police and sent me to a mental hospital, telling them “I” was the crazy one. I was hospitalized for 72 hours. The police officer that came to get me didn’t believe him, my friends didn’t believe him, but under policy, the officer had to take me in.

I met a group of people there I unexpectedly feel close to now. So many people of different ages and experiences. Some with backgrounds you would expect in a place like that, some not so much, like my friend in his 50s who was only there for the pain medication he needs for his knees but he can’t get from his doctor. We still keep in touch.

My parents never knew I was hospitalized or that I would fly down to Texas to visit my boyfriend at the time during breaks and holidays, that I had to pay 3 days worth of those hospital bills myself, that I was abused, that I was nearly kicked out of school, that I wanted to kill myself because I was scared of losing the one person I loved but hurt me the most.

We were together for 3 years. It’s been a little over a year since then.

I’m blessed to have my parents, my friends, the people I met at the hospital and my current boyfriend. He was been patient with my depression and suicidal ideation, and I wouldn’t have put together my academic life the way I did without him.

Now I’m independent, happy, grateful, a physics and criminology double major with a double minor in philosophy and psychology, and on the track again of pursuing my dreams to become a doctor while going to grad school.

My ex sent me other messages a few months before the messages you see now, claiming he had changed. I talked to him politely for a few days before he began verbally attacking me again, which is when I blocked his new number. He attacked me because I told him I was happy and in new healthy relationship. He was jealous and again, called me a “slut” and that he felt sorry for me. That was when I finally had my chance to tell him off for being the immature, abusive person, he is. And that was why I was strong enough this time to just reply with, “Mk.” and threaten him with a restraining order.

Koi Horror Story...

7:00 PM Monday evening. Store is pretty dead, I’m training a new-ish girl on deep cleans, so while I’m coaching her through the process for getting hamster pee out of that particular crevice, I notice a man walk towards the fish. I turn to my trainee and say “Get one of the toothbrushes from the filter room if you can’t get into the corner. Just make sure you throw it out since the cleaner you’re using is pretty caustic.” I walk over and I see him looking at koi.


Alarm Bells are going off in my head because it’s, you know, 19 degrees outside, and I know there’s no way this fish is going to a pond.

“Hi, do you have any questions?

“Not just yet, I need to call my boyfriend, he just sent me down here and said ‘Get an orange-y one.’”

“Okay, let me know when you’re ready to go and I’ll help you out.”


10-15 minutes go by, he’s chatting with his boyfriend on the phone, he’s telling him all the different types and colors and saying “Well, he’s about the same size, maybe a little smaller.”


“Ma’am, I have a question.”

“Sure, what can I help you with?”

“What’s the difference between the Butterfly Koi and the Assorted Koi?”

I explain to him the difference in the fins and point out the two we have in the tank.

“Well, he said ‘orange-y’ and I really like that guy. I’ll just take him, and pay my boyfriend back the extra $4.”

“Okay, so you’re aware, koi get very large and are actually pond fish. They’ll die quickly if you’re keeping them in a small tank. They need about 100 gallons a piece. Especially when they start growing.”

“Oh we have 500 gallons. And we only have one other koi.”

500 gallons?”

“Oh yeah. I should have mentioned that first.”


This awesome guy and his boyfriend are both Japanese. When they bought their house and moved in together, they wanted an awesome fish tank for the finished basement man-cave. They were both drawn to koi and fancy goldfish and wanted to do something to pay homage to their heritage and traditions. Then they did their research. Initially they were heartbroken. Looking at how messy koi were and how big they got, they thought they’d have to move on to something else. But they were determined, so they figured out what they had to do. They don’t have much of a yard so a pond was unfortunately out of the question, but the guy’s older brother is a carpenter and a commercial welder. He built them an oak and steel stand and sump housing for the huge tank. And they now have this amazing behemoth of a tank in their man-cave and they’re going to have 3 koi total. I was informed that 4 is an unlucky number and they knew that the lucky number 8 would be too many, they didn’t even want to risk overloading with 5.

And you thought this was going to be a horror story.

Godspeed, lucky koi. You’re going to some kickass parents.

Photo  (Rami Malek x Reader Smut)

A/N: Hello guys! This is my first smut I publish and I’m aware that it’s not the best you have ever read. It’s probably the worst! Haha! Anyway, I’m trying to learn how to write smuts as well so just be patient! Please, sent me your opinion, it’s really important for me, so I can know what I need to do better for the next time. Love you my beautiful malekians!

Word count: 1,339

One afternoon, you made yourself comfortable on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate and some photo albums of your boyfriend Rami. You loved to look at his baby photos, he was soo cute as a baby, and you really liked his childhood photos as well. There were a few you smiled about, for example when his face was covered with cake on his 16th birthday. Poor Rami, you always thought.  You took a sip from your hot chocolate, leaned back and enjoyed watching your boyfriend’s memories.

After a few albums, you found a photo that almost made you spit your hot chocolate on your carpet. You never saw it before, although you had looked at the albums so many times. Either you always overlooked that picture, which is quite impossible or Rami had tried to hide it from you. The second option was more likely. He probably thought you wouldn’t touch his albums anymore, because you saw all his photos.

On the photo, he was posing on a bed, naked and only a cloth was covering his private area. As if it was not enough, he was wearing a black tie around his neck and grinned seductively into the camera. Damn, you thought. He was very hot on that photo. But you felt also suspicious and a little bit jealous. Who might have taken this picture? A photograph? A girl? Maybe himself? It didn’t look like it had been taken in a studio.

The more you stared at him, the more you were turned on. You already felt your wetness between your legs. God, he was so damn hot. How dare he torturing you like that? Ok, it wasn’t really his fault, he had no idea anyway. Slowly, you became frustrated and a sort of feeling spread inside of you.

That feeling that ate you up inside every time you felt it and made you insane. Unfortunately, Rami wasn’t home yet. You needed relief. As soon as possible. So, you could foresee how the night was definitely going to end.

You spent another hours, trying to distract yourself, but the feeling became more painful the longer it took Rami to come back home. You did everything: watching movies, surfing the net, reading books. But he wasn’t still home yet. God, you wanted him now! “Where are you, Rami?” You mumbled.

Suddenly, the front door was being unlocked and your boyfriend stepped into the apartment. He was holding a bouquet of roses in his one hand in the other hand he was carrying a plastic bag full of groceries. So, that’s why he was so late.

“(Y/N), I’m home.” He shouted. Then he went to the kitchen to lay the bag and the bouquet on the counter and after that he came to the living room, where you had already waited for him. A wide grin was plastered on your face and as Rami saw you, he looked at you questioningly. “What?” He asked confused. You just shook your head, laughing about the cluelessness of your poor boyfriend. You stood up from your place and went towards him. As you approached him, you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him close to your body.

“Rami..” You said with a singing voice. “Where have you been? I missed you so, so much?” Slowly, you plastered hungry kisses along his neck. He was bewildered. Normally, you were not affectionate. Unless, it was about sex. He slightly pushed you away from him. “Are you alright?” He asked. “Yeah, I’m just in the mood, y’know.” You answered. He offered you a gentle laugh. “Is that so? And why if I may ask.” You shrugged your shoulders. “Hmm, maybe I’m turned on by a certain photo.”

His face turned red within seconds. He was comparable to a tomato. Even his ears took a shade of red. He knew very well which photo you meant. You laughed at him, burying your face in the crook of his neck. He was so cute when he was ashamed. “You saw it?” He whispered. “Yes.” You said. “And it’s hot.” “Nah, more embarrassing if you ask me.”  You laughed again, while rubbing his chest. “Yeah, sure.” And then you roughly  crushed your lips against his. His tongue entered your mouth and you both fought for dominance. Meanwhile, your hand slid under his shirt, stroking his well-toned belly. His muscles tensed under your touch and you smirked into the kiss. A slight moan escaped from his lips as you rubbed yourself against him. “Upstairs! Now!” You whispered seductively in his ear as you both pulled away to breathe. He nodded and a few minutes later  you found yourself in your bedroom.

Rami pushed you down onto the bed and climbed on top of you. His lust-filled eyes stared at your beautiful ones. “I love you, (Y/N).” He said.  “I love you, too.”

He let his hands slid down your chest and slowly began to undress  you, leaving you in your underwear. You did the same by unbuckling his pants and slipping them down his legs. You saw the outline of his erection in his boxers and carefully cupped it with your hand. He hissed at your touch, a low groan escaped from his already plump lips. He pulled his shirt over his head so you had a look on his muscular chest. Licking you lips, you unclasped your bra, your nipples shivered at the sudden cold air and hardened. Rami glided his hand over your stomach, while kissing and sucking on your sweet spot, leaving hickeys on your skin. You gasped as he cupped your heat and his fingers teased your entrance through your panties.

“Rami.” You moaned.  “I need you, Baby. Now!” He giggled at your impatience. “So no foreplay this time?” He asked. “No please, I want you inside me!”  He saluted jokingly. “As you wish, m’lady.”

He positioned himself between your legs and pulled out his length. He stroked himself a few times before he slid himself into you, filling you completely. You arched your back, a deep groan escaping your lips. “Are you ok, Baby?” He inquired. He gave you time to adjust to his size. You just nodded your head, digging your nails into his olive skin. “Move, please!”

He bent down to kiss your lips and started to thrust slowly into you. You held tightly on his waist, helping him to push deeper and to hit the spot you were craving for. You closed your eyes, enjoying this intimate moment between you and your boyfriend. Your whole body burned like fire and your breath became uneven. His thrusts became faster and harder as he quickened his pace. You let out a little cry and bucked your hips to meet his. “Feels so good.” He moaned against your lips.

He cupped your breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. He licked and sucked at your nipple that sent jolts through your whole body. Still thrusting, he then used his thumb to rub your clit, giving you twice as much pleasure. Rami stared intensively at you and couldn’t stop himself from groaning as he felt you clench around him. Panting, you slowly could feel something build up in your stomach. You saw the stars as he hit your special spot again and it needed him a few more thrusts and rubbing your clit before your body exploded.

“Rami!” You screamed his name as you came, finally finding relief. Rami thrust you through your orgasm before he released himself in your core. He grunted your name, then collapsed onto you, his head resting on your breasts. Your heart was beating heavily against your chest and you tried to keep your ragged breath down.

Rami put his arms around you, pressing your sweaty bodies together. Your hands went through his hair, stroking his soft curls. He gave a kiss between your breasts before smiling lovingly at you.

“That was amazing. You were amazing.” He complimented. Your cheeks instantly turned red at his statement, but you tried to hide your blushing. “You were amazing too, Ram.”

“What did I do to deserve this?” He yawned, his limbs slowly fell down from the exhaustion. You kissed his head. “Well, if you keep doing photos like that, you’ll deserve it more often.”

Out with the old, in with the new

Honestly, 2016 was a bitch to me. It started like every other year, with me making promises to myself that I will be kinder to myself, that I will be less stressed out, that I will be healthier, more positive, and all that jazz. After only a month, I started freaking out over college, my relationship becoming long distance, me moving to a different city. Everything went downhill from that. I was studying all the time, the enitre summer I spent in my room, above the book, missing out on the sunny days and hanging out with my boyfriend. Anyways, at the end of September, I moved. I was in the bus full of people with a 13 hour ride ahead of me, and I was drowning in tears. I sent an ask to @dogiplier who said some nice and helpful words (that I still have saved in my phone), and finally I stopped crying and just took a deep breath. Im not the kind of girl to have girl friends. Every friend that I ever had was out to use me or change me. And through this entire year, I needed a girl friend. My mom called me a couple of days ago to check up on me, and she asked me if I made any new friend, then I realized the only friends I made are here, on Tumblr, in the @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier community. I don’t know how many of you will see this, how many of you will take time to read, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank all of you so much for being here, for sharing funny and emotional moments from videos, thank all of you for being friends that I dont have outside of the internet. Thank all of you for making me feel welcome here, for making me feel like its okay to be me. It means the world to me. I hope everyone has a Marry Christmas, and have a wonderful New Years Eve. And more importantly, a wonderful year of 2017.

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Speaking of nudes I accidentally sent some to a friend instead of my boyfriend. Bury me alive

I mean…. now you’re just that much better friends.

And now demand nudes back for equality. Everybody wins.

Prompt: you’re my friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend and I hate you so much (but also secretly like you).

Woah this seriously just wrote itself (given the time it took). Thanks for the amazing idea, nonnie. So this is a prompt that was sent to the amazing Ravyn - @cupcakemolotov - and I sort of adopted it. Wherever you are nonnie, I hope you get to read this and like my take (which will be a little different to suit what I’m comfortable with writing). Based on an awesome Crowded House song of the same name, hope you like it!

Mean to Me

“She came all the way from America, she had a blind date with destiny…”

Oxford University, UK (2017- Present Day)

“You never told me how gorgeous the guys at Oxford were, Care,” Katherine drooled while standing beside Caroline, her eyes darting around the room excitedly at the fresh meat. “If I’d known, I definitely would have studied here rather than Georgetown.”

“Why thank you Katherine,” Enzo grinned. “I never knew you could be so complimentary when it came to yours truly.”

“I was talking about all the other Oxford men besides you, Lorenzo,” she drawled. Katherine and Enzo had met five years earlier through Caroline and had pretty much been bickering ever since. She liked to think it was their way of showing they cared about each other.

“Well, cute if you like that preppy kind of guy,” Bonnie commented from her other side. “No offence Enzo but give me a guy in a ripped pair of jeans and band shirt any day over all these penguin suits.”

“Well, we are at the Oxford University 850th Anniversary Alumni Ball, Bonnie,” Caroline offered, thinking what a mouthful that was as she said it. “I’m pretty certain anything less than white tie isn’t going to score you entry here tonight. I’m not all that upset given I’ve always been a sucker for a guy in a suit with an accent.”

Caroline felt a mixture of emotions being back at Oxford after seven years away. It had been her home for six years after all and she had so many great memories of the beautiful grounds, her professors and meeting her best friend Enzo at the same time. They’d both left shortly after graduation and Enzo had followed Caroline back to the States where they shared an apartment while getting established in their chosen careers of law and engineering.

It had been at her law firm in Boston that Caroline met Bonnie and through her Katherine. The two girls had grown up together in a small town in Virginia and had been inseparable ever since. She’d never had too many girlfriends in her life and these two were the best you could ask for.

“Why is it that whenever we’re all together our conversations descend into checking out good looking men,” Enzo complained. Having him as a best friend was great most of the time but his girl talking skills left a lot to be desired, even if he did try. “On the other hand, if you wanted to discuss what a fine looking specimen I am, then that’s another story.” No one responded there was just a chorus of groans and a few eye rolls to go with them.

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Last night I looked at all the shit I deleted about you, but I couldn’t help but cry. Because all those pictures of us happy together are no longer a reality, all those texts were now just words sent to me.
—  To my ex