my boyfriend has a girlfriend

Don't make my girlfriend cry.

(warning: long story)

Okay, so this was a good few years ago, back when I was in high school.

In case my username didn’t give it away, I am happily and openly gay af, and I came out at about 14, around year 9 in highschool (I’m British). And from that second on, I was even more of a target.

I was already the preferred bullying target. The school was aware of it, they were also aware that my family didn’t take kindly to this (in my previous school, my Mum had brought the police into school on the day where the younger kids were coming to see if they wanted to go there, because they weren’t doing anything about me being bullied) so pulled a big huff and puff smoke screen to try and make it seem like they were fixing the issue, though they never did anything.

I had plenty of small ‘regular’ or 'petty’ revenges throughout my years. Getting people kicked out of classes, forced into counselling, etc etc. But this is the big one.

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I know that like, technically they’re fighting in this scene… but look how patiently he’s listening to her in that first gif and how he makes her smile in the last one. and like, look at how they’re sitting. LOOK. SHE IS PRACTICALLY SITTING ON HIS LAP IF NOT ACTUALLY ON HIS LAP. WHAT IS GOING ON.


University of Michigan Athletes - Tom Brady, Dylan Larkin, & Michael Phelps

Hail to the Victors!

all things lovely and good

Eggsy’s curled up on the settee–and he was to call it a settee, not a couch or sofa–in their private sitting room in the east wing of Drottningholm, his phone nearly at his nose as a computerized voice spouted random Swedish phrases at him to memorize, when Tilde sweeps into the room with a silver tray of tea and biscuits. Eggsy glances up at her, smiling in greeting, as she sits by his feet, setting the tray before her on the table and begins pouring the tea without a word. Not unusual for either of them; taking afternoon tea together, but more importantly alone, away from any staff from palace or Kingsman alike, had become a much needed routine for the both of them. It had gotten to the point where it didn’t need to be arranged or decided on, just something that they did, when they were both around, their many hello’s spoken in touches and looks and smiles.

“Ta, love,” Eggsy says when she passes him a teacup and a plate of homemade Florentine’s, ginger nuts and shortbread, which he balances on his knees, teacup in his free hand. He bites into a ginger nut, scrunches up his face at his phone and, after a prolonged moment of indecision, groans dejectedly. “I’m shit at this, just so you know. Never gonna learn it. Can’t even roll my R’s proper.”

“I have faith in you.” Tilde sits back with her own cup of tea, pats Eggsy’s leg and smiles. “Put that away. Take a minute to sit with your wife.”

Eggsy grins up at her. He sets the phone down beside the tray of tea, readjusts his position so that they are sitting side by side. She takes a Florentine from the plate now resting on his thigh, inspects it before biting off half of it and chewing.

“You know,” Tilde says thoughtfully after a few quiet minutes, “I would not mind if you decided to take on another lover.”

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Okay, so this guy, (black American) tweeted about how he dated a Kenyan girl and he never met her family & how it shows that Africans really hate Black Americans. It got tons of retweets and other black Americans saying things like “yeah they’d never marry us.”

In different African cultures, we have different dating customs. Most of us don’t bring home boyfriends and girlfriends. My sister has a boyfriend and my dad’s never met him. Don’t even think he knows about him cos he’s never brought him up. My mum knows about him and sometimes talks to my sister about him. But that’s about it. We don’t bring people home unless there’s talk of marriage.

Before you start commenting about how “weird” that is, most of us are trusted or expected to bring good people home. A good respectable man or woman, with a good job etc. It’s usually around the engagement period the family starts to bond with the man or woman. Obviously, your parents would prefer or even tell you to be with someone of not only your own culture but your own tribe so the bond is easier to make but at the end of the day it’s your life lol.

Not everything is out of spite of black Americans.

Honestly, though, this whole thing with giving Elsa a girlfriend in the next Frozen movie is doing my head in.
Like, if Elsa has a boyfriend, a girlfriend, no friends, I don’t care; what I do care about is the people commenting about how kids can’t be exposed to anything not straight.
Are you kidding? Like, should my parents forbid my younger siblings from seeing me because I’m not straight, am I scarring them for life just by existing?
They don’t even realise how stupid they sound. Kids aren’t going to see a gay princess and decide to be a lesbian, for heck’s sake, how many gay kids grew up with straight princesses and still turned out gay. There’s no correlation.
And don’t even get me started on the amount of comments I’ve seen tonight like,

Will someone please tell the straights that equal representation involving the LGBTQIA+ community isn’t going to hurt them?

Part 1

Request: @huntermichelle

‘Can you make a short series with this theme, where Thomas then continues to pretend to be your boyfriend in public but then actually starts to like you and eventually falls for you?’

Pairing: Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

Word Count: 745

Warnings: None

Sitting in Dylan’s dressing room on the set of The Scorch Trials, I fight the tears stinging the back of my eyes. Kaya, Rosa, Will and Ki Hong are all sitting around me, asking me why I still don’t have a boyfriend.

“But why? I mean, I could totally fix you up with someone, although we might have to fix your look a bit…” Rosa says, her sweet smile not quite hiding the insult.

I sigh, wishing I was talking to Dylan and Thomas on the other side of the room instead of answering their questions. “As I said before, I’m just not looking for a guy right now”.

“Are…are you looking for a girl” Kaya whispers hesitantly. I fight the urge to roll my eyes as Will smirks.

“No, Kaya, I’m not a lesbian. I’m totally fine with being single right now, okay?”

The truth is, I do wish I had a boyfriend. I’ve had a small crush on a certain British actor who plays the character of Newt for a while now, but the problem is, we’re pretty good friends, and I know that there is no way he would ever like me back. A few guys have asked me out recently, but as sweet as they all were, I’ve found myself turning them down, knowing that no one is as good as Thomas.

“How do you feel about dying your hair a few shades lighter? And maybe putting on some more makeup? You could totally get a boyfriend if you tried a little harder” Rosa says, not even bothering to sound polite. Her words sting, and I take a shaky breath, feeling like total crap. “Everyone else has a boyfriend or girlfriend” Kaya adds. My face turns bright red.

I see Thomas start to walk towards us in my peripheral vision, looking perfect as usual. Looking up at him, I smile weakly, trying to make out that everything is okay and hoping that my eyes don’t betray me. He places a hand on my shoulder, sending tingles rushing through me, and looks at the girls. He looks…is he angry? Thomas is normally cool, calm and collected, and it’s odd to see him like this.

“I strongly recommend that you don’t speak to Y/N like that. Especially when you have no idea what you’re bloody talking about” he says, his voice deadly calm.

I open my mouth to ask what he means, but all of a sudden, he leans down towards me. Kaya starts to express her confusion, but then Tom’s lips touch mine - softly, lightly - and I stop hearing anything, my heart hammering in my ribcage and pounding in my ears. Questions race through my mind as he kisses me, making everyone’s jaws drop.

“Y/N and I have been secretly dating for a few months, now” Thomas lies, his voice not even wavering slightly. Why would he protect me from them like that? My hands are shaking violently. He continues the lie smoothly and I force myself to nod behind him, playing along. He excuses us from the shocked, silent group and we exit the room.

“W-What was that for?” I stutter as soon as we get into the hallway.
“I just couldn’t bloody see them question you like that, so I just…I don’t know. I shouldn’t have done it, love, and I’m sorry…”

I shake my head, silencing him. I’m glad that he protected me, but…I wish he had kissed me for a different reason.

“It’s fine, thank you for doing…what you did…but what do we do now?” I ask.
“Well…” he starts, his voice slightly hoarse. “We can either keep pretending that we’re…you know. Or we can tell everyone the truth, or say that we’ve broken up. It’s your choice, love”

I take a minute to make weigh the pros and cons. Thomas is a good guy, and I know that he’ll respect any decision I make.After making my decision, I respond quietly, suddenly feeling shy.

“Maybe…maybe we should just keep pretending for a bit. We have to go to the Scorch Trials Convention tomorrow, so…let’s just keep pretending tomorrow and then work out what we want to do”

He sighs. Is it just me, or is he…relieved?

“Alright. I guess I’ll see you at the convention, then”. He moves forward, as if to hug me, but then pulls away and waves instead. Disappointment floods me as he walks away. I find myself missing him once he’s gone.  

I’m in an open relationship and I have two partners- my boyfriend also has a girlfriend as well as me, and while I’m okay with his girlfriend I just don’t particularly like her. Like as a person. I can stand being around her for small amounts of time, but I don’t think I could ever consider her a friend. I worry that, if my boyfriend ever asked for me to hang out with her, that when I say no he’ll get upset. I just want him to understand that, and I don’t want to offend him.

A healthy relationship includes the freedom to be honest, even about unpleasant or inconvenient truths. Both of my partners have friends that I don’t particularly like, and we make it work. The conversation usually goes like this:

“I don’t really like your friend Blevin.”

“That’s fair. I won’t invite him to things you host and won’t be annoyed if you make yourself scarce when he’s around.”

The trick is not to be accusatory about the friend or metamour - don’t say or imply that they’re a bad person, or that your partner is blind to some critical flaw, or wrong for liking them. Just let it stand as a personal preference of yours. I hate jazz and metal music (I know, musically my palate is Unrefined), so when my partner goes to jazz or metal concerts, he finds someone else to go with. Not everything, or everyone, must be mutually enjoyed.

So if your boyfriend suggests that you become one-on-one friends with his girlfriend, it’s okay to politely decline. “I’m happy to be nice to Stephanda when you have her around, but she’s not someone I’m interested in hanging out with more.”

If your boyfriend wants to know why, try to take a shrugging but gentle tone. “She and I just don’t click. I know she makes you happy, and I love that you two have a good relationship, but I’d rather just let her stay on the edges of my life as your partner.”

If he can’t handle this honesty, if he gets angry or defensive or demands that you give her another chance, that reaction is his problem and inappropriate on his part, and you’ll need to think about whether you can be in a polyamorous arrangement with someone whose terms of the relationship include “you are not allowed to dislike my other partners ever” - but I wouldn’t worry about this unless it actually happens. Give him a chance to be healthy and accepting of this imperfect and inconvenient, but not really problematic, situation.


Title: Mine

Genre: Fluff

Group: BTS

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Word count: 1259

Plot: Jimin gets jealous after he sees a cashier flirting on you.

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I'm worried my girlfriend will end up marrying her other partner

I’ve been in a LD polyamorous relationship for almost two years. My girlfriend has a boyfriend (who I’m friends with) who she’s been with for much longer. I have problems dealing with insecurity, overthinking and jealousy of their daily life together. Despite her not wanting formalized relationships nor children, I have a brooding feeling that her boyfriend will eventually propose to her and they will end up married. For me it’s a declaration of a personal choice of the better partner, also unlocking many societal privileges. I simply don’t want to date anyone’s wife. I’m feeling very uncomfortable with those thoughts and I’m afraid of talking about this subject. I think that informing my girlfriend of my inability to continue our relationship if she gets married is wrong, because I will be forcing her to make a choice between her partners: either end our relationship or reject her partner’s eventual engagement.

You’re afraid of something that hasn’t happened yet. Try not to let your fear of the projected future color your present; it’s not worth much to you to get upset over the consequences of something that has not happened yet.

You say that you’re afraid to talk to your partner about this subject, but that’s what you need to do. It’s up to you to make a call for yourself that you don’t want to date anyone who is married, because of what marriage symbolizes to you. You can tell her, “I’d like to know where your thoughts are about marriage or eventually getting engaged to Pilanzer. Have you two talked about that? Do you see yourself marrying him someday?” If she seems to feel that the two of them are on the road to marriage, you can make the choice that you don’t want to date someone who’s moving toward marrying someone else.

You’re not forcing her to choose; you’re making a choice about your own behavior. You can decide not to date someone if their other relationship has a dynamic that makes you uncomfortable. Don’t frame it as “promise me you won’t marry him, or else I’ll leave you.” It’s “I have realized it’s not healthy or comfortable for me to be in a relationship with someone where marriage is part of the equation or future plans.”

It’s entirely possible that she could tell you “oh, no, Pilanzer and I totally don’t intend to get married,” and then in a few years that could change, and she could decide she wants to get engaged. Or, she could tell you “yes, he and I are thinking that if things continue as they are, we will eventually be married,” you’ll end the relationship, and then she doesn’t end up marrying him. No one can control or predict the future. Your job is to do your best with what you have and what you know now, in the present, not to try and prevent some hypothetical future thing from happening.

It may also be worth thinking about, reading about, and talking with her about your perception of what marriage means. You may have some assumptions or projections attached to the concept of marriage that are worth dismantling or examining. Is your perception of how marriage will change things accurate? If your partner were to get engaged, would she experience it as “declaring her personal choice of a better partner,” or are you reading a message there that isn’t being sent? Does she expect that whatever life-partnership and societal-benefits marriage confers will also, eventually, be shared with you, once your separate relationship with her gets to a point where you two want to be so committed?

In the end, though, only you get to decide what kind of relationship is healthy for you. But you need to have enough information to make an informed choice. This requires having an open conversation with your partner, asking her for help understanding her intentions and expectations for the future and how she frames and understands her multiple relationships. Once you’ve had that conversation, you have to make your decision. It’s not forcing her to choose; and it’s not definitively protecting yourself against any future you won’t like. It’s you taking whatever path seems right for you based on what you know right now.


(To all my supergirl fans just think of yourself as Kara and your boss as Cat✌)“Damn it, damn it, damn it” you had woken up late today because your stupid alarm hadn’t gone off, it was only your third week working at Sinclair Media your boss Elizabeth Sinclair was not the nicest person to say the least, you knew that she was going to rip your head off today for being late you quickly put on your clothes and rush to your work. As you enter the elevator you’re met with the most striking blue you had ever seen you realise the eyes are part of one of no the most beautiful girl you had ever seen you knida just stand there gawking at the godess in front of you until you hear her clear her throat she smirks at you “You know you should take a picture it’ll last longer” you blush and look down “How come the floor gets to see your beautiful face and I dont” you look up at the angel and clear your throat the blush still evident on your cheeks “S-so you must be new I haven’t seen you around here before then again its only my third week here” go y/n you managed to get a coherent sentence out and only stuttered once you think and smile “Actually I don’t work here I just came to visit someone” the smile you had leaves your lips of course someone like her has to have a boyfriend or girlfriend “My Mom” she says a smile returns to your face you sudenly realise you hadn’t asked for her name “Im y/n” you say as you reach out your hand “Margot” she says as she takes your hand you feel a spark as your hands meet “Its a pleasure to meet you y/n” she says as she looks into your eyes you gulp “Its a pleasure to meet you too” you two kind of just stand there lookining into eachothers eyes until you hear a ding you signaling you had reached your floor all the happiness drains from you ass you realise you’re still late “Shit Miss Sinclair is going to kill me” you say as you run out of the elevator you reach Miss Sinclair’s office “I am so sorry my alarm didnt go off” you start making excuses “Tell me w/p/y/n (wrong pronunciation of your name) do I pay you to make excuses and be late” she asks you “n-no” you stutter “Then why are you here doing both these things” she asks clearly annoyed “I” you begin but get cut off “Maybe I should hust fire you right now” she says you’re nearley in tears when you hear a familiar voice “I see you’re still as irritating as ever mother” you look up to see the same striking blue eyes you saw in the elevator wait a minute mother!“Margot I didn’t know you were in town you should have called” Miss Sinclair says “I thought it would be better to tell you in person” your Angel says “And if you must know the reason y/n was late was because I spilled coffee on her this morning and she had to change” she says “Is this true w/p/y/n” MissSinclair asks you “Ughh yes she spilled coffee on me that is why I was late” you say “very well il let it slide this time but if your late again I’ll kick you out of this building myself” you sigh as Miss Sinclair goes back into her office “So you’re my mom’s assistant” I hear her voice say in my ear I jump back “And you’re my boss’s daughter” I say “Yep” she simply says and if it was no big deal “Oh god I flirted with my boss’s daughter” I wisper the I see her smirk oh shit she heard me “Flirted so i guess I was reading you right” she says you blush and start playing with you’re glasses “Yes you were but it was highly inappropriate for me to be flirting with you and it won’t happen again” you say she smiles and then says “So its out of the question for me to ask you out on a date then” you stare at her in shock and say “Yes it ughh would be inappropriate but I dont know of i would say no” you whisper the last part hopping she wouldn’t hear it she did “You wouldn’t say no” she says you blush “Then y/n would you do me the honour of going to dinner with me friday night” she says you know you should say no you know that Miss Sinclair will actually kill you if she finds out but instaid of a no you end up saying “I would love to” Margot geys a bright smile on her face you were about to say something when you hear Miss Sinclair yell “W/P/Y/N” you turn about to go to Miss Sinclair’s office when a hand grabs your own Margot looks at you and hands you a small piece of paper she says “Call me later and we can talk about friday” you smile and rush into Miss Sinclair’s office as she yells your name again (So I finally posted something after 85 Long Years I hope yall enjoy it and again Not my gif😄)

Does Dating Me Really Embarrass You That Much? - Lance Tucker x Reader

Anon : 142 with Bucky or Lance Tucker omfg

( I wrote it with Lance! )

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(My Prompt List)

142. “Does dating me really embarrass you that much?”

Warnings - Swearing, sexual references, sad!reader? angsty? Crappy writing.

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Should I make a move?

She has a boyfriend: NO!

She has a girlfriend: ..NO!

She’s my teacher: FUCK NO!!!

She’s my best friend: could be the best or the worst decision of your life. Calculate the risk

She’s straight: how straight?

She’s my sister’s best friend: this might get weird y’all…

She used to date my friend: asking for trouble here

I think she might be gay and single: go for it

She’s definitely gay and single: WHAT.ARE.YOU.WAITING.FOR?