my boyfriend is also my brother

I started playing League with my ex, and I didn’t enjoy it that much since he only flamed me and others. He got his accounts mostly banned as he was so toxic. He also didn’t allow me to play with any of my friends and was mostly kind of aggressive. After we broke up, I started playing with my brother and his friends, which is where I met my current boyfriend! He isn’t as good as my ex in League, but God, I love being shit with him together. Xayah and Rakan are literally OUR champs!

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Artwork by Nyami


Lance pokes fun of Shiro being a merman (not an actual merman unfortunately), and pidge and hunk, defending their father’s honour, dares lance to take some of Shiro’s classes (he teaches people how to become merppl n all that w allura). 

Lance takes the dare and finds out this guy from one of his classes, whom he has a one-sided rivalry with, goes for mermaid lessons as well and *insert oh no he’s hot moment here*

anyway there’s lots of pining and swimming and mermaids and keith being obsessed with the mythical merpeople n lance finding it endearing as hell

[edit:] I’m not planning to write this however I will be building upon this au If you wanna write this or whatever could you link it to me? I wanna see it :D

ok but listen to me i know andrew is meant to have the emotional capacities of a toaster oven and i know he’s supposed to be all dead inside but don’t tell me that andrew isn’t the most sappy little shit in his own unique way bc like,,,

  • he literally dresses neil up everytime they’re having a night out?? like he actually takes the time to go out and pick something nice out for him to wear like whaaa. 
  • here take the keys to my home & oh btw i had duplicate keys made for you so you can drive my car around like whenever you want to so yea feel free also here are some custom made arm bands that match mine to like a tee 
  • he has no problems choosing his boyfriend over his brother 
  • “you are a pipe dream.“ 
  • he GIVES HIM A BATH ?!?! he towel dries him after??
  • he HelPS neil out of his t-shirt when he’s too sore to manage it by himself?? 
  • he’s so weak for neil that he’s constantly reaching out to touch him?? i mean c'mon people he was tapping his fingers against the pulse point of neil’s throat, i mean who does that, even with their crushes, who does that???? esp when it’s important to note he doesn’t normally enjoy physical contact & rarely ever initiates it but the tHIRST is rEAL !!! 
  • shitty middle school level flirting: "i’m not a math problem,” “but i’ll still solve you” “i need a new toy to play with” “i don’t like to share” like affghs this boy
  • matching phones, matching RINGTONES, wtf andrew we know you’re a twin but does everything have to come in twos??
  • he’s all about that rooftop romance aesthetic, chain-smoking at 2 am, trading retorts and kisses in the dark
  • he likes wearing fuckign skull caps. skull caps.
  • he has a thing for long drives 
  • he kissed neil like the world started & stopped at neil’s mouth, yea, you remember that line?? me too. i almost birthed my kidney when i read it.

Clary: hey, I’m Clary, this is my friend Alec, he killed my mom and I almost killed his sister Izzy who I have a huge crush on, and this is Jace their adopted brother who’s also my brother and ex boyfriend, we’re all shadowhunters, and this is my best friend Simon the vampire, he has a crush on me and he’s the adopted son of Alec’s warlock boyfriend, Magnus, who has another adopted son, Raphael who’s also a vampire and who Simon also has a crush on

My brother’s best friend || 3 D.H.

A/N: HERE’S THE THIRD PART! i’m glad my brother is not that overprotective tbh haha. 

Word Count: 1.4K

POV: Reader


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The door was pushed open. The sudden light hurt my eyes. After they had adjusted to the stinging brightness I could clearly see my brother’s angry expression.

“What the hell are you doing?” He shouted wide eyed, staring at the both of us.

It was more than obvious what Dan was here for. He still had one arm slung around my waist and we were awfully close.

I blushed in embarrassment and just wanted to hide behind Dan’s tall figure, but we had to talk this out. I guess I should’ve talked to Phil about this early but I never thought that there was a chance that Dan felt the same way. Now it was too late and my brother had to find out that his little sister and his best friends had feelings for each other the hard way.

“Phil, I’m sorry. I should’ve told you about my crush on Dan.” I apologized, but Phil ignored me.

His eyes had gone cold and he was glaring at Dan. Full on death glare.

“Mate, we didn’t know this was gonna happen-“ Dan started before he got cut off by Phil.

“Get your hands off my sister.” He hissed. I never thought that Phil Lester, the angle on earth, could be that threatening.

“Woah, hey Phil calm-“

“I said get away from her.” Phil growled, causing, me to unwillingly take a few steps away from Dan.

I swallowed hard, I had never imagined Phil to be that mad.

“What makes you think that you can just fool around with my little sister!” he shouted, completely forgetting that I was in the room.

“I asked you to pick her up from school, not to sneak in her room at night!”

The two boys were now dangerously close. Phil was intimidating like I had never seen him before.

“Could you please calm down. We are just two people who like each other okay?” Dan didn’t take a step back although his best friend was nearly pushing him.

At the mention of “we” Phil seemed to realise that I existed too.

“So you like him.” He questioned me unbelievingly and the look on his face made me wish to be able to deny his statement.

Instead I simply nodded and took a step towards Dan again. The tall brown haired boy was about to take my hand in his, but he stopped in the middle of his tracks as my brother cleared his throat as a warning.

“When were you gonna tell me that you are fucking around with my little sister, Howell?”

Phil would normally make sure not to use explicit language, but he really didn’t seem to care anymore.

“I wasn’t fucking around with her, mate!” Dan complained, getting mad as well. Their chests were by now nearly touching and I was scared that one of them would eventually hurt the other.

Both of their eyes were formed into slits as the air was full of tension.

“No? Well then what were you doing? In the middle of the night in my sister’s room?” Phil acted like he was thinking hard, provoking Dan even more.

“Look, we just found out we like each other today. It’s not like we have been hiding this from you for months.” Dan explained in an attempt to calm Phil down.

I was really thankful for the fact that Dan always keeps a clear head no matter how heated the situation may be.

“I don’t care, okay? She is still my little sister.” Phil shouted as his angriness reached another peak.

“Yes, but she is also old enough to date whoever she wants to date!” Dan retorted, wrapping his left arm around my waist. This time not even Phil’s death glare could stop him.

I blushed when Dan mentioned the dating part. He actually wanted to date me. He wanted to be my boyfriend. If the situation hadn’t been that awful I would’ve jumped around with glee.

“She can date, but not you.” Phil hissed with so much finality in his voice that it was scary.

My eyes widened in shock. As I grasped the meaning of his words. He was forbidding our relationship in all honesty.

“That’s not fair!” I shouted outraged.

Dan was right, I was old enough to make my own decisions.

“You are right. Well sometimes the world just isn’t fair, okay? Dan needs to keep his dirty hands of you!”

“He is your best friend. You’d give up your left leg for him, but as soon as he shows any interest in me you suddenly act like he is your archenemy.” I retorted. Phil wasn’t making any sense. He just couldn’t deal with the fact that I had my own life.

“I said no, Y/N. “

“Phil, you can’t stop us from being together. I really like her, I don’t see what’s problem with that.”

Dan was desperate by now. We had never thought that it would be that difficult.

“My problem is that you two dating is not a good idea. You are older than her, you are way more experienced than her, I know your history with girls as well as your intentions and she is my little sister after all! She’s a taboo for you. Got it?” Phil growled his words were final and we knew that nothing we could say could change his mind. Not now. He needed time.

Dan opened his mouth to say something, not giving up that easily but I stopped him by squeezing his hand that I was still holding.

“Thank you for trying, Dan. I don’t think fighting more now would change something. Let’s talk tomorrow.” I whispered, deeply looking into his chocolate brown eyes.

Dan’s eyes softened as he nodded.

“I should leave, shouldn’t I?” he asked.

Before I could answer Phil had already shouted “Yes!”

10 minutes later Dan’s car left our drive way. It was around midnight and I wished he could stay, but I don’t think this house could bare that much tension. I watched him make his way down the road from the kitchen window until his car took a scarp left turn and wasn’t to be seen anymore.

I felt exhausted like I had just worked out for ten straight hours. I was worn out. After the high I felt because of being with Dan I felt dull now.

I let myself fall on my bed face first and couldn’t stop the tears from coming anymore. The hot salty water ran down my cheeks. Dan had feelings for me. He wanted to be my boyfriend but Phil ruined it all. Why was my brother suddenly so overprotective? There was no reason to act like that!

I decided to finally call one of my best friends. She was good at giving advice and she had already helped me with a lot of relationship questions. She was also the only one I had talked about Dan with, she knew I had a major crush on him.

She picked up after it ran a few times, sounding tired. I had probably woken her up and immediately regretted my decision to call her because I felt so bad.

“What’s up?” I heard her say but I couldn’t answer instead I sobbed into the speaker of my phone.

“Y/N, are you okay?” she sounded far more awake now.

I wished she could see me nod so I wouldn’t have to speak. Eventually, I stuttered a few words and she seemed to understand.

“I’ll be at your house in ten minutes.”

Just like she promised her car stopped in the drive way ten minutes later to get me. Since my room was on the ground floor I only had to climb out my window, no heights or jumping involved. I needed to have a long talk and comforting words as well as ice cream right now.

When she started driving to her house I was glad to distance myself from my brother who I normally loved to bits….

“Dan, where is she?!”

Phil shouted into his phone at 1 am. He couldn’t find a way to sleep after being so harsh and rude to his sister and his best friend. He just wanted to apologize, but when he walked into her room it was completely empty.


“Y/N, obviously.” Phil snarled, getting nervous.

“Have you checked her bed?”

“She is not home.”

“Well, she is not at my place either!” Dan couldn’t keep his voice down.


plot where ‘i had a bad break up with my ex of 4 years who cheated on me, and treated me like dirt and wow i just found out i’m pregnant and he’s the father so here comes the emotional breakdown and late night pounding on his front door. But oops you’re not him, you’re his brother and you’re being really kind to me and calming me down, and those kisses on the top of my head are so new to me.’ also referred to as the plot where Muse A is pregnant, her manipulative ex boyfriend is the father, however Muse B aka his brother had always had a thing for Muse A. The night Muse A comes banging on his brothers door while Muse B is staying there for a while, he consoles her and decides to help her through the break up and pregnancy. However feelings get involved, drama, fights, and his older/younger brother isn’t so happy about it. Yes pls

Cole Sprouse| “You’re short!”

Count of words: 378

Warnings: Short 

A/N: Austin is the name I gave to the brother….

Requested: yes




Anonymous :Cold sprouse please!!!

You were currently half asleep on your couch , having a marathon of your favorite movie series; Harry Potter. Your boyfriend of 3 years was now out with the boys for his birthday. He and his Twin desided it would be cool to have a guys’ night out and have some drinks. Cole had promised you that he wouldn’t drink much , but you didn’t really mind when he was drunk.He was sassy and fun.

It was now 3am and you were in deep sleep until you heard a knock on your door. At first you got scared but then you heard two familiar voices outside. It was Austin and a, defenitely, drunk Cole. “Oh thank God!” Austin said while walking in. “What happened to you two?” you asked consern and sleeply. “You boyfriend dearest got drunk. So I had to carry his drunk ass to here. His brother was also to drunk to get home so he is still in my car.” he said as you gave a glance behind your brother and your boyfriend to see Dylan waving at you drunkily. You said and small thank you and Austin gave you a little hug before leaving.

“Hey! Don’t touch my girlfriend!” Cole shouted to Austin while he and you laughed. “Cole , he’s my brother he can do that!” you said while still laughing as your big brother left the apartment. “Come here baby girl.” Cole said in a seductive voice you giggled at him but went closer. After all you had to carry his drunken ass to your room. “Can we fuck?” he said and you laughed. “NO!” you screamed laughing. “Now get your ass up and lets get ready to sleep” you said. “NO!” he screamed mimicking you. “I’m not tired. I wanna fuck you.” he said and you laughed. “I said get your ass up and let’s get ready to sleep.” you said in a bossy tone. “Geez! You’re bossy..” he paused. “And short!” he said giving you a small laugh. “Well , not all of us are giraffes like you baby. Now let’s get you ready for bed!” you said and gave him a small peck as he smiled slowly moving his hands to your butt. “Hands up here love!” you said and laughed.

Over Protective

Requested by Anon.
Pairing: Winchester! daughter x John
Summary: She brings home her first boyfriend and John goes into full protective daddy mode.

Word Count: 1,178

Warnings: Dad threatening boyfriend
A/N: Honestly this is a first for me. I’ve never written anything with John so I hope I did him well. Also, I’ve never had a boyfriend so I’ve never been through this situation.

     I watched my boyfriend maneuver down the halls and stop by my locker.
“Hey, babe.” He smiled.
“Hi, Aaron.” I returned a smile. “How was your day?”
“Lonely without you.” He frowned.
“Cheesy much?” I chuckled.
He grinned. “Only for you.”
“What do you want to do tonight?” I pondered.
He thought for a moment while we walked outside. “How about movies at your place?”
“My place.” I echoed. “Why my place?”
“Just changing things up.” He shrugged. “Is that okay?”
I swallowed. “Yeah. Let me text me brothers and let them know.”
“Awesome.” He said. “I’ll be there about 5 o’clock.”
“Okay. Love you.” I said and gave him a quick kiss before starting my car.
“Love you too!” He called while heading to his car.
     I drove home and unlocked the door. Sam was sitting at the table buried in one of his books. He was 6 years older than me and graduated a while back. I was only 16 so I was the baby of the family.
“Hey, sis.” He said without looking up.
“What’s up, Sammy? Where’s Dean and Dad?” I asked while ruffling his hair.
“Hey! Stop it.” He whined. “They’re on their way back from the store.”
“Can you get rid of them for a while longer?” I pleaded.
He eyed me. “Why?”
“Aaron wants to come over and watch movies tonight.” I explained.
“I’m not seeing a problem.” He shrugged.
I exhaled loudly. “Dad hasn’t met Aaron yet and I really don’t want him scaring off my first boyfriend.”
Sam chuckled. “If he can’t handle Dad then I don’t see the relationship lasting.”
“Are you going to help me or not?” I begged.

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anonymous asked:

White people have systematically destroyed the culture of others, men have more rights than women and straight people have systematically murdered Lgbt+ people. I hate white people because they've stolen the children of indigenous Australians, I hate men because they raped two people I love and never faced punishment, I hate straight people because they'll probably murder me someday and constantly tell me I don't exist and am an attention seeker

You…do realize white people have faced oppression before, correct? Here’s a wonderful example, my fucking Irish ancestors had their lives ripped from them and were enslaved. And don’t even get me started on when the Irish came over to America and were horribly discriminated. Hell, sometimes they were treated even lower than slaves. My aunt told me the story of her grandmother who was brutally raped and beaten half to death in the streets because of her heritage and literally because she was Irish. And the Italian got discriminated when they came over here. My grandma’s fucking parents were horribly treated. But guess what, they were fucking white in your fucking definition even though they weren’t but w/e.

Yeah, you have a point. White people have DESTROYED MOST, but not all. I get the culture is still destroyed but instead of whining, why not fix it? This is the part of the ask I don’t understand. If your culture is so destroyed, why not try fixing it? 

Men and women have different rights. Let me destroy your bullshit excuse of logic. Women have more reproductive rights than men. Women can get abortions if they want (nothing wrong with that by the way) but men have no reproductive rights. That’s sexist and biased. I will agree, men have CERTAIN, keyword is certain, rights that women don’t have but it’s literally vice versa as well. 

Okay but you don’t see me hating the British/any other people that enslaved my ancestors? Also, yes, back then, black people discriminated against the Irish and Italians but you don’t see me hating black people because they hurt my heritage. 

And guess what, just recently, I was discriminated for being a thick Italia-Irish mix. “Gonna go drink now, little Irishy?” “Why aren’t you ginger?” “Irish people are fucking disgusting” “Go die you Irish fuck- go fuck your clovers.” 

And Italian. “Go make some spaghetti you skinny bitch” “All Italian people are only good for making spaghetti.” “Go hang yourself you disgusting Northern Italian-Southern Italian piece of shit.” -By the way, all of these things have been said to me from people of all colors/genders/sexes/sexualities.

You do know it’s racist to hate someone based on their skin color, right? You’re fucking racist against white people. 

And guess fucking what, my rapist who raped me for the period of eight months when I was only 7 was a white cis man but was also bisexual- you don’t see me hating men for that. Hell, I was raped by a bisexual man- does that make bisexual people rapists? No. Look, I’m sorry they didn’t get justice and neither did I, the fucker got 15 years. But that’s our government. How about instead of sitting on your ass and bitching about how you hate white men, you actually get up and fight against this law? 

Not. All. Straight. People. Are. Like. That. My best fucking friend Angelica is a straight girl and she’s shown more support for me being trans and bisexual than you’d expect. When I got my fucking head slammed into the locker 18 times in eighth grade by SOMEONE WHO WAS GAY, my straight friend was the one who stood up for me. My little cousin who is basically my brother is a cis, white, straight twelve year old and he’s fought for me more than anyone else in my family (excluding my mother). 

This isn’t the 1950′s, jesus fucking christ. Yeah, we have a high percentage of being attacked but it’s 2017- get out of your fucking safe space and realize that you can also be murdered by LGBT people. You can be attacked by LGBT people as well, anyone can attack you.

Hell, don’t fucking praise the LGBT community either. My ex boyfriend was trans and he sexually abused me, emotionally abused me, psychologically abused me and even one time physically abused me. Hell, I’ve been treated more kindly by cis/white/straight people in relationships than mainly LGBT+ ones. (with the exception of one). 

Seriously, you SJW’s are getting way out of hand. Watch one of you guys murder someone just because their cis/white/straight. 

But thank you for the sexist, racist, cisphobic and heterophobic comment :)

-Someone who is really done with your SJW bullshit who’s done with groups of being blamed for things they didn’t even do.

Question Of Mortality

Edward Cullen imagine requested by anon! “Yo what up… could you pretty please write an imagine where the reader decides not to turn, Edward wasn’t pressuring her at all, but she concludes that she’s happy with this one life. And he completely supports her and promises to love her till she dies. Literally. And it’s just so fluffy, with lots of kisses and the most gentlemanly Edward. But like a little angst cuz that’s like a huge decision. Basically I’d like for her to remain human,but still love Edward more than anything. Thanks babe!” Hope you like it!

WARNING: This imagine alludes briefly (and mostly in vague reference) to Edward’s Volterra plans in the fashion of the first chapters of New Moon.

It wasn’t presented as a question, the lack or presence of your fragile mortality; Edward had been very careful with his wording when the subject was brought to your attention. With his hands in his lap, slender fingers toying with a fraying strand of denim that had separated from the edge of a tear at your crossed knee, he had spoken of your upcoming birthday. His butterscotch eyes had remained on the fabric, feigning unfathomable intrigue as he casually inquired as to what you might be wanting on such a spectacular occasion as the anniversary of your birth. It was unlike him to avoid your eye when he spoke; he was very much in love with your eyes, and continuously brought up their otherworldly beauty, sounding very much the Romeo type as he sang their praises. He exaggerated frequently. Still, he voiced his supposedly absentminded (though he rarely ever acted without first thinking) reminder of your aging body, without once meeting your eye, and allowed his simple words to begin their workings within your head. When you were quiet, he lifted his gaze, his golden eyes wandering over your face before finally locking on yours. His face was nearly empty of all emotion, vulnerable in the simplicity of his expression, waiting for you to set the mood. When he spoke, he spoke with a voice just supported enough to reach your ears, his velvet tone carried to your heart on a whisper, his lips curling in a sideways grin.

“Don’t even try to tell me you don’t want a present. You ought to be celebrated. Another year alive, especially considering the company you keep, is no small feat.” You dropped your gaze, watching as Edwards hand slipped seamlessly to your palm, his fingers lacing with yours. His temperature was noticeably cooler than your own, glinting dimly as the evening sunlight shone through the glass that stood as his fourth wall. You traced your fingertips along the backside of his hand, running over bone that had calcified and strengthened a century ago, over skin that was impenetrable by any means other than the teeth of his immortal enemies. You flipped his hand over, detaching yourself from him save the contact you kept with your fingers, tracing along the smooth lines of his palm, winding down to his wrist, and pausing briefly where his pulse ought to be. You found no such beating, no telltale thrumming of life… and yet he sat before you as mobile and lively as any regular man. Edward’s perceptive eyes, amplified by the venom that coursed through his system, caught your hesitation, noting the location your fingertips had lingered just a second longer than they had the rest of his hand. He pursed his lips, his eyes calling out for your own and receiving no reaction. “Still don’t have one, I’m afraid,” he whispered, speaking cautiously. When next you spoke, you spoke without hesitation, a burning question on your mind screaming with all intensity to be heard aloud.

“Do you want me to be turned?” He froze, as only a vampire could, his hand resting in your palm more like a fragmented statue than a man. Your eyes found his, finding his face unchanged, remaining blank to avoid pushing you in one direction or the other. He was as neutral as they came, Switzerland in the flesh, his snowy skin and frigid temperature further proof. Your silence clung to the air like dewdrops on grass, your words hanging in uncharted territory, untouched by man, beast, and everything in between. Your breath polluted the air like carbon, lingering heavily, suffocatingly, in the space between your chests. “Edward, do you want me to become a vampire?” You repeated, your choice words allowing no misinterpretation. He thawed slightly at the word, but he didn’t move to speak. Again, you tried for an answer, hoping your insistence would provoke a response. “Edward, do you want me to become a vampire?” He shifted some before you, turning your hand in his until your roles were reversed, his icy fingertip tracing the grooves of your palm, his lips parting as he prepared to speak.

“I only want you to be happy, Y/n. The choice is yours. I host no preferences other than remaining by your side,” his eyes bored into yours, his golden irises gleaming like polishes copper. “As long as you’ll have me, of course.” You rolled your eyes at his unbiased reply, pulling your hand easily from his hold, though you knew he could have kept you there without so much as flexing a muscle.

“That’s not what I asked you, Edward. I didn’t ask if you wanted me happy or unhappy, or if you thought for a second that I might send you away on a whim. This is quite possibly the worst time you could have selected to beat around the bush. I asked you, very specifically I might add, if you wanted me to become a vampire. The answer is a lot simpler than you’re making it seem.” Edward paused, his eyes searching quickly for open routes through which to approach the conversation without so much as hinting at his partiality to specific outcomes and opinions.

“It’s not about what I want, Y/n. It’s your mortality we’re discussing, not mine. And before you make another dig about how I haven’t answered your question properly… if I had the choice, Y/n, I can honestly tell you that I don’t have a preference. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to change for me. We would both grow old together, get married and have children like regular people, we’d be buried by those children side by side, our bones would torn to dust and we’d be forgotten… but I do not have the luxury of such a choice. I know what this… life,” he chose the word tentatively, hyper-aware of the impact his words would have on your ability to decide, “has to offer. I know the upsides and the struggles rather well. I also remember my human life, the joys and memories, the process of aging. It is not my decision whether or not you remain human. I don’t ever want to see you go through the pain of transformation, nor do I want to rob you of a naturally progressing human life. If that means I live by your side in the public eye as a boyfriend, a husband, a brother, a son, a grandson even, I’m more than happy to do it. I signed up for you, for every variation of you, every stage of your life. If you don’t want that life for us, if you wish to be a part of this family in a more… permanent sense, I have my conditions.” You pursed your lips, your brain hardly working beyond the sense to comprehend the words as they flew from Edward’s rosy lips.

“Which would be?” you questioned, eager to keep your mind off of the conclusion you could feel drawing up from deep within your chest. Edward grinned, leaning forward to press his lips to your cheekbone, his lips hovering just beside your ear. He breathed his response, his cool breath raising the hairs along the back of your neck.

“I’d like to marry you, first. You’d be a Cullen before you were a Cullen, if you catch my drift. Also, I hear matrimony is an excellent method of testing whether or not you’re content to be forever tied to another person. It seems… a natural approach in my mind. I’d also get to buy you something for your birthday, or the anniversary of your birthday after you stop aging, and you wouldn’t be allowed to complain.” You lifted your eyebrow, wordlessly asking whether or not he had the nerve to continue. He beamed at you, but his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. He was holding something back from you. You held his gaze, waiting for him to speak his mind, daring him to remain quiet. Edward inhaled slowly, his expression falling a fraction of an inch. “You wouldn’t be able to have children, of course. Either route you choose, if you decide to stay with me, your genetic line will disintegrate. Your parents won’t see your grandchildren. That is, of course, a hazard of this relationship… but if you were to change, you wouldn’t be able to carry a child. When the body is frozen in this way, never changing, it becomes impossible. At least, as a human, you could… conceive… just not with me.” You perked up in your seat, your hand on his shoulder both steadying yourself and pushing him away.

“How is that even a thought? You think I’d throw everything away to have a kid? That I’d want a child, someone else’s child? Edward, I’d only want a child, or… children, if you were the father. It’s not enough that they’d be mine. How can you even think-” Edward spoke up, cutting you off.

“You’d be surprised. If Rosalie found out that she could have a child, but that Emmett wouldn’t be the father, I’m almost certain she’d jump at the opportunity. Ideally, the child would be hers and Emmett’s, genetically at least, but she may even bend for Emmett to have a child without her. I’m not sure the mother would live long afterwards, what with Rose’s theatrics and her paranoia, but… it might surprise you, Y/n, and I’d rather you thought about it now and weighed your options than see you mourn children you’re unable to bring into the world fifty years from now.” You were finding it difficult to speak as the reality of your choice polluted your mind. You were thankful, at least for now, that Edward had sworn-off reading your mind completely, that you had made such a fuss of his habits that he would be beside himself with guilt if he so much as peeked inside your mind.

“Edward… what would you do if… if I decided to stay human, hypothetically… what would you do when I died?” He spoke so quickly that it startled you, his words flowing completely void of hesitation.

“I suppose I would travel to Volterra, lift a car over my head, and wait for the Volturi to descend. I might provoke a nomad or two. Maybe Rosalie would put me out of my misery if I tore a chunk out of her hair.” A steady hiss sounded from the floor below you, a threatening reminder that the vampire in question could hear your every word. Edward rolled his eyes, smirking in your direction. “I’m sure you’ll convince me otherwise with some sort of deathbed promise, which I would be duty-bound to obey. In truth, Carlisle would never let me do anything of the sort. I suppose I’d be stuck here, miserable, until I crumbled to pieces,” his playful expression faded immediately when he saw the depth behind your eyes.

“I… I think I want to stay human. I don’t know if I can… I’m not sure I could risk, I don’t know, killing someone, or staying inside when it’s light out. I don’t know, Edward, I just… I’m going to have to bury my parents either way, I know, but to be unable to attend their funeral because I had to fake my own death? Or watching my family grow old from a distance, being unable to reach out and touch them because I might snap their neck? And, God, don’t you ever wonder what you would’ve looked like at twenty? Thirty, forty, seventy? And the children… I know it isn’t possible for us, Edward, but who says we can’t adopt, have it be ours in a little way, not just mine and… some stranger from a sperm bank? Would it be so bad to have one lifetime together?” He smiled dimly, content for the moment to see you preserve your human life but internally at war with your decision.

“I’d love you either way. There’s nothing you could do to sway my affections in a negative manner, nothing you could say to me that would send me away. Until your dying breath, I will love each and every part of you, each line and wrinkle that creases your skin, every step and breath you take. I’m yours until the very end, Y/n. The amount of time we have together is limitless either way. Esme will be distraught, though, so don’t go telling her just yet. She might like pretending to be your sister down the road.” You smiled warmly, watching his butterscotch eyes pool with love as he looked upon your face. You crawled forward into his arms, your lips meeting fluidly with his own, your hands winding around his solid, unchanging neck as you melted into his embrace. Edward’s lips traveled down your neck, along your jawline, over the edges of your cheekbones and over your eyelids, his hands ravishing your waist as he moved to your forehead and dropped swiftly back to your mouth. When finally you parted, your breath rushing in like water from a broken floodgate, your heart hammering within your chest, you found enough space to mutter a few words before Edward had descended on your lips once more.

“When I die, I need you alive to write every single memory we shared down, Edward. I don’t care if it’s a thousand pages or ten thousand pages. You’re not going anywhere until you’ve got journals stacked to the ceilings and our story is finished. Ten years, twenty years, or two years after my death, Edward Cullen, I want you to be so happy looking back on those memories that you forget you ever thought about provoking Rosalie Hale-” his lips crashed against yours, his smile present even with his mouth pressed so firmly against your own, his whispered oath of “I love you, I love you,” spoken at every opportunity, stolen between breaths, your heart as alive in your chest as his was not. Hopefully, you thought, you would remain this way for your small slice of forever.

Across the Pond (Fin Macmillan imagine) [1575 Words]

Originally posted by kittycheshirestuff

Summary: As part of your school’s new programming, you can study in Scotland for a month to learn through a different perspective and school system. You are partnered with a girl in a level lower than you, Ali, who has a brother in your grade (aka Fin).


You took a deep breath as the bus went over a speed bump, sending you a few centimeters off the cushioned seat before he plummeted back down to it. Looking out the window, a parade of dark clouds hovered over the city of Glasgow, taunting its residents. You sat back, looking over the sheet for your partner. Your name was Ali, and she seemed alright. She seemed a lot more social than You, but you knew that it would be more of a benefit to try to garner a social life while away, as the one back home was pretty empty.

“We’re here!” a student shouted, pointing proudly through the window towards the comprehensive school not too far away. Students gathered around the side of the bus, excited to see their partners for the first time.

You, though, stayed in your seat, fidgeting with your fingers. There were loud shouts of joy as the bus rolled to a stop, and the doors opened. The thirty students that had crammed themselves on the bus immediately vacated it, as if there was a fire. You quietly walked off, behind the rest.

Upon exiting the bus, you stepped into what seemed like a mosh pit, several people crowded into one tight area. You quickly found your suitcase in the piles of luggage that were being pulled from the bus, hoping to not have to stay here for much longer.


Your gaze went up when you heard your voice being called. Through the people, you could see a dark-haired girl in the back, waving you over.

“Hey Ali,” you said, after making your way through the crowd. “I’m y/n.”

Ali threw your hands around your neck, pulling you in for a hug, which you uncomfortably returned.

“I’m so glad you’re here!” Ali’s accent was thick, much like everyone else here. It would be a struggle to get used to, but you were up for the challenge.

“It’s great to be here!” you exclaimed.

“Your accent is so cool!” she said, excited. Ali quickly looked at her watch, before looking up at you, worried.

“We should go, my brother won’t be happy. We’re already late,” Ali explained.

You quickly told your supervisor that you were leaving, before heading off with Ali down the school walkway.

“We’re going to have so much fun y/n! Trust me, you’ll love the Macmillan home, guaranteed!”

A car horn rang out, startling you.

“Aye!” a voice called out from a car in the middle of the almost empty lot. “Ali, I’ve got to go! I have a test tomorrow!”

“We’re coming!” Ali called, crossing the street with you in tow.

The two of you quickly ducked into the car, sliding into the back seat. The boy in the front quickly sped off onto the road. You noted that he wore a similar uniform to Ali, so he must go to the same school.

“Y/n, this is my brother, Fin,” Ali said, gesturing to the boy driving. He looked at you through the rear-view mirror and you waved gently.

“You don’t talk much, do you?” he asked, his attention back on the road.

You shook your head.

“Maybe you could teach Ali to shut up every once and while then,” he said, laughing.

“Oi! Shut it Fin!” Ali exclaimed, hitting her brother in the shoulder.

“Oi Ali! I’m driving ‘ere!” Fin shouted back, trying to focus on the road.

You sat in the back, unsure of what to do.


Fin eventually pulled into the driveway of a decent sized home. “Last stop!” he exclaimed, unlocking the doors.

You stepped out, pulling your suitcase behind you.

“I’ll take that for you, if you want,” Fin said, referring to your suitcase. You shook your head, looking up at the tall flight of stairs that would take you to the front door.

He shrugged, waiting for you to start your way up the stairs. They looked daunting, but you knew that you could do it. About half way there, your arms began to tire, and you slowed down.

“Come on now,” Fin said, quickly snatching the luggage out of your hand. “Can’t be late! Mum’s expecting you.”

You glared at him, but quickly followed him, the lack of weight making it significantly easier to move up the steps.

“Mum!” you heard Ali shout through the home as you stepped in. “Y/n’s here!”

You nodded graciously at Fin as he placed your bag near the door. He gave you a quick smile, before walking off in another direction.

“Oh! I’m so glad you made it here safely!” an older lady exclaimed, walking out of the kitchen. The apron she had on was a floury mess. “I’m Mrs. Macmillan. I’m so happy you’ll be staying with us this month!”

She gestured for you to give her a hug. You quickly gave her one, knowingly getting your black t-shirt dirty.

“You’ve some flour on you!” she laughed before turning to Ali. “Let her try on her uniform, I need to know if I should make any adjustments to it tonight.”

“Aye mum,” she replied, taking your hand, and pulling you up the stairs.

Going into Ali’s bedroom, it was decorated in pinks and purples, similar to her colourful personality. You pressed a smile to your face as she reached into her closet, pulling out a few hangers of clothes. There was a blazer, three button ups, two sizes of ties, a skirt, and a pair of dress pants.

“This is the Northview uniform,” Ali explained. “It’s so ugly.”

“It’s not that ugly,” you said, running your hand over the dark green fabric of the blazer and skirt. “It’ll just take some getting used to.”


You quickly began to put on the uniform, wearing the skirt first. It was pleated and fell to your knees straight, similar to Ali’s.

“It looks so much better on you!” Ali complained, as you put on the blazer.

There was knock at the door, and Ali immediately called them in. It was Fin, with your bag.

“Delivery!” he chuckled, pulling the bag into the bedroom.

“Thanks Fin!” Ali said, dismissing him. He glared at her before looking at you.

“Look at you in Northview colours!” he said, eyeing you. You blushed a light red, unsure of how to take the compliment.

“She looks so much better than me,” Ali whined.

“Everyone looks better than you Ali,” Fin said, stifling a laugh.

“Get out!” Ali exclaimed. Fin raised his hands, backing out of the room, making you laugh. Ali joined you as her brother moved to another room in the home.


The night came faster than you had hoped, and dinner was nothing but an interrogation from the family.

“What’s school like where you’re from?”

“We have levels, but not quite like this. More along the lines of grades and stuff, but still kind of similar.”

“Do you have any siblings?”

“Two brothers.”

“A boyfriend?” That one was from Fin, though Ali was more excited about it.

“Oooh, does y/n have a boyfriend?” she egged on, shaking your arm.

You shook your head. “No boyfriend. But I think that’s because my brothers scare off every guy I’ve ever known,” you replied, laughing.

“Well, your brothers aren’t here,” Ali said. “So we’ve got to get you a nice Scotsman before you go.”

You laughed, almost dropping your fork. “I don’t think any guy is going to be interested in me here.”

“Well why not?” Fin asked.

You shrugged, looking at your plate. “Boys didn’t like me back home; I doubt that they’d like me over here,” you said, almost sounding upset. “But, my parents also want me to focus on schoolwork, so I’d have no time for boys.”

The family nodded, before going back to interrogating you. Thankfully, dinner was over soon, and you went to Ali and yours room, getting ready for bed. You tossed on an old t-shirt that your brother owned with a pair of plaid bottoms. Quickly joining Ali in the bathroom, you brushed your teeth before turning in for bed. Sitting in your inflatable bed, you stared at the ceiling while Ali read a book. You weren’t exactly tired, but you had nothing else to do.

There was a knock on the door, pulling you from your thoughts.

“What is it?” Ali asked, her nose still in her book.

“I just wanted to say good night.” It was Fin. He opened the door a crack, his head popping through.

“Why?” Ali asked, irritated. “You never say good night to me.”

“I thought I should start to,” Fin said, opening the door, revealing himself to be in pajamas as well.

You smiled at him, which he immediately returned.

“Well, good night Fin,” Ali said, putting her book down.

“Good night Fin,” you said, your voice barely above a whisper.

“Good night y/n, sweet dreams,” he said, closing the door behind him. You could hear him patter across the hall to his room, the door closing softly behind him.

“Sorry ‘bout him,” Ali said, turning to you in bed. “He can be a real bother.”

“I’m not a bother!” Fin called from his room. You stifled a laugh.

“Yes you are!” Ali called back. She turned to you. “Good night y/n, tomorrow’s your first day of school.”

“Good night Ali,” you said, as the lamp turned off, leaving you in complete darkness.

You quickly fell asleep, the events of today finally catching up to you.

Hey there! I hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave feedback, I’d love to improve in areas that you may think need improving. Also, requests are still open if you’d like to see something specific! Stay peculiar! <3

Awkward Interruption:

Request: Luke (y/n’s brother)  walks in on y/n and Ashton

Requested By: Anonymous

A/N:  Hey guys I hope you like this one if you do please reblog and like it would mean so much to me. By the way requests are open right now so feel free to send ideas in. However I do have a few I am working on right now so it may take a little longer than usual. Also please understand that is very graphic and sexual in nature. Therefore if you are not comfortable with that please do not read. Thanks you all so much, enjoy!

It’s a typical night sitting up in my bedroom browsing on my social media when my phone rings. I see that it’s my boyfriend but debate on answering it due to the fact that no one knows about us yet and he is my brother’s band mate. Figuring my brother Luke is probably already asleep I answer it.

“Hey baby girl whatcha up to?” Ashton asks sweetly in a sing-song voice.

I smile to myself just by hearing his voice. That’s one of my favorite things about him, he can always make me smile. “Hi, I’m not doing much, what are you doing?” I ask curiously know him and know what call at this hour means.

“I was just out for a drive and I got to thinking about you and I thought maybe I’d stop by….” He says and I scramble to the window. Sure enough down the street there he is sitting in his parked car.

“Ash it’s the middle of the night and Luke is home you we can’t….” I sigh heavily and disappointed.

He pauses for a moment. “I just want to see you baby… I haven’t gotten to kiss you in 24 hours either… I’m a dying man down here…” Ashton says trying to convince me.

“Okay, I’ll meet you at the door.” I sigh and rush there.

Immediately as I open the door he’s standing there smirking at me. He steps in the door and pulls me close and kisses me sweetly. “Hello my love.” He whispers.

“Hi.” I giggle pulling him up to my room and being especially quiet when passing Luke’s room.

Ashton shuts the door behind us and then pushes me down onto my bed. He raises his eyebrows a me and I giggle “Don’t laugh at me!” He chuckles too.

“Shhhh.” I hush him and motion him towards me. He moves us so we are laying on bed together. “I’ve missed you…” I whisper looking him the eyes.

“I’ve miss you too baby…” He says kissing me. “I missed your eyes, and your nose, and your mouth, and your cheeks, and your hair, and your ears, and neck…” He trails off.

“Oh stop.” I giggle and he shakes his head.

“Never…” He says and suddenly the with the way he’s looking at me I pull him down and start kissing him. In a matter of seconds we are making out and he’s gripping at my hips anxiously. “I want you.” He grumbles as he starts kissing at my neck and making me melt.

“We can’t wake him.” I remind Ashton of Luke on yards away and as Ashton is about to pull away I reel him back in. “We’ll just have to be quiet.”

He nods excitedly and we start stripping each other of our clothes. “It always blows my mind how beautiful you are.” Ashton purs and kisses down my body and stomach which tickles and makes me giggle.

“Please Ashton, don’t tease.” I ask sweetly and he nods kissing back up to my lips.

He lines himself up with me and slowly slides in making me bite my lip not to moan out. Ashton starts kissing me to quiet my whimpers as he starts moving in and out of me not too fast and not to slow. Ashton lets a small growl out as he goes a little harder and I can’t even process words to stop him from letting the noise out.

“Fuck babe please tell me you’re close.” He grunts and I moan out too. He covers my mouth when I moan out a yes for him which makes him laugh a little before moaning himself. I then tangle my fingers in his hair and he buries his face in my neck. We both reach our highs and as we come down he whispers how much he loves me in my ear.

“Fuck….” I moan. “I love you too Ash. So much.” I tell him as we lay together and just calm down.

Suddenly there is a loud knock on the door making us both jump. “Get dressed and then come out there, I’m going to kill you both.” Luke says from the other side of the door angrily.

Ashton chuckles and rests his head in my neck. “Guess we don’t have to tell him now.” I groan worried but he kisses me softly to comfort me. “It’s okay baby. Even if he’s mad, I’m not going anywhere.”

I smile and kiss him back. “You always know  just what to say…”

anonymous asked:

Genji and Lucio having a relationship and keeping it secret because Genji fears his brother but when Hanzo does find out he's like lmao Genji look at my boyfriend do u think I care if u date this guy

genji caught between “i love lucio so much and i want to tell everyone how much i love him and how amazing he is” and “my brother is a fucking lunatic but i also want his approval what do??” and then hanzo is like “im dating a cowboy” and genji is [will smith pose @ lucio] and they go on double dates and lucio and jesse joke-argue about music and take their boyfriends to animal shelters to pet the dogs

The Double Date

Prompt List Imagine

#1-Double Dates

Pairings: Kol x Reader, Stefan x Rebekah

A/N: Stefan and Rebekah are a huge OTP of mine! So thank you for the request!! Also, this is my 1,000th post!!

Requested by Anon

Word Count: 460

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Dear Journal,

That was it. Our days of school are over. Today we had our last day at Hogwarts. I felt happy to start my new life but I also felt sad. This place was my second home. I loved it. After our last exam, all the last years were screaming and throwing papers around. Everyone was happy. I tried to find Johnny to tell him goodbye. He was in the library with Freddie, his boyfriend. A few weeks ago, he gave me one of his books. It was about a little boy that always felt alone, that always wanted a brother. He said that I was like his big brother and it made me happy. I wanted to hand him back his book but he wanted me to keep it.

“I want you to have it. You changed my life Remus. You helped me get over bullies and you helped me accepting who i truly was. I want you to keep it.” He said with his cute little voice.

“Ok. But I want you to have this one. It’s about two brothers who go on adventures. Since you’re like my brother now, I think you should have it…” i said, handing him my book.

“Have you taken notes in it?” He asked, smiling.

“Of course I did, you can read them and think of me okay?” I said, my hand in his small back.

“You won’t forget about me?” He asked with teary eyes.

“I will never forget about you. I promise. We are like brothers after all!” I said, hugging his small figure.

“Will you write to me?”

“Of course I will! And maybe you can come to my book shop? I can give you some free books.. but don’t tell anyone!” I said and he giggled.

“I will visit it with mummy in the summer. Thank you for everything Remus. You will always be my big brother.” He said.

“I’ll see you soon okay? Now the train is leaving soon, you should go get your boyfriend and leave for Hogsmeade.” I smiled.

“I will. Bye Remus..” He said, hugging me one last time and leaving with my book in his arms.

“Bye Johnny, I’ll see you soon..” i said, letting a tear fall down my cheek.

I walked up to the dorm to pack the rest of my stuff. All the boys were there. I sat next to them and we looked at our room in silence.

“We’re leaving.” James said.

“Yeah..” Sirius sighted.

“I’ll miss this place..” i said.

“Me too.” Petter agreed.

We decided to mark our marauder names on the wall under our beds. That way we could always be here. We packed everything and left the now clean and empty room. We looked back for a second just to keep a memory… and left for the hogsmeade train station.

“I talked to Regulus. He’s going to Sophie’s and he’ll eventually go home when mother forgives him. She will. She likes him. He said he’ll visit soon.” Sirius said, sitting in our train cabin.

I sat next to him, letting my head fall on his shoulder. Lily was by the window next to James who talked with Peter and Mary. Marlene and Dorcas were braiding eachothers hair beside us. We were all there. Just like the begining. During the train ride, we talked about our Hogwarts memories. We all laughed even though it made me want to cry. I felt nostalgic. We opened the train window and felt the air on our faces. We were together.

When the train arrived we all said our goodbyes, even though we would all see them in a week for our housewarming party. Lily was crying but at least she stayed with James. I’m glad she had him. Then, Sirius and I walked home. Hand in hand. Arriving to our new home sweet home, we layed down on our bed matress. It was the only thing that wasn’t in a box.

“I don’t feel like unpacking.” Sirius giggled.

“How about we make ourselves a box table and we order pizza?” I asked, kissing his lips.

“Pizza sounds amazing!” He kissed back.

We were laying on our matress dropped on the direct wooden floor, boxes surounding us.

“I always imagined myself moving away from home.. But not even in my craziest dreams It would’ve been with you. I love you Remus. I will love you forever.” He said.

“I love you Sirius.” I smiled.

We were together.

March 23rd 1976

An Unlikely Pairing

Originally posted by cisco--ramon

Summary: (Unrequested) Your boyfriend, Sebastian Smythe, shows up at school one day.

A/N: Just a one-shot I thought of, nothing too special about this one. Again, from my old blog

You sat in the Glee Club room with everyone else as you were waiting for the school day to start, the room had become your hangout place. Everyone was talking, until a sudden presence in the doorway quieted everyone.

“I still hate the stench of public schools.” Your boyfriend, Sebastian Smythe.

“Oh my god, what is Satan doing here?” Santana groans with a pointed stare at Sebastian as he enters the room.

“Well, I have the day off, and I thought I’d come and see my competition. Well, you’d technically only be competition if you even had a chance at winning. But that’s besides the point. I also came here to see my girlfriend.” He leans against the piano, waiting for the reaction.

Blaine, your brother, who is currently the only person at McKinley who knows about your relationship, groans. Everyone hears him but pays little attention, instead murmuring  to themselves.

“But why is he here?” Sebastian looks at you and winks while everyone is distracted. He knows you haven’t told New Directions that you two are dating.

“I thought he was gay.”

“No, actually. I’m 100% straight. It’s just fun to flirt with guys.” Sebastian chimes in, still leaning against the piano.

“If you’re here to see your girlfriend, why are you standing around here?” Mercedes questions him, and Sebastian just looks at you.

“Guys,” you sigh. “Sebastian is my boyfriend.”

“WHAT?” They all shout at once.

“You’re dating Satan?” Santana asks you.

“Y/N he’s the enemy.” Kurt admonishes, his deep distrust of Sebastian showing.

“Yes, we’re dating. And relax, we’ve been dating for a while, if something bad was going to happen it would have already happened. Have the Warblers even tried to sabotage us recently?”

“Blaine, you knew about this?” People start to question him, and he gets defensive.

“Guys, guys, don’t pin this on Blaine, I told him not to tell you.” Sebastian takes his chance to move from the piano and stride languidly towards the group, taking a chair and sitting in it backwards, so the back of the chair is facing them and his long legs are slung on either side.

“Look, I know you guys don’t like me. I don’t expect you to. Well, I expect one of you to.” Sebastian looks at you and winks, giving a proud smirk when he makes you blush. “But I mean, I decided to spend my entire day off with my girlfriend at her…poor excuse for a school.” He shudders slightly and looks around with disgust at the last phrase but continues. “Plus, you all know me, I can be ruthless, cold, I’d go as far as heartless even. But I love Y/N, I mean ask Blaine he’s seen us.”

“It’s true, it’s actually kind of sickening sometimes how they are together.” You get up from your chair and go to Sebastian, grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the chair.

“Heyyy, can we talk? Okay great, come on.” Once you’ve successfully gotten him into the hallway (how does he manage to walk so smoothly even when he’s pulled?) you stick your head back into the room.

“Just a sec.” You close the door, unaware that they could still see you through the window. All is quiet in the room as they try to hear you and Sebastian.

“Why did you come, Sebastian?”

“What, no ‘happy to see you’ kiss?” He smirks, and you reach up on your tiptoes to quickly kiss him, but he catches you and deepens the kiss, taking a step forward to close the gap. You respond immediately, intensifying the kiss until you have to break away to air.


“Oh. My. God.” Kurt is the first to speak, saying what was on everyone’s mind.

“I feel like I have to go wash out my eyes.” Brittany comments, and people murmur their agreement.

“I’m the one that has to deal with this all the time, guys.” Blaine says, and people all apologize.

“Shhh, they’re talking again.” Mercedes quiets them.


“But seriously, Sebastian. Why did you come?”

“Because I want to spend the day with my girlfriend. Even if it means being inside a public school.”

You smirk, a habit you developed from Sebastian. He smirks to himself, pleased that he was rubbing off on you.

“Well that’s nice of you. But please, don’t be a jerk to them.”

“I’ll try. But only because I love you.”

“I love you too.” You kiss him again, quickly this time, and head back into the room.

“We’re back.” You announce, as you sit back down in your chair and Sebastian takes the one next to you.

“Fine, just please don’t make out like that again.” Rachel says. “It was disturbing.”

“No promises.” Is all Sebastian says as he takes your hand, pulling gently. You concede, getting up from your chair and going to sit in his lap, turned so you can see him like you usually do. You see people looking at you, but you give them a few pointed stares before settling in and talking to Sebastian.

“Does this always happen?” Kurt questions Blain.

“Unfortunately, yes. But you should see him with her, he’s different. He cares about her.” He motions for the group to gather at the other side of the room while you talk to Sebastian.

“Guys, I know you may not like Sebastian, but Y/N really does, and he likes her.”

“Okay, well I don’t see any problem with it. Besides, it’s not our business to be involved in her relationship, as long as they’re both happy. The most we can do is be accepting.” Mercedes says, and everyone agrees.

“If Y/N gets hurt though, I’m kicking his ass.” Santana adds, and people agree again. The group disperses, and turns to see you and Sebastian kissing again, like you were in the hallway.

“Oh my god the images.” Artie says and covers his eyes.

“Y/N, please. I’m your brother I don’t need to see that.” Blaine says as the group comes to stand in front of you and Sebastian. You pull away, both you and Sebastian looking at the group in front of you. Mercedes is the first to speak.

“Y/N it’s come to our attention that you’re dating Sebastian, and although he is ‘the enemy’, we wanted to say we’re happy for you. Just please, don’t kiss like that in front of us.” You get up from Sebastian’s lap, and hug Mercedes.

“Thanks you guys, that means so much.” Santana walks over to Sebastian and looms in front of him.

“If you hurt her, I will hurt you pretty boy, so treat her right.” Sebastian just stands up and adjusts his shirt.

“I already do.” He comes over to you, grabbing your hand and gently pulling.

“Come on, Babe. You can give me a tour of this wretched place. Or we can go get coffee.”

“Fine,” you acquiesce, with a hint of a smile. “See you guys later!” You call out as the door shuts behind you.

“They really are good together.” Quinn comments as everyone sits down again.

“Yes, they are.” A chorus of people respond.

amoxli  asked:

If you're still accepting prompts, can I have Matt and Lance just becoming a feedback loop of memes and bad pickup lines after everyone is reunited? And maybe some broganes at the end of their rope watching their boyfriends be idiots on every mission. This is like the most indulgent thing I have ever asked for but I am so deep in Shatt hell rn and also ur writing is incredible

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration! Will also be posted on Ao3 under Towards the Sky.

I knew no memes, so let me thank @irishpixiewrites, @saltedsaltine​, and @starsoup14​ for spamming the @voltronbucks​ discord with memes for me.

@melonbugg is the answer to all of my prayers.

It was the truest moment of love, hope and family, as Pidge led her brother to the waiting members of team Voltron. She wiped the tears of joy from her eyes and introduced them.

“This is my team,” she said.

Matt’s ears perked up and he looked at her.

“What team?”

Keith started to answer, “Vol—” but Lance had already straightened his head, feeling his calling.

He took a deep breath as Keith tried to respond and interrupted.


Matt and Lance locked eyes and grinned ear to ear. A beautiful friendship was born that day.

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Little Lockwood

Prompt: “ Hello. Can I get a request for Klaus Mikaelson? So the reader is the Tyler Lockwood’s little sister, also a werewolf, and she surprises him by going to New Orleans, gets kidnapped by Marcel and Nik saves her then it all ends in fluff. Thanks❤”

Requested by @weirdnewbie 

Word Count: 374

A/N: Thanks for the Klaus request!

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