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Requested: Hey love!! How are you? Can i ask you one thing? Alright… I hope you can make an imagine where reader and shawn are all goofy, sassy, bitchy and all those playful relationship. i hope you can make imagine just based on how playful their relationship is. thank you very much.

Note: I thought a lot about how I wanted to write this concept and I finally settled with writing four completely unrelated scenarios or moments to illustrate the type of relationship requested. 

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“Babe, I love you and that song, but shut up.” You tell Shawn partially joking, but also partially serious because Shawn has been singing the same two lines of Barcelona by Ed Sheeran practically non stop for the past twenty minutes and you’re getting to the point where you really can’t take it any longer.

“In Baaaaaarcelona!!!” Shawn sings very high pitched for a reason you don’t understand obviously ignoring your demand for him to stop. You barely even look up from your phone. Instead, you just reach out your hand and place it over his mouth. But you feel his teeth graze your palm and then he moves and bites down lightly on your fingers.

“Ow!” You say, retracting your hand and pretending it hurt a lot more than it actually did.

“Don’t even lie, y/n, you like when I bite you,” Shawn says, and your eyes widen and you immediately look around to see if anyone heard Shawn’s comment because he didn’t even bother to say it quietly and his band is all in the dressing room with you. Luckily, they’re all busy doing their own thing so no one seems to have heard Shawn’s comment.

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at fifteen you will be so sweet and see no cruel in this awful world until you meet that boy with the bags under his eyes and that car he stole and you’ve always imagined your first boyfriend to be a good boy with a good family but you ended up falling in love with the boy who misses more classes than anything else, who hates his mother and doesn’t even know his father. at fifteen you were a sweetheart so in love with the world you were so optimistic. you met him at your first party you never had a taste of alcohol before he handed to you more shots of vodka than you could ever count but by the time you could remember anything you were in his car giving him a little bit more than just your first kiss. he wasn’t anything you’ve ever imagined, no one you ever thought would be the death of you. that one time became into an everyday, and i guess the more time you spend with someone you start acting like them. it went from skipping classes, failing tests, hating your mother, drinking drinking and more fucking drinking because he told you it would bandage the scars on your wrist and make you feel better. you would come home smelling like his hoodies that he gave you, thats all you would wear now and it was hard to tell if your breath would smell more like cigarettes or beer and your father warned you about him but all you could say is ‘daddy I’m so in love with him.’ you don’t know what love is until they leave you, they fucking leave you and your left crying on the bathroom floor every single night for what seems like just yesterday he left but your mom reminds you its been 6 months and your still hurt from the boy with the bags under his eyes you fucking swear he gets no sleep at night that how is it possible that he woke up one morning deciding he didn’t want you anymore. his bad habits soon became yours. now you are seventeen and you fall inlove with any single boy just so you have a new excuse to blame on why you want to fucking die when you break up but you and your mom know that you still want to die because of that same boy from that party that made you believe that if you drink enough beer it starts to cover up your scars and makes you fall in love but little did he know he was the one bandaging your scars and you were more in love with him than the alcohol or anyone else for that matter. you loved him more than yourself and now you know better. you only wish that at seventeen someone would have warned you that at fifteen you were going to meet someone that would alter your entire world and change the way you view people and live your life. you never love as strong as you do at fifteen when you’ve never been hurt before and you never fall as fucking fast as you do when your first love crashes his fucking car right into you and you feel like you’ve died ten times over, but no he never fucking hit you with his car fuck he never even hit you with a good bye it was just a ‘ill text you when i get home babe’ and you never got that text, i wish i could say your still making your way back home but that was two years ago and I’m almost 18 breaking other boys bones just to show myself that I’m as strong as you are. I’m starting to become a lot like the person who destroyed me, i lie through my teeth and spit out i love you to any boy just to make them fall in love with me but then i crash right into them and flip their whole world upside down when i leave them in tears but little do they know I’ve been counting down the days before i leave them just the way you probably did. for someone who doesn’t sleep anymore i woke up pretty fucking fast from my liquor filled evenings to just wake up and decide i was done with them the same way you were done with me so fast, my head is still spinning from the alcohol and i don't remember how i fucking became this monster but you become the things you love and god knowns i fucking loved you.  I'm hurting others to try and bandage the scars you left me with but i guess i have to learn that unless i heal from you i will always be just like you because you are all I’ve ever known and i can’t stop being like you because its the closest thing ill ever have left of you because you haven’t returned my texts from when i was sixteen kissing any boy pretending it was you.

fifteen through seventeen 



Y'all y'all y'all y'all guess who’s started writing fic!This is a monster idek where it came from but it came so here ya go.Also, I’m going to be cool and thank betas and things so a s/o to @ghostiemakingposties and shradha(who is sensible and is not on this site) for all the help I love you.
Constructive criticism is always appreciated! Also, first fic so be nice. Spread the love,y'all!

It’s soft and fluffy and the first time Magnus sees it,he has to backtrack and take a closer look.He walks towards the grey lump slowly,hardly daring to believe what it could be.
And really,when he realises and picks it up and maybe (slightly) nuzzles into it,he can’t even blame himself.It’s just so squashy and smells so Alec and as he sniffs it(unashamed),he can just imagine his boyfriend sitting in a couch,curling that huge 6 foot frame into a small ball,cozy and comfortable,maybe reading a book (preferably with Magnus by his side).
The image in his head makes him grin and before he can think twice about it (and possibly do the right thing) he gives the hoodie one last sniff and swiftly folds it and keeps it in his shelf.
The first time he does it, it’s an almost unconscious decision.He’s just so
tired and he can still hear the voice of the old lady who came to him for help ringing in his head.He can hear the disappointment in her words when he told her that he just couldn’t do it and if it’s one thing Magnus hates more than homophobes,sexists,racists or just general assholes, it’s not being able to help a client.
He walks into his home and makes his way to his room to change into something comfortable ,once again cursing the Clave’s uncanny ability to keep Alec busy when Magnus needs him the most.He’s about to call his boyfriend,just to hear his voice (they’re such saps and he knows it and he loves it) as he’s ruffling through his shelf,when he spots it out of the corner of his eye.And really, no-one’s there around to blame him when he quickly pockets his phone,takes out the article of clothing and smells it.And as Alec’s scent washes over him and along with it,a wave of calmness, it’s only a matter of a few seconds before he’s changed into it along with a pair of pajamas.
He’s taken to wearing the hoodie around the house.Sometimes,when the day brings difficult clients or he does a particularly exhausting piece of magic and Alec can’t make it to the loft because he’s too busy at the Institute.
On those days,he comes back home and after being dramatic about Alec’s absence for about ten minutes and going about his usual pre-bed routine(something that he makes sure to do because once,when he forgot,the next morning saw glitter on his sheets and glitter’s an absolute bitch to get off of anything),he settles for the next best thing after Alec’s physical presence next to him or under him.
He never, ever wears it around Alec,though.He doesn’t even mention it to him.Maybe because he’s scared Alec might want it back or possibly because Magnus likes having this piece of his boyfriend just for himself that he can cuddle with after a hard day and really, without this acceptable substitute,where would he be when his boyfriend can’t make it to his arms at night?
So a few weeks later when they’re lying down in Magnus’s bed, inbetween all the forehead-kisses and nose-nuzzles and the whispered sweet nothings, when Alec asks him whether he’s seen his grey hoodie,Magnus replies in the negative with a suggestion of “Why don’t you check at the Institute again?”
Alec debates the idea of Izzy throwing it away because It’s horrifying,Alec and she’s been known to have disposed of Alec’s ‘horrifying’ clothes in the past and Magnus humours him with a “I wouldn’t blame her.You do have a rather terrible sense of fashion.” and to the sound of Alec’s indignant reply of “It was extremely comfortable.” and the steady thump of a beloved heartbeat against his ear,Magnus falls asleep,content in the knowledge that this is one night where he has the real deal.
Really,Magnus should have known that it was only a matter of time before his boyfriend found out.
It happens on a rainy evening.Alec,Jace,Izzy and Clary are hunting down a Shax demon when the skies open up.They’re too far from the Institute but they need to find shelter because it looks like this might turn out to be a real storm.So obviously (obviously),they go to Magnus’s.And if Alec was planning on going there after the mission anyway,this just helped his cause.
They climb up the stairs and reach his floor to see Magnus opening his door.On hearing the noise,the warlock turns around and sighs on seeing these four drenched teenagers,whom he may or may not love.
(He loves one of them a little more than the rest but don’t tell that to anyone.)
As they traipse into the living room,Magnus waits at the door for all of them to enter.
And if he just so happens to share a short kiss with the tallest one,nobody saw.
(That’s a lie because everyone saw and simultaneously groaned and the only reason the kiss was short was because of Jace’s huffed “Magnus, we’re all drenched and freezing so can you turn up the heat in here and then kiss your boyfriend senseless?”)
He obliges.
Honestly,he should have possibly had some forethought when in reply to Alec’s “Can I borrow a t-shirt?This one’s drenched,” he says “You can take what you want from my shelf.”
(Actually,he did have forethought.He was thinking about Alec removing his wet t-shirt to put on a new one.)
(It must be noted here that Magnus is more than just borderline gratuitous.)
So when Alec comes out of his room,holding a small,grey,rather familiar bundle in his hand, Magnus is speechless.
(He does, however,notice that Alec has,infact,not yet changed and is still wearing a wet t-shirt.)
“Magnus,” Alec starts.”Is this what I think it is?”
Honestly,Magnus can’t be blamed if he responds with a “Depends.What do you think it is?”
And Jace,clueless clueless Jace just
has to open his mouth and go “Hey, isn’t that the hoodie you were looking for?”
Of course,because everyone has to put their ten cents into their discussion,Izzy incredulously says “You accused me of throwing it out.”
And because this conversation is apparently no longer theirs,Jace pitches in with a “To be fair,Iz,you did say it was terrible.”
And Clary, bless her ,being the only sensible person in the room(apart from Alec.Alec is extremely sensible.Alec in a wet t-shirt is also extremely sensible. Magnus is easily distracted.) gets off the sofa with a clap of her hands and a “Wow,would you look at that,it isn’t raining anymore.Looks like we can leave.Thanks Magnus!”
This proclamation is followed by the redhead shepherding Jace and Izzy out the door amidst their protests of “It’s pouring out there.”and “But my hair isn’t properly set yet.It’s going to get frizzy if it gets too wet.”
The latter is Jace’s contribution and Magnus can hear the sounds of Clary telling him to get over it you big baby and after the door shuts,the apartment is deafening in its silence.
There’s something in Alec’s eyes and Magnus can’t seem to figure out what it is.This worries him because at this point, they’ve come to be able to read each other’s emotions pretty easily.
They look at eachother,never breaking eye contact.During the entire interaction between his siblings,Alec had unfolded the bundle and realised that it is,in fact,what he thought it was.
“You said you didn’t know where it was.”
Alec says it neutrally, unaccussing,as a statement.
“I may have lied.”
Magnus doesn’t intend for that to come out as blunt as it did,but he can’t take back what he’s already said.
That’s it.That’s all Alec says.Just that single word.
And maybe it’s the fact that the question sounded so innocent or that Alec’s looking at him with this indistinguishable look in his eyes or maybe that he’s still in that damn t-shirt,but the next thing Magnus knows, he’s telling Alec the whole story.
How he found it that morning when Alec had to leave in a rush because of the call from the Institute,how he was initially going to return it but didn’t,how he wore it without even realising it the first time and how it became a regular thing.
And somewhere towards the end of his story,Alec drops the hoodie on the counter,makes his way towards him,cups his face in his hands and whispers Keep it.
When they kiss, it’s new and tender and he’s so full of love,Magnus might burst.
(He is pleasantly surprised by the turn this conversation has taken)
(When he peels Alec’s t-shirt off, it’s obviously because he doesn’t want his boyfriend to catch a cold.)
The hoodie lies on the kitchen counter,forgotten for now.
They’re too busy to care about clothes.
Magnus does,in fact,keep the hoodie.
The first time Alec sees him in it,his siblings are, unfortunately, around.

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Klance: happy birthday btw... it's Lances berfday and he can't wait but he's been mostly forgotten but he comes home to find keith? Is that too specific? I'm not even sure these r open anymore:()

Lance is pretty sure it’s not anyone’s fault that he has the worst birthday in his life. 

That’s a lie – it’s Richard from HR’s fault. That dick. 

Richard forgot to put his birthday on the calendar, so no one had known, which meant that he went the entire day waiting for the birthday celebration that every other office worker got and instead had gotten a confused look from about five different people when he pointedly mentioned the date. God, and then because he’d been lingering around other people’s desks in anticipation, he’d been reprimanded and given yet another project from his boss, and then at the very last minute Richard the Dick from HR had sent him an email apologizing and saying they’d get him a cupcake tomorrow. Great. 

Pidge and Hunk had sent him texts that morning, but they were all planning on doing a huge party on the weekend, so he wasn’t expecting anything from them. His family was waiting for him to visit in a week or so before they celebrated, so they’d only left him messages on his facebook or called him. Keith had given him a truly spectacular birthday kiss that morning, but other than that, no one had really celebrated at all. 

He’s more than a little annoyed and frustrated with not only the situation but himself when he walks through his front door. It shouldn’t bother him so much that other people weren’t making a big deal out of his birthday when he was turning 26, but – it did. He toes off his shoes at the front door and loosens his tie, only just realizing that Keith hadn’t said anything yet. 

“Babe?” he calls, before he stops in the doorway. Because he can – he smells vanilla, and something spicy underneath, and there’s a soft muttering coming from the kitchen. “Keith?” he asks, and walks into the kitchen to see his boyfriend bent over the oven with mitts. 

“Lance!” Keith says, jumping a little, pulling two cake pans out of the oven. He sets them on the stove and sighs. “You’re home earlier than I thought. I figured you’d be hanging around the office longer to celebrate.” 

“Richard is a dick,” Lance explains. Keith’s brow furrows, but Lance continues talking. “What’s all this? You’re – you baked?” 

“Yes,” Keith says dubiously. “I think so. Well, it’s your favorite, right? And I made – I got the recipe from your mother for your favorite meal. And she talked me through the whole thing, step by step, she was really helpful. Although she did hear me say ‘fuck’ once and I hung up on her accidentally because I panicked, so that was–”

Lance swoops in and kisses him on the mouth, halting his words. Keith, to his credit, barely waits a second before winding his arms around Lance’s neck and kissing back, pressing hard against him. When Lance finally lets him go, Keith is pleasantly winded, lashes fluttering. 

“What was that for?” Keith asks, smiling up at him. 

“You,” Lance says. “You’re literally the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten.” 

“You already had me,” Keith says, nose wrinkling. “Your birthday present is in the living room. Lance, wait, I’ve got to cool the cake down so I can ice it, we have to eat–”

Lance is lifting him up into his arms and setting him on the counter so that Keith is actually looking down on him for once. Keith, despite his half-hearted protests, wraps his legs around Lance’s waist when Lance slots between them. 

“It’s my birthday, and I want to make out with my boyfriend in the kitchen,” Lance says seriously. “You have to do what I want today.”

“Oh, well, if it’s for your birthday,” Keith says, rolling his eyes, but he laughs when Lance pulls him in for another kiss. 


Request: N/A

A/N:  I said I would write this for one of @bucky-plums-barnes fuffly Friday anons asking for a Lance x Plussize!reader.  So… here ya go!  Hope you enjoy!

Lance x plussize!reader

Word count: 2056

Summary:  You’re pretty much over not being thin, you’re beautiful just the way you are!  But words can still hurt…

Warnings:  Lance being a dick, accidental bullying (body shaming), insults, mentions bullying, mentions of sex, drunkenness, FLUFFY APOLOGY AND ENDING

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3 with Remus pLEASE? (I'm obsessed with Remus now again and I blame you) ((at the same time I'm totally okay with it))

Sorry not sorry!! Remus is the best <3

3. Drunk/Sloppy kiss

“You never should have let him drink tonight,” Sirius said in your ear, sounding amused.  You jumped at how close he had crept up on you and stepped back a bit.  He was sipping on a mix of butterbeer and firewhiskey, eyeing Remus and trying not to laugh.  Remus had been drinking for a couple of hours now, and while usually he was more of an observer when it came to parties, he had just grabbed a fistful of Gobstones two third-years were playing with and tried to balance them one by one on his nose, another shot in his hand.

“And why exactly shouldn’t he be drinking?  It is his night, after all.  You want to deny the birthday boy his fun?” You mocked, and folded your arms and raised an eyebrow at Sirius.  Remus’s birthday was in a week and fell during a full moon this year, so you’d thrown him a party in advance because you knew no celebration would take place on the actual date.  Despite not feeling his best, he’d rallied and seemed to be having the time of his life.

Sirius smirked.  “Not at all, Y/N, you know I’d never discourage underage drinking!” he laughed.  “It’s just…your boyfriend,” he said with a wiggle of his eyebrows, as you and Remus had just made things official between the two of you, “Can’t hold his liquor as well before the full moon.  Y’know?” he glanced at you knowingly.

“I’m not following.” 

“Oh come on, same thing sometimes happens to girls before their time of the month!  Do I really have to give you a sex ed lesson right now?” He laughed, and your eyes widened.  Oh.

Almost as if he had sensed you were talking about him, Remus bounded over clumsily, a goofy smile on his face.  “Y/N! My LOVE!” he shouted, beaming.  “Hi–*hic*–Padfoot,” he hiccuped, slopping a little bit of what looked like Serpent Wine down the front of his sweater.

“You made the mess, you clean it up,” Sirius tsked at you.  He winked over the rim of his glass and slipped away, leaving you to attend to your intoxicated boyfriend.

You gave him a “wow, thanks” look before turning your attention to Remus, who was repeatedly poking your arm.  “Can I help you?” you asked, unable to hide your giggle at the sight of his hair all tousled and his face flushed from the alcohol. “Oh!” you gasped.  He had leaned in very suddenly for a kiss and stumbled a little in the process, causing you to have to shuffle backward to avoid falling into the fireplace.  The kiss was sloppy and he tasted like a combination of all the alcohol James and Peter had smuggled into the common room earlier in the day.  If he wasn’t such a goddamned adorable drunk, you’d have been a lot more affronted.

“You,” he said once he pulled away, “are th’best girlfriend I have ever had.”

“Rem, I’m the only girlfriend you’ve ever had,” you laughed, wiping your mouth.  He was normally quite a good kisser, but you were fairly certain kissing Sirius as Padfoot would have been less sloppy than what you’d just experienced.

“Exactly! So you’re the best!” Remus exclaimed loudly, wide-eyed, and you burst into laughter again.

“Well, I guess I can’t argue with you there.  Uh, what are you doing?”

Remus had bent over one of the side tables in the common room.  He straightened up and looked at you innocently, his mouth hanging open in a half-smile, a bottle of amber liquid in his hand.  “Shots!” he said simply, like it was the most obvious answer in the world.

“I’m not sure that’s your best idea,” you chided, glancing at the grandfather clock in the corner.  It was already well past one in the morning and you figured Remus would probably be hit with one hell of a hangover the next morning.  That on top of his usual pre-moon syndrome meant he should be getting all the rest he could, and Sirius was right, you had never seen him this drunk before.  You didn’t want him to end up blacking out, so you made an executive decision.  “Hey babe?”

Remus was about to down a shot of firewhiskey but stopped when he heard your voice.  “Whasamatter?” he slurred.

“Nothing.  I just remembered, though, James said he had some Goblin Rum stashed under his bed…want to go try it?”

Remus bought your white lie and nodded eagerly.  You breathed a sigh of relief and took his hand, dragging him through the crowd in the common room like a toddler and saying goodnight to your friends on the way.  Sirius caught your eye and mouthed “I told you so,” and you playfully flipped him the bird on your way up the boys’ stairs.

“Here, just sit on your bed and I’ll get it,” you told Remus, who sat down happily.

“You’re so pretty,” he complimented, the same goofy smile back on his face.  

“Yeah?” You rummaged through the garbage under James’s bed and pretended to look for the nonexistent bottle.  Merlin, did they ever clean up in here? “You’re rather good-looking yourself.”

“Really?” Remus sounded cute and hopeful.

“Really.  Here, found it.”  You’d actually filled a glass with water using a simple charm, and Remus downed it all without even realizing it wasn’t alcohol.  You figured you’d give it five more seconds before he would fall asleep, and sure enough, when you turned to put the glass on his bedside table you heard the soft whoosh of the mattress as he fell over. He was lying on his side, and his head had fallen just short of the pillow.  You smiled and moved the pillow so his head was resting on it and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.  You decided to sit with him for a while, or at least until one of the other boys came up to bed, and plopped down on the bed next to him, absentmindedly rubbing his back as he slept.  “Happy early birthday, love,” you said sweetly.

I love Remus so much honestly wtf

Cait :)

I'm Sorry

Prompt: 29 and 85 with Sebastian: “What did you just call me?” + “If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say its fine.”

Pairing: Sebastian Stan X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Yelling, Mentions of cheating, Happy ending

Word Count: 994


(Y/N) watched the clock tick the time away, excited that she would finally be able to spend time with her boyfriend after a month of him being gone, filming his new movie. However she was extremely disanointed she was going to be a little late. Her fingers danced around the keyboard as she finished her report and was able to finally leave this day behind her. It wasn’t that she minded the work, in fact she loved her job, but sometimes the deadlines interfered with her time to visit Sebastian. The time without Sebastian always seemed to drag and even though their romantic relationship had only just passed the one year mark, the bond they had was seemingly unbreakable. She ran out the office when she realized her ‘little late’ was turning into 3 hours late.


Sebastian loved her more than he had ever loved anyone in his whole life. She made him a better person and the thought of living his life without her, scared him. Since he was so passionate about his love for her and so terrified she would leave him, he found himself worried sick that it was 3 hours past the time she was supposed to meet him at his place and she wasn’t there. His heart sank to his stomach as he called her for probably the 100th time and still got her voicemail.

“Hey! Sorry I can’t make it to the phone right now, but if you leave a message I’ll get back to you!” Her voice rang out into Sebastian’s ear and he paced back and forth in his small apartment kitchen.

“Babe, where are you? You were suppose-”He got cut off when he heard a knock on his door. The lump in his stomach rose to his throat when he opened the door to be met with your sorry eyes.

“Seb, let me explain.” She pleaded, nimble fingers raking through her hair as she went to hug her boyfriend. He looked so good, well-trimmed beard and perfect hair, however she hated how paranoid and stressed he looked. She knew it was her fault, but was surprised when he turned away from her. Even when he was mad at her before, he had never turned his back to her.

“What part do you want to explain, (Y/N)? The part where you are 3 hours late? Or the part where you didn’t leave a message OR answer my calls.” He yelled at her.

“I left my phone at home this morning an-”

“Really? That’s the excuse you have? How convenient.” Sebastian rolled his eyes

“Sebastian, I’m serious.”

“Whatever, (Y/N).”

“Don’t be such a dick Sebastian. You know I feel bad and wouldn’t have done this on purpose.” (Y/N) retaliated. Irritated that he didn’t even want to pay enough attention to the truth. Yes she felt bad, yes he deserved to be mad, but not this mad.

“What did you just call me?” He whispered turning around to glare at her.

“I called you a dick. You won’t listen to me when I am telling you the truth and you are more upset about this than you should be!”

“Seriously, you had to go to name calling? That’s pretty childish of you. Of course I’m pissed (Y/N). I had no fucking clue to where you were and if you were okay! If you got hurt, if you didn’t want to see me, if you were cheating on me?!”

A cry left her lips as tears started to drop down her face.

“You really think I would cheat on you?”

“Right now I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“Fuck you Sebastian, I am leaving. Please call me when you want to apologize.” She replied as she walked out the door.

“What’s the point? Not like you will answer anyway.” He yelled as he slammed the door when she left.

He didn’t mean for things to get so out of hand, he knew he was in the wrong too. It was just frustrating that she didn’t understand how worried he was. Sebastian knew she would never cheat, he didn’t even know why he said it honestly. All he wanted was to sleep the anger away and go apologize to her in the morning.


(Y/N) woke up in her bed feeling heartbroken. If Seb and her hadn’t gotten into that stupid quarrel she would be waking up in his arms, her head on his chest hearing his heart beat. He would most likely would have woke up before her and make her breakfast. She wanted it to happen so bad she could almost smell it. She let her thoughts pile up before she heard a crash in her kitchen. She grabbed the baseball bat in her closet and silently tiptoed into the kitchen.

“What the hell, Sebastian?! I could have hit you with this bat!” she exclaimed when she found him, making her the breakfast. He turned around and was met with the best sight he saw in a long time. (Y/N), early morning bed hair, one of his bottom down shirts covering her body.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I should have never said the thing I did. It was uncalled for and I apologize.” He responded. Still disappointed in himself.

“It is fine Sebastian, you were hurt.” She dully noted not wanting to have this talk. All she wanted was to get in his arms and forget the earlier night ever happened.

“If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say its fine.” Sebastian placed his hand on her cheek, looking into her eyes with such love.

(Y/N) wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer to her.

“Come back to bed with me and show me how sorry you are, Mr. Stan.” She whispered kissing down his neck. His lips caught hers right before following her into her bedroom.

“I love you so much (Y/N).”

“I love you more Seb.”

Synchronize (Part 1) ~ Jack Avery

Summary: You have received the opportunity to attend a prestigious college that just so happens to be very far away. Fearful of what Jack may say, you hold off on telling him, but he finds out through a different source.

Word count: 2220

Warnings: Mentions of sex. I’m not going to go into full detail of how things are going to go down, but I do describe how things get started. All the sex will be in the second part so, you don’t have to worry about it in this one.

Author’s Note: First off, it was so difficult to choose the pairing that I actually closed my eyes and imagined the plot line with every boy. Of course, I got fuzzy feelings when I thought of Jonah, but it didn’t feel right. Did I really just say that? Who am I? Moving on, it came between Zach and Jack. Then I saw a group photo of the boys. My eyes immediately go to Jack’s and my heart melts. I hope yours does too. Also, this plot line as inspired by the song Synchronize by Hellberg and Arron Richards. I do suggest listening to it when the story gets intense to make the feels extra, but if you do and want to put yourself in danger go for the acoustic. I’ll put and * were I suggest listening to it for both parts. Thank you all. Enjoy! 

I waited so long for that day. Everyday I stared out my living room window looking down at my mailbox that stood adjacent from my driveway on the other side of the road. Sundays and three day weekends were the enemy. I waited and waited. Nose pressed up against the glass and my breath fogging up the area around my mouth from deep breaths that calmed my anxious body. Everyday at 2:26 in the afternoon I waited to see the mail truck to stop at my mailbox for thirty seconds to deliver that day’s letters, bills, and college acceptance letters.

Oxford. One of the top schools in the world. My dream school. The only place I wanted to attend. The only application I sent out. I worked so hard to even get a pamphlet. So many sleepless nights. So many tears. So many hours I spent locked away in my room studying for every exam, test, and assignment. So much expectation I thrust upon myself because of a childhood dream. I need to get into Oxford, I have to. I need to prove that my hard work was worth it. To prove the naysayers that I can do it. To prove to myself that dreams come true. But then I met Jack.

Jack Avery. The man, the myth, the legend. The boy that held mine heart in his hand. He taught me that dreams do come true. That the only reason to chase my dreams was for me, not anyone else. Jack also taught me that I didn’t need to me so hard on myself. Overworking has greater consequences than not working enough. And that’s what I did. I loosened my grip on Oxford, but just enough to keep me sane. I spent more time with friends, went to school events, and even got a job, but most of my free time went to Jack. Going to the skate park, a movie and dinner, lunch dates at the café where we met, and every Friday night dinner with my family. 

It was a Tuesday the day I got my letter from Oxford informing me that I had been accepted along with a scholarship that relieved some financial stress. Anticipation ran through my veins, anxiety rushed to me head, fingers and toes went numb. What if I don’t get in? What if I didn’t get the scholarship? What will Jack say if I do get in? What will happen to all my hard work if I didn’t make it? Negative thoughts bombarded my mind. They tear through, knocking down every ounce of confidence that I developed in my ability to succeed. I look over at the clock to my left.


It’s late. Panic consumed me. Where is the mail truck? What happened? Is there traffic? Was there a crash? Did the mail lady get in an accident? Did she get hurt? Did she die? Oh, my God. This can’t be happening. I need to know if I got in!

2:30. In my state of panic, I moved from the living room window to the end of my driveway. I look down the street to see nothing, just an empty road. More panic devours me, so much so that I failed to realize that dark clouds started to settle in the blue sky and a heavy breeze began to make its way through the trees. Anxiety continues it’s destruction making me pace the width of the driveway. Back and forth I go. Back and forth, moving faster and faster the more I move. Over and over again. Forth and back. Back and forth.  

2:31. I glanced down at the road again. Several cars are lined up, two of which are giant pick up trucks that were loaded up with furniture obstructing my view of what could be behind them. They move slowly up the street, taking their sweet time because the loads they carried were fragile and the risk of damage was high. The vehicles move fifty more feet up the drive and the view clears. Right after the two pick up trucks was a red SUV that had layers of mud caked to the exterior, then I see it. The white and blue of the mail truck. Not knowing I was holding my breathe I exhale with relief. 

At 2:32 the mail truck shifted gears and moved from my mail box to the next. Excitement then nervousness is the only way I can descried how I’m felt. Back and forth. Forgetting to look both ways I crossed the street causing another van to slam on its breaks, but I didn’t care. The only thing that mattered was the letter. I grab the stack from the metal box and file through them, only looking for one word on the return address. Oxford.

Bill. Bill. Invitation. Bill. Junk. Bill. Junk. Oxford. Oxford? I double check. Oxford!

I screamed almost dropping everything else. Again, forgetting to look before I crossed the street, I run back into the house. Slamming every door and stomping up stairs until I reach the kitchen where my mom stands making herself a sandwich. I throw down everything except for the only letter that mattered. Mom looks up from her food and noticed me staring at the white envelope I held in my hands. 

“Is that it,” she asks softly. For a moment I had forgotten that she stood there waiting for me to open the letter. She too knew about my dreams of Oxford and the struggles I faced to reach my goals. “For God’s sake, open the letter.”

I have waited for this moment my whole life, it’s my destiny go to Oxford. “Dear Y/N L/N, the admin of Oxford University would like to inform you that you been accepted…” Excitement, joy, pride, fulfillment over takes over my being. No words could ever describe how I felt in that moment. The next few minutes after reading the letter, I can’t remember what really happened. There might have be joyful screams jumping around, or hugging. All I know is that the moment was pure bliss. But that happy moment didn’t last long.

Reality came back to me when my mom mentioned Jack. She was listing off all the people we had to tell immediately. My dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Lisa, Jack. Jack. What will Jack think? I know he said that nothing would change between us if I did get in, but was he saying that because there was a high chance of not getting accepted? Did he truly believe that I could make it?

As the days go by, I became wary of my acceptance. What am I supposed to do? I really like Jack and I don’t want anything to happen to our relationship, but letting a man influence my chance of success is everything I am against. It left like everyone knew except for him. I told my parents that I had to tell him myself, it’s my job to do so, he is my boyfriend. 

Weeks pass by and I still haven’t told him. It was strange. I became slightly distant. We still spent all our time together, but I felt like I was holding back because I had such a weight on my shoulders. Jack knows me better than anyone else in this world and he could feel that something was bothering me. 

“Y/N/N, tell me what’s wrong.” He would ask while we sat at our spot in the café, holding my hand and drawing patterns with his thumb. “Is it about Oxford?” He’d look me in the eyes with his chocolate ones. His eyes worried eyes went so well with the way his freckles fell across his cheeks and the way his curly hair fell over his forehead, just barely covering one of them. It killed me to lie to his face. 

“Yeah, the letter still hasn’t come in.” I couldn’t look into his eyes. The guilty was to unbearable for me to look him in the face and lie. Looking down at our hands I said, “It’s just- what if I didn’t get in, Jack. I worked so hard for this opportunity and what if I blew it.” Moving my gaze for our hands, I looked up to his smiling face. Not just any smile. It was the smile that he gave when he knows I’m over thinking. More of a cross of a smile and a smirk.

“I know you’ll get in, babe. Trust me on this one, I know.” Jack said, looking down at your hands, turning mine over and kissing the back.

One week before I was set to leave was when I decided to tell Jack. It’s unbelievable how long I could keep it form him, even with Friday dinners with my parents, it never seem to come up. Suddenly, he became distant as well. He won’t reply as quickly when I sent a message, declined calls, not hanging out as much, he would rarely hold my hand anymore. I didn’t know what was up with him until I decided to coax him out of it. 

*On Friday night, the day I was supposed to tell Jack, we sat on my living room couch watching a movie because my parents had a fancy dinner party to attend. Usually, we always had to be touching when it came to our time alone, but we sitting apart this time. We were next to each other, but not even our knees where touching. I was feeling hopeful today. I moved my body of the slightest so both our thighs were touching when I move my legs under me. Instantly, he scooted  farther down the couch, correcting my mistake. Several minutes, I tried my luck again, but I moved my hand to find his. When it did, he ripped his away form mine, leaving it cold and alone. Saddened, I turn to him looking for answers. 

“Jackie.” I plead, moving closed to him again.

“Don’t call me that,” he coldly states pushing himself even farther down the couch and crossing his arms over his chest. Obviously he’s up set about something and I had to find out.

“What’s wrong?” I plead again, desperate to fix what’s wrong.

Enraged, he flies from his seat, now standing in front of the television forgetting about the movie. “ ‘What’s wrong’? Really, ‘what’s wrong’ is all you have to say, Y/N? I can’t believe you!” Jack yelled at me form across the room. I instantly know what he was angry about.

“I can explain.” I say as I get up heading towards Jack wanting to console him in any way. 

“You can explain,” he steps back, “how can you explain keeping acceptance into Oxford away from me, Y/N?” He started to raise his voice the longer he spoke “For months on end keeping it form me and then lying to me about it too. I should have figured it out sooner. You break everything that we stood for. Honest and communication out the window just like that.” He snapped his fingers, demonstrating how quickly I ruined everything.

Tears burned as the fell from my eyes and sobs not failing to interrupt my speech. “I’m so sorry, Jack. I can-,” he cuts me off.

“No, you don’t get to say anything. This was a big deal, Y/N. You lied to me.” He was right. I can’t look at him, but I have to. I knew what’s going to happen next, but I had to look at him just once more. When I do, I see those chocolate brown eyes again, but in a way that I never see before. Heartbreak. Anger. Sadness. Disappointment.

With another sob, I plead out to him one more time to him, to let me explain. “Jack, I-I can… just let me explain!” I reach out to him for the last time in hopes I can change his mind. He pulls back.

“We’re over. Don’t talk to me. I never want to see you again.” Jack spats towards me, turning away, heading out the door and slamming it shut. 

With the bang of the door, I fall to the ground, heartbroken with my actions. I lied to the man I love. What? Is this what love feels like? How can it hurt so much? If you truly love something, you must let it go. I hear the door open again and footsteps rush over to me in a hug. My mom. She engulfed my in her arms asking me repeatedly what happened.

Only God knows how long we sat there, me in her arms, crying, sobbing, screaming until I just stopped. It felt like I just couldn’t handle anymore pain for the day that I just turned all emotions off. I release my grip on my mom and move back to see her and my dad huddled around me with worried looks in their eyes.

“ Y/N, honey, what happened. Is it something between you and Jack?” My mother asked rubbing my arms.

I take a minute to wipe the tears, knowing its no use because I could feel the path of those tears stain my cheeks.

 8:49 “It’s nothing anymore. The only important thing is that it doesn’t matter.” 

A/N: Um… that happened. Please let me know what you think. What do you think is going to happen in part two? Let me know. Also, I don’t know when part two will be posted. I have a few other things I want to write, but I’ll let ya know a few days before it goes up. So, thank you for reading and I love you all.  

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I'm so sorry I don't know how to start prompts but like Oikawa isn't playing volleyball anymore for whatever reason and his eating habits aren't great so the pounds start piling on and he has a weigh in at the doctors and he gets scolded and becomes real insecure, so Iwa-chan comes to the rescue with sweets.

*I’m not thrilled with this, but I’ve been staring at it too long so I’m just posting it. Big reminder that healthcare professionals aren’t always correct. My grandmother was told by a doctor she was obese for being ten pounds over her BMI. She told the guy to eat a dick because he couldn’t tell her what the extra weight was effecting because her physical came back nearly perfect. My grandmother is savage and could still kick my ass so it’s pretty safe to say she’s in good health despite her “obesity”.* 

The biggest problem with eating away your troubles is that it tends to result in more unsettling issues later on.

Or it might just be Oikawa being unsettled by the fact the doctor he’d just visited had implied he was becoming obese.

It’s not the usual physician he sees—she was a lot more soft spoken than that guy had been—and he can still hear the echoes of disappointment in that man’s words, even after confirming that everything else during his physical had been top-notch.

Because Oikawa Tooru was considered healthy but getting fat, two things that weren’t supposed to coincide apparently.

And that fact alone makes him queasy the entire train ride home, even more so when he passes his favorite little bakery shop and has to turn down the sweet shop owner’s offer to come in and try a batch of a new recipe she’d just created. He fakes being late and telling her he’ll come down another day, but even then he’s not sure if that’s a promise he can keep.

The former setter tugs down shirt restlessly, that uneasy feeling not going away even after he enters his and his boyfriend’s shared apartment. He makes a b-line for the bathroom, even though he knows he really shouldn’t, hiking up his shirt when he gets fully in the mirror.

Oikawa has no reason to be looking at himself; he knows what’s already waiting for him to see. But he still can’t help cupping his soft belly, feeling the very noticeable squeeze he can give to it, and watching it jiggle as he lets it fall back down. He makes a noise and pulls his shirt down hard, making a swift turn out of the small bathroom with the decision that he probably shouldn’t be looking or else he’s going to throw himself into another mood.

His immediate direction is towards the kitchen before he can even think about it, simply out of habit of what he always did when he was feeling down: going into the cabinet, grabing something—usually milkbread—to snack on, and making himself feel a little better with his favorite sugary treat because nobody, except maybe grouchy Iwa-chan, could not smile while eating milkbread.

When he actually gets the little packet in hand though is when he remembers the doctor’s lecture from before and it has him gazing down at the little bread with dismay. Oikawa sets it back in the cabinet and forces himself to go and sit on the couch, least he stuff his face while remaining in the kitchen. He props his bum knee up as he sits, mostly as a preventive than from it actually hurting.

Just when he’s considering rolling over to nap just so he can skip lunch without having a rumbly tummy, his boyfriend of course has to walk in with probably the best smelling takeout they’ve had in ages.

Iwaizumi catches sight of him on the couch and gives him a soft smile, toeing off his shoes and heading over to drop the bag with food on the table which has Tooru’s mouth watering instantly.

He doesn’t reach out for it likes he wants to, just looks up at his boyfriend with confused—hopefully not betrayed—looking eyes. Hajime just gives him an easy smile and tells him softly, “I didn’t know if it would be a good knee or bad knee reports, so I figured I’d come prepared with your favorite.”

Oikawa makes a noise. Damn. Hajime was way too thoughtful.

It makes him looks at the meal even more now, especially knowing it was a good-willed gift from his boyfriend, making it that much more difficult to refuse and say he’s not hungry. His hesitance must not be obvious to Hajime as he easily sets the container of food in Tooru’s hands, passing him a pair of throwaway chop sticks, and sitting down at the table to eagerly eat his own dish.

The food under his nose smells divine and he can’t help put pop back the tabs and look over it with hungry eyes.

The minute he grips onto a bundle of noodles, that overly professional voice of the doctor he minds him, “…you could become obese.”

He drops the bite he was going to take and stares at it miserably.

“Everything okay, babe?” Hajime’s looking at him while still managing to push his own thing of noodles into his mouth.

Oikawa makes a soft noise and shrugs. “I guess I’m just not that hungry…”

“Did you eat already?”

He freezes immediately, knowing Hajime would be able to tell through a fib. “Um, no…but my stomach’s feeling a little uneasy.”

And where was the lie?

There’s a moment of silence between them and Tooru’s almost sure he’s gotten away with it, which is why he startles when Hajime sets down his chopstick with a ‘tick’, setting his to-go box down next to it.

“Somethings wrong.” He declares after a belated moment and he turns to give Tooru and inquisitive stare.

He’s giving Tooru the ball here, giving him the chance to decided where to aim it before he goes after it. That’s always what his boyfriend does, gives him the court, lets him have the first move.

Hajime’s giving him the chance to say it before he goes for the slow, patient process of trying to open him up and the score is like three hundred plus vs zero, all in Hajime’s favor…

So the former setter gives, because Hajime is going to fish it out of him anyways, and finally divulges to him using soft words  of what the doctor’s prognosis had been.

What he’s not expecting is how visibly pissed his boyfriend gets over.  

“That motherfucker—” Hajime hisses out with a bite, fist slamming on the table with a loud bang, “I should go give that dickbag a piece of my mind…!”

Those sharp eyes flicker to his and Hajime’s standing before he can even prepare himself, making a small noise when the shorter man dragged him up, making him stand so Hajime could cup his face and drag his head down so their eyes could meet.

“Don’t you dare start listening to a word of what that man told you. Not. A. Word. He said that you were healthy and that’s the only thing to care about, his opinions about your shape have no relevance. He’s probably a person who thinks you have to have the waist the size of a twig to be beautiful.”

Tooru makes a noise and opens his mouth to respond, but Hajime doesn’t seem to be done just yet, “What was it you said you weighed now? Eighty-two kilograms right? That’s ten kilograms, Tooru. In one year. That’s not much okay, I don’t think my health book even considers that overweight technically. But who gives a shit if it does Tooru! You’re healthy and that’s what matters!”

He pushes their foreheads together and wraps his arms around the taller man’s waist, resting his hands just at the small of his back. “Doctor’s aren’t always right, babe. They have warped visions of beauty just like all of us do. Your primary doctor hasn’t said a word about your weight, so don’t let some new asshole try to tell you his opinion just because he has a degree. Hell, you don’t even have to see that guy again, wasn’t he just a fill-in for your other doctor while she was away?”

Tooru murmurs out a soft, “yes” and Hajime moves his hands to his hips, pulling his head back and looking at Tooru firmly. “No more of this, okay? Especially if you’re trying to skip meals. If you want to lose weight that’s fine, I’d be happy to help, but we’re not going to do it by starving you. You aren’t going to torture yourself with hunger. I get that you’re feeling a little self-conscious right now and I want to help with that. If you want to start diet plan, I’ll even make you up one tomorrow. You can decide what you want to do, but for now just come sit down and eat your favorite noodles with me. Let’s celebrate that you are in great health and that your knee is getting better again.”

Oikawa lets himself be put on the couch again, Hajime eagerly joining him after fetching his own carton of noodles and chopsticks, scooting close to him so that their thighs touched and Tooru could lean into him.

“…thank you Hajime.” Comes the soft response after several moments of quiet slurping and Hajime isn’t dumb enough to think it’s the food his boyfriend is thanking him for.

“I love you, Tooru.” He tells him firmly, smiling at Tooru’s retuning ‘I love you too.’

“We’ll go to Kita-san’s bakery after this, she told me to bring you after you got done with your ‘important business’.” Tooru nudges him for his teasing and Hajime laughs, smiling even more when his boyfriend simply makes a happy sound at the prospect of getting sweets.  


🔥It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…🎂

Rantaro Amami
* How…how…howhowhowhowhowhowhow
* Amami.exe has stopped working.
* And he’s back to having a mental freak out.
* How could he forget?!?!?!??
* He was sure that-
* As soon as he check’s his phone he realizes his schedule for yesterday and your birthday definitely clashed.
* He can’t quite speak for everyone else, but you’re HIS s/o, he HAD to remember your stuff!
* To make up for his mistake he takes you out that night. He asks you to get super spruced up and he will meet with you later to take you to the most expensive restaurant he can afford.
* Of course money is not everything, and he has to bring his late birthday gift to try and fix everything.
* (Spoiler, it was a bracelet to match his, one he carefully embroidered with your name and ‘I love you’ in the inside.)

Korekiyo Shinguuji
* He. Feels. So. Bad.
* Birthdays are really important, as cultures all over the world celebrate them to commend the celebrated’s success in evading death.
* He would not go unpunished for this matter, but right now he intended to mend your broken heart.
* He knew that materialism wasn’t going to get him out of this one, but why would he settle for a dozen roses when he could settle for a dozen of you instead–
* That wasn’t humanly possible, but he could instead flatter you by creating an entire day dedicated to you–even though technically you already have one and he missed his shot.
* He cries silently to himself as he prepares the festival in your honor.
* With his connections he is able to gather nearly 100 people, all ready to worship you like the deity you are.
* In the center of the festival is a shrine with little trinkets he thought would best represent the wonderful person you are.
* …if you find this endearing, and not creepy af…well your day certainly has been made~

Kaito Momota
* *insert a string of curses*
* *pause*
* *insert more curses*
* Way to go Momota, you forgot your love’s birthday. How are you gonna get outta this one?
* Offer to sleep on the couch for starters…
* Maybe a movie night? No too lame.
* Stargazing on the beach? Nope that’s, like, every Tuesday…
* Sheesh what’s a guy gotta do to- wait–
* While you were moping (in your pity party music video) Kaito rushes up to you and immediately rushes you off to his car.
* “Where are we going Kaito?”
* “It’s a surprise~”
* “I hope it isn’t too far, I hadn’t even had lunch yet.”
* “Oh well in that case we had better get going…”
* During the long drive, Kaito kept you occupied with a game of Ispy, that is until he asked you to blindfold yourself before reaching your destination.
* “Okay, now watch your step…careful…and a short step down…and we’re here…”
* You remove your blindfold…and honestly…you’re speechless.
* Let’s just say Kaito’s connection with the astronauts pays off substantially. He was able to borrow the ‘Moon Room’ which was designed to the tee to act as a replica of the real thing. Even better was the picnic spread laid out before you.
* Two birds, one stone~

Kokichi Ouma
* He forgot it on purpose because celebrating your birthday on your birthday is wayyy too lame!
* That’s why his super duper surprise party is awaiting for you this evening, but shhhh you’re not supposed to know ;).
* Even though you were skeptical, you decided to play along and get ready.
* As soon as you’ve gone off to prepare for your ‘special day’….
* Now he’s completely stressing himself out trying to get the best last minute party of the century planned for you because of his big talk.
* He figures the best way to get people there in such a hurry was to lie~ And who better could pull off such a scheme other than the Great King~
* …
* The turn out was more amazing than you expected. Maybe Ouma really was telling the truth about that weird trend…
* However…one of your friends’ comments struck you odd…
* “I’m really sorry to hear that your goldfish died… I lost a close pet once too, so I know this situation is a little tough for you. But you’re not alone.”
* What the actual-
* “Happy birthday, babe! Pay no mind to them, because I’ve got you the best cake money can lie- I mean buy! Eat up~”

Shuuichi Saihara
* He…forgot…
* But…but he couldn’t have…it must’ve been a mistake!
* Are you sure your birthday was yesterday??
* Oh no…nonononononononono…
* He’ll make it up to you.
* He– Okay, breath. Nothing is going to be solved by making you more upset than you already were.
* He just had to trust in his sincerity to resolve the issue. Saihara knew this mistake wasn’t something you could just overlook by saying sorry, so he did all so you could feel loved.
* On the side he used his detective skills to pinpoint and question your friend’s absence (he could at least account for himself because of his investigations, but that was still no excuse).
* By the end of the day he has worn himself out, which is not what you wanted to happen at all.
* So to resolve both of your ordeals you settle for calling in some take out food and fawning over a recently released detective novel series.

* Well he has a pretty valid excuse as to why he didn’t show up to the party, he was malfunctioning due to a nasty little prank Ouma pulled on him.
* He still feels guilty for missing your party though, especially since no one else showed up.
* While part of him wanted to reach out to the Internet for help, the other half told him he needed to decide for himself what to do.
* It only seemed logical to reorganize the get together and invite the same people over. It is scientifically just after all, an experiment cannot be decided after only one trial.
* It must be tested over and over again before it can be decided.
* So that’s what he does.
* He continues to throw you a birthday party hoping that eventually one of these trials will yield a different result…
* After day five, you decide that it is time to give up. That and he was running low on cash and throwing all these parties was the reason behind it.
* Even though no one else came to celebrate with you, Kiibo faithfully stuck with you until the end.
* His gesture definitely hadn’t gone unrewarded and you properly gifted him with three uneaten cakes and a couple of unopened presents. At least you got free parties from this experience.

Gonta Gokuhara
* He could do one of two things: cry or be a man and own up to his mistakes.
* And a real gent owns up to his wrongs!
* He apologized profusely and promises to take you on a really nice romantic evening to show how sorry he is…but right now…
* He insists that he helps you out even more by figuring out why your friends did not attend.
* So you two go around town (breaking down doors and taking names…lol jk) rounding up the invitees who were no shows.
* The first didn’t go so well, since some of your friends have never met Gonta…his appearance can be very frightening…
* The results of your mission: one friend had a valid excuse… a handful were going to throw you a make up party and the others were ✂️ from the squad.
* Gonta fulfilled his promise and made your evening worthwhile for his terrible mistake. And you were certainly not disappointed :3.

Ryoma Hoshi
* S E L F - L O A T H I N G I N T E N S I F I E S.
* How tf did he forget?
* He didn’t have a game or practice or anything to do yesterday???? He literally had no excuse????????????
* Gahhh!
* He’s dying on the inside, but practically reduces his human classification to a step stool for being such a lame boyfriend.
* But it’s even more lame to whine about and not take action.
* He practically gave everyone who didn’t come the bird and primarily made the day all about you.
* His pride and joy, a gift from life even…apologizing for all the bs he had to put up with in the past (albeit could have been avoided if–)
* His pampering doesn’t stop with just being your personal butler, he does extra favors for you as well…like baking…
* P L E A S E D O N ’ T B U R N ! ! !

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Please please 13 with angsty Steve? Thanks

Warnings- Abuse mention, cursing.

You check the mirror one more time to make sure the bruise starting from your eye and darkening out your cheek was covered. You’d always been good at art, so you knew a lot about covering colors, but makeup was never your strong point. Either way you couldn’t hide in your room until the bluish, purple marked healed. So you started to head to your part time job at the DX.

To put it plainly your boyfriend hit you. Your relationship wasn’t always this bad, this toxic. You used to get along well, then an argument got out of hand, and he apologized, you had the honeymoon phase, then he hit you again, and the cycle continues.

There was an instance once where he swung at you in front of Ponyboy, Dally, and Sodapop. Ponyboy yanked you behind him before you could get hit, then Sodapop stood in between your boyfriend and Pony, Dallas whipped his ass and the Curtis brothers had to practically carry you away. Soda always said that your boyfriend is lucky Steve wasn’t there.

“Sorry, I’m kind of late!” You yell walking in and throwing your bag behind the counter.

“It’s fine!” Steve yells back, “hey, Soda is sick so I’m covering for him in the back and in the garage, you cool with the register?”

“Yeah,” you yell back and sit on the counter, eating a granola bar you brought from home. Steve runs in to greet you a little more formally. “He bad sick?” You ask.

“Nah, just sick enough Darry wouldn’t let him come in… you look different.” He says so you pretend to fix your hair to cover your eye.

“You look different.” You tease and softly punch his chest.

“No really. You’re-” he lifts your chin. “Are you wearing face makeup?”


“You’re not the right color. You have flawless skin why would you-” he moves your hair out of the way and even though you tried to hide it he already noticed the slight swelling of your eye. “Did he hit you?”

“No,” you lie and hop off the counter but he lightly pushes your back to it. “Yes he did.”

“Steve we just-”

“You just have an abusive relationship. (Y/N), you can’t let him treat you like this.”

“I’m a bad girlfriend-”

“You’re not a bad girlfriend! Even if you were it’s not a reason to beat you!.. what did you even blame you for?”

“He thought I was cheating on him with you!” You reasoned.

“Screw him! I’d treat you better than that! You don’t even like him! Do you?”

“We’ve been dating for a year!”

“You don’t like him.”

“We’re going through a rough patch.”

“You, don’t, like, him.”

“What am I supposed to do?” You ask starting to tear up a little.

“Leave him!”

“For what? Being the sad, single b-”

He cuts you off, “For me!”

“You don’t like me!”

“Yes I do!” He starts to argue but you hear the bell on the door ring and he stomps off into the garage. You trudge behind the counter and lay your head down.

“Hey, (y/n).” You hear an all-too-familiar voice.

“Speak of the devil.” You hear Steve mumble from the garage and you glare at your boyfriend and his small group.

“What? Still mad about last night?” He asks and his friends whispered dirty jokes about what could’ve possibly happened last night.

With out a word you walked off into the garage, grabbed a clean rag, and washed the makeup off your face. His friends were stunned to see you come back bruised. They might be assholes but they’re not horrible people.

Steve watched you from the door way as you wrote your boyfriend’s name on a list by the register that read ‘DO NOT SERVE’. It had a few names on it under the reasons of shoplifting, public racism, and starting fights in the store. His name was listed right next to the words ‘domestic abuse’.

You pulled a switch blade out of your bra and flipped it open. “Get out, you can wait for your friends outside.”

“Wha-babe. I said I was sorry.”

One of his friends was shaking his head with a look of pure anger on their face, another had walked away, the last said nothing but “not cool, man.”

“Don’t call me babe, my exes don’t get that privilege.” You growl. Steve walks in behind you and your now ex leaves without further hesitation. His friends apologize while paying for what they came in for. You hold it together until they leave. Then you break down in the garage, while Steve juggles covering for you, Soda, and himself. He doesn’t mind it though, as long as you’re safe now.

Pretending (AU)

Amy Santiago isn’t one for telling lies – especially when it comes to lying to her mother. But when the latter pays her a visit for the weekend and starts telling her about a guy she wants to set her up with less than five minutes after she’s arrived, and her roommate happens to appear in the room at the exact same time, she isn’t really thinking when she lets the words out.

“Mom, this is Jake… my boyfriend.”

College Roommates/Fake Dating AU.

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing some Peraltiago AU, and also one of my first attempts at writing for them at all, so… I just hope it won’t be too bad and you’ll like it :)

Plus that’s literally the longest thing I’ve ever written in English, whose not my mother tongue, in my whole life, so… even though I rewrote and re-read this I’m sure I left some mistakes unfixed. And maybe that’s not as “smooth” as it could be, but I’m still figuring out my writing style when it comes to do so in English so the longer it gets, the harder it becomes for me. That’s why, if someone would actually be interested in being my beta-reader for possible future works… I’d love to have one! And since I’m still quite new here that could be a good way to meet people also :3

Read it on (along with my first 2 attemps at writing for this fandom, even though I’m not really proud of them tbh haha) or under the cut!

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The Encourager, the Grump, and the Beach.

Day 1: beach for the summer usukgetaway!

It was just not either of their days.

Yet they still decided to go to the beach anyway.

Usually the ocean-sand combo at least put Alfred in a good mood, but he wasn’t having it.

Arthur who hated the beach but hated seeing his boyfriend down more, decided to cheer him up.

“Come on love! The sun is out, it’s a beautiful day, erm, what is that you always say…? ‘Sun’s out guns out?”

Alfred grumbled, but the smile was there, and that was all Arthur needed. The two headed down the beach, children’s laughter echoing all-around. Arthur put their things down and laid out a towel.

“Sunscreen poppet, you tan but I burn, mind putting it on for me?” That ought to get him. Alfred loved giving Arthur massages, and rubbing lotion on his back counted as one.

Alfred complied, seeming to be slightly happier. When he was done, Arthur dropped to his knees and started piling up sand. “How about a sand castle then? I know you brought the bucket, you’re not gonna break the tradition are you?” Everytime the two went to the beach Alfred made sure he had the best sand castle as far as he could see. It was ridiculous and childish, but cute.

Alfred fished out the bucket and packed sand into it, letting the sand fall out in a mold. He stuck a miniature flag into it and sat down in the sand, curling his feet into his chest.

Arthur huffed, getting tired of his boyfriend’s attitude. Even he, who hated the beach, still managed to quickly open up and have fun after a little nudge from Alfred. But this? This was plain rude.

Arthur dragged Alfred to the water, splashing him. Alfred didn’t even react, and that was the last straw.

“What the hell has gotten into you? You’re never like this, especially at the beach! I don’t lie seeing you so down love, what’s wrong?”

Alfred sighed. “I don’t know… for some reason I just can’t get into it today. I’m sorry I ruined your day.”

“Oh poppet, don’t apologize. Would you feel better if we got some ice lollies and sat in the shade?” Alfred nodded. “Then go sit down, I’ll be right over.”

Arthur brought the treats and gave one to Alfred, who started eating it slowly. Arthur nibbled at his and leaned on Alfred’s shoulder. “This better? We can sit here as along as you want.”

Alfred hummed his agreement and gave Arthur a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks babe. I appreciate it.”

“Anything for you love.”

I need seventy million fics about Philip and Lukas going to college together! And they’ve both come out and they’re happy together. and maybe they decide not to be roommates the first year because they want the “college experience” so they meet new people. But of course they’ll spend a ton of time together and be the cutest, most affectionate boyfriends, like we already know they are. And they’ll walk to their classes together and Lukas will pick Philip up afterwards on his bike.

And they’ll go to the dining hall together most nights. But occasionally the weather will be really bad, and they’ll decide to just eat in their dorms. So Philip’s getting ready to have some ramen or something, but then Lukas shows up from his dorm across campus. And Philip can’t believe that he trudged through the snow to come snuggle with him, but of course Lukas did. And he brought pizza!

And Philip’s roommate is interested when he finds out Lukas rides motocross, so they talk about that sometimes, but Philip is like “you’re not gonna teach him to ride your bike, are you?” And Lukas balks. “Of course not! You know I’d only ever do that for you, babe.” And Philip smiles and snuggles back against Lukas’s chest.

And they probably fall asleep like that a lot. So Lukas spends a lot of time at Philip’s dorm, so he’s not that close with his own roommate. But they do get along fine. So one day Lukas’s roommate asks Lukas what he’s thinking about doing for housing next year, and if he still wants to be roommates.

And Lukas says he’s been thinking about asking Philip to get an apartment with him next year, but he’s a little nervous that he might spook Philip. He doesn’t want the other boy to think he’s moving too fast.

Lukas’s roommate just laughs. “You guys are already like a married couple. I’ve never seen two people more perfect for each other. He’ll definitely want to move in with you.” And Lukas beams.

Philip Skypes with Gabe once in a while, and every time Gabe is so cute asking about Lukas. He adores the boy, because he sees how happy Lukas makes Philip. And when Gabe and Helen come to visit (along with Anne) for Parents’ Weekend, they all go out to dinner with the boys, and they even manage to convince Bo to tag along.

Bo is definitely warming up to the idea of Lukas being in a relationship with Philip, because the boys really are best friends, and how can he fault anyone that makes Lukas smile like that?

He’s not gonna lie, it’s still kind of weird for him. And he doesn’t want to hear about Lukas sleeping over in Philip’s dorm almost every night, because aren’t they a little young for that? To be practically living together?

But Lukas talks to Bo. He actually talks to him now. That’s so nice. And if they can have this kind of relationship, then Bo is going to be okay. No matter who Lukas is with. No matter who Lukas (gulp) is in love with.

And he is. Bo has to admit it. He knows what love looks like, and he knows that’s what’s happening between his son and the Shea boy. And maybe they’ve been in love for a long time, and he’s only recently started being okay with it. But better late than never, right?

So when it’s time to put a down payment for their apartment next year, Bo hands Lukas a check. Lukas thinks maybe it’s a joke. His dad is going to help him afford to live with his boyfriend? This can’t be real.

But it is. And he tells Philip. “Babe, are you ready to live together next year? Because it’s happening!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna talk to Gabe and see if he can lend us the rest-”

“No, Philip, look! My dad just gave me the money!”

“What? Are you serious?” Philip breaks out into a huge grin. “He’s cool with us living together?”

Lukas shrugs, still beaming. “He’s getting used to it, I guess. He… He knows how much I love you, and that you love me, and… I don’t know, I guess he sees that this is real. That you and me are in this for the long haul.”

And maybe Philip’s eyes are filling just a little bit with tears, because he never really let himself believe that this could happen for him. That he could have a boyfriend who treated him well and loved him and wanted to be with him forever.

But it’s all really happening now. Philip throws himself into Lukas’s arms and kisses him sloppily, too happy to be neat.

“Let’s go pick out our apartment,” Lukas says in between kisses. He grabs Philip’s hand and swings their arms as they walk together.

“Okay, let me see if we have any two bedrooms available,” the guy behind the desk at the leading center says when they get there.

“We’re looking for a one bedroom,” Philip says helpfully.

“Ah, okay.” And the guy just types that into the computer, and nothing is weird about it at all. And Lukas would be lying if he said he didn’t get a little shock to his stomach every time someone finds out that he and Philip are together, like real boyfriends. It feels good, though.

And when Lukas has classmates over to do work, they usually ask if he has roommates. Maybe they should go to the library instead?

But no way. Lukas is not going to pass up a chance to introduce everyone he knows to his beautiful boyfriend.

“Nah, I just live with my boyfriend. He’ll be fine to have some people over,” Lukas assures them, and he still can’t stop smiling every time he says “my boyfriend.” It’s been almost two years, when is this exciting feeling going to wear off? He hopes never.

Philip laughs when he sees more people coming over. “Babe, I love meeting your friends, but I feel like they’re probably not as impressed with me as you are,” he says as they’re making dinner later that night.

“Sorry, I know I show you off too much,” Lukas says sheepishly, draining the pasta.

“Nah, it’s flattering,” Philip replies. “But I do like having our alone time. You know? No one else in our apartment. Just us?” And he punctuates this thought with a sweet kiss.

Lukas flushes. “okay, yeah. I like that too.” He pulls Philip closer to him and deepens the kiss.

“I love you,” Lukas says softly, caressing Philip’s cheek. “I’m so glad we have a home together.”

“You’re so cheesy,” but Philip has so much love in his eyes Lukas actually feels embarrassed. “It’s just a college apartment,” he reminds his boyfriend. “Wait until we graduate and get a real house. You’re gonna lose your mind,” he teases.

“Mmm,” Lukas sighs contentedly. “I’d live anywhere with you.”


“Yeah.” And Lukas kisses him one more time.

anonymous asked:

can you do a borderline smut with jaehyun from NCT U? i don't really know what to request 😂😂 but really if you could do just with that than it's awesome , i don't really have an idea of what i want hahaha, thank you very much even if i know that it's not precise at all i'm really sorryyyy 😖😄

ahhh thank you for your request!! that’s okay that it wasn’t specific! this was very fun to write hehe hope you enjoy ♡


Pairing: Jaehyun (NCT U) x Reader

Genre: Borderline Smut 

Word Count: 2,442

Summary: Jaehyun and you are baking some cupcakes when he decides it would be more fun to eat the frosting off of something other than the cupcakes…

Originally posted by trainingpanda

The timer on your phone started ringing out, letting you know that you needed to check on the cupcakes. You turned off the timer and then skipped over to the oven, opening it slightly and peaking at the white and slightly brown mini cakes. The tops of them had risen and then looked like they were done, but just to make sure you took a knife and slid it halfway down into the dough, pulling it back up. You observed the metal and were pleased to see that nothing stuck to it, meaning that the cupcakes were done and ready to be taken out. 

“Jae, they’re done,” you yell excitedly to your boyfriend as you slide on an oven mitt and pull the hot pan out. 

Jaehyun pops his head out of the pantry with a smile. “Good, because I just found the sprinkles.” 

“Phew,” you say as you slide the oven mitt off and touch the tops of the cupcakes. “We couldn’t have had sprinkle-less cupcakes! They would have been naked.”

“Ooh, sexy.” You feel Jaehyun’s arms slide around your stomach and his body pressing up against you from behind and you just know he is smirking. Turning your head slightly, you confirm your suspicions and see him grinning as he rests his chin on your shoulder. 

You let out a laugh and then turn back to the cupcakes, taking them out of the pan and placing them on the cutting board one by one. “I didn’t realize that you had a thing for cupcakes.” 

“Are you kidding me? They’re so hot. The way they just melt in my mouth and taste so sweet,” he whispers in your ear, causing you to shiver and blush simultaneously. 

Looking at him out of the corner of your eye you see he is still smirking. You poke him in the cheek. “Are you still talking about cupcakes?”

Jaehyun pulls his head off of your shoulder and opens his mouth wide as if he is offended. “Of course I am talking about cupcakes! What did you think I was talking about?”

You narrow your eyes at him and wave the knife in his face. “Don’t lie to me. I know you have just as dirty of a mind, if not more, than I do.”

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do a 4/4 where you're insecure (maybe about a bikini, or eating in front of people etc) and they comfort you? I know that this is done a lot but they always comfort me when I'm feeling shitty and you're my fave writer so😘

Aww thank you so much! That means a lot to me :) Here it is! I know it’s not great but I was trying to make it at least a little bit different than everyone else’s…


You feel the familiar forced smile coming to your lips as you watch Ashton taking pictures with a group of fans. The two of you had been walking back to your apartment after a lunch date when a few girls recognized him. A few turned into ten, and then fifteen, and now there are at least twenty-five girls surrounding your boyfriend.

You are standing a few feet away, giving the girls space to have their moment with Ashton. You cross your arms over your chest nervously as you lean against a wall. You love the fans, and they’re generally supportive of you and Ash, but you can’t help feeling a little inadequate sometimes.

On almost a daily basis, Ashton is surrounded by thousands of girls, most of whom are way prettier than you. And it’s not just that. A lot of them have incredible personalities as well, and you can see how well Ashton gets along with them.

You aren’t necessarily the jealous type, and it’s not even that you’re particularly jealous of these girls. You’re just afraid that one day Ashton might realize how much better he can do, and then he’ll leave you.

Ashton glances over your way, and you try to give him a reassuring smile. He knows you way too well, though, and he can immediately tell from your fake smile and your nervous stance that something’s wrong. He quickly says goodbye to the girls that he was still talking to and makes his way over to you.

He grabs one of your hands, pulling it away from your chest. He looks into your eyes, trying to gauge what’s wrong without you having to tell him. He’s admittedly pretty good at it, but you knew he wouldn’t be able to guess this time.

“What’s wrong, love?” He finally asks after a few seconds.

You shrug. “Nothing, it’s stupid.”

“If it’s upsetting you, then it’s not stupid,” he assures you, his eyes never leaving your face.

You sigh, glancing in the direction of the fans that had just wandered off. “I guess I’m just feeling insecure,” you admit. “Your fans are so beautiful and amazing, and I’m just… me.”

He looks confused for a few seconds before he pulls you against him in a tight hug. “And what’s wrong with being ‘just you’?” He asks. “You are also beautiful and amazing, (Y/N). Yeah, the fans are awesome, and I love meeting them, but none of them ever compare to you. You’re the one I’m in love with, okay?”

You pull away and give him a genuine smile. “Thanks, Ash.”

“Anytime, love.”


You look at the number on the scale, your eyes filling with tears as you realize that it’s gone up since the last time you checked. It’s only a couple pounds difference, but it’s enough to send you into a complete emotional breakdown.

You crumble to the bathroom floor, tears flowing freely from your eyes.

You’ve struggled with body issues since you were a preteen, and it’s only gotten worse as the years go on. When you met Luke, he’d made you feel so beautiful and loved that you’d almost forgotten about all of your insecurities. But when you made your relationship public to the fans, they immediately reminded you of how fat and disgusting you are. One particular tweet had caught your attention. It was a side by side photo of you on a date with Luke a few months ago, and a more recent photo of the two of you out together. They had commented on how you looked as if you had gained weight, and they were right.

You hear the front door to your apartment open and close, and for a second you try to pull yourself together, but then you realize that it’s useless at this point.

Luke knows about your body issues, and he would never judge you.
You hear a light knock on the bathroom door, and you attempt to muffle your sobs slightly.

“Babe?” His voice says. “Is everything okay?”

You don’t answer, so he pushes open the door anyways. He immediately drops to his knees when he sees you curled up on the floor. He pulls you into his arms and gently rocks you back and forth in an attempt to soothe you.

“What happened, baby?” He asks. “Talk to me.”

“I’m so f-fat,” you mumble, your tears making your words difficult to comprehend.

“Babe, what in the world are you talking about? You’re far from fat! You’re beautiful and perfect,” he says.

You pick up your phone off of the floor and unlock it to show him the picture. He looks at it, his eyes squinting in confusion as he tries to figure out what you’re showing him.

“What’s this?” He asks.

“A f-fan sent it to me,” you sniffle. “It shows how fat I’ve gotten since we started d-dating.”

“No, no, no,” he whispers, deleting the picture from your phone and pulling you closer against his chest. “You look the exact same in both pictures. You’re always beautiful.”

“You’re just saying that because you have to,” you say softly as you finally start to calm down.

He pulls away to look at you for a second, sincerity laced in his expression. “Would I ever lie to you, (Y/N)?”

You shake your head.

“Then please believe me when I tell you that you are perfect just the way you are.”


You push the pasta in circles around your plate as you try and concentrate on what Michael is saying. He’s telling everyone some crazy story about a fan that he met earlier today, but you can’t bring yourself to listen to him. 

Your boyfriend, Calum, had brought you out to dinner with him and the boys to celebrate the end of the European leg of the tour. You hadn’t thought about the fact that you don’t like to eat in front of people when you’d agreed to go.

Eating in front of others has always been something that you’re very insecure about. You had learned to get over it for the most part around Calum and your family, but the boys are a different story. Even though you know them well and would consider them some of your best friends, you still aren’t comfortable eating in front of them.

“(Y/N)?” Calum asks from beside you, snapping you out of your trance.

You look up at him. “Yeah?”

He nods toward where Luke is sitting across the table, his eyes trained on you. “He asked you how it was here while we were away.”

You shrug. “Same as always,” you say, faking a smile.

Luke pulls a hurt expression. “You mean the world didn’t fall apart without us here?”

The other boys laugh and you force out a small giggle, your eyes returning to your plate that’s still full. Calum places his hand on your thigh and you glance up at him. His worried eyes are looking at you.

“Hey, babe,” he says quietly. “Will you come outside and help me with something real quick?”

You nod and the two of you excuse yourself to go walk outside. Calum pushes open the door to the restaurant and you two walk out into the brisk air.

“What’s wrong?” He asks once you’re outside.

You shrug. “What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong.”

“Babe,” he says. “You seem very distracted. It’s like your lost in your own little world.”

You sigh. “I just don’t like eating in front of people, Cal,” you mumble softly. “You know that.”

His eyes go wide with realization. He does know that, but he’d completely forgotten.

“Oh, baby,” he says, his hand reaching out to find yours. “I’m so sorry. You’ve been doing so well when it’s just the two of us that I’d almost forgotten how uncomfortable it makes you.”

“It’s not a big deal,” you tell him.

He shakes his head. “It is a big deal, and I should have remembered.”

You lean over and kiss his cheek, bringing a smile to his face. “It’s fine, Cal.”

“How about we go back in and tell the boys you’re not feeling well, and then we can pick up some McDonald’s on the way home, yeah? We’ll pig out at the house together, just you and me.”

You smile up at him, wondering how it is that you got so lucky. “You’re the best, Calum.”

“I know.”


“And do you remember when he completely face planted in front of the entire school?” Your best friend says through the phone.

You let out a laugh, your mind flooding with the memories of one of your old school friends. You hadn’t laughed this hard in a while, and it felt good.

You talk to her for a few more minutes before she has to go, leaving you still smiling as you lay in your bed. Your boyfriend, Michael, walks in a few minutes later, a smile on his face as well.

“Was that you laughing, babe?” He asks.

Your cheeks go red as you realize that he’d heard you. You hate your laugh, and you hardly ever let anyone hear it if you can help it.

You nod slowly, your eyes glancing away from his.

“I’ve never heard you laugh like that,” he says, taking a seat beside you on the bed. “Am I not funny enough or something?” He asks, pretending to be offended.

You smile weakly at him, tears forming in your eyes.

“Wait, babe,” he says, suddenly concerned. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

You shake your head, your eyes falling back down to your hands. 

“No, baby, don’t give me that,” he pleads. “Talk to me. Did I say something to upset you?”

You shake your head again, your eyes meeting his worried ones for a split second before you speak. “It’s nothing. I just don’t like my laugh. That’s why you’ve never heard it.”

“Oh, baby,” he coos, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you against his chest. “That’s ridiculous. You have the most beautiful laugh in the world.”

You snort. “It sounds like a dying horse.”

“A beautiful dying horse,” he jokes, trying to make you smile.

His lame joke works and you find yourself smiling up at him. “You’re an idiot,” you say.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.”

H2OMoocat |Word-Count: 920+

Based on this post (muse credit to both @emesbii & @brocksnuckel)

A cold winter night snowed in, absolutely the perfect weather for cuddling, hot chocolate, blankets, and all things cozy.

Three men were sandwiched on the couch, huddling close in a mixture of pure adoration and the need for warmth.

Tyler had his back against the couch, then was Jon, whose chest was to Brock’s back.

They had each chosen a movie to watch, now on Jon’s movie, which was Zombie Land. And although Jon chose a zombie movie, he wasn’t actually quite fond of the real-close-up gore. So at this certain point during the film he had his eyes cast toward the carpeting, trying to focus on something else as he waited for one of the other men that would tell him it was done.

His eyes caught on something, a blue paw of some sort peeking out from under the couch.

“Jo, it’s done,” Brock turned his head to look at one of his boyfriends, who had a pierced eyebrow cocked up in fascination.

“Jonny, what’re you looking at?” Tyler was now looking down at Jon as well, exchanging a look of confusion with Brock.

“I think I found Teddy…” Jon narrowed his eyes down at the paw, pursing his lips.

“Didn’t you lose Teddy like a month ago?” Brock wondered aloud, looking at Tyler who nodded.

“I couldn’t fucking find him for the longest time,” Jon began subtly shifting his body to reach down and grab the stuffed bear when the time was right. But unfortunately for him, Tyler noticed.

“Well, we can get em’ after the movie’s over,” Tyler yawned, wrapping his arm around Jon, reaching across him to hold Brock’s hand.

“What if I forget?” Jon shifted once more, trying to wriggle out from under Tyler’s arm.

“We’ll remind you,” Brock replied with a small chuckle and a shake of his head. Jon didn’t really like this response, but decided to lie low for a bit.

He waited for a while, until Tyler loosened his restraints, leaning forward.

“Babe, what are you doing?” Brock asked, not looking away from the movie.

“Don’t worry about it,” he continued leaning, reaching down to grasp at the bears paw. He was close, so close, but not quite close enough.

“Jon, no—” Tyler reached out and grabbed the back of his shirt to prevent him from falling, but he was half a second too late.

By mistake, Jon pushed Brock off the couch when he tried to grab the bear, and since Brock wasn’t there to hold him up he toppled down on top of him with an ‘oof!’ and then Tyler came down on top of him.

“Really?” Tyler groaned. Brock was laying on his back, with Jon on top of him and his arms around his teddy-bear-obsessed lover’s waist. Jon had his back on Brock’s chest, looking up at Tyler who was on his hands and knees, hovering over the two of them.

“Really.” Jon replied with a shit eating grin, grabbing the bear by the paw from under the couch. The bear was in really good condition, despite being under the couch for a month or so. It was a powder blue stuffed bear, with two darker blue button eyes and a red bowtie, a stitching ‘scar’ going along its stomach from one of the times the neighbors cat got into their house.

He placed a small kiss on the top of the toys head before showing it to an annoyed looking Tyler with a grin.

“Kissy, kissy,” Jon shoved the bear in Tyler’s face as if it were kissing him, pulling it back for a moment to flash a toothy smile.

“Jo, sto—” Tyler’s words were muffled as Jon thrusted the bear back in Tyler’s face, Brock laughing and giggling under him.

“Kissy, kissy,” Jon snorted in laughter as Tyler pushed the bear out of his face.

“Give Brock kisses!” Tyler laughed loudly, putting one of his arms in front of his face to shield himself. Jon turned slightly to look at Brock, smiled, and then leaned the bear toward Brock’s face, having the stuffed toy leave small kisses all over him.

“Kiss, kiss,” Jon giggled once more as Brock laughed, the fabric of the bear tickling him.

Tyler took advantage of a very distracted Jon and leaned down placing small butterfly kisses all along his neck. Jon’s giggling ceased almost immediately, his ears and cheeks turning a dark pink. Brock mimicked Tyler’s actions, pressing gentle kisses all over Jon’s face.

“Can we watch my movie now?” Tyler asked, chuckling against Jon’s neck.

“Fine,” Jon got up, taking the bear with him to the kitchen for cocoa.

“Can you make me some too, please?” Brock asked kindly, giving Jon a cheesy grin he knew Jon couldn’t say no to.

“Mhm! Me too?” Tyler asked, sticking the DVD in the player.

“Sure,” Jon smiled, grabbing the kettle of hot milk and pouring it into 3 separate mugs. He poured the cocoa mix into each cup, mixing them well and then adding mini marshmallows into all of them.

“Here, for you, my Cuddly Moose,” Jon handed Brock his cup then looked at Tyler, “And for you, my Big Kitty,” he gave Tyler his mug.

He plopped down on the couch in between the two, bringing his knees up to his chest, wrapping both hands around his mug.

Everything was perfect when he was with them, he was happy, so happy, and he loved them more than he’d loved anything before, even Teddy.

i never know how to write stuff like this so i just wing it. i always wing it tbh

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anonymous asked:

How would the America, England, Italy, Romano, and Prussia react if they had a chubbier female s/o who was self conscious of the extra weight they had (around their breasts, thighs, tummy, butt, ext.) and one day it all came out and they were crying and such..? Sorry, I'm not good at wording these asks too well ^7^;

Here you go darling, to anyone who feels like this, remember, your physical appearance does not define you as a person, so please do not let it bog you down too much~ 

~Mod Frizbie

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