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(Y/n) let out a loud groan as she landed on her side, rolling to take cover behind a tree. She didn’t even know why she was there, it wasn’t as if he’d do the same thing for her.

Peter had once again gotten a little too cocky, taunting Hook into another battle in the middle of the forest. So now she sat, panting for her life with blood trickling down her forhead from a small cut and her stomach lightly grazed, panting and gasping for air. And all because that stupid boy couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

She took another few moments to make sure she was ready before leaping back into the action. As she continued to fight, she felt her mind drift to the question that had been in her head most of that morning - why am I helping them?

She wasn’t exactly one of the lost boys. Sometimes she would go to thier campsite and sit and exchange news with Pan, but since he had decided to hate her no matter what she did she thought that living on her own, in a little tree house suited her better.

But somehow she had ended up there, caught in the crossfire of a battle that had nothing to do with her.

(Y/n) snapped out of her daydream to dodge an arrow fired by one of the pirates. Thoguh she moved out of the way as quickly as she could, her shoulder was still sliced as it flew by her.

Oh well. Better than it being burried in my chest I guess.


She rolled her eyes, recognising the nickname instantly.

“Yes, Pan?”

“Be more careful you stupid girl” his voice was barely over a whisper and directly in her ear, making her freeze “Wouldn’t want to get any more blood on that pretty dress of yours”

She watched him follow after his boys as they chased the pirates back towards their ship, muttering  under her breathe about assholes who don’t undertsand personal space.

Yet she couldn’t help but cheer with the boys as they watched their enemies sprint away from them, some hobbling from their injuries. She watched the group celebrate with a small smile on her face, placing a hand over her shoulder to try and stop the bleeding. She would never admit it - especially to Pan - but she was already feeling the affects of the bloodloss.

She was about to return to her home so she could patch herself up and get an early night, but she noticed that Pan hadn’t stopped staring at her since their victory. Rasing an eyebrow she beconned him over with her head.

“You did well” Pan complimented, standing next to her with his usual grin on his face “For a girl I mean”

“I think its barbaric why you think my gender is an insult” she grumbled, corssing her arms over her chest to appear more threatening “And did you hit your head during this battle, you’re being awful nice by your standards”

“Well if I knew you were going to react like this I wouldn’t have said anything” he replied sharply, his grin fading.

“What do you want?”

“If it so hard to believe that I don’t want anything”


“My dear I’m hurt” he pouted.

She was just about to reply with a sassy remark when there was a warning shout from Felix, his hand pointing towards the ship. it seems the battle wasnt quite finished. Before anyone had a chnace to explain to the pair what was happening, Hook yelled fire and a giant cannonball launched itself towards them.

(Y/n) wanted to run or scream or do something but was frozen in fear, unable to look away from her end but not processing it either. She felt a chill run down her body, like when you miss the last step on the stairs and realise you’re about to trip. This was it. This was how it all stopped. Killed over a boy that hated her.

She felt a body wrap around hers, burrying her head in the persons shoulder, brain blank.  She heard a loud clunk and then there was silence. She waited for the pain.

But none ever came. A few moments passed before she raised her head from the boy’s shoulder, trying to figure out what was going on.

The cannonball was on the sandy ground a few feet away from them, crumbled into pieces. She watched as the air around her seemed to shimmer. A force field. Or maybe it was her mind playing tricks on her.

She leant against Peter with her full weight, her vision spinning. A mixture of the shock and terror she had just experienced and the fact that she had lost a lot of blood from her various wounds made her drop to her knees, the boy catching her by the waist and laying her down gently.

She stared up at him in amazment for a few seconds before finally closing her eyes, accepting her bodies wishes.


(Y/n) listened to the soft pan-flute music, trying to get her eyes to focus on the lit candle next to the bed she had been placed on. When Pan noticed that she was coming too he stopped, turning to face her with a worried expression.

“How are you feeling?”

“Where am I?”

“My bed” he sighed, pulling up and chair and sitting next to her “And it’s rude to answer a question with a question”

Now that he was close she could see the bags under his eyes, he had clearly had a stressful day. The boy ran a hand down his face, letting out a quiet sigh.

“Why are you acting like this?” she whispered, trying to sit up “Why are you being so…”



For a moment he looked hurt, which didn’t seem right. Pan never showed weakness.

“You really must think I’m some kind of moster” the boy rolled his eyes.

“Well, seeing as from day one you’ve ridiculed, excluded and threatenned me, can I really be blamed?”

He paused for a second.

“No, I suppose not” he grumbled “But what you fail to undertsnad is, it is so much easier to get people to hate something, than to love it”

“How is anyone suuposed to love you if you don’t give them a chance?”

“Are you saying that you would be willing to try?”

The girl reached forward, clasping at the boy’s hands.

“I’ve always thought you were this unemotional, psychopath who enjoyed watching me suffer”

“I’ve never taken any pleasure in you suffering (Y/n)”

His voice was so steady that she knew he wasn’t lying.

“You pushed me away because you were trying to protect me”

“I was afraid of you”


“Because you weren’t afraid of me” he answered truthfully “So I had to make you”


“I think it’s time you went home”

She very unsteadily got to her feet and followed him to the exit of the tent, debating in her mind what to do. Her whole perspective of the boy had changed almost instantly. She could see now that he needed someone there, he wasn’t as stron as he always appeared to be.

“I can have one of the boys escort you-”

His words were lost when she wrapped her arms around his torso, pulling him close towards her. For a few moments he stayed frozen in shock before wrapping his arms around her waist, placing his head on her shoulder.

“Thank you” she placed a small kiss on his cheek before walking away, turning to wave goodbye before she disappeared from his view.