my boyfriend is the best :)

you’re 19, believe me you don’t know what you’re going to want in a boy when you’re 26 and believe me you won’t figure it out right now. so stop planning who you’ll end up with, or who you’ll want in seven years because you don’t even know what you will want, to begin with. stop making promises to yourself and your boyfriend. because who the fuck knows who you will like seven years hence. but you know who you like right now. him. so cherish that. make plans, eat ice cream in bed with him, hug him, take walks in gardens, go on dates, go to art galleries. cherish it without making promises. cherish it without promising each other a future. you’re just 19. you don’t know who he will want and you dont know who you’ll want in seven years.
—  seven years//nikitagupta

What if Draco was sitting on the couch and Harry would lay down and place his head on Draco like a pillow and Draco would be all like “oh my god Potter just laid his head in my lap what the fuck do I do - what the fhck do I do with my hands” and he tentatively rubs Harry’s fringe away and Harry just sags against him and Draco is so horribly confused because what did he do in his life to deserve Harry to sigh with content like this and he just continues to play with Harry’s hair and he can’t help himself so he says - “Potter hasn’t your hair ever heard of gravity?” And fuck now he’s done it now he’s ruined the moment and Draco is just about to cry but then Harry laughs and it’s a deep rumble and Draco can actually feel it all the way down to his belly and everything suddenly flares hot and then Harry says, “Not really, no,” and Draco just smiles and continues to play until - what does he do with his right hand? He can’t lay it down on Harry’s body that’s weird but - he then does it anyway, places his hand on Harry’s chest so carefully as if Harry might flee and run if he would do it too quickly but then - dear merlin - Harry immediately grabs his hand like a lifeline, and plays with his fingers gently, while closing his eyes and wiggling his feet comfortably and all Draco can do is stare, one hand in Harry’s hair and the other locked in Harry’s tight grip and he thinks that he is probably - definitely - the luckiest guy in the world and irreversibly in love with Harry James Potter

some day, you are going meet some boy who will fix your heart, just like one fine day your ex lover broke it. you won’t see it coming but that day it wont hurt anymore to look at couples holding hands in supermarkets, it wont hurt anymore to see boys purchasing red roses and it wont hurt when somebody whispers i love you to the girl eating pasta in your favourite cafe on the next table. i know your tumblr is filled with quotes about boys who didn’t text you back but this one is for the ones who did, who called you when you were sick and held you when you had a panic attack and let you sleep on them. this one is for the boys who made you realise love is more than flowers and holding hands and sex. this one is for the boys who fix heartbroken girls. this one is for you, my love.
—  t h i s. o n e//nikitagupta

He is gonna have to start calling me “baby” more often 😊

1. Cause I love it when he does 😛 (which is rare😒)
2. Well cuz it’s good for my brain apparently 🙇🏻‍♀️💕

Being in love is great, don’t get me wrong. The kisses, the “I miss you” hugs, the cuddling, the love. Everything about falling in love is what makes a person remember how great it feels to have butterflies in your stomach and to have your heart beat so fast that your chest is going to explode. Being in love with someone is amazing. But being in love with your best friend, god that is fucking the best thing I could ever ask for. Being in love with the person that makes you laugh so hard that you nearly have snot coming out your right nostril and makes your stomach turn inside out. Being in love with the person that you share secrets with and gossip about people with, the person that says “fuck her baby, she don’t know a damn thing” kind of best friend. The person that you can lay next to at night and can’t sleep until 3 am because you were talking about how people can’t learn their damn differences between they’re, their, and there, and then laugh about it. The person that you argue with about what kind of food you want to eat, or who’s going to be the one to get up from the bed and turn off the light. The person that you can lick their face and they won’t look back at you with a confused face, but sticks their finger up your nose. The person that won’t only being the shoulder to cry on, but the shoulder that will bring you back up and make you stronger than before. The person that will tell you whats wrong and whats bothering them instead of being distant and ignore the situation. Loving someone that you can share memories and laughs with, god it is beautiful. Being in love is great, don’t get me wrong. But being in love with your best friend, that is the most wonderful thing I could ever ask for.
—  I’m in love with my best friend

“how did you know that it was over? that you should leave him?”, she asks her best friend.

“simple. i asked myself two questions: do i love him? and, does he make me happy?”


“yes, yes i love him. but no, he doesn’t make me happy. and just being in love with someone isn’t enough. if that someone can’t make you happy, all the love in the world can’t help you. you will just end up destroying yourself for someone who isn’t even worth it.”

—  e.s. // all the love in the world can’t help you.

Alec Appreciation Weeks ♡ Week 2
   ➸ Favourite Malec Moment(s)

i want you to know you mattered because when I was so fucking broken, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror but I could look at you and smile like nothing even happened.
—  b r o k e n//nikitagupta